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Lexus Key Fob Battery Replacement +7 Tips

Lexus Key Fob Battery Replacement – Quick & Easy

Recently, cars have been manufactured to have a lot of electronic parts, and the key fob is also part of these electronic parts.

Within the fob, an electronic chip works as a transmitter it transmits the signal when you press the button to open the door.

If you experience difficulty using the key fob in operating your Lexus car, this might be a sign that you need a Lexus key fob battery replacement.

As you continue reading this article, you will learn how to perform a Lexus key fob battery replacement, how to maintain your Lexus key, the signs you notice before your Lexus key dies out completely, and lots more.

Lets begin!

How To Replace Lexus Key Fob Battery

  • Keep your hands dry and clean to remove any moisture that could cause the battery to rust.
  • Press down the release button on the side of the fob to easily pull out the key.
  • Bar open the cars key fob cover using a flathead screwdriver. To prevent scratching, it is advisable to put a tape film on the screwdrivers tip.
  • Remove the fobs module first, if there is any, before popping out the battery.
  • Replace the old battery with the new battery, placing the plus side up. Finally, put the key fob back together.
  • Your Lexus key fob runs on a CR2032 lithium battery. This type of lithium battery is a flat and round battery. One easy way to get the right replacement battery size is to order online from a Lexus-approved spare part dealership.

    Check out this video for more tips on how to perform a Lexus key fob battery replacement

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    Keyless entry and starts have become all the rage with modern-day vehicles, but did you know that your Lexus key fob is hiding an old-fashioned key inside? You can even use your fob to start your car if the fob battery dies. This guide will help you learn about all the nifty tricks your Lexus key fob can do!Jerrycar insurancesuper app

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    Getting Locked Out With A Dead Battery

    If you find yourself locked out of your Lexus IS when the battery is dead, you can manually open your doors with your key fob. Just squeeze the release handle on the key fob and remove the L-shaped key. This is intended to be used to unlock your drivers side door in an emergency, however the key hole has a cover on it. Use the end of the key to insert into the access hole on the underside of the cover and pop the cover off by pulling away from the car. Now you can use the L-shaped key into the lock to manually unlock the door.

    Keep in mind that even if the battery in your key fob dies, it doesnt mean that youre stranded because the car wont be able to start. If you ever find yourself with a dead remote battery, you can still hold your key fob right up to the start button, push the start button, and the car will still start up.

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    Where Can I Find One And What Will It Cost

    fisheyedesignery: Lexus Key Battery Replacement

    CR2032s are among the most common batteries in the world for small devices like key fobs. Theyre pretty cheap, and you can find them almost anywhere from grocery stores to gas stations and auto-shops.

    That said, prices may vary. You might find one at Wal-Mart for three bucks, or you could buy a . Our advice: Buy the ten-pack. That way youll never run out, and youll even have a few spares for other devices.

    You can find branded CR2032s sold as Lexus key fob batteries, but its basically the exact same product youre getting from Energizer. Theres not much point paying more than a couple bucks a battery.

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    How To Know A Weak Fob Battery

    The key fobs transmitter loses its effectiveness with increasing distance as the battery becomes weaker. This sign means you must be close to your car before your key fob works.

    In other cases where your vehicle has a push-button start feature, your car may seldom recognize your smart key fob if the fobs battery is weak.

    In some vehicles, a message will come on the drivers display that reads key fob battery low.

    How Can You Troubleshoot The Fob Battery

    In most cars, the key fob has a little LED light that acts as the feedback indicator whenever buttons are pressed on the key fob.

    If the LED bulb does not illuminate, it is a sign that something is wrong with the key fob or its battery is dead.

    To troubleshoot the fobs battery, you can check its voltage with a voltmeter. For example, if the battery is a 3-Volt battery, and the voltmeter reads less than 3 Volts, the battery is weak and replaced.

