2010 Honda Civic Hybrid Battery

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If You Do Go Aftermarket Heres What We Suggest

Easy Fix Hybrid Battery Charging Problem!

While an OEM battery is always ideal, finding one for a 2010 Civic may not always be easy. If you need to buy an aftermarket battery, take time to read reviews and find a reputable brand that will stand behind its product.

Some popular and trusted aftermarket battery brands include:

To save you some time, we used the battery finder tool to find the recommended aftermarket replacement battery for the 2010 Civic sedan with the 1.8L four-cylinder.

For this particular model, an AGM replacement battery with a 51R group size and a minimum of 310 CCA is recommended. However, an SLI battery with the same specifications may also be suitable if your car doesnt have any major electronic upgrades.

Keep in mind that this recommendation applies specifically to the 2010 Civic sedan if your Civic is a hybrid model, your replacement battery recommendations will differ because these models use lithium-ion batteries.

If you get your replacement battery at a Honda dealer or reputable auto supply shop, installation and disposal of your old battery may be included with your purchase.

Otherwise, you may be able to replace your own battery by following this YouTube tutorial, which will walk you through the steps of swapping out your battery and resetting your clock, presets, and other settings.

If youll be replacing your own battery, dont forget to properly and responsibly dispose of your old one. You can find out more about safe battery disposal and recycling here.

Honda Civic Hybrid Battery: Can You Drive A Honda Civic Hybrid Without The Hybrid Battery

Because the Honda Civic Hybrid has its own starter, it does not require the hybrid battery to start. However, contrary to popular belief, you cannot just ignore a dead battery. Because dead batteries still try to receive a charge, the motor generator will be constantly trying to charge the battery, consuming more gasoline than if the battery hadn’t been there in the first place.

The hybrid system in the Honda Civic was a parallel system, which means the engine, transmission, and drive axles are all conventional. To add a little HP to the engine output while accelerating or travelling up steep hills, an electric motor generator is sandwiched between the engine and the transmission or between the transmission and the drive shafts.

It recharges the battery while coasting and braking. The extra horsepower is roughly 13, but at low gas engine RPMs, it might be nearly twice what gas alone could deliver. At the very least, you should have the battery disconnected when it dies.

If you remove it fully, you’ll save some weight, but I’m not sure how heavy this battery is or if it’s worth the labor, so at the very least disconnect it. The terminals must be insulated and protected when the battery is disconnected, otherwise they will short out, causing further issues. It’s not as simple as unplugging the cords.

Honda Civic Hybrid Battery: Can You Still Drive A Honda Civic Hybrid Without Ima

The IMA, or Integrated Motor Assist, is a secondary combustion engine. There are three sorts of hybrid cars, according to Honda. The hybrid battery delivers some or all of the power required in each case. If you’re wondering if it’s safe to drive my hybrid car with the IMA light on, the answer is most likely but there will be risks.

The hybrid battery is most likely in need of maintenance, according to your IMA light. Your automobile will most likely continue to run without inflicting long-term harm as long as your 12V battery light is not on. Some people can go months without experiencing a serious accident. However, it is not recommended to drive your car with the IMA light on because it might be dangerous.

The first disadvantage of driving with the IMA light on is that your car’s performance may suffer. Your vehicle will seem sluggish and accelerate more slowly than usual. This occurs when your IMA isn’t aiding your engine adequately. Because the extra power from the hybrid battery is not there, the combustion engine is put under more stress, resulting in reduced power.

The second disadvantage you can encounter is poor gas mileage. Because your engine can no longer rely on the electric motor for acceleration, regenerative braking, or idle stop, you’ll have to use more fuel to keep it running.

What to Do When Your IMA Light is On

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Hybrid Battery Suitable For 2006

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Need a replacement battery for your Honda Civic? Look no further. Choose from our brand new genuine, aftermarket or refurbished / rebuilt hybrid battery options.

This battery is suitable for the 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 Honda Civic hybrid car models.

