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Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Review: The Verdict

Androids With The Best Battery Life! (2022)

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus is no less a premium flagship than the S22 Ultra. Sure, it loses a few features here and there, but what matters is that it offers buyers the same core experience for $200 less. The phone is every bit as well designed and well made as its stablemates, and, more importantly, it surpasses many of its competitors in a number of ways.

The screen outshines most rivals, the battery outlasts much of the competition, and the processor outguns practically everything at the moment. Add to that a compelling camera package and one of the best software update commitments in the market, and Samsung has a winner on its hands.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus is one of the best phones in the market right now.

Thats not to say everything is perfect. Samsung cheaped out a bit on the memory and storage options, particularly when you consider theres no expandable storage. The speakers could be better, too.

In the long run, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus is one of the best phones in the market. It may not boast the extravagance of the Galaxy S22 Ultra with its quirky S Pen, but its not trying to. The Galaxy S22 Plus stands firmly on its own ground with its own strengths and its own identity, making it the top Android phone to beat for those who dont need a stylus.

Which Feature Phone Has Longest Battery Life

The first best basic phone with an outstanding battery life is Nokia 130 Dual SIM phone. It has 1.8-inch QQVGA LCD transmissive display which is best in its class.Nokia 130 Dual SIM. Nokia 130 Specifications Price Check Final Pricing and Availability on Marketplace Camera N/A weight 68 g Battery Capacity 1020 mAh.

Smartphones With The Best Battery Life

These 10 devices will run all day, then keep going

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For some people, battery life is the single most important factor in choosing a smartphone. After all, the best phone in the world isnt worth much if it cant get you through the day without a pit stop at a power outlet.

The good news is that smartphone battery life has improved significantly in recent years, courtesy of the increased capacity of batteries4,000-mAh and higherand processors and wireless connections that smartly adjust power consumption to suit the job at hand. That means some phones can last two days on a single charge with typical use.

Also keep in mind that a large-capacity battery requires a large-capacity shell, so the smartphones featured here tend to be on the bigger side .

Dont think you have to spend big bucks to get that big battery, though. There are moderately priced phones that excel in our battery-life testing.

To identify the models with the best battery life, our testers use a robotic finger that simulates what a person might do with a phone in the course of an average day. The robot browses the internet, takes pictures, uses GPS navigation, andof coursemakes phone calls.

And no matter which phone you have, there are ways to extend the battery life. Here are tips from our test team.

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Asus Rog Phone 6 Pro Review: Battery Life

Asus kept the ROG Phone 5s dual-cell battery design when it built the ROG Phone 6 Pro. The 6,000 mAh capacity is actually split into two 3,000 mAh batteries, each flanking the centered system-on-chip. Since 5,000 mAh on an Android phone is already huge, a 6,000 mAh power pack is mammoth.

We ran the ROG Phone 6 Pro through our custom battery life test: we set a phones display to 150 nits of brightness and then task it to reload web pages endlessly over a cellular connection. Heres how long the ROG Phone 6 Pro lasted with its adaptive refresh rate enabled and with the refresh rate locked at 60Hz.

ROG Phone 6 Pro
N/A 40

The ROG Phone 6 Pro lasted so long that we didnt have time to run the test on the 144Hz, 120Hz, and 90Hz refresh rate settings. This device destroys anything weve ever tested, setting itself as the king of our best phone battery life list. Seriously, I struggled to kill this thing, even after hours of Genshin Impact.

Lasting 15 hours and 30 minutes at an adaptive refresh rate that maxes out at 165Hz is ludicrous. It definitely made me wonder if Qualcomm has delivered on serious improvements in the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1s power efficiency. A 6,000 mAh battery inside the ROG Phone 6 Pro definitely helps, but I dont recall seeing a phone last this long before, not even the ROG Phone 5 from last year. And when we locked the display to 60Hz on the 6 Pro, we saw a whopping 16.5 hours. Thats longer than some laptops.

Have Your Phone Last All Day

Android Phones with the Best Battery Life 2021

Phones with amazing battery life are now the norm as Qualcomm and Samsung deliver efficient chipsets that don’t consume too much battery. This is clearly evident with the Galaxy S22 Ultra the phone has all the features you could ask for in a flagship, and the 5000mAh battery lasts well over a day even with heavy use. In short, it is one of the best Android phones available today.

If you’re not looking for a flagship, the Galaxy S21 FE or the Galaxy A53 are standout alternatives to consider. The S21 FE gives you a bit more in terms of hardware, and the cameras are better here. That said, the A53 nails the essentials, has 5G connectivity, and outmatches the S21 FE when it comes to battery life.

If you prefer a cleaner experience, the is a great choice. Right off the bat, you get one of the largest-capacity batteries in a Pixel phone at 4,680 mAh. The large battery combined with optimized hardware allows the phone to last for two days with normal use that’s a relief considering Google’s past performance in this category.

If you’re more budget-conscious, we have the Moto G Power. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles found on the other phones showcased here, but you do get three-day battery life in a very affordable package.

