2012 Nissan Leaf Battery Replacement Cost

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Nissan Leaf Battery Upgrade Frequently Ask Questions

Nissan LEAF 62kwh Battery Swap

Nissan Leaf Battery Replacement FAQs

What size battery can be installed in my Leaf?


The 2011-2012 can accept a 24 ,30 or 40 kWh pack. We do not recommend the 62kWh due to the limits of the on-board charger


The 2013-2015 Leaf can have a 24, 30, 40 or 62 kWh pack installed.


2016 can have either 24, 30, 40 or 62 kWh depending on what was originally equipped. The 2017 can accept a 30, 40 or 62 kWh.

How much does it cost to install a battery in my Leaf?

Battery install/upgrade pricing depends on many factors such as the year of the vehicle, State of Health of the donor battery, year of the donor battery, market rates etc.

24 kWh Battery

All pricing includes Leo & Sons retaining the original battery pack

How much range can I expect?

Range depends on many factors such as driving style, HVAC system type/demands, ambient temperatures, highway vs city driving etc.

Assuming 90%+ State of Health:

24 kWh = 75-85 miles

62 kWh = 220- 240 miles

How long does the install take?

The actual install takes just a couple hours. We prefer to have the vehicle for 3-4 days after to run it through a few charge cycles, record some data logs, and perform some high-level testing to ensure the battery and vehicle are in good shape

What testing is performed as part of the installation procedure?

We have specialty equipment that can communicate with the replacement pack prior to installation to confirm its state of health.

What kind of batteries do you install?

Nissan Leaf Battery Size/capacity

There were two sizes of battery pack for the first-generation Nissan Leaf a 24kWh version and a 30kWh version. The first one was available from 2011 and the latter arrived as an option in 2015. The higher the capacity of a battery, the more energy it can store and, therefore, the further a car can travel on one charge.

How Much Are Electric Cars

While the car market has gone nuts over the past couple of years, there are still plenty of cheaper EVs that you can find. As of 2022, you have plenty of options too, as more automakers are entering the mainstream EV market. According to MSRP, the 2022 Leaf is the cheapest EV you can buy in the US. It has a starting price of $27,400. This is followed by the new Mini Cooper SE, priced at $29,900. The Chevy Bolt comes third, starting at $31,000. This is then upped by the Mazda MX-30, costing you $33,470. And then, we have the Hyundai Kona EV, with a $34,000 starting price. Teslas Model 3, which is its cheapest offering, has since gone up in price as of 2022. The base-tier Model 3 will cost you at least $46,990.

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How Long Does It Take To Charge A Nissan Leaf

Now, lets discuss how long the Leaf needs to charge its battery from zero to a hundred percent. Knowing this is key if you are on the market for a used electric vehicle. You need to be properly informed about the charging times of the Leaf and what to expect from it.

So, what are the charging times of the Nissan Leaf? Lets find out.

The Nissan Leaf isnt packing enormously big batteries. At least not in the first versions that were introduced on the market back in 2010. The base 24 kWh battery needs about 5 hours to charge if you charge it from a 240v outlet. Or 30 minutes if you charge it from a 440v outlet.

The 30 kWh that was introduced in the updated Leaf has a charging time of 6 hours if you plug the Leaf into a 240v outlet or 30min if you charge it on a 440v outlet.

Then there are the more powerful 40 kWh batteries and also the 62 kWh batteries that require considerably more time to be charged from zero to 100%. They are going to take somewhere between 8 to 11 hours with the standard 240v for the standard charger or 2 to 3 hours using the 440v power outlet.

Thats why if you have an EV, it is quite more convenient to charge it at an EV charging station rather than at home where electricity isnt very powerful and will take forever to charge only a few percent of the battery.

How Do You Know If Your Nissan Leaf Needs A New Battery

Nissan Leaf Battery 30 kWh

The most gigantic symptoms of damaging Nissan Leaf batteries are if your car is slow to start after turning the key, or if your battery cables and connectors show signs of efficient corrosion. You may also notice a clicking sound when turning the key or if your electronics work but the car wonât start. These are all tell tale signs of failing batteries on your Nissan Leaf. Give our experts at Nissan Cumming a call or book an online appointment here.

