Adt Panel Battery Dead/miss

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How To Troubleshoot Low Or Missing Battery Troubles

ADT Battery Dead/Missing, How to Replace the Battery!!

Charge Circuit Operation:

  • When the battery discharges below 10.1Vdc it will no longer be seen by the panel. The battery is effectively disconnected and Service Battery Missing will display on keypads assigned to Area 1. The report will send to the monitoring station if programmed.
  • When no battery, or one with less than 10.0Vdc under load, is connected the charge voltage read across terminals 4 and 5 will decrease to 0Vdc. This does not indicate a problem with the panel charging circuit. The panel will not charge a dead battery.
  • When checking the actual battery voltage in the panel, it must be under load to obtain an accurate reading.
  • If the battery and AC are both connected the reading across the battery terminals will be the battery charge voltage, not the actual battery voltage.
  • If the battery is disconnected, the reading will be from an un-loaded battery which will read unrealistically high.

How to troubleshoot Low or Missing Battery trouble on G Series alarm panels:

Below is the Battery Discharge and Recharge schedule. This will explain the panels response to the various voltage levels in the 12Vdc battery connected to the G series panel.

  • To obtain the most accurate battery voltage, follow the steps below and watch the meter for several minutes to see if there is a noticeable decrease in the battery voltage. This drop in voltage may be an indication of other problems described in step 2 below.
  • What Do I Do When My System Powers Down

    Check your transformer to ensure that it is plugged in and warm to the touch.

    • If the transformer is not warm, ensure that the outlet that it is plugged into is operational.
    • If the outlet is powerless, check your breaker box.

    Sometimes, a breaker can get flipped or tripped causing loss of power to the transformer and forcing your battery to drain while you are not at home. You may not even be aware that the system is down until you pass by the keypad and realize that there are no lights on. If the breaker isnt tripped, the outlet works, the transformer is plugged in and you still have no power to the alarm, that transformer adapter may need replaced.

    If the transformer is working and operational, it should be charging the back up battery. Even if the battery goes dead, the system should continue to work from the wall power. When the panel battery begins to get weak, your system will alert you to the problem.

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    How To Know Whether You Need To Recharge Or Replace The Battery

    On average, a battery on an ADT alarm system will last three years. However, its simple to determine whether you need to recharge or replace your alarm system battery. In the event that your sensor battery is low, youll need to replace it as these cannot be recharged.

    The alarm system battery is your backup power supply. If your system has been using battery power instead of AC power due to a power outage or any other reason you may just need to recharge it.

    Before running out and buying a new battery, you should also perform a simple test to confirm it needs replacing. You can do this by following these steps:

  • Log in to and choose My Alarm on the dashboard.
  • A menu will appear and you should pick System Management.
  • Choose Place system on test.
  • Open your alarm systems panel and gently tug on the wires leading from your battery to disconnect them.
  • Reconnect the battery by connecting the red wire to the red tab on the battery and doing the same for the black wire corresponding to the black tab.
  • Close the panel door and remove the alarm system from Test mode.
  • In click on My alarm, and back in System Management again, choose Stop test.
  • It may display a low battery warning for 48 hours while recharging. The low battery warning should disappear on its own once recharged. If you need to replace your battery still, well show you how now.

    How To Stop The Adt Alarms Beeping

    A low battery or a dead battery will cause your ADT Alarm System to beep. This is to make you aware that the battery does not have a full life and can prevent it from operating correctly. The beeping is actually a good thing because it alerts you for your own safety.

    Once you are alerted that your battery is low, you will no longer need to hear constant beeping as a reminder. As mentioned, quieting the beeping is quite simple. You can silence the beeping coming from your ADT Alarm System by:

    • Pressing OFF on the keypad
    • Pressing # on the keypad
    • Referring to ADT user manual if other options dont work

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    How Do You Fix Adt Low Battery

    If youre getting the notification of low battery alert on your ADT system, it means that you will most likely have to buy a new battery.

    Therefore, were not going to talk about how to recharge the battery, instead well talk about how to change the battery.

    Of course, this doesnt mean that you shouldnt even try charging the battery. The reason is, there is still some chance that your battery might be completely fine.

    If this is the case with you, then you will save yourself some money. Alright, so how do you know if the battery is working fine or if it needs to be replaced?

