Best Hidden Gps Tracker For Car Long Battery Life

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Total Cost Of Each Gps Tracker

TOP 6: Best Car GPS Trackers of 2021 | NO Monthly Fees?

Since most people will want a permanent GPS tracking solution for their trailer, it is important to know the yearly costs of each cellular-based GPS tracker.

1246.00 60

*the table price is calculated by taking the monthly subscription fee of each tracker by 12 months each year plus the initial device cost.

Rfwin Rearview Mirror Spy Sunglasses

You definitely have to be aware of everything around you while spying on anyone. Is someone following you? Or whats going behind your back? You cant always turn behind and make sure if everythings okay. And if you do so, the person following you will get to know that youre inking ascendants. So, in such a case, you need something that can let you see whats going behind you, that too without turning back. This is why we present you the cool and one-of-a-kind spy gadget which can actually be very helpful to you to keep an eye on whats going behind you and play safe.


  • The specific lenses allow you to look straight ahead and still gives a clear view of whats going on behind you.
  • Looks very stylish just like another pair of glasses but lets you see if anyone is following you without actually having eyes in the back of the head.


Gotele Gps Tracker For Motorcycle


WHY WE LIKE IT: The goTeles extremely rugged design is likely to withstand whatever motorcycle adventure you throw at it. It also has great features for keeping you connected even when in remote locations.


  • Learning curve when getting started

For motorcyclists who frequently ride off the beaten path, the goTele bike GPS is a quality product that withstands harsher conditions, including rough elements like heavy rain. It all starts with the devices durable weatherproof design thats waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and impact-resistant. It can resist temperatures as low as -4 degrees and as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Its designed for tough outdoor conditions for extended periods of time, which is great for adventure touring.

The company goTele uses a combination of GPS and radio frequencies to pinpoint and track location even when outside of the cellular or Wi-Fi service range. It also gives you the ability to access offline maps. These features are incredibly useful for those who like to take long country rides in the middle of nowhere. You can still be assured youll find your way and be able to log your route and trace it back if necessary.

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Should I Spend So Much Money On Hidden Gps Tracker For Car Long Battery Life

An hidden gps tracker for car long battery life should live with you for many years to come. Paying more will reward you with a better view, increased speed, and better quality accuracy every time you open the lid. It costs between $$ and $$$ on average to purchase a new hidden gps tracker for car long battery life. The price is higher but there are some luxury features that you opt for.

Linxup Obd Gps Tracker

Top 20 Best gps devices 2022 Reviews &  Buying Guide

A budget friendly model, the Linxup GPS tracker easily installs in your cars OBD port and is a popular option.

Aside from standard tracking features, you will have access to Google Maps, text alerts, email alerts, maintenance tracking and more. It can also detect driver performance and provide reports on it.

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Best Cheap Gps Tracker For Cars: Landairsea Sync Gps Tracker

The LandAirSea Sync is a budget GPS tracker for vehicles and other equipment. The device itself is great value, and the monthly cost is also very reasonable. If youre on a budget, this is likely the best car GPS tracker for you. Surprisingly, given the low price, this model is made in the USA.

This device plugs into your vehicles OBD port, drawing power from there. But uniquely, theres also an internal battery, so this model can work for several hours even when the car is powered off. This offers the best of both worlds, as you wont need to charge manually, but also dont need to worry about your vehicle being towed or stolen and the tracker not activating.

The only real downside is accuracy. The LandAirSea GPS tends to sometimes track movement that doesnt actually happen for instance, small movements when the car is parked. If you can handle this minor flaw, this tracker provides impressive value both when you purchase it and ongoing.


G Magnetic Gps Tracker For Vehicles Hidden Real Time Portable Wireless Car Tracking Device Long Life Battery Location Locator For Trailer Truck Motorcycle Fleet Asset Luggage One Month Fee Included

Features :

  • 4G Magnetic GPS Tracker For Vehicles. No ACTIVATION FEE, One Month Serivce Included, SIM card included. The renewal is only $6/month, $69/year. Track Cars, Trailer, Trucks, luggage, Fleets. Real-time whereabouts via iPhone, Android or Web app.
  • Advanced 4G LTE Technology. 4G LTE provides better network coverage to ensure stable and high-speed connection for vehicles tracking devices. The car tracker device hidden can operate on 4G networks across the USA, Canada and Mexico.
  • Built to Last Extended Battery. This 4G Magnetic GPS Tracker is built to last with heavy-duty materials including an IP65 water resistant housing as well as extended 10000mah battery which lasts up to 7-20+ days on a full charge with 30sec updates. Utilizes Google Maps for tracking and mapping.
  • Multi-Smart Alerts & History playback – The gps tracker for car keeps 90 days tracking history, playback car track from any computer, tablet or phone by Android and IOS APP. This Car GPS tracker provide Geo-fence alert, alerts of SOS/Low battery..etc.
  • Fleet management. If you have bulk vehicles need to management at one account, our fleet gps tracker is your good choice.After you use our GPS platform, you can track bulk devices on a single account. It is convenient for you to monitor all you vehicles in one time.

