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Are There Any Specific Requirements Regarding The Storage Of Waste Batteries

Lead Battery Recycling

Waste batteries must be stored in sealed, approved containers, in order to prevent leakage of sulphuric acid onto surface areas, ground and water systems. Battery storage bins can be obtained by contacting your local Manbat branch who will make arrangements for the delivery of these to your specific site.

There are restrictions upon the volume of waste batteries that can be stored on site, under the S2 Low Risk Exemption, framework enacted by the Environment Agency. A maximum of 10 battery bins or 10,000kg may be stored at any period on each site.

Battery bins must be filled carefully to maximise the space and avoid where possible overturn and excessive damage of batteries. Waste collections must only be arranged if the battery bin is completely full, this ensures that the bin weight exceeds 800kg. If bin volumes do not meet this requirement, then charges will be made for the collection.

Analysis Of Key Players In Global Lead

The global lead-acid battery scrap market comprises several small and large-scale manufacturers and suppliers that control majority of the share. Most firms are adopting new technologies and strategies with comprehensive research and development activities, primarily to increase flexibility and manufacturing operations. Expansion of product portfolio and mergers & acquisitions are major strategies adopted by key players. Johnson Controls International PLC, Gravita India Ltd., EnerSys, Exide Industries Ltd., Systems Sunlight S.A., Aqua Metals Inc., Battery Solutions LLC, Amidt Group, Duracell Inc., Engitec Technologies SpA, Ecobat Technologies Ltd, Bee’ah Sharjah Environment Company LLC, Madenat Al Nokhba Recycling Services LLC, and EnviroServe are prominent entities operating in the market.

Are You Looking To Sell Old Batteries

Lead-acid batteries can be found in old cars, junkyards,heavy machinery and trucks. If you happen to come across one, then we highlyrecommend selling it to us so we can safely and appropriately recycle it. Metal Men Recycling is a scrapmetal recycling plant that recycles several differenttypes of metal and products including lead-acid batteries, brass, electricmotors, scrap cars and cans to name a few.

We offer pickupservices with several sized bins for large collections at home or at yourbusiness. Well deliver the bins and once theyve been filled, well come backto pick them up within a 24-hours.We also offer weighbridges that are rated to 90 tonnes so you can get yourvehicle through our facility easily.

If youd like to get in touch with us to discuss our services or sell old batteries, then please give us a call on 03 5941 6677. You may also contact us via the enquiry form found on our website.

Sell Your Scrap Metal for Money
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How To Recycle Lead Acid Batteries

When recycling large lead batteries that come from vehicles or backup power arrays, it will be in your best interest to gather a high volume of batteries. For smaller quantities, local auto shops often will collect batteries and give you store credit. However, if you have dozens of batteries on hand, bringing them to a scrap yard will give you a better return than what a smaller shop would offer. We suggest you load car batteries in safe packaging so that they will transport well. It may be better for you to use one of our scrap containers to make hauling easier and safer too.

Toxic To Humans When Broken Down Or Damaged

Battery Scrap

We dont have to wait for the batteries to end up in the landfill they can be toxic even before they are packed with curbside trash.

Damaged lithium-ion batteries may release fine particles with the aerodynamic diameters of less than 10 or 2.5m the notorious PM10 and PM2.5.

The problem is that these particles contain matter-bound metals like arsenic, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, copper, or lead.

Dust can enter the respiratory system and cause a variety of health problems, such as cardiovascular and respiratory conditions, carcinogenicity, and endocrine system imbalance.

Hydrofluoric acid is a hazardous gas that can leak from used-up lithium-ion batteries. HF is highly corrosive and can enter the human body through the skin or by inhaling. It readily penetrates the skin and settles in deeper layers where it releases its toxic components.

It is estimated that between 20 and 200 mg of HF can be released per W of the electric vehicle battery pack.

This easily amounts to more than 80-800 times the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Immediate Danger to Life or Health level.

Do not under any circumstance try to take apart a lithium-ion battery!

Leave it to the professionals who know how to protect themselves and the environment.