    Here is how. You charge the battery. You might say that Ive tried to charge the battery for 2-4 hours and its still not working. This might seem like your battery is dead, and you need a new one.

    It makes sense because if youve been charging the battery for hours and still you get nothing it does seem like you need a new battery. So go ahead and order a new one.

    But, before you do so, hear us out. We didnt mean what we said. Why? Because the battery needs to be recharged for at least 48 hours before coming to the conclusion.

    Alright, once your battery is fully recharged its most likely that the system will start running. But, it doesnt mean that everything is fine. Because if there is something wrong with the battery, within an hour or two youll start seeing issues with the ADT system.

    How To Replace An Adt Battery

    To replace your battery, first youll need to know what type of battery you need. If you already know it, awesome. If you dont, no need to worry because well tell you how to find it out.

    The reason that you cant just call the store and tell them to send a battery as a replacement is there are various types of ADT system and the type of battery depends on the system.

    Thats good to know, isnt it? Awesome. So, how to find out what type of battery is a good fit for your system? Its not that hard actually, but its not just too easy either because it may take some time.

    Nonetheless, here is how you find it out. Grab your User Manual and read it. There, youll find the answer to your question. But what if youve lost your User Manual?

    Then you dont know the answer, its that simple. Just kidding. You can go to and youll find the answer to your question there.

    So now you know what type of battery you need, and youve ordered it. Awesome. Now wait till your battery arrives.

    Ok, now its time to replace the battery. The instructions are pretty simple and by following them your problem will be solved.

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    How Do I Change My Backup Power Supply Battery

    Find information on changing these batteries here. Please look for your system and download the instructions. If you do not see your system listed here, or if you have questions about changing your backup battery, please contact us at 1-855-958-8181.

    Important: Please call us at 1-855-958-8181 when you are changing your batteries as this may send a system tamper signal to our monitoring centres.

    How Do I Order New Batteries

    The Command Panel – ADT Home Tour

    Depending on your maintenance plan, you may be covered for free batteries and shipping. Even if your maintenance plan does not cover batteries, you can order them from us.

    To order new batteries either for your wireless device or main backup panel, please call us at 1-855-958-8181.

    Please note that we do not ship batteries for security systems which are not monitored by ADT.

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    What Powers My Alarm System

    As a Customer Service Representative for Protection 1, I receive many questions from customers on how their alarm system is powered. I would like to take this opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences to help give a better understanding on why you shouldnt have to worry about your alarm system losing power.

    Your home alarm system is a low vol, or low voltage system. These systems are not wired directly in to your house power, but are powered from your wall electricity by a large transformer. This is basically an AC power adapter and a backup battery found in a panel box installed in your home.

    The back up battery takes over and powers your system when the main power transformer is unplugged, goes bad, or when you have a power outage. Low voltage systems require less power consumption to operate and insures that your alarm will work whether or not your electricity is on.

    There are two options when it comes to the sensors that are on your doors, windows or those that detect smoke and motion. You can either have a wireless sensor that is powered by batteries inside the individual units. Or, you could have ones that are hardwired. These hardwired sensors would run directly from the back up battery and the power transformer with no batteries necessary. If you do have a battery powered sensor, your system will alert our monitoring station when they are low. This will then create the action for us to call and alert you!

    Check Battery Status And Disconnect Battery

    After you shut off the power source you must disconnect the backup battery. You will see a black wire connecter and red wire connecter attached to the battery. Remove both connectors, first the black wire and then the red wire.

    Note: You may need to wiggle the wire connectors slightly in order to disconnect them. Do not use excessive force or yank the connectors. This may cause the wire to break, creating a larger issue.

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    Reset Adts Most Popular Alarm Systems

    ADT sells a variety of alarm systems, and the technique for resetting them varies depending on the make and or model.

    All of these systems have a shared characteristic: they all use an individual passcode.

    To avoid a possible false alarm, and then reset this alarm, youll need this code.

    The following is the technique for resetting common ADT alarm systems:

    DSC ADT Impassa

    Simply enter the password to reset it. Type whichever key on the keypad and afterward enter your passcode if the machine is in sleep mode.

    Command Smart Security Panel by ADT

    The touchscreen ADT variation contains several false alarms that may be turned off by pressing the shield icon that has anx on the center and entering your PIN.

