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Who Makes Oreilly Super Start Batteries

Free Battery Testing | O’Reilly Auto Parts

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OReilly Auto Parts has an impressive line of Super Start car batteries with affordable prices, solid reliability, and respectable warranty policies. However, the main reason youve come to this article is to find out whos making OReilly Super Start Batteries.

Well cover the topic in great detail, so keep reading to find out more!

OReilly Auto Parts is a distribution and retail network with no car battery production facilities. All of the production is handled by outsourced suppliers: Clarios and East Penn Manufacturing.

Does Advance Auto Parts Install Wiper Blades

Not up for changing your windshield wiper blades on your own? Advance Auto Parts offers free installation with purchase . Find your local store here.

Does AutoZone install wiper blades? Most places, including AutoZone, OReilly and Advance Auto Parts will also replace your wiper blades for free if you buy them at their store. Really, if you buy wiper blades, chances are the place youre buying them from will put them on for you at no cost.

Does Walmart install wiper blades for free?

Walmart windshield wiper $10 + free installation.

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How To Ensure Your Super Start Battery Will Last Long

The majority of modern batteries require only minimum maintenance, especially AGM batteries. The Platinum models of Super Start batteries are AGM batteries.

They are absorbent glass mat batteries, which are different from conventional batteries in that they dont use liquid electrolytes. Instead of liquid electrolytes, AGM batteries have sealed, and non-spillable gelled electrolytes.

However, some batteries still do require some amount of care and maintenance. For your Super Battery to last long, you should still perform annual maintenance work. Also, you can ask OReillys staff to check your cars battery.

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Why Getting Your Battery Tested At Oreilly Doesnt Make Sense

I recently got a dead battery after a long day at airport logistics. Once again I had spent the day dreaming about how everything could be automated. I thought about the added complexity of having to resort to bins that the plane food goes in. Realistically the whole business is self defeating. Its kind of funny actually in like a really sad way.

After waiting an hour for my best friend from Roy to come jump my car I drove home unmolested. I took a shower and finished my usual post work, post ISKCON 6 round reality break.

The next morning I work up around 4:45 for Aarti. After Seth getting up I hopped in the car to discover Battery dead! Damn. After an oil change and getting the tire thing sorted out This happens. Material reality blows, doesnt it?

After contemplating the merits of buying a new battery and consulting with the usual authorities I decided to take it to OReilly. My roommate suggested them, saying that he had a good track record with them. Sounds good to me.

I pull in. Im slightly nervous because I dont want to stop the engine. It was a lot of work coordinating getting the car started. Luckily a perfectly nice salesman was outside. He greeted me and ensured me that the battery could be tested easily and quickly and if the car died that he could jump it so I could get home. Groovy! What a gent!

Learn Math. It makes you smart. You can get a good job Whatever. Forget that. It might just save your life. Stay clever friends. Stay clever!

How Does Oreilly Auto Parts Battery Installation Work

O Reilly Auto Motorcycle Battery

Before battery installation, OReilly Auto Parts will test it to see if it still has life in it. If the battery is out of charge, they will charge it for free.

Therefore, its important to first test your battery before spending money on a new battery.

However, if the battery is dead and is in an accessible location, the staff will advise you on the best replacement and install it for free.

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Which Are Some Exceptions To Oreillys Return Policy

There are a few exceptions to the return policy that OReilly Auto Parts offers. The following are not eligible for returns:

  • Batteries: Batteries cannot be returned once installed, even if they were only installed a short time. An exception is if the battery is found to be defective when tested at an OReilly store.
  • Dry Batteries:Dry batteries cant be returned once opened or when the acid kit is added to it.
  • Custom-Made Parts
  • Clearance Items

What Is The Best Car Battery For My Car

The best battery for your car is the correct group size, meets or exceeds Cold Crank Amps , and Cranking Amps , and has the most extended warranty period.

Car batteries can be expensive. A car battery can cost up to $300 at your car dealership. While the cost to charge the battery in some luxury vehicles goes up to $500. Yet, the typical price for a new battery online falls in the $75-$150 range. Lets look at some of the best places where you can buy cheap car batteries.

While we all want to save money, dont be tempted to buy any battery brands lowest grade. If you are buying your battery online, you are already saving money. Battery makers, including AutoCraft, Bosch, DieHard, Duralast, EverStart, or Interstate batteries, usually have three grades:

  • Economy, Value Shortest warranty
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    Super Start Battery Review Who Makes Them And Warranty Explained

    If you find a car battery that holds many patents for innovative technology that you cant find in other batteries, then thats the one you should use in your car. Theres a battery like that being sold in the market right now. You will know what that battery is in this Super Start battery review which company makes them and warranty explained.

    The Clarios and East Penn Manufacturing make the Super Start batteries. East Penn also makes Deka batteries, another battery brand. Their battery factory is located at Lyon Station, Pennsylvania.