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Affordable Upfront But There’s A Sting In The Tail

While the Nissan Leaf has a relatively attractive starting price for a fully electric car when compared with the competition, it still uses a similar battery pack to more expensive electric cars. This means that as a proportion of its original new price, the battery pack replacement cost is going to be higher, relatively speaking, than EVs with higher starting prices. While the Leaf can be had for under $20k, the cost of a replacement 40 kWh battery ranges in price from $6,500 to $7,500 . That works out at around 37.5% of the price of an all-new model.

That said, the price of Battery Electric Vehicle packs, as they are also known, has fallen by 89% in real terms over the past decade . According to Bloomberg NEF, BEVs were priced at approximately $1,100/kWh in 2010, and by 2020, this had dropped to just $137/kWh. This has also been reflected in the starting price of new EVs which also continues to become more affordable. The price of BEVs per kilowatt-hour is on track to drop to as low as $100/kWh by 2023, which will not only mean increasingly affordable EVs, but should also result in lower-priced BEVs when it comes time to replace one that is out of juice.

Batteries That The Nissan Leaf Use

Unlike the Prius that offered different types of batteries during the production. The leaf only uses lithium-ion technology and this makes the life of the battery long and the ownership pretty much carefree. Even though they are starting to degrade. So, if the Leaf that you own is from the early models, you should probably experience this and you are looking for the Nissan Leaf battery replacement cost and where you could perform this job near you.

And I understand you to be honest. When we buy cars, we expect them to last forever. But in reality, they dont even come close to that. Thats why you need to learn the Nissan Leaf battery replacement cost.

Nevertheless, the Leaf was offered in two battery sizes. One of the batteries was the 24kWh lithium-ion battery that was offered on the S trim and was used until the 2016-year model.

Since 2016, the leaf started using the more powerful 30 kWh lithium-ion battery that was included on the SL and SV trims. This battery was more powerful and greatly bumped the range of the Leaf.

The 24-kWh offered only 72 miles of range according to the EPA and the more powerful battery that came in 2016 that had 30 kWh offered a range of 107 miles.

The second-generation Leaf packs more powerful lithium-ion batteries 40 and 62 kWh. That will get you more than 151 miles for the 40kWh and 226 miles for the 62-kWh battery.

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What Is The Nissan Leaf

The Leaf is an electric car made by Nissan and entered the market back in 2010. The model is still produced and is in its second generation of production which started in 2017.

The Leaf has won many awards and was regarded as one of the most groundbreaking models that came out in the second decade of this century and brought the new wave of electrification that many companies after then tried to follow. Most notably Tesla.

But although Tesla has entered the game back in 2012, it hasnt released a competitor for the Leaf until 2017 when it released the Model 3. Until then the Leaf was the most popular option out there when it came to affordable electric cars.

The Leaf is a compact car and not a tire shredder by any means. Unlike Tesla, Nissan didnt focus much on the performance but it emphasized the focus more on the practicality and getting things done. Thats why the first generation of the Leaf was equipped with only an 80-kW motor that produced 210 lb. ft of torque.

More about the batteries that the Leaf used, we are going to cover later where we will discuss them in detail. Because since you are looking for a Nissan Leaf battery replacement cost, you probably want to know which of them were included in the model. But more on that a bit later.

The important thing when it came to the Nissan Leaf was the range. The first generation of the leaf offered quite a lot of range. With some batteries in the better-equipped models getting past 200 miles on a single charge, easily.

Chevy Volt Battery Replacement Cost

2012 Nissan Leaf battery conversion to 40 kwh
  • According to a 2020 Greencars report, 16 kWh Chevy Volt batteries cost ~$4,000 to replace, about $240/kWh.
  • A 2011-2015 Chevy Volt Remanufactured Battery Pack is priced at $6,000 at Greentec Auto. These batteries have 17.1 kWh of capacity, putting this price at $350/kWh in 2021 dollars. Sold with new modules, that same battery pack is priced at $8,000, placing it at $467/kWh in 2021.
  • For the 2016-2018 Chevy Volt, battery packs are priced at roughly $3,000 on ebay. These batteries are 18.4 kWh, equating to $163/kWh to $152/kWh.

