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Does Anyone Use Barracuda Pumps Sold Through Menards

How To Set Up A Sump Pump Battery Backup – Ace Hardware
  • Qq0987 on Oct 17, 2021Hello all,I need to repipe my sump pump pvc connection pipes and I plan to use “8 oz. Purple CPVC and PVC Primer and Regular Clear PVC Cement Combo Pack”.How long do I have to wait until I can put the pipes back into services?Some joints will be submerged into water with the sump pump while others will have thread connection to check-valve.Thank you
  • Ttsnider on Oct 18, 2021We have a perforated drain pipe buried in our walkup basement area . The pipe drains into a sump pump hole in the machine room of the basement. The pump then sends the water out onto the side yard. For years the water draining into the sump has been mostly clear & free of sand. Lately the sump pit has had sand in it after it gets filled from a good size rain. I assume the sand is coming from the trench that the drain pipe is buried in.Is the sand coming into the pit an indication of another, possibly future, problem that we’ll have to deal with, or should we just forget about it? e.g. retrenching the pit and laying a new drain pipe. The new behavior of sand coming in has me curious.

Typical Electric Backup Sump Pump

The typical backup pump system has a 12-volt direct current motor powered by a battery connected to a specially designed trickle charger. A regular battery charger will not work for this type of installation except in an emergency.

The backup pump has its own check valve mounted in the outlet pipe . The discharge from the backup pump is connected to the discharge pipe of the primary sump pump. In Figure 3, the primary and backup sump pumps are connected so that the inlet to both pumps are at the same level and rest on the bottom of the sump. However, in many installations, the backup pump is mounted above the primary sump pump.

Figure 4 shows the two pumps sitting on the bottom of the sump. The backup pump is on the left and the main pump is on the right. The float switch that controls the main pump is near the bottom of the sump.

The gray float above the backup pump is set at a level where it will turn on only when the water is above the turn-on level for the main pump . The backup pump float should be set so that it turns on the pump when the water level is slightly below the sump inlet.

The float switch on the backup pump is connected to a battery . When not in use, a specially designed battery charger keeps the battery voltage above 12 volts. The battery and charger are shown in Figure 7.

Most Versatile: Superior Pump Cast

This sump pump is equipped with a piggy-back plug that lets homeowners automatically or manually turn on the pump to discharge up to 2,760 gallons of water per hour. It includes a -horsepower motor contained inside of a heavy-duty cast-iron frame that secures the pump inside the sump pit. As a result of its powerful motor, the pump can move water up inclines as large as 20 feet. Additionally, the sump pump comes with a removable screen filter thats easy to clean.

Most Versatile

There are four main types of sump pumps: submersible, pedestal, battery backup, and combination.

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Best Submersible Pump: Zoeller M53 Mighty

This submersible sump pump is built with cast-iron motor components that withstand a variety of conditions and keep your home protected from rising water levels. This sump pump includes a float-activated switch that automatically powers the pump when it detects rising water levels. Along with its automated design, the powerful sump pump discharges up to 43 gallons of water per minute. Additionally, the product comes with a nine-foot power cord and can take in solids up to ½ inch thick.

Best Submersible Pump

Best Power: Wayne Submersible Cast

Barracuda® 12

This sump pump is powered by a ¾-horsepower motor thats activated by a vertical float switch to keep your basement dry even if youre not home. Its designed with quality cast iron and stainless steel, minimizing the risk of air locks and clogs. The sump pump works in sump basins that are 11 inches or larger and can discharge water up 20-foot inclines. Additionally, this model has an easy installation process that only takes about 15 minutes.

Best Power

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Is A Sump Pump Stand Necessary

Is it necessary to have a sump pump stand installed between the bottom of the sump-pit and the sump pump to keep sediment and debris out of the pump intake?

Alternatively, can I just put a brick or some other material under the sump pump to raise the pump intake a couple of inches away from the bottom of the pit to serve the same purpose?

The idea of a stand makes sense, but is it an add on that companies sell, or do many pumps fail every year because of sediment and debris in their intakes?

Examples of sump pump stands from the googles:

A common search result on the googles are branded sites in different geographic locations selling their very expensive branded “Triple Safe” systems:

  • mohlsenAug 25, 2011 at 13:16
  • Wouldn’t using a stand just delay the inevitable? I would suspect the sediment will eventually build up above the stand to the base of the pump, at which time you would… buy another, taller stand? If there is that much junk in the sump pit, suck it out with a shop vac .

I stopped at several home improvement stores today to ask about sump pump stands to several different opinions from those who sell sump pumps directly:

Gary at Home Depot:More interested in his phone than talking to me. His recommendation was not to worry about it. “Why is there sediment in your sump basin? It should just be water in your sump basin.”

