Best Battery Self Propelled Lawn Mower

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Our Experience After One Year Of Using The Ego Electric Lawn Mower

What is the best cordless self propelled lawn mower? Masterforce Greenworks 80 Volt Brushless Mower!

After a year of hands-on use, heres what a member of our team, Taylor, has to say about his experience with the Ego mower:

Im not the type of person who really enjoys and looks forward to mowing their yard, unlike many of my neighbors its a chore that needs to get done just like any of the others that are part of owning a home. With that being said, the Ego mower is hands-down my favorite mower that Ive used to date.

Its quiet enough that I have no problems listening to a podcast or audiobook while mowing, which definitely couldnt be said about my older gas mowers. The battery life is commendable, and assuming it hasnt been too long between mowings, one large battery easily gets me through both my front and back yards without issue.

One of my favorite features is its ability to neatly fold up with a few quick releases of a lever or two. If youre short on storage space for yard tools like I am this space-saving feature is super welcomed.

A surprise feature I found myself thankful for just recently was the LED lights. In Pennsylvania fall, there isnt much time between the end of the workday and it being too dark to mow. I had half of my front yard left to mow while the sun was quickly setting, but the headlights on the mower made it a total non-issue.

How To Choose The Best Cordless Lawn Mower

Your budget and the size of your lawn will be pivotal in deciding which brand and model of cordless lawn mower will best suit your needs. Think about the following points before you buy:

Match the battery run time to the size of your lawn. Most mowers have a recommended maximum lawn size or run time and ideally a fully charged battery will last long enough for you to finish the job

What can I expect to pay for a cordless mower?

While most are sold in a kit, with the battery and charger, this is not always the case so check you’re getting everything you need before you buy. Lots of mowers are part of a brand’s cordless system which means the battery and charger are also compatible with their other cordless tools, such as hedge trimmers and leaf blowers, even DIY tools, and will save you money when you invest in the future.

Ryobi Ry48ztr: Best Ride On Battery Lawn Mower

The Ryobi RY48ZTR100 is the best ride on battery mower out there with a whopping 42-inch cutting deck powered by a massive 100Ah battery, this can handle any job. The four brushless motors power the dual blades and four wheels across 12 cut heights and work in forward and reverse with a top speed of 7mph.

The zero point control arms make for accurate driving and the LED lights let you work day or night. There’s even a drinks holder and USB charger for your phone plus a snow plough attachment for use in the winter â just don’t expect this to be a cheap option.

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Best Cordless: Makita 18

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Includes extra set of batteries

  • Optional quiet mode

  • Needs higher cutting height

This push mower from Makita is a top choice if youre looking for a cordless, battery-powered model. It has a brushless motor that delivers up to 3,300 revolutions per minute for fast, powerful cutting, and the tool comes with four 18-volt batteriesit uses two at a time, and all together, the four batteries deliver around 40 minutes or runtime.

The Makita Push Lawn Mower has an 18-inch commercial-grade steel deck, which is a bit smaller than other models, and its able to bag, mulch, or rear-discharge clippings. There are 10 cutting heights, but the highest setting is only 3 inches, which can result in the machine struggling a bit in tall, overgrown grass. The mower has a soft, rubberized grip for operator comfort, and theres even a quiet mode that helps keep the volume to a minimumideal if you like to mow early in the morning.

Cutting Width: 18 inches | Weight: 60.46 pounds | Power Source: Battery | Cutting Options: Bag, mulch, rear-discharge | Size of Yard: 0.50 – 1 acre

Battery Voltage & Run Time

Self Propelled Battery Powered Lawn Mower

You probably noticed that there are some different battery voltages in the units I reviewed above. Anywhere from 40V up to 84V. So does this mean the 84V battery will last twice as long as a 40V battery? Not necessarily, while you will get more run time from the larger voltage battery, the voltage is similar to the horsepower of the lawnmower. The higher voltage battery, the more power the electric engine can produce. The higher voltage lawnmowers will generally cost more than lower voltage models, so take that into consideration when choosing a model.

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How We Test Lawn Mowers

A good example of how T3 performs hands-on testing of cordless lawn mowers can be seen in our Stihl RMA 443 VC review . We have a clear methodology when reviewing products and mowers are no exception, with us first assembling and then using wireless lawn mowers to actually cut grass ourselvesin areal world environment.

Take the Stihl RMA 443 VC coverage as an example. In the picture above, Deputy Editor of T3 Robert Jones is shown in videos and pictures actually using the mower. He also provides his personal, hands-on experience with the mower, talking through his findings in terms of design and build quality as well as performance and features.

We don’t just rely on what a manufacturer says about their product we test cordless lawn mowers ourselves, looking out for key signs of quality. If a mower misses the mark, we’ll let you know, while if it slays sward like a pro then you’ll know. The best mowers on the market end up in T3’s best cordless lawn mowers buying guide.