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Android Phones With The Best Battery Life

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
  • The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is one of the newest and most powerful smartphones on the market. Its also one of the best Android phones when it comes to battery life. The phone has a massive 5,000mAh battery that can easily last a full day on a single charge. And if you need even more power, the phone supports fast charging so you can quickly top off the battery.

    The OnePlus 7T Pro is another great option if youre looking for an Android phone with excellent battery life. The phone has a large 4,085mAh battery that can easily get you through a full day of use. Plus, the phone supports fast charging so you can quickly top off the battery when needed.

  • Asus ROG Phone II
  • The Asus ROG Phone II is a gaming smartphone thats also great for everyday use. The phone has a large 6,000mAh battery that gives you plenty of power for all your needs. And if you need to charge up in a hurry, the phone supports fast charging so you can get back to playing games or using apps as soon as possible.

  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro
  • The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is another great option for those looking for an Android phone with excellent battery life. The phone has a large 4,200mAh battery that can easily get you through a full day on a single charge. Plus, the phone supports fast charging so you can quickly top off the battery when needed.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
  • Sony Xperia Xa2 Ultra

    The Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra has 3580 mAh, which is large enough, but the smallest in size when compared with the other phones included here. However, because of its low-resolution screen and efficient processor , its still one of the top Android phones with best battery life.

    It has decent main and front cameras and offers solid performance. Its also budget-friendly, a mid-range option from the otherwise expensive Sony Xperia phones. However, its chunky and too large to fit in your pocket. So if youre particular with the looks and size, then its chunkiness is a major turn off.

    Nevertheless, its a decent mid-range Sony Xperia model, especially when your main priority is the battery.


    • Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 processor

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    The Widespread Outdated Beliefs About Battery

    Surely, you must had also heard the opposite, which are:

  • Batteries need to be drained completely and recharged to 100%
  • Batteries lose capacity if they are repeatedly recharged after only being partially drained.
  • And these two suggest that frequent charging will degrade battery capacity instead, which WAS truefor the Nickel-based batteries for they are cursed with memory effect. Simply put, they will forget their full capacity if they arent discharged and charged from 1% to 100%.

    Now, cycling your lithium-ion battery from 1% to 100% habitually will take a chunk of its battery life away.

    Motorola Defy Rugged Design

    Best Android Phone with Long Battery Life in 2022


    Battery test score: 17:27Battery capacity: 5000mAh

    Making a worthwhile rugged phone isnt cheap and yet Motorolas managed to make a solid offering in the revived 2021 Defy.

    It struggles to keep step with like-minded rival, the Nokia XR20 in terms of performance but we cant knock its hardy design, or its sizeable 5000mAh battery which delivers some exceptional longevity. 20W fast charging isnt the quickest around, but wed rather have it than not.

    While the display also misses the mark with its sub-Full HD resolution, Motorolas clean Android experience does at least ensure its nice to use.

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    Anker Powercore Essential 20000mah


    Anker’s 20,000 mAh brick is lighter than comparable bricks by a few ounces, but its charging scores are consistently behind by 3 to 4%. Its other win is seen in its USB-C input for faster charging of the brick, but since it only has USB-A output, you’re going to be refueling at a lower rate than you might like. It also has one fewer USB-A output than competitors.

    All that said, though, we could see an individual finding this to be the right charger for their needs. Anyone who is looking to primarily charge their own phone, and wants a high-capacity pack so they need to refuel less frequently will appreciate the more-portable weight. All you need is a pocket big enough to hold it, and you’ll have juice for days.

    This product has been reviewed by over 50,000 customers on Amazon and received 4.8 out of 5 stars. “The product Anker is amazing and I highly recommend it,” said a reviewer who rated it 5 stars.

    Doogee S58 Pro Budget Friendly


    Battery test score: 17:01Battery capacity: 5180mAh

    A budget offering that specialises in being resilient and long-lasting. The cameras and performance arent great but the S58 Pro will still serve those looking for a device that can withstand an active lifestyle and long stints away from the wall plug.

    With some of the best battery longevity that weve tested, the S58 Pro is a great option for hikers, divers or people who work in extreme conditions. The one thing nobody can complain about is the battery, which lasts multiple days on a single charge.

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    Iphone Se 202: Most Affordable And Best Iphone For Seniors

    We all know Apple iPhones are currently the top-rated smartphones in the market. But when you think of one that will be ideal for seniors, the iPhone SE 2022 is a great choice.

    The iPhone SE 2022 is packed with many outstanding features any older adult can ask for in any smartphone. From facetime to excellent camera, water-resistant, large storage space, and lots more.

    Besides, its reliable security system gives users data 100% protection and supports hearing aid, which is essential for seniors’ smartphones. Our only main concern is that some seniors might need time to understand how to navigate their way around the device.


    • It supports a Retina HD display, which is good for older adults’ eyes.
    • The screen could be better.
    • Seniors who are new to the iOS system might require a learning curve.