How To Buy A Primary Sump Pump

Home centers sell a confusing array of sump pumps that range from $50 to $250. But dont despair. Weve reviewed all the specs, talked to the engineers and boiled it down to five simple buying tips:

1. Horsepower means nothing. Its the pumping volume in gallons per hour that counts. Check the capacity of your current pump. If your current pump keeps up with the flow during the heaviest rainstorms, buy that capacity again. If not, buy a pump with a higher GPH rating. To find your current pumps rating, locate its make and model number on the label and find the specs on the manufacturers Web site.

2. Check the head on the manufacturers GPH rating. Head is the height that water has to be lifted from the pump to the horizontal discharge pipe. More height means harder work for the pump. The GPH rating on most good-quality pumps includes the head . But some manufacturers rate pump capacity without head . That gives an unrealisticand misleadingestimate of pump capacity.

3. Spend the money to get a quality sump pump. Look for a caged or vertical float switch, a motor with a UL and a CSA rating, and a pump made with a stainless steel, cast aluminum or cast iron impeller and pump body. Avoid pumps made from epoxy-coated parts.

4. Buy an energy-efficient pump. Once you find a pump with the correct GPH rating, look for a model that consumes the fewest amps. This isnt about saving electricity high-amp pumps run hotter and burn out the float switch faster.

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Benefits Of Using A Backup Sump Pump In Your Home

Water damage leads to structural losses as well as mold and mildew infestations, etc. Therefore, a sump pump is required to pump the water out of the pit and away from the building to keep the basement or crawlspace dry. However, your house remains prone to water-related damages without a backup source. Here are some of the benefits of installing battery backup for the existing sump pump to keep it working even when:

  • There is a power outage
  • The primary pump has a mechanical issue
  • The primary pump gets clogged with dirt, debris, etc.

Know When Your Pump Is Dead

Barracuda AC/DC Sump Pump Kit Unboxing

Too often, homeowners dont discover a sump pump failure until they see the damage. But there are ways to avoid that:

If you buy a new AC sump pump run by a controller, itll have some type of alarm to let you know if the pump fails or the power goes out. The same holds true for most new battery-powered systems.

  • Local Alarm. Detects water at the top of the sump basket using either a probe or a float and sounds an audible alarm . Local alarms are great if someone is home at the time of the failure.
  • Verbal Message Via Landline. Detects water at the sump and dials a preprogrammed phone number and plays a recorded message . Also sounds an audible alarm. Must have a landline.
  • Text Messaging. Detects water at the sump and sends a text to three different cell phones. Search high water text notification for companies that provide this service.

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Sump Pump Basin At Menards

Sump basin 1/three hp submersible sump pump 1/three hp sump pump adjustable vertical glide transfer basement sump drift price facet inlet 1/2 in. Solids .

The pinnacle-promoting product within Sump Pumps is the Basement Watchdog Big Combo Connect half HP Primary and Battery Backup Sump Pump System with Smart Wi-Fi Capable.

Model Number: PSU1011 Menards Everyday Low Price, $24.99 eleven% Mail-In Rebate.

Find out how to installation a sewage pump.

Jackel Sump Basins Laundry Sink Tray Basin, 15 Gallon, 20 Gallon, 22.5 Gallon, forty five Gallon and Perforated Sump Basins. Home : Products Sump Basins: Sump Basin Covers.

JPACK15U-225V half of HP Sump Pump System Model: JPACK15S-250V half HP Pre-Plumbed Sump Pump System Model: JPACK22S-250V half HP Pre-Plumbed Sump Pump System Model.

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Do I Need A Battery Backup For My Sump Pump

Areas that have a lot of rainfall, are close to a floodplain or have a high water table are likely familiar with a sump pump. These appliances are used to send water away from a house to a storm drain or drywell, preventing basements and lower parts of the house from flooding. Sump pumps will turn on more often in some areas, while in others, they may not turn on at all. However, it’s always good to have a battery backup for the pump. Let’s take a look at why a battery backup is so necessary for your sump pump:

Homeowners within areas that are susceptible to flooding are likely familiar with a sump pump. These fixtures ensure that even if torrential rain hits your area, your home can easily handle the excess groundwater without it flooding your basement. A sump system channels water to the lowest point in a basement or crawl space where it is allowed to accumulate inside a sump pit below floor level. A sump pump sitting inside the pit pumps out the water and directs it into a storm drain or nearby catch basin far away from the homes foundation. This is essential for preventing basement flooding and associated water damage over the lifetime of your home. However, for many homes, especially those where flooding is common, a battery backup sump pump could be an essential line of flood protection for your home.

