Battery Discharged Start Engine Bmw

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Symptoms Of Increased Battery Discharged In Bmw

How to Fix BMW Increased Battery Discharge â¶ï¸?Possible Causes / FIXES â¶ï¸? BMW Battery Drain

There are a few symptoms. Early detection of these symptoms enables you to make the necessary preparations to deal with the problem and find a solution before any further harm is done. You might experience one of the following problems regarding battery discharge issues.

  • The battery discharge error message is the first warning sign you will find
  • Difficulty in starting the engine or refusing to crank
  • In cold weather, the vehicle might require a jump start
  • There could be several electrical problems.
  • Check engine light

How To Fix Bmw Battery Discharging While Stopped

To prevent your BMW from battery discharging while stopped, you need to know how to fix it.

After all, you dont want to be stranded on the road because your car wont start again.

  • Some electronic devices can draw too much power for the cigarette lighter socket to handle. When cleaning the car, first ensure that it is free of 12-volt electronics. Specifically, unplug any phone chargers, GPS charging cables, and other devices.
  • Check the age of the cars battery, and consider replacing it if it is over five years old. Use a BMW-approved battery charger to charge the battery fully.
  • Drive your BMW for at least 30 minutes. If the error message reappears, continue troubleshooting.
  • If the battery test shows average values, the next step is to read error codes from the DME module and perform an entire system check.
  • If you connected an accessory directly to the negative battery terminal, disconnect this connection and use one of the ground bolts on the vehicles body.

The Battery State Information Flow

The DME monitors the system voltage. When you get the Increased Battery Discharge warning message displayed, the DME has sent the telegram via the CAN network that the state of battery charge is below the threshold.

The Instrument Cluster module picks up the telegram and displays the warning message both in the instrument and iDrive central info display .

Now, heres where things can go wrong.

The DME module gets the information on the battery state from the IBS sensor, installed on the negative battery terminal. As you may guess, the IBS can also share wrong information. In fact, the faulty IBS sensor can claim that a brand-new battery is dead. If thats the case, the DME will prevent the engine start.

The IBS communicates via Bit Serial Data protocol where it shares the bus network with the alternator, oil level sensor, pre-heating control unit and the DME. So, basically, any of these components can distort the signal.


The BMWs battery management system is not bulletproof. So, if you want, you can drain a battery with lights or radio despite perfectly functioning IBS and power management. And while the radio will turn off by itself here and there, and youll have to turn it on again, if you leave hazard flashers on, theyll work until they milk out the last atom of energy out of your battery.

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What Could Cause Battery Discharge When The Car Is Running

Ideally, your battery should not be discharged while the car is running. But sometimes this can happen too. Lets see that what are the different scenarios where you could get a battery discharge warning while driving.

  • Poor Ground Connection

Ground connections play an important role in protecting the car against potential fires due to a short circuit. But a poor ground connection can cause your battery to discharge. The current flowing into the ground instead of charging the battery can be the reason.

Driving the car charges the battery it is true. But short drives do the opposite of that. They dont give enough time for your cars battery to get charged. And if you use stereo or charging ports on this short drive, then it is most likely you will end up with a discharged battery.

  • Faulty Charging System

The cars charging system consists of several components such as starter motors, alternators, and sensors. When any of these components arent working correctly, your battery will be discharged sooner than expected.

  • Corroded Battery Terminals

The physical condition of the battery is also important. If battery terminals are corroded or have a white deposit on their surface, then it wont allow the battery to charge. Even when the car is running, the battery will not receive any charge.

  • Worn-out Serpentine Belt

Faulty Intelligent Battery Sensor

Increse battery discharge warning and car cnt start

The IBS has a microprocessor that can be damaged by moisture . If the IBS is malfunctioning it can wake up the DME over and over for no reason. The DME draws a large amount of power and will quickly drain a battery.

The faulty IBS sensor can also send wrong information about the batterys state of charge so the alternator will not charge the battery even though it is empty.

In the case of faulty IBS, you can unplug the sensor for a short-term fix. By disconnecting the IBS you interrupt the repeated wake-ups of the DME and preserve battery voltage.

When the IBS is disconnected the DME has no information about the battery state so it sets the alternator output at maximum , which will consequentially shorten the batterys life.

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Does A Bmw Battery Need To Be Reprogrammed

Mind that many online resources and the dealer too advise that you must register and code your new battery on your car after installation. While some DIY enthusiasts report no consequences from using a new BMW battery without any coding, if you replace it at an indie shop, you might want to ask about this option or do a more in-depth online search on this topic for your particular car model.

What Happens When You Get This Warning Message

Although in most cases youll be able to drive just as if nothing happened, sometimes you wont be able to start the engine. Here are the symptoms connected to the Increased Battery Discharge message:

  • Electrical consumer power reduction

Before we move on, heres what Increased Battery Discharge When Stationary actually means:

After you park and lock your BMW, all but a few computers will go to sleep. While the electronics sleep, the Intelligent Battery Sensor will wake up every minute or so to take a quick reading to determine whether there is enough voltage to restart the engine.