    Moto G9 Play Great Value

    10 Android Phone with Best Battery Life


    Battery test score: 16:04Battery capacity: 5000mAh

    A surprising standout in a sea of Moto G phones, the Moto G9 Power packs in a 5000mAh battery cell, which offers up enough juice for multiple days usage at a time.

    If youre not hankering after super-fast 5G mobile speeds, the Play is a great affordable option with a big screen and a huge battery.

    The display needs work, as does the camera, but for the price and paired with Motorolas slick user experience, the G9 Play isnt a bad low-cost buy by any means.

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    Motorola Moto E5 Plus

    The Moto E5 Plus isnt the phone to get if youre looking for a phone with high-end specs and features. However, if you are on a tight budget and your most concern is the battery life, its one of the best you can get.

    Because of its low-end specs, it does not consume that much power when used. Hence, it lasts longer. To top it off, it is powered by a large 5000 mAh battery, making it as one of the most long-lasting phones on a single charge. It has decent features that will suffice for the average user.

    On a single charge, you can enjoy using this phone for up to a day and a half. It also uses a turbopower charging, which can give up to 6 hours of power in just 15 minutes.


    Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

    Samsungs lavish S20 Ultra may look the part with its 7-inch display and 120Hz refresh rate, but its battery life wont fail to impress either. Its huge 5,000mAh battery lasts for around 11 hours 58 minutes in 60Hz mode, but this drops rather dramatically to just over 9 hours in 120Hz mode. In comparison, the S20 Plus will see you through around 10 hours and 30 minutes in 60Hz mode, and just shy of 9 hours with 120Hz mode turned on, while the S20s 4,000mAh battery lasted for around 9 hours 30 minutes in our tests. So the Ultra is still the best of the bunch when it comes to battery life just stick to 60Hz mode, however tempting that smoother refresh rate may seem. Heavy users should easily get a full day out of the S20 Ultra, while with light usage the battery should last around a day and a half.

    When its time to recharge, the Galaxy S20 Ultra comes bundled with a 25W charger that fully charges the phones battery from empty in an hour. Theres also the option to pick up a 45W charger, although the difference in charging speeds is negligible. The S20 Ultra also supports 15W fast wireless charging 2.0. Despite its extravagant $1,400 price tag, the S20 Ultras stunning screen, zoom lens, beefy battery, and 5G compatibility with all the major networks ensure it offers plenty of bang for your buck.

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    Tap Into The Power Of Google

    While it may seem that the iPhone is ubiquitous, Apple accounts for 23 percent of the global smartphone market. That means that when it comes to mobile, Google, and its operating system Android, reigns as king. This makes finding the best Android phones a little trickier than it needs to be.

    The technical prowess of Android phones is unmatched, even in affordable models. And while these Google-powered devices offer far more freedom than the iOS competition, picking out the right one can still be challenging. Weve compiled a list of the best Android phones to fit your special smartphone needs. From Samsung to OnePlus, this deep dive will illuminate what makes a great Android phone, and which premium options are worth the investment.

    Best Premium Value: Xiaomi 12 Pro

    How Much Does Screen Brightness Affect Battery Life

    Pixel 6 Pro – Best Battery Life on Android Flagship 2021 – Battery Life Review

    Setting your screen brightness at maximum brightness will of course require more battery power compared to minimum brightness. Therefore, turning your screen brightness down is one way to reduce your battery consumption. As a rule of thumb, smartphones with larger screens like the Galaxy Z Fold4 5G also require more power to light up the display as they have more surface area. Models with higher resolutions and higher refresh rates will also require extra processing power. For example, having a 120Hz display means it will refresh twice as often as the standard 60Hz display. This requires additional processing power and therefore battery life.

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    Asus Rog Phone 6 Pro Review: Cameras Software And Other Features

    Display, performance and battery life dominate any gaming phone evaluation, but there are other ROG Phone 6 Pro features worth addressing.

    Cameras: With every gaming phone Ive tested, cameras have ended up as the weak point. But people interested in gaming phones often dont care as much about cameras as someone looking at an iPhone 13 or Galaxy S22.

    That said, the ROG Phone 6 Pro certainly surprised me on the camera front. The 50MP main sensor, paired with the 13MP ultrawide camera, performed decently well in my testing. The bowl of fruit, both outside and inside, looks rich and vibrant. While these photos cant hold a candle to the likes of the Pixel 6 Pro , the ROG Phone 6 Pros results arent too bad when compared to other gaming phones.

    Of course, as it should go without saying, the ROG Phone 6 Pros macro sensor of an undisclosed resolution serves no utility. Asus should have left it off and let the main and ultrawide shooters steal the show.

    I dont mind the selfie I got out of the ROG Phone 6 Pro, though I found the portrait and night shots to be rather lacking. The latter lost points for poor depth, color richness, and exposure. The portrait applied too much face smoothing for my taste with a weak bokeh effect.

    Software: Android 12 comes standard on the ROG Phone 6 Pro. Considering other gaming phones Ive tested, this devices software is a nice change of pace with its simplicity. Its very close to the stock Android youll find on a Pixel, but with Asus tweaks.

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