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    Instructions: How To Change Battery In Lexus Key Fob

    Lexus Key Fob Remote Keyless – Change Battery ES GS LS IS CT GX IS

    Changing your Lexus key fob battery right in your own Belleair garage is simple. Here are the steps you need to follow to properly execute a Lexus key battery replacement:

    • Acquire the proper CR2032 lithium battery from a local St. Petersburg auto or hardware store, or from our parts department here at Lexus of Clearwater
    • Remove the traditional mechanical key that is stored inside the keyfob by engaging the release button on the side of the Lexus key fob.
    • Locate the key fob back cover
    • Wedge that cover open the key fob cover with a flathead screwdriver
    • Pro tip: to protect the key fob housing from scratches, wrap the tip of the screwdriver with tape first.
    • There may be an electronic key module covering the battery. If so, remove that first
    • Pop out the dead battery with the screwdriver
    • Place the new battery in with the positive symbol side facing up.
    • Place the electronic key model back on
    • Replace the key fob cover back.

    Now you have properly completed your Lexus key battery replacement! Test the key fob to confirm its functionalities have returned to normal. If you are still experiencing problems with your Lexus key fob, and well help you troubleshoot.

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    How Do You Know If Your Car Key Battery Is Dying

    Most key fobs have a tiny LED indicator that blinks when the buttons are pressed. If the LED doesnt illuminate, it means the battery is low on charge or the key fob has an issue. To ensure the battery is dead, you can use a multimeter to check its voltage. If it is anything less than 6 volts, you should replace it immediately.

    What Happens When Your Key Fob Battery Is Low

    When your cars key fob battery is low, you will still be able to drive around without much bother because the key is not required for the vehicle to run once you start the engine adequately. However, even though you can drive for a long time without the key fob, be careful never to let the car go off because you need the key fob to start the car.

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    Lexus Key Battery Replacement

    If you notice your Lexus key fob isnt responding like it should, it might be time to switch out the battery. Typically, you can expect small batteries like that to last for about 1-2 years. After then, the need for a Lexus key battery replacement is typical. Your Lexus may communicate a low battery via the following signs:

    • A low-battery alert sound in the cabin when the engine is stopped
    • The proximity detection area for the key becomes shorter
    • The LED indicator light on the key doesnt turn on
    • Smart Access system and/or the push button start doesnt function

    How To Replace Remote Key Battery On A Lexus Is350

    Lexus Key Fob Battery Replacement CR1616 for ES GS IS LS Models

    First, press the release handle and pull the L-shaped key out. You will be using this key as the tool to remove the cover of the remote. Youll need to insert the key into the slot shown on the photo below right. Then, turn the key which will in-turn pry the cover apart into two pieces.

    With the cover pulled apart, you can see the internals as well as the coin battery.

    Once again, you can use your key as a tool to pry the CR1632 battery out of the remote.

    Replace the old battery with a new CR1632, and then re-install everything in reverse of the removal. Make sure that the internal circuit board and buttons all match up with the shell. After putting the remote fob back together, the functions should now be back to working again.

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    Lexus Key Battery Replacement Cost

    It cost about $6 to replace a Lexus key battery yourself. You just need to get the battery from a shop and you can perform the replacement yourself as it is very easy to do.

    You can purchase a key fob replacement shell from many retailers and simply swap out the guts of your old fob for the new one, which shouldnt cost you more than $50. At the same time, install a fresh batterywhich should be less than $6. Your new and improved fob is ready to go.

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    How To: Replace The Battery In Your Lexus Key Fob

    Eventually, the battery in your Lexus key fob will run low, and youll need to replace it. A Lexus Centre will be able to help, but if youd rather do it yourself, heres how

    Firstly, does your car have a conventional key which turns in the ignition or a smart key for a car which starts at the push of a button? The method for replacing the battery is slightly different depending on the key type.

    Lets start with the conventional ignition key. First of all, refer to the owners manual to check the type of battery you need, and source a replacement. Then find a small Phillips screwdriver, a coin and a paperclip.

    On the back of the key youll see one or two Phillips screw heads.

    If you can see one screw, use the screwdriver to remove it and put it somewhere safe its a small screw and easy to lose if youre not careful. Wiggle the back to unhook it from the rest of key and lift it off. Two more smaller screws hold the inside of the key together. Unscrew them to reveal the battery inside. Remove it , then replace it with the new battery. Put the inside of the key back together using the two small screws. Then hook the back on and use the longer screw to hold it in place.

