2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid 12v Battery Replacement

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Toyota Camry Hybrid Car Battery Replacement Cost Guide

Cheaper 12v Battery for 2007-2011 Toyota Camry Hybrid

In the most simple of terms, a cars battery is what provides it with electrical power. Without electrical power your 2009 Toyota Camry hybrid wont run at all, so it is an extremely important component that must be kept in good working order, just as with all the other parts of your 2009 Toyota Camry hybrid if it is to run efficiently and perform as it was intended to do.

Replacing your 2009 Toyota Camry hybrid battery will usually cost between $ 118 $ 216 , with most of those costs coming from the part rather than the labor. The repair itself is normally a straightforward job, so the real cost comes from buying the new battery.

What If I Continue Driving With A Bad 09 Toyota Camry Hybrid Battery

This would be quite dangerous. In the positive case, it only affects the vehicles operation or stops the engine, and these are easy to handle. You will need repair immediately.

However, in a worse situation, the battery may explode. Inside it, there are corrosive substances and flammable gasses.

Meeting the right conditions, they will explode, and it is extremely dangerous for both drivers and the Toyota Hybrid itself.

How To Do 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid Battery Replacement

The process is quite simple with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Prepare the necessary tools
  • Step 2: Locate and disconnect the battery terminals
  • Step 3: Take out the old or dead battery
  • Step 4: Clean the tray
  • Step 5: Assemble and secure the new one
  • Step 6: Recheck and finish

Its time to learn more about the 2009 Camry Hybrid battery replacement! But first, you must choose the suitable type based on vehicle specifications.

Its advisable to purchase OEM products for better performance.

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Shop By Ah From Batteryspecialistca

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Toyota Hybrid Owners Speak Out On Battery Length And Cost

Toyota hybrids are known to be among the most reliable vehicles currently on the market. Actually, it has been this way for two decades since Prius was first introduced to the public.

A recent study by iSeeCars.com found that Prius is the vehicle that original owners keep the longest. An amazing 13.7% of 15-year-old or older Prius cars are still being driven by their original owners. The average in the auto industry is 6.1%

But one of the most common hesitations or areas of concern for potential Toyota Prius owners, along with other popular models like RAV4 Hybrid or 2021 Toyota Venza, is with the hybrid battery itself.

I have heard these same concerns repeatedly over the past 15 years I have been studying Toyota hybrid vehicles.

The hybrid battery is going to wear out too soon.

The battery is really expensive to replace.

Valid concerns. And it is perfectly normal to have such concerns.

Toyota Prius hybrid battery life

I recently wrote a Torque News story about Toyota Hybrid battery length. I am referring to the large battery pack as opposed to the 12V battery.

The Toyota Master Diagnostic Technician I interviewed for my story felt most Hybrid batteries will last at least 180,000 to 200,000 miles. Plus, he mentioned that replacement cost is getting cheaper as time goes by.

People comment on Toyota hybrid battery

Quite interesting feedback indeed.

Toyota Camry Hybrid Battery: Electrician Spent $10 Not $4000 To Fix

Who said modern cars are too complicated to work on at home?

Some hybrid cars have been on the road for more than a decade now, but every vehicle needs some kind of maintenance eventually.

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Faced with a potentially expensive bill, one Toyota Camry Hybrid owner took matters into his own hands, fixing the car’s battery pack himself.

The repair cost about $10, but would have cost $4,400 if done by a dealer, the owner, Imgur user scoodidabop explained in a post .

2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid

The owner worked as an electrician with his father, so when his Toyota dealer said the entire pack would have to be replaced, he decided to try repairing it instead.

NOTE: If you don’t have similar skills and experience, do NOT attempt a repair like this! Disassembling a hybrid’s high-voltage electrical components can be hazardous–and should only be done by knowledgeable mechanics.

But back to the Camry Hybrid. His local Toyota dealer wanted to replace the entire battery pack, based on the presence of a dashboard warning light.

The owner assumed one or more individual cells may have gone bad, and felt he could replace them while salvaging the rest of the pack.

But the real problem turned out to be much simpler.

The hybrid battery pack contain 34 copper connectors that link its nickel-metal-hydride cells together, and they were all corroded. The cells were actually fine, but the connections among them were bad.