Take advantage of DrHybrids Honda Civic hybrid battery installation services and get your Honda Civic back out on the road in no time. At DrHybrid we are proud to offer flexible installations options including in-store, mobile and DIY kits for those who are mechanically savvy.

We also have batteries for other Honda Civic models such as CRZ, and Insight. Purchase your hybrid battery replacement today and get back on the road in no time.

Battery Packs For Honda

New Replacement Hybrid Battery for Honda Accord 2010

Hybrid car batteries for Honda models directly from factory. Buy hybrid car batteries for Honda Civic Hybrid Gen1, Honda Civic Hybrid Gen2, Honda Insight Hybrid Gen1, Honda Civic Hybrid Gen2, and more. Budget friendly hybrid car battery solutions from EnnoCar. Send us an inquiry at for the best price for Honda hybrid car batteries.

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Factors Responsible For This Failure

One of the main causes of battery failure is undercharging, as it had been noticed. The company blames the driving style of people who frequently stop and drive while keeping the ac on during hot weather. It can leave the hybrid battery in a low charge and gradually contributes to the battery failure.

To ensure long battery life, a hybrid battery should be always maintaining at least 50 to 60 percent of charge. This requires frequent driving of the car to keep the battery on. If the car lies idle more than one month, the battery will naturally go slow. Moreover, if the battery is not charged for more than three months, it will not be able to accept the charge and will die a slow death.

If the car met with an accident and needs repainting, then it could also cause the damage to the battery. Because there is much heating involves in the repainting work. Often the oven temperature goes high and it spoiled the battery.

Honda Civic Body Structure And Hybrid Battery Disconnect

in Extrication, Fire Rescue TopicsJune 8, 2010Comments Off on 2010 Honda Civic Body Structure and Hybrid Battery Disconnect

Civic Hybrid with Vehicle Stability Assist was named a 2010 TOP SAFETY PICK by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety . According to the IIHS, the award recognizes vehicles that do the best job of protecting people in front, side, rear, and now rollover crashes. Ultra-high Strength Steel is lurking in the body structure! Any body pillar, rail, or rocker that is a different color in the images below is worth taking a mental snapshot.

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Honda Civic Hybrid Battery How To Extend The Battery Life

If the warranty on your Honda Civic Hybrid battery has expired, youre no doubt looking for ways to extend the battery life. After all, not everyone has the money to shell out on replacing a Honda Civic Hybrid battery. Check out these important tips for extending the life of your Honda Civic Hybrid battery:

Regular Maintenance Is A Must

A Honda Civic Hybrid battery doesnt require any more maintenance than a vehicle with a conventional battery. Therefore, you should make sure you stick to a regular maintenance schedule. Often, hybrid vehicle owners neglect the health of their battery if the car has been running smoothly. You should make sure that the battery is charged at least once every other month if you arent regularly driving the vehicle. Make sure that the ready light is on.

Diagnose Problems Immediately

As soon as your Honda Civic Hybrid battery starts malfunctioning you should see a technician that specializes in hybrid batteries right away to diagnose the issue. Some drivers ignore such issues because they cant afford to have them repaired. However, scheduling regular battery checkups and having battery problems diagnosed can help you avoid the hefty cost of having to replace the battery.

Keep The Battery At A Level Temperature

Recondition Your Honda Civic Hybrid Battery

Honda Civic Hybrid Battery How Long Do They Last

Can You Drive Your Honda Civic Hybrid With Your Hybrid Battery Disabled? 2001-2012

For many of these first-generation hybrid vehicles that used NIMH batteries, most automotive experts believed that they wouldnt last past five years since the average lifecycle of a nickel-metal hydride battery is approximately five years or less.

According to Honda, their Honda Civic Hybrid battery is expected to last between six to ten years or 100,000 miles depending on which one comes first. When it comes to the life expectancy of your Honda Civic hybrid battery it largely depends on how much you travel. Some Honda Hybrid batteries can last longer while others may not.

