Ac Delco Battery Date Code

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Things To Know Before Claiming Warranty

Car Battery: Advantage Auto Batteries | ACDelco

It is important to remember that not all damages to your battery are covered by ACDelcos warranty. The battery warranty is limited to material and/or workmanship defects and does not include damages arising from, but not limited to the following:

  • Improper use of the battery from its intended purpose or specification
  • Deliberate abuse
  • Prolonged storage or minimal use resulting in battery discharge
  • Electrical faults such as short circuit, excessive load, and faulty wiring

How Does Acdelcos Warranty Work

ACDelco provides a limited No Charge Warranty on their batteries. This means that ACDelco will replace your defective battery with a new one free of charge if it fails to hold a charge within the provided warranty period. ACDelcos warranty period can range between 12 months and up to 42 months depending on the battery series. The warranty period is reckoned from the initial date of purchase of the replacement battery.

If your ACDelco battery is the original battery that came with your new GM vehicle, it is covered by a limited warranty of three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first, for Chevrolet and GMC. For Cadillac and Buick, the limited warranty is 4 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. In both instances, the original battery must be taken to the GM dealership for replacement.

How Do We Read The Date Code On Your Batteries

PS, PSH, PSG and PG Series Product Date Codes The first five numeric characters represent the month, day and year of manufacture The first two numbers identify the month, from 01 to 12. For example, March is 03 and November is 11. The second two numbers specify the day of the month, from 01 to 31. The fifth digit identifies the year from 0 to 9. This digit is repeated every 10 years. For example, 1 = 2001, 4 = 2004 etc. For example: 09016 would be broken down to September 1st, 2006 There may be additional alpha-numeric characters at the end of the date code. These are internal lot numbers or injection mold numbers and they have no bearing on the date of manufacture. Powersport Batteries Product Date Codes The first four characters represent the year, month and production line The first letter identifies the year, from A to Z. For example, E = 2005, F = 2006, G = 2007. The second two numbers specify the month, from 01 to 12. The fourth digit/letter identifies the factory code. This code does not reflect the date of manufacture. For example: F10Y would be broken down to October, 2006.

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Help Determine Ac Delco Battery Date

  • munkhuuParticipant

    Read the label for the battery date. The date is preceded by either a P or S, the next two numbers indicate the month and the third number indicates the year. An example would be S 119, which means the battery was manufactured in November 2009.

    So this is how im supposed to read the date. I just took my battery out of my car because it wasnt starting. its 5 year warranty. So, im trying to determine when it was made. On the battery it says P 052R . Does that mean May 2002? Can battery last like 13 years? My accord is 2003, so can battery be older than the car?I attached the picture.

Napa Battery Date Code

ACDelco Professional Gold 27RPG

Most Napa battery manufacturers stick a code sticker indicating the manufacturing year and month. For instance, 04/17 signifies the year 2017 and the month, April, and the codes are hot-stamped on the side or top of the car battery. The Napa car battery code exists in two different forms: one is a lengthy character code containing up to 17 characters. The first two characters are the essential ones that show the manufacturer month and year. E.g., 4BGHTYUR1234578, where B is for February.

Also, the Napa battery date code contains a four-character code, e.g., F90J where F is for June, nine is 2019, and 0J shows the line from which the battery was produced. So, finally, ensure you understand how to read the Napa battery codes.

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What Is My Batterys Date Code I Cant Seem To Find It

I believe its 7/19. See that to the right of the blue label?

I never trust a sticker.

Look for the long number thats heat stamped into the case, and then go to the battery manufacturers website to decipher the month/year of manufacture.

Ahh yes. Cool. Thank you. I just bought it today cause my car died and it started right up. That makes me happy that its a relatively new battery.

If not sometimes its stamped on the top of the posts. Should be a letter & 2 number would be July 2019

S020P is the date code, directly under the part number . The “02” means February, and the “0” at the end is essentially the last number of the year, in this case meaning 2020. I know, that’s the future. I sell AC Delco batteries all day long and we regularly get them in with date codes months in the future. It’s just how they do it. Another example to just clarify how to read their date codes would be “S109P” which would mean October 2019.

What Is The Age Of My Ac Delco Battery

PostsHow do I read the warranty date code on my battery?PostskillainHay thanks for the info. I was trying to figure out my batterys point of life, and it’s got a number on the label of ACD 75/60 and below that is the # S116P so that means the battery is a 5 year battery and it was made on November of 2006 at the ‘P’ plant Now I’m wondering if I should muster through another winter with it or get a new one. It was in my car when I got it. What do you think? Thank you !

