Best Battery Powered Weed Eater 2021

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Do I Need A Gas Trimmer Instead

Best String Trimmer (Battery Powered)? EGO, Milwaukee, DeWalt, Ryobi, Kobalt, Makita, Atlas, ECHO

If you have a large yard and need 16-18 of cutting swath, dont mind the louder noise, heavier weight, and the necessity of keeping both oil and gas on hand, then a gas-powered model might be the right choice to make.

In general, if you have a larger yard, or need to do heavy duty work, then a gas-powered model may work better for you. Although the power in battery powered trimmers has come a long way in recent years with the introduction of brushless motors and lithium ion batteries.

Most landscape professionals still rely on gas powered models because its more feasible to carry extra gas vs trying to find a place to charge batteries.

Or if you need to get through some really heavy brush, Id even consider buying a push or walk behind trimmer. They will knock down very thick grass and brush much faster than a handheld model.

Straight Shaft Versus Twisted Shaft

There are two chief kinds of shafts that weed eaters come in. Straight shafts and turned shafts both thought to some degree different things and will help other people reliant upon their weed-eating needs.

Straight Shaft Weed Eater

If all else fails of thumb, the straighter screwed strimmers are more solid, generally since when the shaft is bent so is the drive chain inside. While completely fine for light to work with use, colossal customers should go for a straight shaft.

The overall arrangement of the straight shaft is more valuable. Its more loosened up so its extension is widened, and the difficulty of twist accomplishes by and large less vibration during use.

String Trimmer Vs Edger

Although similar and sometimes available as a combi-tool, string trimmers and lawn edgers are designed for two different functions.

A string trimmer is the same as a weed eater. It is intended for cutting back large areas of weed or grasses across a broad surface area such as a border or lawn.

Edgers are intended for use to create a neatly defined edge to your lawn or grass areas. They make a clean-looking cut, making them a sort of a detailing tool.

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Best Cordless Weed Trimmers 2021

How many weed trimmers have you looked at before landing on this guide? Weâre going to guess quite a few unless this is the beginning of your search for the best cordless weed trimmers. In either case, youâll find exactly what you need here!

While it may be easy to keep the tall weeds at bay when you have a trimmer, finding a good model isnât so easy with all of the choices available out there.

Below, we will be showing you some of the best battery-powered weed eater units. This will make it quick and easy to find a high-quality trimmer.

How To Choose A Battery

The 10 Best Battery Powered Weed Eaters of 2021

Even if it would seem convenient to pick an electric cordless weed eater, there is a range of factors to consider when purchasing a battery-powered weed eater, starting with general considerations of intent and usability.

Some important factors to consider are

  • The weight
  • The versatility of the tool
  • Noise level of the weed eater
  • Cutting width

However, in addition to the above factors, perhaps the most important thing to consider would be the battery. When shopping, you would find a diverse range of battery-powered weed trimmers, having batteries that range from 12 volts 56 volts. Nevertheless, this depends on the scope of use. You should, however, go for a battery with a lower or higher voltage.

If you have a small lawn with a thin turf style, then a 12-volt battery might be a perfect alternative. A 12-volt battery is also a perfect alternative for beginners in the area of lawn maintenance. The 18-volt and 20-volt weed eaters are usually built for suburban use but are suitable for larger lawns and thicker grass styles.

If you have a very big yard, 1 acre or more, it makes sense to choose a more efficient battery, 36 volts or more. You can also aim at higher voltage if you are a lawn care specialist contemplating investing in an environmental tool.

Moreover, if you are just a homeowner searching for the right tool to keep your lawn, we would suggest 12-volt or 18-volt battery operated cordless weed eaters.

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Greenworks 14 40v Cordless String Trimmer

I highly recommend this cordless string trimmer because its attachment capable to provide multiple uses.

The Greenworks 40V cordless weed trimmer comes with a brushless motor that provides quieter work, greater torque, and higher battery efficiency.

It starts within seconds and comes with a battery and charger. The battery included in the kit is normally at a low voltage and needs charging before use.

Its one of the best electric weed trimmers because its lightweight yet powerful. The battery works with multiple Greenworks power tools.

Product Specifications:

Watch this video to know more:

How String Trimmers Are Powered

String trimmers are powered by either gas, electricity or a battery. Heres how Will Hudson, senior merchant of outdoor power equipment for The Home Depot, explained the differences between the three.

  • A gas string trimmer provides power to handle the toughest jobs without the need of an extension cord. Hudson recommended using non-ethanol gasoline for the best performance.
  • An electric string trimmer can carry consistent amounts of power through an electrical outlet with a cord, this is unlike a battery-powered string trimmer, which is cordless.
  • A battery powered string trimmer will run with less noise and feature batteries that usually are often compatible with other indoor and outdoor power tools. If youre wondering how the batteries on string trimmer compare, Hudson suggested looking at total watts on each. The higher the wattage, the more power.