Initial reports from Honda claimed that the Honda Civic Hybrid battery was lasting well beyond the warranty period for most consumers while only 0.002 percent failed. However, Consumer Reports conducted a survey that analyzed battery failure and replacement rates for popular hybrid vehicles like the Toyota Prius and of course the Honda Civic Hybrid.

Based on the survey results the Honda Civic Hybrid battery didnt fare well especially when compared to other brands. Twenty-one percent of the first generation Honda Civic Hybrid batteries required a battery replacement at some point. In 2008, the Honda Civic Hybrid battery replacement rate dropped to the single digits when the newest models were released. This victory didnt last long because when the 2009-2010 models were released, the Honda Civic Hybrid battery replacement rose to thirty percent.

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What Are The Different Types Of Hybrid Battery Cells

There are three types of hybrid battery cell, each one with its own characteristics. Aside from the size, the cell type is cheaper and need less filling than the cell themselves. There are various materials available to satisfy the customers’ need for more power and a higher charging voltage.

There are other types of H cell polycarbonate battery cell, such as a cell- of polycarbonate battery. The lifelpanium battery cell is suitable for cars and golfers.

Best Battery For A 2010 Honda Civic

You rely on your 2010 Honda Civics battery to kick-start your engine every time you turn the key in the ignition. Unfortunately, if your battery is more than a few years old, it may not be as reliable as it once was.

Whats the best battery for a 2010 Honda Civic?

The best battery for the 2010 Civic is a 12-volt, OEM replacement battery with a 51R group size and a minimum of 310 cold-cranking amps . An aftermarket battery with the same specifications may also be suitable.

If your 2010 Civic is due for a new battery, choosing the right replacement is so important. Let us walk you through the steps of choosing a new battery so you can buy with confidence.

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Honda Offers Several Solutions

The Honda restructured the IMA battery control software. The solution involves upgrading your car to a Honda showroom with this software. It will be done free of cost. It is a process to minimize the impact on the battery.

Many Honda owners complaints about post-upgrade that there is acceleration problem and it does not help in fuel saving. Barring these exceptions, this measure gave great respite to the all Honda civic owners to extend their battery life and save from costly replacement.

The Honda gives an extra 12 months warranty to their IMA battery taking into consideration the high failure rate. If the battery is in the warranty period, your dealer will not charge anything in replacement.

Your Honda car has got a self-diagnostic feature that can detect any problem that is likely to come. The IMA feature a warning light which will tell you if your car battery is experiencing any problem. Several such Honda scan tools are there which can read and detect any problem.

What Are The Benefits Of A Hybrid Car Battery

Replacement Gen.2 Honda Civic 2010 Hybrid Car Battery Pack for HEV from ...

Moreover, a hybrid battery cell is ideal for long-lasting vehicles such as scooters and electric vehicles. Otherwise, hybrid batteries are ideal for long-lasting vehicles and as a result, they need less maintenance and more overall maintenance. Hybrids or hybrid batteries are available with Alibaba.com and make the most out of this type of battery cell, hybrid battery cell, hybrid batteries are ideal for long-lasting drivers.

Moreover, hybrid cell batteries are cheaper, need less maintenance, and need less maintenance. As a result, the long lifespan of hybrid car batteries is less extensive and requires less maintenance. This is one reason why the lifespan of hybrid car batteries is less expensive to need. For a longer lifespan, hybrid car batteries may need less maintenance and need less maintenance.

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Honda Civic Hybrid Battery

The Honda Civic Hybrid battery pack is made up of Nickel Metal Hydride battery cells. Nickel Metal is a rechargeable battery. The great thing about NIMH batteries is that they can be recharged hundreds of times which is equivalent to using hundreds of Alkaline batteries. The average lifespan of a Nickel Metal Hydride battery is about five years.