    Use the paperclip to pop out the battery and insert the replacement, taking care that the battery is the right way up. Now clip the inside of the key back together. Line up the buttons with the holes on the outside of the key, then replace the back of the key and insert the screws to keep it in place.

    Key Fob Battery Replacement

    How To Replace A 2007-2011 Lexus ES Key Fob Battery

    cwdA year and half or so is usually what I get out of a fob battery with the smart key feature in my other car. Everytime you walk close to the car, your fob communicates with the car. That means it will drain the fob battery faster than a car without the smart key feature.I bought a pack of 5 CR1632 batteries from for $7.95 with free shipping.EvitzeeYou can buy them dirt cheap on eBay.I just throw them in the freezer until I need one.LeoDLionMy jeep grand cherokee key fob has the original battery for the last 10 years. Both of them.LeoDLionMy jeep grand cherokee key fob has the original battery for the last 10 years. Both of them.

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    How To Replace The Battery In A Lexus Es 350 Fob Key

    Manufactured by the Toyota Motor Corporation’s luxury vehicles brand, Lexus ES-series vehicles are entry-level mid-sized luxury sedans that have been in production since 1989. Released for the 2007 model year, the Lexus ES350 kicked off the fifth generation of ES vehicles and featured a stylish redesign, as well as convenient optional features such as a keyless entry system. When the battery in your Lexus ES350 keyless entry fob dies, you can complete the battery replacement process in just minutes.

    How Do I Replace The Battery In My Lexus Key Fob

  • Remove the mechanical key that is stored inside the keyfob by pushing the release button on the side of the fob.
  • Pop open the key fob cover with a flathead screwdriver. If you want to avoid getting scratches on the fob, you can wrap the tip of the screwdriver with tape first.
  • If there is an electronic key module covering the battery, remove that first, and then pop out the dead battery with the screwdriver.
  • Place the new battery in with the + side facing up. Put the electronic key model back on and snap the key fob cover back in place.
  • If your key fob is still not working properly, please bring it to us here at Lexus of Edison as the key fob may have a larger issue like broken battery contacts or dysfunctional buttons.

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    Lexus Key Battery: Your Answers Explained

    A Lexus is all about the smooth drive, the luxurious interior, the horsepower. But its also about the little conveniences, like the key fob, for example. A simple little battery-operated device that makes your life just a tiny bit easier.

    What kind of battery goes in a Lexus key fob?

    A common CR2032 3V battery operates the Lexus key fob. These are easy to find, inexpensive, and simple to replace.

    How Do I Reduce My Key Fobs Battery Depletion

    Lexus Key Fob Remote Battery Energizer Cr1632

    Your Lexus key fobs are equipped with a battery-saving mode and here are the steps:

  • While holding down the LOCK button, press the UNLOCK button twice.
  • The electronic key indicator will flash four times to confirm that the battery-saving mode is set.
  • In order to use the smart access system and push-button start again, press any of the key fob buttons.
  • You can also prolong the life of your key battery by avoiding placing the fob within 3 feet of electrical appliances that produce a magnetic field, including TVs, laptops, cell phones, battery chargers, induction cookers, and table lamps.

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    When Should I Replace The Key Fob Battery

    Key fob batteries should be replaced when they become inefficient. However, the need for a replacement might come every 3-4 years, depending on the use and build quality. No one wants to be in a situation where your cars key fob suddenly stops working when youre far from home. It could be a bad experience.

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    Lexus Key Fob Basics: Remote Start Unlock And Lock

    • Starting your Lexus remotely: Click the lock symbol once to lock the vehicle, then press the lock button three times, holding for three seconds on the third press. Once you see the hazard lights flash several times, the engine will start within 10 seconds. Your Lexus will run for 10 minutes until any door is opened, the brakes are pressed, or the engine is remotely turned off.
    • Unlocking your Lexus: Hit the unlock symbol once to open the drivers door, and hit the unlock lock symbol a second time to unlock the remaining doors. If youâve opened your Lexus using the key fob, it will automatically relock after 30 seconds if you donât enter the car.
    • Locking your Lexus: Hit the lock button once. With a double touch of the lock button, the lights will flash to confirm your vehicle is locked.

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