In case the voltage falls too low, the IBS will send a signal to Digital Motor Electronics with the message battery voltage is too low. The DME will then turn off all power-using equipment in the car to save the battery voltage so you can start the engine. This wake-up is intended to be a one-time occurrence.

The message Increased battery discharge while stationary basically informs you the DME had to turn off almost all electronics to preserve battery voltage.

Now, lets move on to the most common causes:

  • Old or dead battery
  • The battery is not charged enough
  • Faulty Intelligent Battery Sensor
  • Something drained a battery
  • Wiring gremlins
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    How To Solve High Battery Discharge Warning On Bmw F01 F02 With Bmw Icom

    For BMW F01 F02,after the vehicle is started, a Check Control message High Battery Discharge Warning is displayed in the Central Information Display .

    Various power supply and power management faults are stored, including the following:

    CAS 930769 Deactivation of terminal 15: upper startability limit reached

    CAS 93076A Deactivation of terminal 15: upper startability limit reached, but deactivation preventer or legal load/consumer active

    CAS 93076B Deactivation of terminal 30B: upper startability limit reached

    CAS93076C Deactivation of terminal 30B: upper startability limit reached, but deactivation preventer or legal load/consumer active

    JBE 8020E8 Reset or deactivation of terminal 30F

    DME213901 Power management: reduction or deactivation of individual electrical loads/consumers


    The battery has become heavily discharged or is faulty. The following reasons can contribute to a prematurely failing battery:

    Unfavorable driving profile excessive short trips

    Excessive terminal 30B after run normal coolant pump or electric fan operation

    Extremely cold temperatures

    Vehicle faults closed circuit draw, sleep mode preventer or frequent wakeups

    1.Perform energy diagnosis and follow the recommendations of the test plan

    2.Test the battery:

    a.For vehicles up to September 2010, use the BMW battery tester.

    b.For vehicles after September 2010, use the advance onboard diagnostics with ISTA.

    The modified VO will have A090 removed and A105 added.

    Cost To Repair The No

    BMW Battery Discharging While Stopped – Keep Your Battery In Good Condition

    Let’s take a quick look at the costs involved in fixing the possible cause behind why your BMW will not start after a battery change.

    • Fuses: It can cost you, on average, between $83 and $95 to replace the fuses on your BMW.
    • Spark Plugs: These are a bit pricey, ranging from $226 to $342 to replace.
    • Starter Motor: As this is an integral part of the motor, the replacement cost is between $400 and $600.
    • Key BMW keys can cost between $300 and $410 to be replaced, depending on your vehicle and type of key.
    • Immobilizer Priced roughly at $100.
    • Anti-Theft System A diagnostics test on the system could be charged from $60 to $110. Replacing the system could cost up to $475.
    • Fault Scanner The Foxwell NT510 Scanner recommended for BMW costs between $139 and $189.
    • Fuel Pump Is priced around $72 to replace
    • Temperature Sensor: This part is valued at $50 for replacement.

    Sometimes the cost of parts and labor to repair your BMW will exceed your affordability. Instead of being stranded with a car that will not start and you cannot afford to repair it, hand it over to Cash Cars Buyer. They will buy your damaged vehicle as is so you can move on to purchase another car.

    If you have gone through the list of possible causes why your BMW won’t start after a battery change, and none of the issues seem to be the problem, then you need to reset the car’s computer system.

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    Bmw Increased Battery Discharge

    Article Summary

    In this article, Ill go over the most common causes of the Increased battery discharge warning message. Well also have a look at how the system works so you can troubleshoot the problem on your own.

    Heres one more BMW warning message designed to break your daily plans: you get in, start your BMW, and Gong!: Increased Battery Discharge If youre like me, your brain immediately starts thinking about what could be wrong.

    Why Is My Cars Battery Draining And Ways To Prevent It

    There are various factors responsible for draining your cars battery even when your cars off. Learn more about how to look for symptoms, ways to prevent battery discharge and how to prolong car battery life with smart habits.

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    Bmw Increased Battery Discharge Problem


    An increased battery discharge message on a BMW comes up to warn the driver that the car battery is low or getting discharged quicker than the alternator can charge it. Use the YOUCANIC full system scanner to diagnose all systems on your BMW.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Remove the phone charger from the cigarette outlet, turn off unnecessary accessories such as the seat heaters sound system, defrost and keep the engine running until the message disappears.

    It may take five to thirty minutes for the battery to charge and the message to reset. This warning usually appears when you start your BMW in the morning, especially during freezing weather, but you may also get it when you stop at a red light.

    Suppose you see this error message on your dashboard. Some electronic consumers may automatically be switched off to conserve the battery.

    Please do not worry if the windows, mirrors, seats, sunroof, etc., stop working. It doesnt mean there is something wrong with these systems. Your BMW is trying to charge the main battery quickly. Normal operation should return once the increased battery disappears.