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Scrap Battery Prices: What They Are Now

It is worth knowing that current prices of scrap batteries dont stay current for too long. In fact, they can fluctuate daily, just like the prices of gas. That is nothing to be concerned about.

Battery recycling is always worth it, no matter the price. However, if you want to cash in on your scrap batteries, it is a good idea to understand why the prices fluctuate.

Knowing the reasons behind these ups and downs in the scrap battery market can help you make the best decision for your business when it comes to scrapping used batteries.

Who Recycles Scrap Lead Acid Batteries Near Me

A rise in the use of electric vehicles has accelerated the demand for lead-acid batteries. Whether it be obsolete batteries, or a pile of scrap is building up, it may be important to ask, Who recycles scrap lead-acid batteries near me?

Lead-acid batteries become obsolete after three to five years of use. Therefore, the significant rise in the number of vehicles is likely to produce increased quantities of scrap lead-acid batteries in the future.

Characteristics such as high current delivery, resistance to corrosion and abrasion, tolerance to overcharging, low internal impedance, etc. make them appropriate to be used in electric vehicles.

The characteristics of the battery are valuable but can pose a danger if improperly disposed of.

With the high acid content, it is highly advisable not to try recycling lead-acid batteries outside of a certified, and reputable recycling center. In fact, Interco buys lead-acid batteries for recycling purposes.

It is known that consumers and businesses recycle lead-acid batteries more than any other batteries.

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We Buy Lead Acid Batteries


We collect, process and recycle metal. Every day we process over 1,000 tonnes of steel through the only privately owned large-scale shredder in the West Midlands.

We have capability to export over 20,000 tonnes of steel every month and our processing facility is the envy of our peers. Our fleet is privately owned and family run, as is our wider business.

Were proud to be part of the manufacturing community in the Midlands.

Our high-yield output is expertly processed and forward exported to both domestic and foreign manufacturing companies.


An Integrated Approach To Solutions For Universal Waste Generators

(EN) SUNLIGHT Recycling // Lead-acid Batteries Recycling (ULAB)

Universal waste refers to the hazardous waste created when a variety of commonly used products are discarded including batteries, lightbulbs, and items that contain mercury such as fluorescent lights. Before they are thrown out, we rely on these products for our productivity, comfort, security, and convenience. When these products are no longer useful, it’s imperative that they be handled in a responsible way that is legally compliant and reduces their potential environmental impact. Clean Earth serves as a critical part in the lifecycle of these products.

Not only do we ensure the safe destruction and disposal of dangerous chemicals that could otherwise end up in a landfill, but we also reduce the total amount of waste by processing the resulting components such as plastics and metals for recycling.

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Historical Prices For Car Batteries

View All Scrap Prices

Bring in your Car Batteries and other scrap metals to Rockaway Recycling. We accept Car Batteries for scrap, as well as forklift batteries. We do not accept Ni-Cad batteries, only lead-acid based batteries. Look for the PB on the batteries to identify them as lead-acid batteries. As long as you can see that, you know you have a lead battery and we accept those for scrap. If you are looking to recycle your Car Batteries and other automotive scrap you can check the current prices for them on our website. We update our prices daily online and as soon as they change at the scale so you always know what to expect.

For years, Rockaway Recycling has been buying lead-acid batteries for scrap metal. We can provide you with current scrap prices for your lead batteries that you may get from cars, trucks, and other automobiles. You can check your batteries for the symbol Pb to ensure that it is a lead battery. Contact us below to receive a quote for your bulk amount of battery scrap.

Lead acid batteries tend to be one of the most common types of scrap batteries that you will come across. Used across platforms from your cars, boats, motorcycles, and even the UPS backups that you connect your computer to, these batteries are always going to be marked with the letters Pb on them .

Here are some places that lead batteries will come out of:

Rise In Awareness About Environment And Health

Lead is a key raw material used in the manufacture of leadacid batteries. The metal poses high threat to the environment and human life. Improper disposal of batteries in landfills can cause contamination of groundwater and surface water sources with lead. Thus, players in the global lead-acid battery scrap market are taking initiatives to recycle batteries. The commercial value obtained from recycling of leadacid batteries is also high, as batteries comprise about 70% to 100% of recyclable lead. Lead is non-renewable however, it can be recycled indefinite number of times. This results in a constant supply of lead from used batteries.