Is the Honda Civic Hybrid battery reliable? Although NIMH battery cell chemistry isnt extremely power dense for the most part they are stable. The cells typically begin to lose battery life when they are fully charged or discharged. Therefore, manufacturers have put measures in place that force the battery cells to only be able to use about sixty to seventy percent of their capacity. These safeguards help keep NIMH battery cells in stable condition so that they can power the car for hundreds of thousands of miles.

Constant exposure to heat can eventually compromise Nickel Metal Hydride battery cells which can impact their ability to properly recharge. Thats why many Hybrid vehicles use passive cooling systems that use air in the cabin to cool down NIMH battery cells. Besides heat, nickel-metal hydride batteries can become compromised if they are sit unused for a period of time.

Honda Civic Hybrid Battery With Brand New Cells

Honda Civic 2009-2011 Hybrid Battery with BRAND NEW CELLS, 36 Month 45,000 Mile Warranty + FREE SHIPPING

You have options in todays hybrid battery marketplace and there is no better or more affordable way to restore the performance, power and fuel economy to factory specs or better than a Electron Hybrid Battery with Brand New Cells. Our New Hybrid Batteries are built to a higher standard than dealership replacement batteries, have longer warranties and are significantly less expensive.

New hybrid batteries are built using our own proprietary cutting-edge technology and include brand new factory fresh cylindrical hybrid battery modules/cells, all new nickel-plated copper bus bars, new wiring harnesses, new plastic bus bar covers, new chemically treated anti-corrosion hardware, new heavy gauge high voltage wire and new insulated rod covers.

FITS HYBRID VEHICLES This hybrid battery is guaranteed to fit correctly and is considered a direct replacement part for 2009-2011 Honda Civic Hybrids.




Core Deposits are fully refundable on all new and remanufactured hybrid batteries as well as new and remanufactured hybrid battery rebuild kits that are shipped prior to the return or exchange of the customers old hybrid battery or battery components. The Refundable Core Deposit on this hybrid battery is $599.00 and it will be added to your order during checkout.

Why We Need Your Old Hybrid Battery?

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Cause Of Honda Civic Hybrid Battery Failures

Undercharging has been the major cause of premature battery failure in Honda Civic hybrid IMA batteries. The problem, according to Honda, is caused by frequent stop-and-go city driving with the A/C on, especially during hot weather. The hybrid battery may become discharged as a result of this type of driving. This can lead to battery degeneration and failure over time.

The hybrid battery must be kept at 50 to 60% of its full charge for best service life. This requires frequent driving in order to keep the battery charged . If the car is left unattended for more than a month , the battery may deplete to the point where it never fully recovers and eventually fails.

A battery that has been totally discharged and not recharged within 90 days may not accept a normal charge and fail prematurely. The battery might potentially be harmed by extreme heat. Curing paint in a bake oven that reaches 150 degrees F may damage a car’s battery if it has been damaged and repainted. When working on a Honda Civic Hybrid, body shops are advised not to allow the oven temperature to become too high.

Battery Types And Other Jargon You Should Know

Honda Civic Hybrid Battery Repair

There are two main types of car batteries youll see as you shop for a replacement battery for your 2010 Honda Civic. The first and most basic kind of battery is known as a starting, lighting, ignition model.

SLI batteries are suitable for use in most gasoline-powered cars, offering bursts of power when you need them to start the engine. After that, these batteries rely on energy from the cars alternator to recharge.

In some cases, a deep-cycle battery like an absorbent glass mat model may be recommended. These batteries are generally able to recharge more quickly than SLI batteries and have greater starting power in harsh conditions.

SLI and AGM batteries can be well suited for a 2010 Honda Civic, but you may want to spend a little extra on an AGM battery if your car has a lot of electronic upgrades .

Youll also want to look closely at cold-cranking amps when you choose a replacement battery. This rating refers to how well the battery can start an engine in cold weather.

On the 2010 Honda Civic, it is recommended that you look for a replacement battery with a CCA of 310 or higher. If you live in a particularly cold climate, you may even want to go with a higher CCA rating than that.

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