    Ademco Vista Series from Honeywell

    After entering your passcode, press the 1 or OFF button.

    Reset Adt Users Access Code

    Youll need to know the master code to reset the users code on the ADT alarm system.

    Take the actions outlined below:

    Step #1. After pressing the * key, select the 5 digit. Then, using the keypad, input the master passcode.

    Step #2. Enter the users code number. This will be the users two-digit number every user has a double-digit figure that highlights who they are on the systems panel, and it normally ranges between 1 and 32.

    Step #3. Replace the old code with a new one. To complete, you might have to push the pound key.

    Note: The master code is sometimes the same as the principal user passcode, and other times it is different.

    Its required for adding or removing new and existing users from any home security system.

    After that, test the recently created users access code by entering it. Thats all there is to it. The users access code was reset. This is the code that can be used by others to get access to the ADT alarm system.

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    Why Your Adt Alarm Has Low Battery

    Your system is alerting you because something in your ADT Alarm system has changed. There are two reasons your system could be alerting you that your battery is low, which is causing the beeping noise. These reasons include:

  • Your ADT Alarm Systems battery just needs to be recharged.
  • Your ADT Alarm Systems battery life span has run out.
  • If Your Battery Needs to Be Recharged

    Sometimes, your battery just needs to be recharged. Often this will be due to an outside factor, such as a power outage. When something like this occurs, your ADT Alarm System will begin to rely on the backup battery. The beeping will simply begin to alert you that it is now using the backup battery rather than the original.

    This isnt uncommon, and you should follow these steps to quiet the beeping coming from this alert:

  • Silence the beeping by pressing OFF or # on the keypad.
  • Wait for the power to be restored.
  • After power is restored, give the system 48 hours to recharge its original battery for use again.
  • If the alert displayed for low battery doesnt go away after 48 hours, look into replacing the battery.
  • If Your Batteries Life Span Has Run Out

    If you havent experienced any unusual factors and your ADT Alarm System begins to beep at random, it means its more than likely time to change the battery. Luckily, replacing the battery in your ADT system is simple.

    Follow these steps if your battery needs to be replaced:

  • Silence the beeping by pressing OFF or # on the keypad
  • Locate Your Adt Security Reset Code

    Within your provided manual, or other ADT paperwork, you will find your reset code. This code will likely be different than the alarm code you use frequently and can change easily. You will need this reset code to complete your ADT system reset using the control panel.

    • Locate your reset code within your manual. Have it with you at the control panel.
    • Enter the reset code. It is very important you enter the code correctly so as to avoid a phone call or home visit.
    • Wait for the system to reboot. This may take a minute.
    • Use your personal Code to disarm the alarm.

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    How Your Adt Monitored Security System Stays On After Power Loss

    If you lose power, your ADT monitored security system will not turn off and leave you vulnerable to a break-in or fire. Your alarm system has a backup battery to prevent it from turning off.

    Your monitored security system still works normally when power is off. Both the high-frequency siren and monitoring services can take effect in the event of a power outage, whether it is caused by a natural disaster or damaged power lines. The backup battery for your monitored security system keeps it powered for up to 24 hours after you lose power to maintain your alarm protection.

    To maintain this backup power source, you need to keep the backup battery charged as much as possible. When your battery is low, the ADT monitoring center receives a low-battery signal and can alert you to help solve the problem.

    At some point, you may also need to replace the backup battery. You can either do this yourself or call an ADT monitoring representative to do it for you. If you choose to replace it yourself, ADT will send you a replacement battery to install. You can find instructions for replacing the backup battery on ADTs website.

    Points To Consider Before Resetting Adt Security System

    How to Replace Your Simon XT Panel Battery

    Not all ADT systems are created alike. Naturally, theyre similar, however, depending on the model and design, the method for resetting them varies.

    If you need detailed methods on how to reset the ADT alarm system, check the manual.

    Here are a few points to consider first:

    1. The reset passcode that comes with the ADT system must be located. Examine the manual or any other papers. Nothing can be done without this code.

    2. The alarm will inform the central ADT station if you enter the erroneous security code , and you may receive a call from them to check whats going on.

    3. If you do not answer the phone and thoroughly explain the situation, the central station will treat the scenario as a break-in and the police will be notified.

    4. After that has gone, press the # key to restart the process from the beginning.

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