Non-profit organizations are collaborating with automotive companies to increase awareness about battery recycling, thereby boosting the flow of leadacid battery scrap for recycling purposes. Thus, growth in awareness about environment and health-related hazards is expected to drive the global leadacid battery scrap market during the forecast period.

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Interco Offers The Best Prices For Scrap Lead

It is profitable to recycle lead-acid batteries. Also, it enables recyclers to recover valuable metals and reduces the harmful effects on the environment that improper disposal causes. In fact, Interco has grown from an electronic scrap recycling company to a comprehensive processor and recycler handling nonferrous, industrially generated metal-bearing complex residues, most battery chemistries, and catalysts. Thus, the team at Interco continues to lead the way in terms of best prices scrap lead-acid batteries. Finally, to learn more about how to recycle lead-acid batteries, click here.

Where Do I Take My Scrap Lead

Who Recycles Scrap Lead Acid Batteries Near Me?

Many businesses are unaware of the potential recycling value of lead-acid batteries. A pile of scrap leads to asking, Where do I take my Scrap Lead Acid Batteries to be Recycled Safely?

If you have a used lead-acid battery, there are a few ways to safely dispose of it. Recycling services like Interco, as well as many car workshops, scrap metal dealers, and transfer stations, will accept used car batteries for recycling.

Recycling used lead-acid batteries is significant because of the nature of their composition and use. Manufacturers and consumers alike use lead-acid batteries as backup power supplies or to power things like the following:

  • Electric scooters
  • Electric wheelchairs

The plastic in lead-acid batteries is almost entirely polypropylene, which has a high heat tolerance. Furthermore, it can enter the recycling process. Furthermore, the lead in the batteries is sold to companies that make new batteries. In fact, the EPA estimates that up to 80% of the plastic and lead in any new battery you purchase is recycled.

Scrappers and recyclers often look for the best prices a recycling center can offer for scrap lead-acid batteries. Therefore, their research begins with asking, Where do I take my Scrap Lead Acid Batteries to be Recycled Safely?

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If I Want To Collect Scrap Batteries From My Customers On A Regular Basis What Do I Have To Do To Ensure Compliance

You must be registered as a waste carrier/broker with the Environment Agency. This costs £154 and is valid for 3 years.

You must register each of your premises with the Environment Agency as a low risk exemption storage of hazardous waste at your site, which has been produced by other businesses. There is currently no cost for this registration.

For every collection / receipt of waste batteries you make, whether single battery or multiple batteries, you must provide your customer with a hazardous waste consignment note. This note must be in duplicate, you must retain a copy of it for your records. Consignment notes must be retained for 3 years.

All consignment notes produced are subject to reporting requirements from the Environment Agency. This must be done using their specific format and reported on a quarterly basis thus Jan Mar April June Jul Sept Oct Dec. Each consignment note will be charged at £10.00 and an invoice is raised against you as the consignee.

Uaes Second Battery Recycling Centre To Reprocess 58% Of Its Lead

The United Arab Emirates has revealed plans for a state-of-the-art facility that will recycle around 58% of the lead acid battery scrap generated in the country.

Royal Gulf Industries aims to recycle up to 35,000 metric tonnes of used lead-acid batteries annually to produce 21,500 tonnes of lead ingots and 2,400 metric tonnes of plastic granules.

The materials will be exported to India, Japan, Korea, China and Europe for the manufacturing of new lead acid batteries and cases.

The facility at Al Ghail Industrial Zone is due to be commissioned in the fourth quarter of this year.

Royal Gulf is a subsidiary of Hyderabad Castings and part of Nakhat Group.

The new company is set to invest AED 62.4 million to construct the battery recycling centre on approximately 110,000 ft2 of land.

Hanuman Mal Nakhat, chairman of Royal Gulf Industries, said the company aimed to collect waste batteries not just from the UAE, but also import from around the world to make Ras Al Khaimah a hub for recycling.