  • Somers, CT and Clermont, FL

killain 5 year battery and it was made on November of 2006 at the ‘P’ plant Now I’m wondering if I should muster through another winter with it or get a new one. What do you think?And most importantly the new batteries don’t leakAnd most importantly the new batteries don’t leak Not True at all”Well known issue around 98-01 stock ac delco batteries that the positive post would come off on the battery causing a leak.”But then this is almost 2013, just how many of those 12 year old batteries are still in service?98 Battery

  • Dear Karma, I have a list of people you missed.

And most importantly the new batteries don’t leakcorvettebob1……..But then this is almost 2013, just how many of those 12 year old batteries are still in service?2079At the price of a battery I personnaly never try to outlast them.The first time you get standed you pay for it just in wasted time and ……Its your call but do the math of the cost per year for reliablity.vetteman138wrrn73

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Ac Delco Battery Age By Serial Number Name

Date aren’t the same, but why try to argue that point.?)TIA and BRgds. Well GM replacement batteries haven’t used and ‘EYE’ indicator in a long time. Also if your battery doesn’t have a bar code label on the top which is where the date code is then it isn’t a replacement. I can almost say that 99% chance its the original. We have replaced TONS of batteries because they either leak or are just bad. We even replace them before they are even driven off the lot.

Here in Florida the normal life span on a battery is about 2 years.Edit: Here is a picture of a replacement battery. Not the same 78 series you have but give you an idea of what it would look like. The datecode /bar code is circled. Tks thiggin2! The battery I have has only one label on it, on the top surface. There is no second ‘bar code’ label, and no label on the side like you pictured.

That one label does have a large barcode on it, but the numbers below the code are only 19101810. There is nothing that looks like a date code anywhere on that label.

Everyone here is pretty much confirming that what I have is the original.I ‘hear’ you about the short life in FL. When my mother lived there, she was having her battery replaced every 2-3 years and I thought that was excessive, and that she was being taken advantage of.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Battery

Tips for Identifying Battery Wear | ACDelco Garage

Among the factors to consider when buying a battery includes type, voltage, capacity, and the discharge curve. Also, consider service life, cost, temperature dependence, and the ability to discharge. A good battery should fit into your car and perform its functions properly. You also need to check its warranty.

Among high-quality batteries includes the ACDelco battery. Many people own it thanks to its longevity and reliability. Once the battery gets workmanship or even the material defects, you can take it to ACDelco independent service center. It must be within the duration of your warranty, mostly within 12-42 months.

When buying an ACDelco battery, you have to consider the year of manufacturing. No harm in knowing where it was manufactured. You dont want to risk a counterfeit or even an old battery. Note that the warranty covers the battery since the date of manufacturing. So, if you buy an old battery, it means the warranty will not help. Again the more the battery gets old, the more it loses charge.

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S On How To Read The Car Battery Manufacturing Period

Many manufacturers try displaying the manufactured date on the cars and in the manual guide for easy access. The manufacturers have designed the car battery to enable the user to understand how to service and maintain the car battery to last longer than the stated period.

The following ways describe how to read the car battery manufacturing date.

  • Reading the manufacturer date stickers

Manufacturer date stickers provide detailed information concerning the date the car battery was manufactured. To read the date stickers, first, find the position of the date stickers. It is usually located on top of the battery and shows an in service date.

Also, the date stickers show the date on which the car battery was serviced, the expiry date, and the car battery warranty. Warranty allows the user to change the car battery if it is the default, and the expiry date shows the lifespan of the car battery. Finally, ensure a date sticker in the car battery when purchasing it that shows the manufacturing date.

  • Reading round stickers

Round sticker is another way of reading the car battery manufacturing period. The stickers are round and display either letters or letters such as 8 for 2008. Sometimes, the letters indicate months. For instance, letter C shows March and D for April.

Also, the letters in most car batteries indicate the year. For instance, nine means 2009, 1 for 2011, 2 for 2012, etc.

  • Stamped cryptic letters
  • Month and month/

What Are Battery Date Codes

Battery date codes are used by manufacturers to indicate what when and where the batteries were manufactured. It also allows you to determine the age of your battery and whether it is still covered by the warranty.

