2012 Gmc Acadia Battery Location

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How Do I Replace The Battery In My Gmc

GMC Acadia – Battery Location (2007 – 2017)

A confident do-it-your-selfer can replace a vehicle battery. Start by checking your vehicle owners manual for the batterys proper size and location. Find the positive and negative posts. The positive post will have a red plastic cover over it. Look for a + sign stamped onto the battery or printed on a nearby label. Loosen the negative terminal bolt and remove the cable. Be sure not to touch the positive post. Once you loosen the bolt, use a terminal puller to remove the cable. Repeat the sequence with the positive post.

Now remove the clamp or retaining system that keeps the battery in place. Carefully lift out the old battery. Look for any corrosion on the cables and remove it with a wire brush or terminal cleaning tool.

Drop in the new battery so that the positive post lines up with the red cable. Secure it with the battery retaining clamp that you removed earlier. If the battery has anti-corrosion washers, put them in place now and use a thin layer of anti-corrosion grease to prevent buildup. Tighten the positive cable and then do it all over again with the negative black cable.

Make sure the battery is secure and congratulations: youve replaced your cars battery!

Where Is The Gmc Acadia Battery Location

My GMC Acadia car battery is on the fritz, so I checked it out but couldnât find it under the hood. I realized I had no idea where the battery in my GMC Acadia was. Where is the GMC Acadia battery location?

behind the passenger seat in a floor pan

How Often Should You Replace Your 2012 Gmc Acadia Battery

Every 3 to 5 years, but you should have your battery tested ordinarily for extreme drops in voltage to make sure it’s operating at a dependable level. Vehicle batteries usually haul 12 to 13 volts unless you have a high-performance battery. Anything higher than 13 volts may signify a defective battery.

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When Replacing The Battery Keep In Mind:

  • The quality of the electrical connections to the battery posts is important. Connections must be clean, free of corrosion and properly tightened.
  • Batteries store a large amount of energy and if short-circuited a battery could explode and can create intense discharges that can damage your eyesight. Insulated tools should be used to attach cabling to battery terminals. Otherwise, the batterys positive cable can be shorted to ground or the positive and negative posts can be directly shorted. Batteries can only be safely installed from a positive terminal to positive wiring and from a negative terminal to body ground. If the polarity is reversed damage will likely occur to the vehicles electrical system.
  • Generally, a car battery will have a service life of 4 to 7 years. If a load test on a battery reveals a significant reduction in the capacity of the battery to provide power, you should buy a new battery rather than wait for the old battery to fail completely.
  • Batteries should only be disconnected if the engine is off and the alternator is not running. Disconnecting a car battery while the alternator is running can cause a voltage spike that will damage sensitive electronic components in the vehicle, such as the PCM.

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What Are The Best Car Batteries To Buy

2009 GMC Acadia Alternator Replacement: Looking for Tips on ...

Popular car battery brands include DieHard Batteries, Odyssey, NAPA, AC Delco, Duralast, EverStart, just to name a few. This can be a tough question to answer. There are many factors that go into determining the “best” car battery, as many car batteries are designed with different factors in mind. Contact the talented experts at Coggin Buick/GMC of Orange Park and we will be able to help determine the best car battery for your 2012 GMC Acadia based on your needs and driving habits.

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Are 2012 Gmc Acadia Batteries Covered Under Warranty

Most genuine OEM GMC batteries sold at Coggin Buick/GMC of Orange Park are covered under some type of warranty for potentially up to 24 months. Give us a call at 9046829278 so we can look up the battery that was installed and confirm the warranty for you. There are a variety of reasons why a battery would not be covered under warranty such as:

  • Acadia Batteries with cracks
  • Acadia Batteries that were physically broken prior to inspection
  • Acadia Batteries that have been recharged
  • Acadia Batteries connected to non-OEM components

Battery For 2012 Gmc Acadia


Hold Down Clamp

12 Volt. Conventional. Coupe,. Sedan,. This GM Genuine Part is designed, engineered, and tested to rigorous standards and is backed by General Motors

Hold Down Clamp Bolt

Conventional. 1.6L, reduction tank & components. With diesel, emission reduction system. This GM Genuine Part is designed, engineered, and tested to rigorous standards and is backed by General Motors

Hold Down Clamp Nut

This GM Genuine Part is designed, engineered, and tested to rigorous standards and is backed by General Motors

Roof mounted. 2nd row seats. With sunroof, rear, with entertainment system. Wagon,. Covertible. Sedan, headliner & components.