My pick for homeowners would be a powerful battery model so you don’t need to worry about wires or filling with gas, Monji said. For the average yard, Bateman agreed that battery-powered string trimmer would be best, especially since he has seen battery life improve significantly in recent years. The kinds of weeds in your front or back yard also can help you decide whether you need an electric, gas or battery-powered trimmer. With thick weeds or overgrown lawns, an electric or battery powered trimmer could struggle more than one that uses gas, Bateman said.

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Why Do You Trust New York Best Reviews

Our Reviews are based on 47,048 reviews of consumer reports in 2022. We compared 15 Best Cordless Weed Eater with the same type to give the best products for you.Over the past year, New York Best Reviews have researched thousands of products and found ones that are best suited for most consumers. We’ve spent time analyzing this product, testing it out to make sure it was worth recommending- and if not, we discarded it. We only review products that are really good so you don’t waste your money on bad items as many other sites do! Check us out today to see what else we recommend!We only receive money if you buy purchase a product through our links, and all reviews about the products are our own.

Best For Homeowners: Ego Powerload String Trimmer With Line Iq St1623t

5 Best Weed Eaters You Can Buy In 2022

EGO started back in the day with surprisingly strong performance for a cordless string trimmer with eye-opening vibration control. Since then, its only gotten better as battery and motor technology have improved. Add to that, automatic line loading with EGOs PowerLoad feature makes string trimmers with it the easiest to load weve ever used. For 2022, automatic line feeding takes it to another level, setting the bar very high for any other brand hoping to compete for the title of the best battery-powered string trimmer.

Price: Price: $299 with 4.0Ah battery and charger

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Ego Power+ St1502 56v 25ah Lithium

  • Company: Ego Power+
  • Battery: 2.5 Ah / 56 V
  • Weight: 11.8 lbs
  • Price: $$$$

This next string trimmer is another one from the EGO POWER+ brand, and one of their more popular ones. Its quite similar to the one we viewed earlier, with a few differences that make it slightly more economical: it doesnt have a carbon fiber shaft, and it doesnt come with Ego Power+s Powerload head.

You can purchase this one with either a straight shaft or a split shaft if you go with the split shaft, you can add attachments.

Here are some of the highlight features:

  • Its nice and light weight, less than 12 lbs, which is great if you know your arms would complain about carrying around a heavy tool for up to an hour.
  • The aluminium shaft is extendable, so you can adjust it perfectly to your height , and theres an inline grip to make it even more comfortable.
  • The variable speed motor is a brushless, highly efficient one that can handle a lot of work time, and apparently is fairly quiet.
  • Theres a handy power switch you can press to let you know how much charge the battery has left while youre working.
  • It comes with a pretty impressive warranty, so your purchase would be protected: 5 year limited on the tool, and 3 year limited on the battery.

Are There Safety Precautions You Need To Take When Using A Weed Eater

A. Yes. Because the motion of the string can send grass and debris flying, its important to wear long pants, long sleeves and goggles. Battery-powered weed eaters tend to be quieter than gas-powered ones, but you may want hearing protection, too.

Also consider only using weed eaters for short periods of time, with breaks in between. The machines vibrations can cause nerve damage in the hands, arms and shoulders with long-term prolonged use.

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Echo Black Diamond 0095

Echo Black Diamond trimmer line is denser than others and has sharper cutting edges in its design. For battery-powered string trimmers, you can use Black Diamond 0.095-inch line that cuts like its thicker without killing your runtime. Theres some reduction because of the increase in mass, but not as much as when it combines with the increased air resistance of thicker lines. Its the line we prefer on our gas trimmers and with cordless models being as capable as they are today, were able to on those as well.

Price: $14.99 1-pound package

Finding A Good Cordless Electric Grass Trimmer That Works

Best Battery

It’s starting again: that season where the sun shines and the grass grows like crazy. In the battle for control over your lawn, the right tools make all the difference.

Having spent the better part of my teenage years wrestling with a stubborn gas trimmer , I can tell you that we live in a golden age of lawn care. Nowadays there are many excellent quality cordless grass trimmers that will make you forget all about the dreaded pull cord.

The best cordless electric string trimmers have a distinct advantage over both gas and corded alternatives of the past: they’re light, portable, affordable to run, and easy to take to each and every corner of your garden. There is no gas or oil to mix and pour, and carburetors to clean out. They also differ from their counterparts in a few ways.

This article will be taking a close look at a handful of top-notch cordless weed trimmers, giving the pros and cons of each model and hopefully helping you identify a few brands to check out. I’m aiming it towards someone who knows very little about trimmers in general, so hopefully, you’ll find it helpful!

Let’s get going.

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Greenworks 2: Best Corded Electric Weed Eater

If youâve got some doubts as to whether an electric weed eater could ever measure up to a gas-powered one, then the Greenworks 21142 deserves a closer look. It is almost double the weight of most electric weed eaters, but thatâs because itâs designed for power and durability.

It has an impressive 18-inch swath, so you can cover a greater area quickly, while the dual string means it easily dispatches even thick weeds. The lack of edging features is a bit of a disappointment and this is not a great option for small, hard-to-reach areas.

