Battery Backup Sump Pump System

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Do I Need A Sump Pump Backup System

How to Install a Battery-Operated Backup Sump Pump | This Old House

If you have a sump pump in your home, you likely know how important it is. A sump pump works to remove water in areas prone to flooding, typically basements and cellars. Without sump pumps, many Maryland cellars and basements would be rendered inoperable. But what happens if your sump pump fails? Or if theres a power outage? At Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating, weve installed and worked on hundreds of sump pumps across the state of Maryland, and we wanted to take some time today to talk about why you should have a backup sump pump system in your home.

Backup Sump Pump Installation

Sump pumps protect your home from water damage by pumping away groundwater that would otherwise damage your foundation or flood your basement. Unfortunately, power outages also occur during major storms, which would leave your sump pump inoperable when you need it most. Thats why many homeowners choose to protect their homes with a sump pump battery backup system.

Installing a sump pump backup system is not always easy and often requires help from an experienced plumber. For help installing your sump pump battery backup, call Mr. Rooter® Plumbing at 982-2028.

Typical Electric Backup Sump Pump

The typical backup pump system has a 12-volt direct current motor powered by a battery connected to a specially designed trickle charger. A regular battery charger will not work for this type of installation except in an emergency.

The backup pump has its own check valve mounted in the outlet pipe . The discharge from the backup pump is connected to the discharge pipe of the primary sump pump. In Figure 3, the primary and backup sump pumps are connected so that the inlet to both pumps are at the same level and rest on the bottom of the sump. However, in many installations, the backup pump is mounted above the primary sump pump.

Figure 4 shows the two pumps sitting on the bottom of the sump. The backup pump is on the left and the main pump is on the right. The float switch that controls the main pump is near the bottom of the sump.

The gray float above the backup pump is set at a level where it will turn on only when the water is above the turn-on level for the main pump . The backup pump float should be set so that it turns on the pump when the water level is slightly below the sump inlet.

The float switch on the backup pump is connected to a battery . When not in use, a specially designed battery charger keeps the battery voltage above 12 volts. The battery and charger are shown in Figure 7.

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Pentair Simer A5200 Emergency Battery Backup Sump Pump System

  • Pentair Simer A5200 Emergency Battery Backup Sump Pump System

The A5200 Battery Backup System prevents water damage by continuously operating during power outages, with built-in indicator lights for easy status viewing.

Includes: battery case control unit, 12V pump, reed switch, AC power supply, 1-1/4 NPT to 1-1/2 glue PVC elbow.

Compatible with flooded and sealed AGM deep cycle lead acid batteries.

Incorrect Pump Size And Clogged Discharge Lines

Basement Watchdog 0.33 HP Special + Battery Backup Sump Pump System 12 ...

The pump size should match your water discharge needs. If you have a smaller sized pump, however with a large volume of water in need of discharge, then you will certainly experience failure.

You can let a plumber in Niagara Falls ON evaluate your basement to estimate the volume of water that requires discharging and advise the best pump size. This way, you get the ideal pump in the first instance and have a greater assurance that it will successfully keep your basement from flooding.

When water can not leave your home after being pumped, your system will not work. Freezing and clogging of the discharge lines keeps the system down.

You need to, for that reason, keep your discharge lines free from particles, sticks, and anything else that can trigger clogging. You should also have a special discharge line in case of ice clogging your pipes.

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Minimize The Threat Of Flooding With A Battery Backup System

The ramifications of a flooded basement can cost up to thousands of dollars in cleanup and repairs. Unfortunately, we commonly hear from homeowners that they had never seriously considered the need for adding a battery backup pump system until after their basement flooded. There are many variables that may potentially be in play that would allow for a homeowner to have a false sense of confidence that their basement has never previously flooded because their primary sump pump is working just fine. The key to a protecting your basement from the likelihood of flooding is a reliable sump pump that will handle the bulk of the work along with a battery backup pump system that can step-in when needed .

How Often Should You Replace A Sump Pump Battery

Your battery backup system will wear down over time. Therefore, we recommend replacing it every five years.