Vent Hose

This GM Genuine Part is designed, engineered, and tested to rigorous standards and is backed by General Motors

Battery Cover

Ebony. This GM Genuine Part is designed, engineered, and tested to rigorous standards and is backed by General Motors

This GM Genuine Part is designed, engineered, and tested to rigorous standards and is backed by General Motors

Negative Cable

With rvc sensor. Powers vital electrical components by transferring electrical currentFactory crimped copper alloy cable terminal helps ensure electrical connectivity and durabilityDurable outside insulation helps protect copper cable from severe under h …

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Buy The Right Battery For Your Gmc Acadia

Your Acadia doesn’t have an expiration date, but its battery does. The average car battery lasts three to five years. Check your battery regularly and replace it as needed so it doesnât leave you and your GMC Acadia stranded. Pay attention to clues that your battery is on its way out. A lagging starter, an illuminated check engine light or battery signal, swollen battery case, corroded battery posts, or faded headlights can all signal that your battery needs attention.

Plus, at Firestone Complete Auto Care, weâll test your battery for free. With best-in-class tools we can tell you how much “life” is left in your battery. Visit us for a complimentary battery check and, if needed, get your GMC Acadia a replacement battery. Automotive batteries are just one of our many areas of expertise. Our expert technicians understand GMC service recommendations for Acadia car batteriesâ reserve capacities and cold cranking amps. Get help figuring out the battery size that’s best for your Acadia, and schedule an appointment today for a quick car battery replacement.

Why Choose A Diehard Battery For Your Acadia

How to Replace Battery 07-16 GMC Acadia

Your GMC Acadia deserves the best, which is why we exclusively carry the best. Your Acadia needs a reliable, durable and powerful battery in extremely hot and cold environments. DieHard Acadia batteries surpass expectations and house the latest technology to satisfy the growing power requirements of new vehicles. Don’t call a DieHard battery ordinary. It’s an extraordinary battery. Go with a DieHard battery for your Acadia and get behind the wheel with confidence. Why? Because performance will be there when you’re counting on it. Thatâs why you should choose batteries from Firestone Complete Auto Care.

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How Do Mechanics Replace The Battery

  • A temporary power source might be installed to avoid the possibility of losing radio presets or stored data in the PCM while the battery is out. When the battery is already completely dead, this step is unnecessary.
  • The vehicles negative cable is removed from the battery, followed by the positive cable. The battery tie down system is loosened and the old battery removed.
  • Cable ends and wiring are carefully inspected to ensure cleanliness and no corrosion. In some cases, corrosion can be extreme and the cable may need to be replaced or wiring repaired.
  • The new battery is installed and the tie down system is reinstalled. Anti-corrosion compound is applied to the battery terminals. The positive terminal is reconnected followed by the negative terminal.
  • Some vehicles, for example some models of BMW, VW, and Audi, may require PCM programming to input battery parameters. This step, performed using a specialized scan tool, is necessary to maximize battery life and prevent electrical system malfunctions.
  • The car is started and charging system output is measured and compared against the factory OEM specification to ensure that the new battery will properly recharge. Generally, charging output will be in the range of 13.8 to 14.8 volts but the exact specifications vary by make and model.