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Where To Find A Battery Replacement For The Toyota Camry Hybrid

Finding an electric car battery replacement can be difficult, but it doesnt have to be. Here is a list of vendors that may offer replacement electric car batteries for the Toyota Camry Hybrid:

Bumblebee Batteries Located in Gresham, Oregon, Bumblebee offers some of the best battery replacements for all-electric vehicles.

Dorman A long-time trusted retailer for aftermarket automotive parts that meet OEM specifications, Dorman carries remanufactured drive batteries for the Toyota Camry Hybrid.

Year / Make / Model
, eBay

GreenBean BatteriesBorn out of the need for a better hybrid battery, Green Bean Battery was built around the core of creating a reliable reconditioned hybrid battery and extending the hybrid battery life. Since our humble beginnings, we have grown to create a proprietary hybrid battery reconditioning process that puts our hybrid batteries in a league of their own.

GreenTec Auto Established in 2012, with 3 brothers working at their fathers auto repair shop, GreenTec Autos mission is to create effective and sustainable solutions for you and your vehicle. Nothing ends up in a landfill. With over 20 service centers across the United States, there is sure to be a location near you.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A 2009 Camry Hybrid Battery

Easy! Toyota Camry Hybrid 12V Battery Replacement

For the 2009 Toyota Camry hybrid battery replacement, you will have to pay from $40 to about $300. This is the average and the most popular.

If you do it yourself at home, you will only have to buy the entire battery pack and other necessary tools this is the most economical option.

The fee will include service and labor if you ask for help from a professional mechanic or service team.

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What Is Done During Car Battery Replacement

Car batteries are not always located in the same position within a 2009 Toyota Camry hybrid. Often it is under the bonnet, but they can also be located in the boot, under the floor, behind a seat, or other locations. The type of car your drive will dictate where the battery is located, so the obvious first thing to be done when replacing a battery is to find out where it is. The car owners manual will describe where the battery is located.

Basic steps followed when replacing a car battery are:

  • Secure your 2009 Toyota Camry hybrid
  • Locate the battery
  • Remove any covering over the battery
  • The battery terminals are labelled
  • The negative terminal is disconnected first
  • Followed by the positive terminal
  • The battery is released from its housing
  • The battery is removed
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    Toyota Camry Hybrid Rear

    Hybrid vehicle 12V batteryI found that Batteries Plus carries deep cycle AGM batteries for $209 here in Seattle metro. That’s less than Optima. Also, sales guy told me that Optimas were sold to Johnson Supply and are now made in China, with according lower quality.Ones at Battery Plus are Duracell. No, no vent provision but I do not believe you really need it.

    You mean – 12 V battery, not hybrid. You’d have shock with hybrid one sticker price.Hybrid vehicle 12V batteryI found that Batteries Plus carries deep cycle AGM batteries for $209 here in Seattle metro. That’s less than Optima. Also, sales guy told me that Optimas were sold to Johnson Supply and are now made in China, with according lower quality.Ones at Battery Plus are Duracell. No, no vent provision but I do not believe you really need it. Op, you need a deep cycle AGM battery. Thermistor on OEM one is gently transferred from the old battery to the new one. No one makes batteries with provision for vent tube. Normally go to replacement was Yellow Top Optima but, see remark from above.

    Batteries Plus carries deep cycle AGMbatteries for $209 here in Seattle metro.

    I haven’t bought it yet as I was still browsing around. Thanks for the suggestion and that seems to be a best deal.Placed an order and will be picking it up next week from Wal-Mart.

    What Is The Car Battery

    panasonic 12v battery for toyota camry hybrid

    Your cars battery is a rechargeable battery that is usually charged by a device in your 2009 Toyota Camry hybrid called an alternator . An alternator converts the physical energy of your cars engine into electricity which charges the battery. But when you first start your engine, there is no electricity being generated by the alternator as there is no movement, so the battery needs to provide the electrical power to get it started.

    The construction of a car battery is quite simple: there is a plastic case that holds all of the inner components of the battery there are plates of lead, or an alloy that contains lead, that are called the positive and negative plates these are arranged in a grid-like formation and are covered in a mud-like paste of sulfuric acid, lead oxide powder, and water. To prevent a short circuit these plates must remain separated and this is done by placing thin sheets of a porous material between them. These are called separators.