    Super Start batteries, specifically Super Start Extreme batteries, have a 12 to 36 months warranty. Johnson Controls and East Penn Manufacturing produce at least 16 different Super Start battery models or grades that people can use for all types of vehicles and machinery.

    Read on to learn more about Super Start batteries, which company makes them, their warranty policy, and their different types.

    The Top 6 Places To Buy A Car Battery

    Free Automotive Battery Testing | O’Reilly Auto Parts Store Service

    To see where I could get the best overall deal, I compared the prices, warranties and installation fees for similar lead-acid 24/24F car batteries. This size battery fits several Acura, Honda, Infiniti, Lexus, Nissan and Toyota models including the car I drive.

    Heres what I found in June 2022.

    2 years Free

    As you can see, youll have access to low prices, reliable warranties and free installation at stores you can visit in person.

    Overall, I found the lowest overall price at Costco. However, Costco doesnt offer installation, which means Id either have to install it myself or pay to have it installed somewhere else. But Walmart will install a car battery, no matter where you buy it for only $10.

    Walmart offered the second-lowest price including free installation and a great warranty. Plus, you can use your Walmart rewards card to get 5% cash back by ordering the car battery online.

    Sams Club offered the next-best deal, followed by NAPA, AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts.

    You can also find a wide variety of car batteries at for reasonable prices, but you wont get the best deal. The warranties vary by battery, and in many cases, they arent valid because youre buying through Amazon instead of a dealer certified by the manufacturer. And of course, installation is not included.

    For the best overall deal, be sure to check out these top six places to buy a car battery.

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    Connecting Up The Battery Backways

    In many cases, connecting up backways just blows a fuse, no biggie, right? And hooking up backways is an easy mistake to make, and it often stems from trying to fit a battery that isnt suitable, poles on the wrong sides, etc.

    But for some unlucky folks hooking up backways can result in some spendy repair bills.

    I wrote a post about hooking up your battery backways, and you can check that out here Battery sparked now wont start.

    I also wrote a post about battery terminal identification, and you can check it out here Unmarked car battery terminals.

    Super Start Battery Warranty Explained

    Warranty is important for a battery because it quickly wears out. The majority of vehicle batteries are warrantied for a maximum of four years. Some battery reviews say high-quality batteries are usually warrantied for over six years.

    Super Start batteries, on average, are designed to last over four years. This is the estimated life span of the premium models such as the Super Start Platinum and Super Start Extreme batteries.

    The standard variants of Super Start battery have the least warranty in terms of years. You can use them for one year without encountering any problems.

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    How Long Does It Take To Test A Battery

    The modern techniques to test a battery utilize the bosch testing equipment, which takes 10 minutes at most. This means you can even stop by at your local OReilly auto parts store on your way to work. Just make sure you get out of the house 10 minutes earlier.

    The whole battery testing protocol involves testing for the batterys charging capacity, its voltage and current output, the total power output, testing for corrosion and deterioration, electrolyte and individual cell health, and finally, the charging rate of the battery.

    If the numbers do not match up somehow, the guys will then move on to testing for more specifics with all their cool-looking tools. But generally, it should only take 5-10 minutes and no more than that.

    Why Should You Test Batteries By O’reilly Auto Part

    O Reilly Auto Motorcycle Battery

    You should test your batteries at your local OReilly auto parts frequently. Somewhere around once or twice every year at least. This ensures that you do not encounter an unforeseen technical problem with your batteries right on the day when you want the batteries just to work.

    It also helps you save a couple of bucks because, as they say, care is better than cure. So knowing about the health of your battery and following the suggestions given by the professionals at OReilly can help you navigate around whats best for your batteries, thus making sure you do not spend hundreds of bucks on getting a new one because you were too lousy to take care of the existing one.

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    East Penn Manufacturing Also Makes Batteries For Oreilly

    It is estimated that Clarios, LLC produces around one-third of all the low-voltage batteries used in the automotive industry. Aside from Johnson Controls, East Penn Manufacturing also makes other OReilly batteries.

    Since 1999, East Penn has produced a wide range of high-quality batteries for OReilly and some related accessories. These include OReillys Silver Alloy premium battery series.

    To Return An Item In Person:

    For an instant refund onto the original method of payment, gather the following before going into an OReilly Auto Parts store:

    • The item you want to return, in its original packaging, unopened and with all parts included.
    • Your receipt or online proof-of-purchase.
    • If applicable, the credit card, debit card, or account number you made the purchase with.

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    Can I Return Cores To Oreilly Auto Parts

    OReilly Auto Parts does accept cores for refunds. Core charges are basically a deposit made when buying a new part that gets refunded when you return the old, defective part, or core.

    The defective core then gets cleaned, inspected and repaired so it can be resold as new.

    You can return cores by bringing them into any store, or, if you bought an item online that required a core charge, you can ship the core back for a refund.