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Recommended Ac Sump Pumps

Wayne CDU1000Review here. Buy here.

The M267 is singlehandedly the best AC sump pump on the market for less than $400. Its actually a sewage pump that works equally well as a sump pump, and is our top recommendation for a set-it-and-forget it AC option. It also features some of the fastest water removal rates youre going to find in an AC sump pump. If its out of reach, there are a number of options that will provide somewhat lower flow rates and reliability while still working far better than anything youre going to find on the shelves of a hardware box store . The M63 and M57 are smaller siblings of the M267 and also offer high levels of reliability, while the CDU1000 offers less reliability but higher flow rates than the M63 and M57.

Best Sump Pumps Of 2022

Barracuda® 12

Sump pumps keep your home from flooding by pumping ground water out of your basement or crawl space. Keep reading to learn about the best sump pump options on Amazon. The products listed in this article are available at various home improvement stores and online retailers like Amazon.

A sump pump is an emergency device that uses sensors to detect and pump rising water levels in your basement. To help you select a sump pump thats right for your home, the This Old House Reviews team researched the best sump pumps on Amazon. Here are our top picks.

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Consider Water Commander The Water

If you dont already have one, seriously consider Water Commander water-powered backup sump pump instead. Unlike battery backups, Water Commander will never lose power and maintains the same high pumping rates regardless of the pumps age or how long it has been pumping.

Not only that, you dont have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars replacing the battery every several years. You can just test the pump to ensure proper working order by temporarily unplugging the primary electric pump or simply lifting the float switch by hand.

If you want to learn more about the Water Commander, check out the rest of our website. If you have any questions, please reach out to us and well help you out.

Looking for a quality backup sump pump?

Water Commander is the best backup sump pump system available on the market today. Its non-electric, can out-pump your electric sump pump, and will run at full power for years to come.

It is more reliable than battery backups and is the perfect solution for homes with municipal water.

How Battery Backup Sump Pumps Work

Most sump pumps have an automatic start/stop system, which is activated as soon as it detects water levels rising in the basement. It gets activated by access moisture or water caused by excessive rains, seepage of groundwater, etc. and the pump drains water through well-placed pipes. Well pumps work similarly.

Typically sump pumps use AC power, so chances are they might not work during power outages a common occurrence during adverse weather conditions. And thats why it is essential to have a sump pump battery backup system, as it gets triggered if the existing sump pump fails to work when needed.

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Protect Your Home Investment

Your primary sump pump does all the work needed to protect your home from intruding water. But, it requires grid-supplied electricity. A common time for the grids power to be disrupted is during a storm. The storm that knocked out the power also may have dumped a lot of rain. Rain that could end up in your basement or crawl space.

A good battery backup sump pump is not only ready and willing to take on this challenge, but will keep you notified of any problems with the system while youre waiting for the storm.

Before You Buy A Battery

Install Battery Backup Sump Pump | Great Backup Battery for Sump Pump

We have talked with hundreds of homeowners over the years who have had their basements unexpectedly flood due to a failed battery backup sump pump system. More often than not, the culprit is a dead battery. So before you invest in a backup sump pump system, its important to understand exactly how long the battery in your system will last and consider alternative backup sump pump options, such as a water-powered backup sump pump.

Your backup sump pump is the last line of defense against basement flooding when there is a power outage or your primary sump pump fails, so its important that it protects your basement in an emergency .

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Battery Backup Sump Pump Buyers Guide

Type Of Battery

If you are deciding on adding a battery backup to a sump pump, you have two options Solar battery or AGM Battery. A solar-powered sump pump battery backup requires you to place solar panels outside, but close to the backup battery.

An AGM battery-powered backup sump pump will require you to choose between deep cycle, marine, maintenance-free, and wet cell batteries. These usually supply DC and, if properly maintained, can last for a decade.


While purchasing a battery backup, you need to consider the size of your primary sump and buy accordingly.

Some battery-powered backup sump pumps require unique configurations please ensure you have enough space for precise installation before buying it.

Another option is to buy a primary sump pump that already has a sump pump battery backup thatd be better than installing two separate units that require extra space.

Power & Voltage

A battery-powered backup sump pump does not require A/C power, so it will not be at par with your main sump pump. Dont go for the cheaper variants that won’t have enough backup or power to sustain throughout an outage.

Build Quality

The best battery backup sump pump needs to be made from durable materials so the machine can last for the long-haul. Here are some options to choose from:

Battery Charging

Pump Capacity

Ease of Installation

Other Features

Price & Warranty

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