12 V Battery For Prius

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Prius 12 Volt Battery Details

2010-2015 Toyota Prius 12V battery replacement

Generally, the Toyota Prius comes with two batteries a 12volt battery in a truck and a high voltage battery pack . Unlike other vehicles, the 12-volt battery does not directly start up the car engine.

Instead, it supplies the electric power to the high voltage battery pack through the boot-up of the cars electronics that manages its engine and hybrid systems. The energy provided to the voltage-battery pack is then used to power up the engine.

The 12v is also used to power devices and car electronics even while the vehicle is off or on ready mode. And it drives us back again to the main battery because it is still the primary source of electrical energy before any other component will work independently.

The 12v battery of Prius is a sulfuric lead-acid, 46Ah and AGM type battery. Its length dimension is 9inch and width 4.3inch * 4inch. Toyota Prius 12v battery is 7.3inch in height and weighs approximately 46pounds.

Powerful Starting Battery For The Toyota Prius

This USA-Made replacement S46B24R Toyota Prius 12v battery provides high starting power, faster recharging, and more power for electronics. This battery for Prius is sealed AGM for a leakproof and spillproof construction.

  • Exact fit for the select Toyota Prius models below. Drop it in, start your car and drive!
  • Lots of power for custom stereos and other electronics.

It is compatible with these Prius applications:

  • 2004 – 2009 1.5L with Smart Key
  • 2010 – 2015 1.8L Hybrid
  • Replaces JIS part number S46B24R

Why Does My Prius 12 Volt Battery Keep Dying

If your Prius 12 volt battery keeps dying, it could be for a number of reasons. It could be that the battery is simply old and needs to be replaced. Alternatively, there could be an issue with the charging system in your Prius not properly charging the 12 volt battery. Additionally, if you regularly use accessories like heated seats or a GPS system that require a lot of power, this can also drain the 12 volt battery faster than usual.

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Installing The New Prius 12

Installation of the new battery is a reversal of the steps already taken.

  • Install the negative terminal wire onto the new battery, making sure it is pointed in the same direction as it was on the old battery.
  • Set the battery into the floor cavity, with the positive terminal towards the front of the car.
  • Bolt the negative terminal to the car body.
  • Set the hold down bar into place and bolt it down. Just snug the bolt and nut excessive tightening will do nothing but bend the bar and could, if grossly over-tightened, crack the battery.
  • Attach the positive terminal assembly, being careful not to twist the wires from the position they were in originally.
  • Replace the vent tube by pressing it into the hole in the side of the battery.
  • Replace and bolt the cooling vent for the main battery pack.
  • Replace brake controller, bolting it all three locations.

Now is a good time to remove the jumper battery or battery charger, if used, and test start the car. If it does not start, carefully check that the positive and negative wires are in the correct location on the battery and, if necessary, provide a jump start. Once you have started the car, turn it back off and the rest of the installation can continue.

  • Replace the plastic molding covering the battery assembly.
  • Replace the hidden storage over the spare tire.
  • Replace the flooring over the storage area.
  • Replace both carpet and any floor mats.
  • Disconnect the jumper battery or battery charger, if used, in the engine compartment.


How To Check If Your Battery Is Malfunctioning

DS46B24R Toyota Prius Optima Battery 12V

If you suspect that your 12-volt battery is malfunctioning, follow these steps to confirm or deny, that the 12-volt battery is the problem with your Prius:

  • Power up your Prius: This will give you access to the car’s settings, which are going to come in very handy.
  • Go to the ‘Display’ Setting: Go to the settings menu, and then click display. This will give you access to the battery information.
  • Put the Prius into ‘system check’ mode: System check mode allows you to check your car’s information and can only be accessed once you’re on the display setting screen. To enter system check mode, click the two buttons on the left of the screen six times, in a one-for-one sequence.
  • Once you’re in system check mode, you’ll be able to see a display check screen. Clicking this, and then clicking ‘vehicle signal check’, will allow you to view the battery’s voltage.
  • Note your battery’s voltage: The voltage is how you can measure the state of your battery, so make sure to keep a note of it.
  • Determine if your battery is low: If your battery displays anything under 12 volts, it’s low. Anything over 12 volts is acceptable.
  • Alternatively, you can use a multimeter to determine the voltage of your battery. To use a multimeter, simply connect the positive end to the positive terminal on the battery, and the negative end to the negative terminal. This is a great option if your Prius won’t start, or if you want to double-check the voltage after using the previous method.

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    How Do I Know If My Prius 12v Battery Is Bad

    If your Prius 12V battery is bad, there are a few things you can look for to be sure. The first thing youll want to do is check the voltage of the battery. If its below 12 volts, then its likely that the battery is bad. You can also check the specific gravity of the battery acid if its low, then thats another indication that the battery is no good. Finally, if your Prius isnt starting as easily as it used to or if the lights are dimming when you start it up, those could both be signs that your 12V battery is on its way out.