There are also a couple of steps you can take to ensure the battery backup pump will run well:

  • Clean the battery-operated pump just as often as you clean your primary pump .
  • Clean the battery terminals a couple of times a year to ensure the battery will receive a full charge.
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    How Long Will It Run

    This is a tricky question, because a sump pump system turns on and off in cycles during normal operation. A battery backup system can use its charge in a single day or last for a week, depending on the water volume it’s dealing with.

    However, our system is rated to pump more than 12,000 gallons of water — an amount of water equal to the size of a small swimming pool!

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    How to Install a Battery Backup Sump Pump – Basement Watchdog

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    Elite 365 Power Pack Back

    We recommend installing our Elite 365 Power Pack Back-up System.

    The Elite 365 Power Pack Back-up System can pump out an excess of 13,875 gallons of water on a fully charged battery.

    To alert you of power failure, the Elite 365 Power Pack Back-up System sounds an alarm when it runs and silences when the pump cycles off. For your convenience, the alarm can also be hooked up to your home security system so you can be notified by phone.

    Features and Benefits

    • Dual float switches for added reliability
    • Automatically switches to battery power if AC fails
    • Recharges battery automatically

    Replace It Before Its Too Late

    Its impossible to determine exactly how long a sump pump should last because every home is different. Pumps in houses bombarded with a ton of rainwater will work harder than those in less rainy areas. Unsurprisingly, the harder a system works, the sooner it will need replacement. So, pay attention to how frequently your sump pump turns on and off because that will help you decide when its time for a change.

    A licensed plumber can also advise you on when to change your pump. At Angel Water, we recommend replacing your sump pump every 5-6 years because thats how long manufacturers warranties usually last. Of course, our recommendation will vary depending on your situation. So, be sure to give us a call if youre looking for advice about your pump.

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    Advantages To Our System:

    A battery backup system is your second line of defense against power outages, pump failure, and heavy water volume. No sump pump system should be without one!

    To schedule a free, no-obligation sump pump system estimate, call or e-mail us today! We have Certified Waterproofing Specialists serving homeowners throughout Canada and the United States — including in your area!

    If you’d like your UltraSump® System to pump more than 12,000 gallons of water, we can make that happen.

    The UltraSump® System can be hooked up to multiple battery units. When one battery wears out, a second is standing by to keep your system charged and pumping.

    Can You Add A Battery Backup To An Existing Sump Pump

    WAYNE WSS20V Pre

    Many homeowners wonder if its a better option to add the battery backup to their sump pump rather than adding another battery-operated pump to the tank. After all, the former option is a lot less cumbersome and takes up less space. The problem is adding the battery backup to your existing pump will only protect you from power outages. But if the pump itself fails, there will be nothing there to back it up.

    On the other hand, adding a second battery-operated pump to your tank will provide you with the full protection you need. If the power goes out or the first pump fails, the second pump will pick up the slack. Plus, the second pump can also help the first pump if theres too much water to handle on its own.

    In short, two sump pumps are better than one, especially if one of those pumps is backed up by battery power!

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    Learn The Key Differences Between Battery Backups And Water

    If you are a homeowner looking to purchase a backup sump pump in addition to your primary electric pump, you have two optionsa battery backup or a water-powered backup sump pump.

    The most common is battery backups, which require purchasing both the pump itself and also a battery separately. However, water-powered backups have been steadily growing in popularity as homeowners become aware of their advantages. Water-powered backup sump pumps run using your homes municipal water pressureno batteries or electricity are needed at all.

    Both types of backup sump pumps are designed to protect your basement from flooding in the case of a power failure or a mechanical failure that would prevent your primary sump pump from operating.

    The question is, which does a better job and why?

    Well take a look at 4 main criteria to compare both pumps:

  • Run Time: How long can the backup pump continuously run?
  • Life Span: What is the total life of the pump before you have to replace it?
  • Pumping Rates: How fast does it pump?
  • Cost: What is the cost of the pump over its entire life?
  • If youre curious, we have a comparison chart at the bottom summarizing each criteria for both battery and water-powered backups. Lets get into it.