Whats Involved In Maintaining Or Replacing A Battery

Batteries are not one size fits all. There are several things to consider:

  • Size:Typically based on your vehicles make, model and engine type, it is literally the footprint of the battery, along with placement of the battery terminals. Every battery has a slightly different terminal placement. Take care to make sure the new battery you are putting into your car, truck or SUV is the same size as the one you are replacing. Its got to be apples to apples. In other words, dont try to fit a pineapple into the space reserved for a canteloupe.
  • Age:Like a loaf of fresh-baked bread, batteries are best when fresh, within six months of manufacture. Most batteries, like the one in your current vehicle, will have a date code to tell you this information. When in doubt, call the battery maker to decipher the date code.
  • Cold Cranking Amps: Can this battery start your frozen SUV at 0 degrees Fahrenheit in the dead of winter when the oil is as thick as molasses? The higher the Cold Cranking Amps rating, the better the batterys starting power. The rating refers to the number of amps a 12-volt battery can deliver at 0 degrees F for 30 seconds, while maintaining at least 7.2 volts.
  • Reserve Capacity: In the case of an alternator failure, the Reserve Capacitywill give you an estimate of how long your cars battery will be able to run on battery power alone, without the help of the alternator.

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How To Replace Battery 2007

Created on:2016-10-18

Need to replace the battery? This video will show you how to access and safely and properly replace it

  • step 1:Disconnecting the Battery 0:56
  • Undo the tabs that secure the floor mat
  • Snap the plastic cover off of the seat rail
  • Remove the T20 Torx screw from the cover
  • Lift the cover from the floor
  • Disconnect the negative battery terminal with a 10mm socket and ratchet
  • Remove the terminal out of the way
  • step 2:Removing the Battery 2:05
  • Remove the battery vent tube
  • Lift the positive battery terminal
  • Disconnect the positive battery cable with an 10mm wrench
  • Disconnect the electrical connector
  • Remove the 13mm battery mounting bolt
  • Remove the battery mount
  • step 3:Installing the Battery 3:06
  • Put the battery into place
  • Put the battery mount in place
  • Tighten the 13mm battery mounting bolt
  • Connect the electrical connector
  • Reconnect the 10mm positive battery cable
  • Connect the positive battery cover
  • Reconnect the battery vent tube
  • step 4:Reconnecting the Battery 4:30
  • Reconnect the negative battery terminal
  • Tighten the 10mm bolt
  • Insert the cover into place
  • Tighten the T20 screw to the cover
  • Reinstall the seat rail cover
  • Insert the floor mat into place and connect the pins
  • Gmc Acadia Battery Cost

    Circuit Electric For Guide: 2007 gmc acadia engine diagram

    When you are shopping for a 2012 GMC Acadia battery, there are a few things that you need to constantly keep in mind that will have an effect on the cost.What size engine does your 2012 GMC Acadia have? What size battery do you need in your GMC? What is the brand of the battery? Will you require our dealership to replace your battery or are you just looking to purchase the battery and install it yourself? These are just some of the many questions you should look into before choosing a specific battery or replacement at Coggin Buick/GMC of Orange Park. Call us at 9046829278 and let our experts find the right battery for your 2012 GMC Acadia.

    The most directly correlated aspect of a battery’s price is its size. The larger the battery the larger the Amp Hour rating of your battery, meaning it will provide more amps of electrical current per hour.

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    Top Acadia Car Battery Questions

    Firestone Complete Auto Care has answers to your top car battery questions. If you have a Acadia-specific battery question, pay us a visit. Our expert techs have the answers you need.

    • Why won’t my Acadia battery stay charged? A battery that won’t hold a charge is almost as good as dead. It may be getting old. Or, you may have a habit of leaving your car doors open and the cabin light at night. Stop by for a free battery test at your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care to learn more about the state of your battery.
    • What happens to my old Acadia battery? Weâll recycle your car battery for you!
    • How much will replacing my GMC Acadiaâs battery cost if I get a DieHard battery? Get affordable prices on GMC Acadia batteries by using one of our limited-time battery deals. Plus, all DieHard car batteries come with a free replacement warranty and extra coverage with DieHard Assurance.