    If you decide to ship it back, you will be responsible for shipping charges. Before you return a core you will need to complete the following:

    • Drain any fluids that were in the core .
    • Provide the original receipt, packing slip, or confirmation email.
    • Provide the credit or debit card that was used to make the original purchase.

    Are Oreilly Batteries Any Good

    It’s Battery Month at O’Reilly Auto Parts

    OReillys Super Start batteries are without a doubt a leader in the automotive battery business. It has an excellent line-up of high-quality car batteries that are compatible with vehicles of all sorts when compared to other firms.

    It is certain to offer a choice that fits your specific needs, irrespective of what you are searching for in a high-quality replacement battery.

    The most appealing aspect of these vehicle batteries is their cutting-edge technology. Several patents for cutting-edge automobile battery technology are held by the company, which you wont find anyplace else.

    Although some of their most powerful batteries might be costly, they are great value for money because they last quite a long and provides extremely good performances for many years.

    Super Start is a wonderful brand to search for if you want to make a smart choice in a vehicle battery that will deliver genuine results.

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    To Return An Item Through The Mail:

    You can return items purchased online by shipping them back or by going into the store. Remember, you are responsible for all shipping costs if you choose to mail it back.

    To ship the item you must first get a RMA, or Return Material Authorization, from OReillys website:

    • Sign into or create your account at OReillys website.
    • Select the My Orders tab.
    • Select the Return Items option.
    • You will be able to access the Return Material Authorization through this menu.
    • Package your item and ship it to the address provided on the RMA. OReilly recommends using a shipping service that provides tracking, insurance and delivery confirmation. If you choose to use USPS, you will need to request that USPS obtain a signature upon delivery.

    Does Walmart Check Car Batteries

    Does Walmart check car batteries for free? Walmart Auto Care Center will test and install a new battery for free. It is important to note that not all Walmart stores have Auto Car Care Centers. Typically Walmart Supercenters have auto care centers, so those will test your car battery for free.

    Does OReilly Auto Parts accept checks? The Online Store only accepts major credit cards and OReilly Auto Parts gift cards as payment. Any of our 5420 store locations will also gladly accept cash and checks.

    Does OReilly install wiper blades? Your local OReilly Auto Parts store carries several wiper options for your vehicle, as well as windshield options to make visibility even clearer. Any time you pick up your wiper blades at our store, well gladly install them for free.

    Does OReilly check alternator? Your local OReilly will test your alternator for free on or off your vehicle so you can know for sure whether or not thats the problem with your vehicle.

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    Where Are Oreilly Batteries Made

    It is difficult to include all of the locations where OReilly batteries are manufactured. Because OReilly batteries private label brands are supplied from all over the world.

    Johnson Controls, also known as Clarios, has plants all over the world, employing millions of people. This battery company employs 2,000 people worldwide and has operations on six continents. Around 105,000 individuals work for them all around the world.

    As of 2021, they have a total company net worth of 11 billion dollars.

    In Berks County, Pennsylvania, East Penn has a 520-acre single-site battery manufacturing plant with world-class facilities that are among the industrys most sophisticated ones.

    East Penn only makes the best quality batteries for OReilly. It never compromises in that section and it was awarded the Special Merit 2002 Vendor of the Year Award from OReilly Automotive, Inc.

    Auto Parts Seller With Thousands Of Outlets

    O Reilly Auto Motorcycle Battery

    Initially, Johnson Controls made batteries for OReilly, an Auto parts seller with thousands of outlets all over the U.S.

    Many people thought that OReilly was making Super Start batteries because it seems that this is the only place that sells this battery brand. As such, they assumed that these batteries were made at OReillys factories.

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    Super Start Batteries Are Only Available At Oreilly

    Now, the confusion in peoples minds came about because OReilly, an American auto parts chain of stores in the United States, sells Super Start batteries. So, people thought that OReilly made super Start batteries.

    And then, theres another story that says an Australian company makes the Super Start batteries. To know more about their history, you can read more about it here.

    This article will focus on the Super Start batteries made and sold in North America and not in Australia.

    East Penn Manufacturings Facilities

    On the other side of the coin, East Penn, the other manufacturer of Super Start batteries for OReilly, produces these batteries in their factory at Lyons, Berks County, Pennsylvania.

    It is a single manufacturing plant with an area of 520-acres complete with world-class facilities, which are the most sophisticated in the battery industry.

    Lastly, East Penn produces only the best quality batteries for OReilly. Proof of this is the Special Merit 2002 Vendor of the Year award that East Penn got from OReilly.

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    Where Can You Buy Super Start Batteries

    All the models of Super Start Battery are available at any OReilly Auto Parts store. You can also order them at their online store.

    Note that Super Start Battery is only available at OReilly. This means you cannot find this brand on Amazon or any other independent online store.

    OReilly can provide you with any automotive battery that you need. On their shelves are batteries for cars, trucks, and machinery. They even have marine batteries for use in boats and yachts.

    OReilly has car batteries with high-quality materials. So, the said batteries can withstand the stresses of your daily drives.

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