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Nissan Leaf Battery Replacement And Upgrades: Full Guide

Since arriving on the scene back in late 2010, the Nissan Leaf has become a popular choice in the world of electric cars. With almost 150,000 units sold in the US since release, thousands of drivers have gotten to grips with the Nissan electric driving experience. The somewhat limited range of the Leaf is one of the reasons that sales were more conservative than more popular and longer-range models like Tesla.

The latest version of the Leaf is rated with a range of about 226 miles, which still places it firmly behind others in the marketplace. For city-dwellers on the other hand, it has more than enough range and the Nissan Leaf is a much more affordable alternative to the more luxury likes of Tesla.

However since the battery is such a big part of the price of the Leaf , its worth fully understanding the Leafs battery, including how much it costs to replace or upgrade it.

How Long Does A 2012 Nissan Leaf Battery Last

8 to 10 years or 100,000 to 150,000 mileslack of temperature control functions

  • Avoid high temperatures: Keep your Leaf in a cool and dry place as much as possible, as heat exposure can suck the life out of your battery.
  • Opt for slower charging: While DC fast charging is pretty cool, fast charging can wear out your battery more quickly. Charge your Leaf with a Level 1 or 2 household charger when possible to preserve battery life.
  • Charging to 100% isnât ideal: Charging your battery to around 80% is better for the batteryâs health than keeping your battery fully charged for long periods.


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How Much Does An Ev Battery Replacement Cost

Ryan Clancy

When it comes to electric cars, the battery is arguably the most important component. After all, it’s the battery that powers the car. Electric car batteries typically last for over 10 years and can last up to 20 with proper care. Replacing a battery is expensive, so it’s important to factor that into your overall budget. Take a closer look at what costs go into replacing an electric car battery and how to extend its life. There are also some other factors that can affect the cost, such as the make and model of the car.

Nissan Leaf Battery Deterioration

Nissan Leaf Battery 30 kWh

Clayton was warned that his battery might deteriorate, but he got years of use from his Leaf before it started going south. Originally the Leaf got about 75 miles on a single charge. Now it only gets about 49 miles per charge.

He shared, It seems like these things are going to end up in the landfill. He explained that he imagines it makes more sense for automakers to sell new cars instead of servicing older models from a financial standpoint.

However, now he is stuck with the options of shelling out $15,000 to replace the battery or buying a new car. Both options arent exactly financially friendly for him. Clayton hopes to find a solution that doesnt involve buying a new Nissan Leaf, which starts at about $31,600.

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Are The Nissan Leaf Batteries Any Good

This is a good question and it has a long answer, thats why we dedicated a whole chapter to it. In essence, the batteries are quite good because they are lithium-ion and they are using modern technology.

The downside of the batteries in the Leaf is their age. They tend to degrade after years of use. The inside of the battery is starting to lose the ability to hold electricity and there are a number of dead cells in each of the battery packs probably in the oldest Leaf cars.

Replacing them could be a nightmare and they could cost thousands of dollars to be replaced with new ones. Thats why getting a new battery pack is the best option for you as a Leaf owner. But what about the Nissan Leaf battery replacement cost? We are going to cover that a bit later. Lets first learn how long they really last in order for you to have a better perspective.

This will be specifically useful to the people who are on the market for a second-hand vehicle. You dont want to stumble upon a car that has a degraded battery and the first thing you will have to do is to waste a few grand on a new battery pack. And even if you go for a used car, you should haggle to get the right price and a new battery to break even. You have to play smart and not lose money. Now lets see how long these batteries last before we cover the Nissan Leaf battery replacement cost.

Leaf Battery Replacement Cost

The LEAF battery itself costs about $4,500, placing the price per kWh at $187/kWh, which is 36% above the quoted 2020 $137/kWh price. Based on discussions with LEAF owners and endlessly scrolling through owner forums, the replacement cost 24 kWh battery in a Nissan Leaf is $5,500 including labor.

The battery research team at Recurrent did a full review of EV replacement costs across popular vehicle makes and models.

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What Are Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles dont need fuel! They charge up just by plugging them into an electricity source. Theres a growing number of charging stations across New Zealand but you can also choose to install a charger in your home. Electric vehicles are growing in popularity around the world and are establishing themselves as an environmentally friendly option that doesnt rely on fuel to operate.

Kwh Battery Replacement Cost Back Down To $5500

Nissan Quietly Increased The Price of Its LEAF Battery Replacement. What now?
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