    Coggin Buick/gmc Of Orange Park Battery Replacement & Buick

    At Coggin Buick/GMC of Orange Park, our service team is comprised of GMC proficient certified mechanics that can help diagnose what is wrong with your battery. Call Coggin Buick/GMC of Orange Park at 9046829278 or schedule battery service online for the fastest battery replacement in Jacksonville FL. Our GMC factory-trained mechanics can change your Acadia battery expeditiously at exceptionally competitive prices.Sometimes it is just a poor battery connection and tightening or reconnecting loose parts might get your 2012 GMC Acadia started again. Our predominant goal is consumer service unlike many other auto repair shops. We will check your battery for any simple fixes such as meticulously examining your battery for corrosion build-up before recommending a full battery replacement. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people do business with Coggin Buick/GMC of Orange Park.

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    How Does A Car Battery Work

    The battery in your vehicle is there to provide a jolt of electrical energy to start the engine and to provide engine-off accessory power for a limited amount of time. Once the engine is running, the alternator takes over to power the accessories and charge the battery. Car batteries typically feature six connected cells in a lead-acid formulation, or up to 12 cells in a 24-volt system found in heavy trucks or other large vehicles.

    How Do 2012 Gmc Acadia Batteries Work

    GMC Acadia Battery Location, Finding the Hidden Location

    So, how do car batteries work? Most car batteries rely on a lead-acid chemical reaction to get your car off & running. These types of batteries are considered part of the SLI category. SLI stands for starting, lighting, and ignition. This type of battery produces energy in order to power your lights, accessories, and engine. Once the energy reaches your engine, the alternator provides power. If you are shopping for a battery for your 2012 GMC Acadia, count on Coggin Buick/GMC of Orange Park. We offer a great selection and the best prices on batteries that were designed for your vehicle. You can discover more about other types of batteries by reaching out to one of our helpful service specialists. With the help of our 2012 GMC Acadia battery experts, we will get you back on the road promptly. Book your service appointment immediately online today or call us at 9046829278 with any questions. We look forward to working with you!

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    When To Replace A Car Battery

    • Your car doesnt start. A new battery has a specified capacity to provide power. This capacity is referred to as the cranking amps rating of the battery. As a battery ages, the actual amps that a battery can supply becomes lower than its original rating Once the cranking amps fall below a critical threshold, it will be difficult or impossible to start your car.
    • Battery or charging system warning light is illuminated. Should a battery or charging system warning light illuminate, a mechanic should perform a few basic tests to determine if a battery replacement is needed.
    • Electrical components dont work. Once a battery has started to fail, and the voltage produced by the battery drops, then vehicle electrical components can malfunction, such as the security system. If you are experiencing electrical malfunctions, its a smart idea to have the battery tested.

    Gmc Acadia Battery Coupons & Specials In Jacksonville

    Buick GMC Orange Park offers monthly battery coupons for your 2012 GMC Acadia. You can find our battery replacement coupons here, or browse components specials here. From full battery replacement to labor cost savings to huge discounts on battery components, Buick GMC Orange Park has you covered.Our GMC Acadia mechanics are standing by to help you with all your automotive service needs. If you can’t find the battery you’re looking for or want to speak to someone about our monthly discounts, give us a call at 9046829278 today.

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    How To Replace A Car Battery

    Replacing a dead battery as a DIY isnt too difficult. However, if youre unfamiliar with auto parts, getting a car battery replacement near you by a professional is the easier option.

    That said, heres a general guideline for a car battery replacement:

  • Open the hood and locate the old battery.
  • Disconnect the battery cable from the terminals. Remove the negative cable first from the negative terminal, followed by the positive cable from the positive terminal of the dead car battery.
  • Remove the old battery and clean the battery tray and the terminals of any corrosion. Place the new car battery in the tray.
  • Reconnect the positive cable to the positive battery terminal first, then the negative cable to the negative terminal.
  • Close the hood and start your vehicle. The new battery should kick in immediately.
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