Toro Recycler 21 Inch Smartstow 60v: Best Electric Lawn Mower For Speed

The Toro Recycler 21 inch SmartStow 60-Volt Cordless mower excels when it comes to small, flat lawns. This is all down to its cordless design and self propelled operation. The only drawback is that it takes a while to fully charge, and can only be used for 45 minutes at the time when the battery is finally full.

There is an added bonus when it comes to storage though, as it can be placed upright when it is not in use. You can also choose from three different options when it comes to discharging grass clippings. The warranty on this model is two years, which is average for a mower of this type.

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Editors Choice: Ego Lm2135sp Self

While certainly not the least expensive brand, EGO packs more power, performance, and useful features into their battery-powered self-propelled mowers, than any other mower brand. And the model LM2135SP EGO Peak Power mower is easily one of their Best-selling mowers.

With a generous 21 mowing deck, the EGO mower offers Touch Drive technology. Simply place your palm on the drive pad, and use your fingertips to control the speed.

The XP Select Cut option includes 3 different mowing blade options Mulching, High-Lift , and Power Saver blade.

EGO Lawn Mower Video:

Clippings are managed by Mulching, Side Discharge, or Rear Bagging . It comes from the factory set up to mulch.

In our Field Test this week, the adjustable speed control, up to 3.1 MPH, almost had us running to keep up, so we kept it dialed up about 1/2 way. This mower is as fast as you could hope for, allowing you to finish the job quicker.

Just In case you havent used a battery-powered self-propelled mower before, ask anyone that has and they will confirm nothing is worse than running out of battery power before you finish your lawn.

And while battery power will never outlast a gas-powered lawn mower, The option of this EGO mower closes the gap, by running on 7.5 Amp battery and allowing up to 60 minutes of run time on a single charge. No other battery-powered mower on the market compares to this kind of run-time.

With features almost too numerous to list, the EGO LM2135SP Specifications are:

The Most Powerful Electric Lawn Mower Isnt Necessarily The Best

Milwaukee Lawn Mower 21″ Dual Battery Self-Propelled

You should consider how large your yard is and how often you intend to mow it. If your lawn is 1/3 acre or bigger, youâll want to spring for a high-performance model with a high-voltage battery, wide cutting path and multiple height settings. If you have a smaller yard or donât need to mow very often, you can probably get away with one that has less power.

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Snapper Xd 82v Max Stepsense: Best Self

The Snapper XD 82V Max StepSense is a self-propelled battery mower that still manages to offer up to an hour of cutting thanks to its dual battery bay. The mower is smart enough to up power when needed in tougher grass areas and save battery on simple cut sections.

The self-propulsion is just as smart, adding drive as you lean into the mower. This also has a five year warranty and is reassuringly solid at 90 pounds in weight, but is also maneuverable and can be folded for vertical storage.

Can I Use A Different Greenworks Amp Hour Battery In My Unit

Yes! For most of our current units, as long as the batteries are from the same Greenworks voltage line , the amp hours are interchangeable. Please refer to the below link for our voltage line: you are unsure if your battery is part of a voltage line that can be interchanged, please contact us at for further assistance. *Exceptions for our Greenworks 60v 8.0Ah and certain chainsaws in the 80v line.*

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Worx Wg779 40v Power Share Mulching Lawn Mower

The WG779 lawn mower from WORX comes complete with two 20-volt batteries compatible with other WORX Power Share tools and a dual-port charger so you can charge both batteries at the same time.

This battery-powered mower also comes with a mulching plug and a plastic-topped rear collection bag with an indicator that tells you when the bag is full and needs emptying.

All of these features are great, but what makes the WORX WG779 special? For one, it has an indicator right on the mower that lets you know when the battery is almost out of juice.

Plus, the mower has an Intellicut torque-on-demand knob to regulate power for tougher or easier grass conditions. Intellicut helps extend battery life while still giving the mower plenty of power to cut through thick grass.

Another benefit is that the WORX WG779 is lightweight at less than 30 pounds and easy to store because of its compact size.

If you want a good battery-powered mower for a small yard and small storage space, this could be the one for you.


Lawnmaster Electric Lawn Mower

Greenworks Pro 80V 21

From efficient lawn tools and accessories to robust lawnmowers the brand LawnMaster has everything you need. The electric lawn mower we have here comes with a high-power 12-amp motor that runs at 3600 RPM speed.

With its decent 19-inch cutting deck that is made of great impact rust-free material, you can cut through wide areas without much hassle in no time.

Many mowers provide either side discharge or just mulching function, but this lawn mower features both functionalities for easy and better trimming of your yard.

From 1.5 inches to 4 inches, the machine offers 6 cutting heights. You can choose the best-suited height using its convenient adjustable lever.

Weighing 35 lbs, this easy-to-handle lawn mower does not occupy much space and can be easily moved using its sturdy 6.7-inch wheels. You can fold its handle and store it away in your garage effortlessly when you are not using it.