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Best Hardwired Gps Tracker For Car

A hardwired GPS tracker is great for your vehicle because there is no need to change batteries, and you can install it in a permanent location and get the best performance.

One of the best options to hardwire a GPS tracker in a car is a cell phone. If you have an old phone, then you dont have to spend money.

All you would need is a cheap $5 data plan, see details on how to hardwire a phone GPS tracker.

You can install it and forget about it. Then follow your vehicles location and its previous tracks from the free Trakkit App or desktop browser.

A simple 2 wire connection can be routed directly to the 12-volt battery terminals, or tapped into the fuse panel usually on the drivers side.

How Does The Data Get Back To Me

Top 5 – Best GPS Trackers (2022)

In order to send their data to the companys servers over cellular data networks, all GPS trackers make use of SIM cards. The subscribers apps then receive the information. Trackers can be affected by dead zones or signal blocks, which can cause delays in receiving updates about a vehicles location and other data. Its common for devices intended for use in the United States, Canada and Mexico to use 4G networks, while devices in other countries might require a different SIM card.

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About Our Trusted Experts

Gannon Burgett is a photojournalist and sports photographer who has contributed to Lifewire since 2018. He tested several of the car GPS trackers on our list.

Taylor Clemons is an expert on gaming hardware and other consumer technology, such as car GPS trackers. She has covered these fields on various websites for more than three years.

Lifewire / Gannon Burgett

G Gps Tracker For Vehicles Hidden No Monthly Fee Real

Features :

  • 4G Magnetic GPS Tracker For Vehicles. NO MONTHLY FEE, NO ACTIVATION FEE. SIM card included.1 year Service Included. Renewal in 2nd year. Track Trailers, Cars, Trucks, Equipments, Fleets. Real-time whereabouts via iPhone, Android or Web app.
  • Advanced 4G LTE Technology. The GPS Tracking device can operate on 4G networks across the USA, Canada and Mexico. 4G LTE provides better network coverage to ensure stable and high-speed connection for car tracking device.
  • MUILT-SMART ALERTS & HISTROICAL TRACK PLAYBACK – ReiWour Car Magnetic GPS tracker Hidden keeps 180 days tracking history, playback car track from any computer, tablet or phone by Android and IOS APP.
  • BUILT TO LAST EXTENDED BATTERY This 4G GPS Tracker for vehicles is built to last with heavy-duty materials including an IP65 water resistant housing as well as extended 10000mah battery which lasts up to 7-20+ days on a full charge with 30sec updates. Three working modes to support super power saving, you can modify the settings according to your needs.Utilizes Google Maps for tracking and mapping.
  • Fleet management. The car tracker device is more convenient to let you know the information of vehicle tracker and positon

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What Are The Benefits Of Hidden Gps Tracking

Everyone sees the benefit of GPS tracking when having access to the GPS tracking service in the GPS tracking market. SEEWORLD has rounded up the benefits of hidden GPS tracking below.

Locate vehicle location anytime: A GPS tracker installed in your car can assist you in locating your vehicle anytime, anywhere. If the car GPS tracker lies in a location with a consistent net link, it will continuously update data on your phone or any other tool of your option by means of email as well as SMS or via a specialized GPS car tracking system.

Tracking lost vehicles: With the help of a reliable GPS tracking device, your stolen car can be found efficiently by sharing your cars tracking information with the police.

Assess your cars efficiency: All you need to do is set up a secret tracking gadget in your car to check your cars efficiency by understanding exactly how far the car has traveled, the type of path it has taken, the chauffeurs rate and also driving behavior.

Peace of mind: No one can expect to keep an eye on their vehicle and driver at all times, even if someone had a camera on their care 24/7. GPS locator is a good helper to know the drivers whereabouts and obtain prompt assistance in an emergency.

Query old records: GPS trackers can access old travel records to check routes and previous encounters. In case of an accident, these collated data can also be used as proof.

Gl300 Wireless Gps Tracker

Best Vehicle Tracking Device With Long Battery Life in 2022: Buyer

Coming in at the top the GL300 wireless GPS tracker, a small GPS tracker with long battery life, is the most versatile by far. Because it doesnt require an outside power source, you can use it to track virtually anything, including:

  • Business assets
  • And even personal valuables

On its own, the GL300 boasts a GPS tracker battery life of up to 2.5 weeks with a full charge. And to extend that battery life even further, you can pair it with a special hardware kit, an M4 battery case, or an M6 battery case.

Like the hardwired GPS tracker, the GL300 is extremely durable and can withstand harsh temperatures and weather conditions. And in the case of an emergency, theres a unique SOS button your driver can push to send you an urgent alert.

Like the OBD tracker, the GL300 features a sleek, compact design, making placement simple and flexible. Plus, swapping it between assets is a cinchespecially with the M2 magnetic case or one of the cases mentioned above, all of which feature extra-strong, weatherproof magnets for secure attachment.