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Scrap Metal & Large Appliances

Large appliances must be recycled in South Carolina. The City of Charleston accepts these through curbside collection and Charleston County accepts these at recycling drop-off centers. Additionally, when buying a new appliance, ask if the retailer will accept the old appliance for recycling. You can also take these to Charleston Steel and Metal for recycling, or check out for car recycling.

Ability To Recover 100% Lead From Lead

Lead Battery Recycling Process

In terms of recovery rate, lead is one of the most recycled materials across the globe. Currently, recycled lead accounts for more than 50% share in terms of production of new lead products. Used lead batteries have 100% recovery rate, while newspapers have 63% aluminum cans have 55% tires have 41% glass containers have 33% and polyethylene terephthalate bottles have 32% rate of recovery. Around 75% of lead is employed in the production of leadacid batteries across the globe nearly 100% of this is easily recoverable and recyclable.

Recycling and reuse of lead-acid batteries can help reduce carbon dioxide emissions. These batteries can find application in hybrid and electric vehicles, smart grids, and wind and solar farms. Thus, the ability to recover 100% lead and other useful materials from leadacid batteries is anticipated to fuel the global leadacid battery scrap market during the forecast period.

Request a custom report on Lead-acid Battery Scrap Market

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Can I Get Paid For My Scrap Batteries

Most recyclers and scrap yards will pay for your scrap batteries per a pound. It is quite rare that the price is offered per an individual battery.

This is especially good news for businesses. As a business owner you can arrange truckloads of used batteries to be collected by recyclers.

At Battery Recyclers of America we try and provide cash back to our clients for their recyclable batteries. In some cases, we may need to charge if the volume is too low.

If youre unsure what you can get per weight, you can always contact Battery Recyclers for a quote.

The Largest Tsdf Network In The Country

With the largest TSDF network in the country, it is our unique capability of providing a one-source, full-service solution to handle multiple waste streams from a single customer. Our processes are detailed, our due diligence is tireless, and our results provide unmatched recycling and disposal solutions for our customers with the utmost in customer service.

Everyday Clean Earth takes a hands-on, dedicated approach to recycling and beneficially reusing waste that would otherwise go into landfills. Allow our team of experts to provide a customized waste disposal and recycling solution for your company, tailored to your needs, and your goals.

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Where To Find The Best Prices For Scrap Lead

Many consumers and companies are unaware of the potential recycling value of lead-acid batteries. Therefore, it is beneficial to understand scrap metal prices. Scrappers and recyclers often look for the best prices scrap lead-acid batteries recycling centers offer.

Three of the most typical factors that influence the price change of metals include the supply and demand energy cost and production and the price of virgin metals.

Auto batteries, and any other type of large lead-acid battery, cannot go in household trash or recycling. In addition, lead-acid batteries are banned from landfills and incinerators in every state because of their toxicity levels.

Eventually, these batteries reach end-of-life status or become obsolete. Therefore, those who have collected a pile of scrap lead-acid batteries can look forward to finding the best prices for scrap lead-acid batteries.

Interco has a global network that offers the ability to provide the most competitive prices in North America.

How To Get Paid For Scrap Batteries

Global Lead Recycling Battery Sales Market Report 2017

When we say recycling used batteries is worth it, we really mean it. It can make a difference in the environment but also save, if not make you, some money in the process.

Current scrap prices are susceptible to a number of influences.

So, what do we need to know to still cash in on the scrap batteries with all these uncertain prices and fluctuations in the market?

The answer is simple. Quantity: the more the better.

Youre probably wondering: Can I get paid for my scrap batteries?

Most recyclers and scrap yards will pay for your scrap batteries per a pound. It is quite rare that the price is offered per an individual battery.

This is especially good news for businesses. As a business owner you can arrange truckloads of used batteries to be collected by recyclers.

At Battery Recyclers of America, we try and provide cash back to our clients for their recyclable batteries. In some cases, we may need to charge if the volume is too low.

If youre unsure what you can get per weight, you can always contact Battery Recyclers for a quote.

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