A typical car battery lasts between two to five years. If your battery is old, it may no longer hold a charge like it used to and needs a replacement. Also, it may no longer be covered by a warranty since the coverage period was way past.

When buying a replacement battery, a newly manufactured one, needless to say, is better than old stock. Before purchasing a new battery, however, it is important to determine whether your old battery is still covered by the warranty to avoid unnecessary expenses.

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How To Claim Under The Warranty

If you wish to have your warranty-covered battery replaced, you must return the battery together with your dated sales receipt to your ACDelco service center or retailer. ACDelco technicians will check your battery for material and/or workmanship defects and identify the problem with your battery. If the battery is found defective, ACDelco will provide you with a new battery of comparable performance free of charge.

Who Makes Ac Delco Batteries


Ac Delco batteries are owned by General Motors. GM is a leading automotive manufacturer with over 100 years of experience in the industry. In short, Clarios is the manufacturer of ACDelco batteries. General Motors owns the AC Delco Batteries brand.

We hope you found this AC Delco car battery FAQ helpful! If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to help. And be sure to check out our other blog posts for more informative articles on all things automotive! Thats all for now! Thanks for reading, and we hope this was helpful. Check out our other blog posts for more informative articles on all things automotive! Take care!

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Where To Find The Battery Date Code

The battery date code on ACDelco batteries is in the alphanumeric format. The code is usually printed on the battery tag placed on top of your ACDelco battery. The date code can be a bit hard to find especially when other codes such as model and serial numbers also printed on the battery tag. What sets apart the battery date code, however, is that it usually starts with either the letter P or S, followed by three digits, then end with another letter.

Ac Delco Car Battery Faq

Are you looking for the most comprehensive guide on AC Delco car batteries? Youve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will answer all of your questions about these batteries.

Well cover everything from how they work to how to choose the right one for your vehicle. Plus, well provide a few tips on maintenance and care. So whether youre a new or experienced driver, this post has something for you!

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How To Charge Ac Delco Battery

It is essential to keep your AC Delco battery charged and good condition. Luckily, this is easy to do! There are a few different ways to charge an AC Delco battery. You can use a standard household charger, a car charger, or a solar charger.

To charge your battery using a standard household charger, simply connect the charger to the battery and plug it into a wall outlet. Most household chargers will have an automatic shut-off feature, so you dont worry about overcharging your battery.

What Is The Warranty On An Ac Delco Battery

How Old Is Your Car Battery? (Reading Battery Date Codes)

Suppose you are the original retail purchaser of a new Professional battery from ACDelco, and it has a defect in material or workmanship. In that case, ACDelco will replace it free of charge as long as you have a receipt for the original purchase.

This limited warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse, neglect, improper installation, alteration, or normal wear and tear. The average warranty of an ACDelco battery is between 18 to 36 months. But it varies depending on the type of battery you have.

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Claiming Warranty Of The Battery

If your battery isnt damaged because of any of the above causes, you can claim the warranty. You need to check if you have a sufficient warranty period or not. If you have a warranty period, take the battery to the closest service center of the ACDelco company.

Make sure to take the dated sales receipt with you. Now contact a technician and tell him about your battery problem. They will thoroughly examine it in order to extrapolate its problems. It may take a day or two to check your battery.

When the check process is completed, the technicians will contact you. If your battery is too damaged, they will provide you with a new battery.

How To Tell How Old A Car Battery Is

A car battery’s lifespan escapes a car owner’s consideration until the battery fails and renders the vehicle immobile. Often, this occurs at the most inopportune time and requires a call to roadside assistance and a tow to a service garage. Upon replacement, it’s essential to keep in mind that most car batteries are useful for a period of three to five years. Keep this in mind so that you remain aware of the age of your car’s battery.

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How To Read The Acdelco Battery Date Code

The ACDelco battery is hugely prominent for its uses in different sectors like commercial, automotive, transport, marine, etc. They are also very popular for their after-sales services like servicing batteries or giving warranties. The batteries are not so many vulnerable products as they dont have a strong structure either.

They can get damaged and explode even after you take care of them perfectly. In that case, you need to claim the batterys warranty. However, every battery has a selected warranty period, and this warranty period starts from the batterys manufacturing time. So if you want to check whether your battery has a warranty period or not, you should know how to read the ACDelco battery date code.

Check the top or bottom surface area of the battery. You will see a 5-digit code. The first letter is your battery series type. Then you will see 3 numbers that signify the battery manufacturing date. The last letter says something about its manufacturing plant.

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