    How To Buy Right 12v Battery

    Choosing the right battery is a crucial step because installing the incorrect battery can cause a lot of damage to your car. There are several things to consider when buying the Prius 12v battery:

    • The first thing is the battery type in the Toyota Prius case, it is the AGM design. These batteries are highly resistant to spilling and are better able to handle repeated recharging and discharging.
    • As far as physical size is concerned, you need to check the group number for the car battery. The group number presents an industry standard that defines the batterys physical size. Most Toyota Prius models use Group 24 or 24F.

    Group 24 dimensions are: Length 10.25, Width 6.81, Height 8.88

    Group 24F dimensions are: Length 10.75, Width 6.81, Height 9.00

    • The voltage refers to the amount of energy stored in the battery. In a fully charged battery, it is around 12.6v.
    • The current is the rate at which the charge flows and is measured in amperes.
    • CCA or the Cold Cranking Amps is also a thing to consider when buying a battery. It is a batterys ability to start an engine at cold temperature how much amps is the battery able to produce for 30 seconds at -170 The higher the CCA rating, the greater the starting power of the battery. Most of the car batteries have a rating of 350, 450, and 600 CCA.
    • CA, or Cranking Amps, measures how much the battery produces amps for 30 seconds, but at 00

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    How Do You Know If Your Prius Battery Is Dying

    One can tell if their Prius battery is dying when they start observing their lights dimming both internally and externally, especially when starting the car. Or when the radio preset wipes off when starting the engine.

    You can also tell the battery is dying when you start observing error messages displayed on the Odometer than usual. And another sign to tell your battery is dying out is the car refusing to start up when parked for some time or it suddenly goes off while driving.

    Now Lets See How The Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Is Charged:

    How to replace a 2013 Toyota Prius 12v battery
  • Cord use the Toyota charging cord and connect to a standard electrical outlet
  • Charge port unlock the vehicle if it is locked and press the charge port door on the right corner panel to open. Components inside the charge port will be illuminated.
  • Cap remove the cap in the port and place it in the holder.
  • Insert charger: insert the charger into the port and manipulate its head until it clicks to the position. When the charging is begun, green lights will illuminate to notify you that the battery is charging.
  • The three blue lights at the top of the dashboard, there are blinks on the passengers side to show the battery charging progress from inside the car. And when all three lights are fully illuminated, it indicates that the battery is fully charged.
  • MID stands for multimedia information display. On the MID, the charge status will appear and displays the amount of time it will take to fully charge the battery because the system considers the charge you are using.
  • Standard outlet it takes approximately five and half hours to charge the hybrid battery full when using the standard outlet.
  • 240-volt charging station but on the 240V charging station, it takes less than 2 and half hours.
  • Disconnect charger when charging is done, unplug the charger from the port and replace the cap back over the port. Close the port door and store your charging chord back to its space in the trunk of the car.
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    Finding A Replacement Battery For The Prius

    The Prius battery is an unusual oneit is smaller than normal cars carry and has a glass mat construction rather than the normal lead-acid type. It can be purchased from a Toyota dealer, of course, but there is also one other option.

    Just one company makes a battery that is a direct replacement for the Prius battery and it is considerably superior to the one from Toyota at about the same cost. That company is Optima, a well-known battery manufacturer that produces top-quality batteries, and the model number as of the time of this article is the Optima DS46B24R. This battery is a direct replacement for the 2004 and newer model Prius that is equipped with a smart key system, as most cars in that range are.

    It is slightly too large for cars that are not equipped with the smart key it fits into a depression in the trunk that in other models is just a bit too small. There is another Optima that is described as fitting into earlier models or cars without the smart key system, but this writer cannot guarantee that it will fit properly. That battery also requires some modification to the battery terminals to be used, and installation kits are available for that.

    Make sure, then, that if you are purchasing one of the Optima batteries that the correct model number of DS46B24R is purchased while other models may fit without a special installation kit, they may not.

    How Much Does It Cost To Replace 12v Battery In Prius

    Assuming you need to replace the 12V battery in your Prius, it will cost you about $300. The 12V battery is located under the hood, so you will need to open the hood and locate the battery. Once you have found the battery, disconnect the negative and positive terminals. You can then remove the old battery and install the new one. Be sure to reconnect the terminals before closing the hood.

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    How Do You Start A Prius With A Low 12 Volt Battery

    If your Prius has a low 12 volt battery, there are a few things you can do to start it. First, try charging the battery with a charger designed for lead acid batteries. If that doesnt work, you can try jump starting the Prius with another car. Finally, if all else fails, you can call a tow truck and have the Prius towed to a nearby service station.