    Battery elements are formed by pairing a positive and a negative plate and separator when this is done the component is called a cell, of which there are a number in the battery. These cells are connected with a metal that will conduct electricity.

    The battery cells are covered with a solution called electrolyte this is a solution of water and sulfuric acid this is often referred to as battery fluid.

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    Restarting The Toyota Camry Hybrid System

  • Confirm that the electronic key is being carried. When connecting the jumper cables, depending on the situation, the alarm may activate and doors locked.
  • Open the hood and remove the fuse box cover. Push the tabs in and lift the lid off.
  • Open the exclusive jump starting terminal cover.
  • Connect the jumper cables according to the following procedure: Connect a positive jumper cable clamp to the exclusive jump starting terminal 1 on your vehicle. Connect the clamp on the other end of the positive cable to the positive battery terminal 2 on the second vehicle. Connect a negative cable clamp to the negative battery terminal 3 on the second vehicle. Connect the clamp at the other end of the negative cable to a solid, stationary, unpainted metallic point away from the exclusive jump starting terminal and any moving parts 4 as shown in the illustration above.
  • Start the engine of the second vehicle. Increase the engine speed slightly and maintain at that level for approximately 5 minutes to recharge the 12-volt battery of your vehicle.
  • Open and close any of the doors of your vehicle with the power switch off.
  • Maintain the engine speed of the second vehicle and turn the power switch to ON mode, then start the vehicle’s engine.
  • Make sure the READY indicator comes on. If the indicator does not come on, contact your Toyota dealer.
  • Once the hybrid system has started, remove the jumper cables in the exact reverse order from which they were connected.
  • History Of The Camry Hybrid

    The Camry Hybrid was first introduced at the 2006 North American International Auto Show along with the XV40 model of the traditional Camry and is still on sale today.

    Reviewed as being a comfortable, efficient cruiser or commuter car thats also a relatively good value. The base model is particularly appealing, with a long list of standard infotainment and safety features.

    Compared to the gasoline variants, several notable features are unique to the hybrid:

    • Hybrid Powertrain
    • Electric air conditioning

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    Toyota Camry Hybrid Battery Replacement

    If you are looking for a quality hybrid battery to help continue the life of your 2009 Toyota Camry, then check out this 2009 Toyota Camry hybrid battery replacement. Similar to all our other hybrid batteries, when purchasing this Toyota hybrid battery, you are helping your vehicle run like it is brand new again. Not only will our hybrid batteries restore the life of your vehicle, but it will do so at an affordable price. If you are interested in a highly-durable 2009 Toyota Camry hybrid battery, at an amazing price, shop with Best Hybrid Battery.

    Save With The 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid Battery

    2009 Toyota Camry Battery Replacement

    When purchasing a hybrid battery from Best Hybrid Batteries, you are extending the quality lifespan of your Toyota Camry. Even though all cars will eventually need maintenance, we are confident that with our hybrid batteries, your vehicle will need to be attended too less. This means that you will have fewer trips to the shop. This means that you will save both time and money thanks to our 2009 Toyota Camry hybrid battery.

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    When Should You Have The Car Battery Replaced

    It may seem obvious, but the simple answer to this is when it ceases to hold as much of an electrical charge as it did when it was new. Batteries corrode with time and cease to hold and deliver as much power as when they were new.

    If you try to start your cars engine and it either wont start, or the engine sounds much slower and labored during the starting process, chances are you need a new battery. Electrical systems such as lights may be affected when starting your engine and this will also mean there is not as much power available as there should be, so time to have the battery checked and if necessary changed.

    Of course if your cars battery is damaged in any way during maintenance or accident, it should be changed.

    Your cars instrumentation may illuminate a warning lamp to indicate that there is a problem with your battery or electrical system and this will mean they have to be checked, and if necessary the battery replaced.

    Most car mechanics will visibly check a battery when servicing, and they can test a battery using specialist equipment to see if it needs replacement. It is always wise to take the advice of a mechanic if battery replacement is recommended.

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