    The next step would be to verify that the battery is in good condition and holds a proper charge if the problem remains. If you recently had your BMW battery replaced, ensure your BMW battery has been registered.

    What Is A Battery Discharge

    Bmw increased battery discharge

    What is Battery Discharge? Whenever a load is connected to the battery, it draws current from the battery, resulting in battery discharge. Battery discharge could be understood to be a phenomenon in which the battery gets depleted of its charge. Greater the current drawn by the load, faster the battery discharges.

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    Electrical Devices/accessories Are On

    Electrical accessories such as heated seats, AC, radio, or phone chargers inserted in the cigarette lighter socket can impact your battery. If they draw more current than the battery charging system can generate, the battery voltage will drop. That will definitely cause the onboard computer to display an increased battery discharge warning message on the iDrive screen.

    If the battery discharge warning error appears when driving, turn off all non-essential accessories. You can even sing to yourself instead of playing the radio if that can help. The warning message should disappear if electrical consumers were the cause. If that doesnt happen, look for other reasons.

    Battery Message Upon Shutdown

    Tommynrossie said:I have a 2015 X3 Xdrive28i with the X-line package that we picked up a couple days ago. I have been seeing a message after turning the engine off that says “battery discharged. start engine” in the cluster.I am hoping that this is only due to the temperatures since it has not been above 15*F since we got it and it is -12*F now. I noticed it when I test drove it as well and mentioned it to the dealer who mentioned that they just needed to reset something and it didn’t happen the first day.I am assuming that the battery is likely on the way out but wanted to get a second opinion. Has anyone else seen this message in cooler weather? If so, is this just something to be expected on these newer models? If it needs a battery, I plan to try getting it covered by the dealer. It also sat quite a bit as it only has 26k on it, which is one of the reasons I picked it.Thanks

    Why not just follow the instruction?Fools rush in where angels fear to tread!

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    Why Causes Bmw Battery Discharging

    BMW battery discharging while stopped is common. Several things can cause your BMW battery to die after sitting overnight or driving.

    If you notice your car battery discharging while stopped, its time to figure out whats happening.

    There are many reasons why your BMW battery discharges while stopped.

    • Common discharge causes include faulty IBS and old batteries. It may not hold a charge, and an electronic device connected to the 12-volt outlet may be draining power from the battery.
    • Problems with the junction box, DME, DDE, CA module, and OBD2 port can also cause your battery to drain quickly. You should check out the following potential reasons.
    • Another possible cause could be a faulty alternator, which doesnt charge the battery correctly. The alternator induces electricity by transforming the mechanical energy into electrical energy to charge the battery.
    • A component of the Intelligent Battery sensor may malfunction, causing the battery to discharge if the vehicle while car stops for an extended time. The IBS may protect the car if a malfunctioning component drains the battery.

    What Does It Mean When A Bmw Wont Start And The Display Reads Increased Battery Discharge

    HELP! Battery discharged, start engine. Bmw f30 335i

    I just tried to start my BMW and the engine wonât turn over. The display shows the message âincreased battery discharge.â What does that mean, and what do I do about it?

    youâre draining the battery faster than the alternator can recharge it

    • Frequent short trips
    • Too many chargers/devices plugged into the carâs system
    • An old/worn-out battery

    andmore than five years oldfrequently take very short tripshave a professional examine your batteryJerryonly takes 15-20 minutessaves drivers an average of $800+ a year

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    What Car Models Have This Common Problem

    Kia models are well known for getting the battery discharge warning message when using the radio or other electronic devices while stationary. While this is a good thing, the message can get annoying as there is no way to turn it off.

    Another popular car make that have this common problem is Hyundai. As reported on Hyundai Forums by multiple owners, most Hyundai models will alert you as soon as your engine is OFF and the AC is running or listening to radio.

    Other popular automakers that have this issue include BMW, Ford, Honda and Toyota.

    Fixing Your Battery Discharge Issues

    The solution is to recognize these issues and adjust your driving habits to allow the battery time to recover such as:

    • Reducing the number of short drives or allow the car to idle for an extended period of time during or after a short trip in cold weather
    • Install a C-Tek battery conditioning charger to plug the car in while it sits in sub zero weather and recharge when the car is not operating
    • Use as few accessory features as possible
    • Shut of the auto Start/Stop feature to preserve battery usage.

    If none of these ideas work, then call our shop and we can diagnose potential alternate sources for the lower power message. It may be due to

    • a battery that is older than 3-4 years old and has reduced capacity
    • a current drain from a module staying on in the car when it is shut down and supposed to have gone to sleep
    • a battery IBS unit that is faulty
    • a programming update to adjust computer sensitivity.

    Atlantic Euro Cars has made significant investments in our diagnostic and programming abilities. We can help get your battery discharge warnings, or any other issues fixed right here in Saint John. don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of your concerns.

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