    Smarter Protection With Timemachine

    Check the status of your sump pump system any time with our TimeMachine Data Logger. The Bluetooth Module reports and records up to 10 years of data, including pump cycles, battery status, relative humidity, and temperature.

    TimeMachine makes it easy for you to ensure the smooth, safe, and reliable operation of your sump pump system via an easy-to-use application.

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    Busting Common Myths About Sump Pump Battery Backup Systems

    Sump pumps have been vastly improved over the years, and that has led to their increased reliability enhancing overall dependability when used in tandem with battery backup systems. With such an important topic as protecting your basement from water damage, you need all the facts before making a decision about what kind of system to use. Here are some common myths about sump pump battery backup systems and the truth behind them.

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    Why Do Homes Need Battery Backup Sump Pumps

    Battery backup sump pumps provide homeowners with an extra level of protection against water damage caused by excess groundwater. While the homes primary sump pump is the main line of defense, there are situations where these systems fail. When the primary sump pump fails, if there is no backup in place, the home is left vulnerable to water damage.

    Even if the primary sump pump is in good condition and maintained on a regular basis, battery backup sump pumps are still important. Power outages occur for many reasons, including severe storms the very type of weather event that dumps a high volume of water around your home. Battery backup sump pumps do not run off your homes electrical system, so they are able to operate using their battery for several hours to protect your home against water damage while utility power is out.

    How Often Should A Sump Pump Run

    Many homeowners hear their sump pump going off and wonder if its running too frequently. Its good to notice how often the pump goes off because, as we mentioned above, the more frequently the pump works, the sooner it will break down.

    So, how often should a sump pump turn on? The answer will depend on where you live because that will influence how much water your home will take on. But generally, a sump pump shouldnt run more than 2-3 times a day. If you hear your pump starting every hour or every few minutes, then you might have a problem.

    Some possible causes for an overactive pump include:

    • A high groundwater level around your home
    • The soil around your home slopes toward the foundation
    • A broken water main or underground spring near your home
    • The check valve is broken, allowing water to flow back into the sump tank
    • A dirty or clogged pump
    • The pump is not powerful enough
    • The sump tank is not the right size

    If you need help determining the cause of your overactive pump, consult an expert. A licensed plumber can help identify the source of the problem and help you solve it!

    Replace your old sump pump before its too late!

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    Williams Comfort Air Installs Battery Backup Sump Pumps

    Make sure your home has the protection it needs to avoid costly water damage in any circumstance. Williams Comfort Air offers skilled installation of quality battery backup sump pumps for homes throughout the Central Indiana area. We also provide sump pump maintenance and repair to care for your homes primary sump pump system. Request an estimate contact us today!

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    Wayne Wss30v Upgraded Combination 1/2 Hp And 12

    This Wayne battery backup sump pump is one of the most completive products in the market.

    It comes pre-assembled and is drop-in ready. What can be better than an easy to install and an efficient backup pump sump?

    This sump pump has a capacity of moving up to 5100 gallons of water per hour at 0 feet. Even more, the pump can move up to 2900 gallon per hours when operating of 12V DC.

    This is a complete, all-in-one solution to your basement problems.

    Most importantly, the built of this system is extremely sturdy and durable. The pump is constructed of epoxy coated steel and cast iron. This makes it resistant to the conditions in the basement, due to which it will last a long time.

    If you have a good budget, this is probably the best option for you.

    The pump can move up to 10,000 gallons of water on one charge. Therefore, you wont have to worry about its charge as much as with other products.

    This high quality, high-end Wayne backup sump pump also has a very quiet performance. No more worrying about the annoying sound coming from your basement.

    Moreover, the unit has been tested to 1 million cycles. This means that the unit is extremely reliable. It also has a built-in alarm system that warns the owners when the backup pump starts.

    The Wayne pump also comes with a warranty of 5 years because of which your investment will definitely pay off well.

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