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Craftsman M100 140cc Gas Push Lawn Mower

Craftsman is a popular brand that is meant for its quality products in the tools and equipment industry. This M100 push lawn mower is an ideal option to mow on a small flat yard of up to 1/4 acre. It is powered by a reliable 140cc Briggs and Stratton engine with a primer which is a low-emission engine to have an easy and quiet operation of the mower.

With its 21-inch cutting width, the mower can easily trim more grass at once, and also you can adjust the height of this mower to 6 easy-to-change different levels ranging from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches to cut any type of grass at different heights.

It makes the mowing much more comfortable and convenient with its 2-in-1 convertible deck for side discharge and mulching, as it has a 21-inch steel deck to handle more grass. It has durable wheels to enhance maneuverability on any type of terrain.

The adjustable loop handle will offer ultimate control and comfort while mowing. Furthermore, you get a 2-year warranty on the product against any manufacturing defects.


Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

Although the two-handed self-propulsion control is a more convenient setup than the one-handed paddle design seen on competitors, it does make accidentally engaging the self-propulsion a little too easy. Usually this isnt an issue, but often the moments when youre grasping to get a better grip on the handle are the times you least want to engage the self-propulsion. For example, if you are mowing across a hill, theres a brief moment during a turnaround when the mower is pointing up or down the hill. When adjusting your grip to make those turns, you may inadvertently tap the throttle, destabilizing your stance or your grip on the mower. If anyone from Egos reading this, theyll probably say were mowing on too steep a hill, but hey, sometimes life throws a steep hill at you.

We think that the hour or so of run time is going to be enough for anyone keeping to about a half-acre, but if thats not enough, additional batteries are available to extend run time infinitely. But batteries are costly. Depending on the Ah, they currently range in price from about $140 to about $250 , and up to about $450 for a 7.5 Ah battery. They all fit, and with a second one on the charger while one is on the mower, you can really minimize or eliminate downtime.

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Types Of The Best Self

There are many types of self-propelled electric lawn mowers on the market now. And it can be really confusing to decide which one is the best for you and your garden. Here, we will help you choose the best one by providing a list of the different types available, as well as their pros and cons.

1) The first type is the push self-propelled electric lawnmower.

This is probably the most common and the most popular type of self-propelled electric lawnmower. It is easy to use and it can be pushed around easily. However, it is not suitable for large gardens as it can be quite difficult to maneuver.

2) The second type is the riding self-propelled electric lawnmower.

This is a great choice for those who have large gardens. It is very easy to use and it can go over any terrain. However, it is quite expensive and it is not suitable for small gardens.

3) The third type is the robotic self-propelled electric lawnmower.

This is the most expensive type but it is also the most convenient. It can be programmed to mow your lawn for you and it will even return to its charging station when it is done. However, it is not suitable for large gardens as it is quite difficult to maneuver.

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The perfect solution: Honda 663040

Honda‘s 663040 21-inch GCV170 engine Smart Drive variable speed 3-in-1 self-propelled lawnmower with auto choke and electric start is the perfect solution for your lawn care needs.

Best rating: EGO Power+ LM2142SP

Best overall: Greenworks GLM801601

Why Isnt My Mulching Working

Best battery powered lawn mowers in 2022 (Cordless)

First, make sure the mulching plug is inserted into the rear slot at the back of the unit. Next, remove the bag. If too many grass clippings are sticking to the underside of the deck when mowing, the grass is too wet. Wait until the grass dries before mowing again. Also, it’s important to keep the underside of the deck clean and clear of debris so that the blade can efficiently cut and mulch.

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Tips For Mulch Mowing:

Here are some of the tips that help you in proper mulching of your grass mowing.

  • It is better to mow the lawn when the grass is dry but not wet, as wet grass will clump and not have a fine cutting.
  • In case, if you notice clumping while mowing the dry grass, then increase the mower to its highest setting and repeat the process in clumped areas. Then its blades will work as a fan by spreading out all the clumped grass.
  • It is better to cut the top third of the grass level, as too much cutting of grass results in clumping and uneven finish.
  • Also, avoid cutting grass below 1-inch height, as cutting too low will result in the scalping of grass and thereby cause weeds and the lawn will quickly dry out. So, it is best to keep the lawn to 2-inches will work well.
  • Try to keep the mower blades sharp to improve the cutting process and provides a clean finish. They cut small particles to have better mulching results.

Pro Pick: Milwaukee M18 Fuel 21

Boasting a monstrous 10 ft-lbs of torque , Milwaukees M18 Fuel self-propelled lawn mower is the strongest battery-powered walk-behind weve tested so far. Using a pair of 12.0Ah batteries, it can run up to an hour in light conditions and we ran it for more than 40 minutes when taking off 4 6 inches of growth. If theres a downside, its that the drive thumb bar introduces some thumb fatigue, but we were able to adjust our grip to deal with it.

The mower also has a tough build designed to handle professional use while offering the convenience of single-point height adjustments and vertical storage.

Price: $999.00 with two 12.0Ah batteries and a dual-port rapid charger

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