    Prius 12v Battery Not Charging


    In this post, well discuss what to do if your Prius 12V battery is not charging. First, check the fuse box under the hood for a blown fuse. If the fuse is blown, replace it with a new one and try charging the battery again. If the fuse is not blown, check the battery terminals for corrosion.

    The 12V battery in your Prius is responsible for storing electrical energy thats used to power the cars accessories, like the lights, infotainment system, and windshield wipers. If this battery isnt charging properly, it can lead to some serious problems down the road.There are a few things that could be causing your 12V battery to not charge properly. First, make sure that all of the cars accessories are turned off when youre not using them. This will help conserve energy and prevent the battery from being overworked.If your car has an aftermarket stereo or other electronic devices installed, they could also be draining the battery. Be sure to disconnect any unnecessary electronics when youre not using them.Another possibility is that theres something wrong with the charging system itself. If you suspect this is the case, its best to take your car to a qualified mechanic or dealership for diagnosis and repair. Trying to fix it yourself could do more harm than good.

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    What Is A Low Battery

    A low battery essentially means that the car’s battery isn’t charging correctly. This means that your car won’t receive sufficient voltage from the battery to function properly, which can cause some very serious problems.

    There’s a warning light on most vehicles to indicate that the battery isn’t charging correctly. So, if you’re worried that you may have a low battery, this is the first place you should check.

    Is Jump Starting A Prius Different Than A Regular Car

    A Prius can be jump started, just like any other car, but there are a few things that you should know. First, the 12V battery is in the trunk instead of under the hood. This wouldnt be much of an issue if you could open the trunk when the battery is dead, but you cant. The trunk uses a switch and an actuator to release the latch. Without battery power, it wont work and you wont be able to open the hatch. Not only that, but the smart key wont work. It needs 12V power too. This short article will explain how to overcome these obstacles and jump start your Prius.

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    How To Get Cables To The Battery Terminals

    Youre in the car. What now? The battery is in the trunk. You could slither your way back to the trunk, but if you try to remove the battery cover youll likely break it. In fact quite a few Gen2 Priuses that come to the shop with broken battery covers because someone didnt know about the jump start terminal under the hood.

    Signs Of A Bad Battery Or Good 12

    Toyota Prius -Tip on how to start it with a dead 12V battery without JumpStart

    Before anything goes wrong, there are signs to tell you that your battery life is coming to an end or going bad. It rests on us to be observant of those crucial signs and warnings that perhaps could make us act pretty quickly before we are caught unawares.

    Equally, there are significant signs to help you tell if a battery is good. Now, lets see some of those vital signs that will help identify a good or just when the battery has gone bad:

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    Prius 12v Battery Test

    Several warning signs can tell that battery is near its end.

    • The dashboard battery light may come on.
    • Some electric accessories refuse to function correctly.
    • The most common symptom is the cars slow start. It will require several attempts to start, or you might only get a series of clicks.
    • Check for corrosion because it could indicate a power problem. Clean the battery terminals carefully with an old toothbrush and baking soda.
    • Also, check for battery swelling or a weird smell it can be a sign of something wrong with the battery internally.

    You can even conduct a quick battery check by performing a load test. First, you need to turn on the headlight without starting the engine. Then you leave the headlights on for 10 15 minutes. After that time, start your engine and watch the brightness of your headlights. If they begin to dim after the engine turns over, your Prius battery 12v does not pass the load test. If it cannot hold enough charge to support lights turned on for 15 minutes, it is time for a change.

    Toyota Prius 12v Battery Comparison Test: Which Is The Best Value

    I think I have seen over 100 posts now on a 12v battery that has died in a Prius and what one should replace it. Prius owners seem to believe that the dealer is the worst option, but is it?

    I made a 4-way comparison on AGM Prius batteries looking at warranty and cost. Here is what I came up with and what battery I think you should put in your Prius.

    Toyota Truestart AGM OE BatteryDealerships sometimes get a bad rap, but the thing is, have you looked into what they are offering? When it comes to a 12v replacement battery for your Prius, they are on the high end of price, but what are you getting?

    The Truestart option for Prius comes with an 84-month warranty. Out of all the batteries that I reviewed, this is the best warranty for a few reasons. First, it has a 24-month FREE replacement warranty with an additional prorated 60-month warranty on top of that.

    The other thing is the warranty on this battery includes a FREE tow to the dealership specifically to replace the 12v should that be the issue. Plus, you are getting a battery that is made for your Prius.The cost? $231.41 MSRP, which should translate to around $250 once installed and after taxes when you turn in your core. So how do the others stack up? We will see.

    Optima Yellow Top AGM Battery When Optima batteries came to market, they were for sure better. Overtime, Optima has failed to live up to those standards they once set and now warranty everything they see. Not a great business model.

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