The Greenworks 21142 offers great value for money too. Itâs not the cheapest on the market, but at around $70, itâs still very affordable, especially considering the cutting power it offers. A corded model may be inconvenient for some, but a battery-powered model with this much power would be more expensive.

Features To Look For When Buying A Battery Powered Weed Eater

Apart from all the considerations above, you should also check out the following features to make sure the tool you want to buy really is the best battery powered weed eater for you:

  • Weight: The lighter the string trimmer, the easier it will be to operate. Some of the best cordless weed eaters weigh as little as 3 pounds and are very easy to maneuver, even by people with impairments.
  • Adjustable shaft length: This feature will allow you to match the shaft length with your height for more comfortable operation. Some of the best battery weed wackers also have adjustable handles.
  • Head guard: Often underrated, this component prevents small rocks and debris from injuring you. It is essential to get a string trimmer with quality head guard that wont crack or break after the first use.
  • Auto-feed spool: Saves you the hassle of bumping the head to feed new line. Most of the best cordless weed eaters have this feature.
  • Fast charger: Another underrated feature regards the battery charger. While most batteries require around 3-4 hours to recharge, a fast charger can fill it up with juice in an hour or less. Definitely something to consider if you want to use the battery with multiple tools or if you have a bigger lawn and dont want to invest in multiple batteries.

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Key Features Of The Dewalt Dcst922

The noteworthy feature of the DeWalt 20V Max XR Folding String Trimmer, as you might guess, revolves around the hinged shaft. This hinge lets the trimmer fold in half, allowing for easy storage and transport. It makes the tool 41% shorter when folded in the stowing position.

Beyond that marquee feature, youve still got a string trimmer designed to handle the rigors of home lawn maintenance. This trimmer comes equipped with a brushless motor that reaches speeds up to 6000 RPM. The DeWalt Folding String Trimmer has a respectable 14-inch cutting swath. With its QuickLoad Spool system, it can wind up new 0.080 line quickly and easily.

If you grab the kitted DeWalt 20V folding string trimmer, it includes a DCB2015 5.0Ah battery and charger. That kit retails for $199. As a bare tool, you can pick it up the 20V DeWalt DCST922 for just $129.

The Best Cordless Weed Eater Is Friendly To The Environment

Best Battery Lawn Mower 2021 | TORO 60V Commercial Lawn Mower Maintenance

Some of the best cordless weed eater on Earth are often costly. There’s a lot out there to beware of, and it can be hard knowing what will make your life better for both short-term use as well as long-term sustainability goals like recycling or reducing paper consumption.

The key point that you should take away from this passage is that eco-friendly choices don’t always have to break your bank account with some research , we’re able to find affordable options too!

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How To Determine How Long It Will Run

As we mentioned below, the âAhâ rating of the battery is the amount of energy it can store. This will directly correlate to the runtime of the weed trimmer and why we are mentioning it to you now!

Be aware though, that many battery powered devices may state an unrealistic runtime. We found this especially true for older cordless wee trimmers.

The higher the Ah rating, the longer the battery will run on a single charge. Realize that the runtime is just an estimate and it is quite hard to determine an exact run time since so many factors are in play. Sometimes, you might just âzapâ the weeds here and there. Other times you may have the motor running full-blast for long periods of time.

If you blast through a patch of thick weeds, the motor is going to work extra hard and youâll wear down the battery faster!

The moral of the story is that the AH of the battery can give you a clue to the run time but exact time depends on how you use it.

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Are Cordless Weed Trimmers Any Good

Cordless weed trimmers make a great choice for people who prefer a modern, powerful, quiet, and low-maintenance tool that starts every time.

If youre looking for a lightweight weed trimmer thats much quieter than gas trimmers and starts easily, look no further than cordless weed trimmers.

The best part? You dont have to stress about fuel storage and mixing. I recently switched to an electric weed trimmer and Im never looking back.

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Electric Corded String Trimmers Vs Battery Operated Weed Eaters Vs Gas Weed Whackers

As you might know, weed trimmers can be electric , or gas powered.

Electric trimmers are usually lighter, which makes them easier to maneuver and carry around. They also do not produce emissions and are less loud in comparison with gas trimmers.

The drawback of electric corded trimmer is that you need to have a heavy duty extension cord to use it, and be careful not to cut it while using the machine.

The cons of battery powered weed eaters are that your trimming work is limited by the time of your battery charge. The way to go around it is to buy an extra battery and have it charged and ready to go. Extra battery and charger are readily available from most manufacturers.

Also, the manufacturers of lawn and garden tools and equipment make the battery swappable between devices in some lines of their products.

For example, Black and Decker 20V Max battery can power a range of lawn and garden machines , as well as vacuums and power tools. It will work with any 20 V MAX Black& Decker products you own.

Electric lawn and weed trimmers are perfect for maintaining smaller yards. they are easpecially great if you are female, then a battery operated trimmer is for sure the way to go.

Now, about gas weed whackers.

The advantages of gas trimmers is that they have a bit more torque, so you can use them on heavier foliage and woodier stems. Also, some gas trimmer models have detachable heads for trimming grass and weeds and for cutting shrubs and bushes.

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