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Primetracking Vehicle Gps Tracker

Compact in size, the Primetracking Personal GPS tracker measures only 3 by 1.5. Its compact size makes it incredibly easy to conceal and is also a strong contender on our list for best GPS trackers for cars in 2022. The device is operative in U.S, Canada, and Mexico, and can work on various cellular networks.

The portable GPS tracker offers real-time location updates on Google Maps every 10 seconds and boasts a battery life of just over 2 weeks. Along with the location data, the tracker also has several other features that include detailed activity location, route history, and Geofence. As the tracker has unlimited range, you can track the location of your car from anywhere with the help of its app.

Primetrackings Personal GPS tracker for cars has a unique subscription plan $25 per month or $20 per month for a minimum of six months of subscription. There is no activation charge, and you can cancel their services anytime.

Product Features:

  • Battery: 1 Lithium Polymer battery.
  • Battery Type: Internal and Rechargeable
  • 2-week active use battery life with 1-minute updates

Live Gps Tracker With Long Battery Life

When it comes to GPS tracking systems what businesses and consumers want are solutions that update quickly and have long-lasting battery power. Finding a GPS tracker that updates around 6 times per minute is fairly commonplace now that cellular technologies have continued to expand, but when it comes to battery-life the reality is almost all tracking devices simply arent very adequate. This is because most vehicle tracking systems are only capable of offering 10-15 hours of real time GPS tracking when the device is not pulling power from an outside source such as a car battery via hardwire connect or cigarette lighter port. This leaves many potential uses in a tough spot. Thankfully, Everlast Nano is changing that with not only its powerful internal battery source but also an extended battery pack accessory adding an additional 138 hours of wheels-in-motion recording time!

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Best Mini Car Gps Tracker: Spytec Gps Gl300

The Spytec GL300 is a simple, compact tracker thats easy to use and easy to hide. The small size of this device makes it well suited for hiding in vehicles.

Its also a good option for safety tracking of your children or loved ones, for instance in a school backpack or purse. The Spytec is battery-powered, with a charge lasting up to two weeks or more depending on use patterns. An extended battery that lasts up to six months is also available.

The device itself is budget-friendly, although the monthly cost is higher than average. You dont get all of the bells and whistles of some of the higher-end versions, but can still see when the tracker leaves or enters a predefined zone, and track its location in real time.

The GL300 comes with a lifetime warranty, assuming you keep an active subscription. The monthly cost for a subscription is $24.95, dropping to $19.95/month if you pay for a year upfront. Fleet discounts are also available.


Tracki 4g Gps Hidden Tracker/locator

â Best GPS Tracker with Longest Battery Life 2022 | Top 5 Buying Guide

This one also has a larger battery option in addition to a 12v hardwire power cable.

It features advanced 4G LTE Technology. These days, with 2G and 3G coverage gradually coming to an end, its now time to start upgrading to 4G LTE because it can provide better network coverage for ensuring a stable high-speed connection for tracking devices.

They have a 12v power adapter cord that works well to hardwire this tracker.


  • Can be difficult to update the time
  • Some units would only display kilometers per hour and meters

This hidden GPS tracker is capable of keeping a 180-day tracking history. It also features historical track playback and multi-smart alerts. In addition, its built to last from the heavy-duty materials used in manufacturing to the IP65 water-resistant housing. And, this tracking device also features an extended battery that can last as many as 20 days or more .

With 30-second updates and three working modes for supporting efficient power saving, you have the option with this tracking device for modifying your settings according to your particular needs. This GPS tracker uses Google Maps for mapping and tracking. If youre involved in fleet management, this device is convenient for keeping you advised of your trailers current locations in real-time.


One Lithium Polymer battery

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Best Gps Tracker For Car

A GPS Tracker Device for your car can be great for security and peace of mind.

Lets say youve bought a car for a family member, and you want to know where they are in case of an emergency, or you run a fleet of vehicles that needs to keep track of those vehicles 24/7.

If you want to monitor a car or see where it has beenbe it your own, a loved ones, or a company vehiclea GPS Tracker for your car is what you need.

In this article, were going to help you learn all about GPS Tracking for cars, which devices are best, and why its important to use one for your own car.

Well also provide some things to consider like, best hidden installation locations, and important features when choosing the best vehicle tracking device.

Lastly, well introduce you to one of, if not, the Best Car GPS Tracker with No Monthly Fee on the market!

Are you looking for a 4G GPS Tracking device for your Vehicle?

How about one that can be 12v hardwired, and has No Monthly Fees.

Primetracking Personal Gps Tracker For Motorcycle


WHY WE LIKE IT: This PrimeTracking GPS Tracker has fantastic live tracking and route monitoring features for your motorcycle and more. When youre not riding, you can easily use it in the car, on your person, or to track virtually any other asset you want to protect.


  • Reliable signal when placed inside or outside
  • Sensitive speed and motion detection


  • No built-in mount or case

For motorcyclists who want the ability to use their trackers for other purposes from time-to-time, PrimeTrackings device is lightweight and compact enough to do so easily. Location tracking is equally reliable and accurate whether the unit is placed externally or inside a bag, glovebox, or pocket. At just 3 long, you can easily conceal it from view no matter what youre tracking.

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