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Google Pixel 7 Pro Vs Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Cameras

Best Battery Life Smartphones (2019)

The Galaxy S22 Ultra packs in four cameras, two of which are telephoto lens. The S22s main sensor is a massive 108MP with an aperture of f/1.8 and pixel size of 0.8µm. The 12MP ultrawide sensor sits behind a lens with a 120-degree field of view. The twin 10MP telephoto sensors come equipped with 3x or 10x optical zoom. The fifth sensor in the camera module provides laser autofocus.

The Pixel 7 Pro makes do with three rear cameras. The main 50MP sensor does the heavy lifting combined with Googles software magic, while the 12MP ultrawide helps capture wider shots with its 126-degree field of view. The 48MP telephoto camera has a 5x optical zoom, plus 2x when combining the main and telephoto cameras with Super Res Zoom.

For selfies, the Pixel 7 Pro has a 10.8MP front shooter while the Galaxy S22 Ultra sports a 40MP one. The Pixel 7 Pro enjoys a wider 92.8-degree field of view for group selfies versus the Galaxy S22 Ultras 80-degree FOV.

To start this photo comparison, heres an oddly artistic trash can in my neighborhood. I notice that the Pixel 7 Pros image is a bit dimmer to account for the bright sun in the background. The Galaxy S22 Ultra cranked up the brightness. The Pixels shot is a bit warmer, too, while the S22 Ultra is a tad more vibrant than what I saw at the scene. I think the Pixels picture is better.

Winner: GooglePixel 7 Pro

Samsung Galaxy S20+ S20 S20 Fe

  • Excellent value for the money
  • Impressive two-day battery life
  • Bright and flat display with high 120Hz refresh rate
  • 3 years of Android version updates and up to 3 years warranty
  • Good pictures and video quality
  • Very good stereo sound recording and playback
  • Durable housing in a variety of matte colors to choose from
  • Quick optical in-display fingerprint scanner

The Bad

  • The 5G model is only available in a 6GB RAM/128GB storage version
  • The screen colors are a bit on the cold and saturated side
  • Display is Gorilla Glass 3 only but it does come with protector pre-installed

What Samsung Phone Has The Best Battery Life

Your ideal Samsung phone will depend on your usage. If you play mobile games or like taking high-quality photos or videos, look for phones with bigger batteries and fast charging capabilities like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy A52 and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4. You can find a battery capacity comparison of the top Samsung phones in the table below:


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Gaming Phone With 6000 Mah Battery

Large battery phones are surely a plus for extensive gamers. They want uninterrupted fun and what could be a better solution other than the MOQI I7S Game Phone. Yes, the name is hard to remember!

The MOQI I7S has got a 6-inch touchscreen game console and runs on Snapdragon 710 SoC with 6 GB RAM and 64 GB Storage. With the fast-charging & Android 8.1 Oreo version, it’s an ideal solution for gamers.

The MOQI 6000 mAh replaceable battery games you all day. Furthermore, it comes with liquid cool heat pipe conduction technology which keeps your required cool in any environment. What more do you want?

Price: $389.99

However high battery capacity doesn’t always mean that it provides the highest duration of usage i.e., milliampere-hours doesn’t determine how long a phone battery will actually last. It should be efficient enough and display size, resolution plays a big role in determining phones with long-lasting batteries.

Kyocera Duraforce Ultra 5g Uw

Which Phone Has The Best Battery Life

This Kyocera phone is made for people who work on construction sites, which means it is as durable as it gets, and also has a battery life worth mentioning. At an impressive 4,500 mAh, it lasts for hours upon hours in between charges on the efficient Snapdragon 765G chipset.

The Kyocera DuraForce Ultra 5G UW does have some drawbacks, the biggest being it is restricted to working on Verizon’s Ultra Wideband 5G. However, Verizon users who are looking for a hard-wearing phone may have met their match.

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Oneplus Nord Ce 2 Great Value Mid


Battery test score: 13:28Battery size: 4500mAh

The confusingly-named Nord CE 2 5G falls somewhere between the previous Nord CE 5G and the excellent Nord 2. Either way, it boasts great battery life at an affordable mid-range price.

Theres a 90Hz AMOLED display, paired with a big battery, rapid 65W wired charging and a camera that isnt too bad either especially for the price.

A few minor performance stutters hold it back from true mid-range greatness and its disappointing to see it ship with Android 11 meaning it wont get updates past Android 13 but it still makes for a great package and an impressively affordable all-rounder.

How We Test For The Best Phone Battery Life

Every phone we review goes through extensive testing in addition to being put through everyday use. The test most relevant to determining the best phone battery life is our proprietary Tom’s Guide Battery Life test.

In this test, we set the display of a phone to 150 nits, so that we can get consistent results. We then run a script on the phone that makes it surf the web via its default browser app until the phone runs out of power and we time the results. Phones with longest endurance land on the best phone battery life list, though we cycle out devices older than 18 months to keep our list of longest-lasting phones current.

Many smartphones particularly premium models now offer displays with faster refresh rate settings. Because a high refresh rate can drain the battery of a phone faster, we’ll test phones multiple times once with the display set for the maximum refresh rate and once with it locked at 60Hz. We’ll indicate which setting produced which battery life time in our review and in our best phone battery life rankings.

Battery testing is one part of the tests we run to review phones. We also run benchmarks to evaluate a phone’s performance, measure screen brightness and color reproduction to rate its display and take multiple pictures to evaluate cameras. All those help us assign ratings to devices in our smartphone reviews, though for the purposes of the best phone battery life list, our battery test is the only result affecting rankings.

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Other Flagship Phones With The Best Battery Life

While there is a lot to recommend about the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, the battery life isn’t a standout feature for either one. Now each one fared better in our real-world testing than the lab tests would suggest, but neither belongs on this list regardless.

While we are looking specifically at phones with the best battery life here, another factor to consider are new fast-charging methods that support up to 65W charging. You get that from both the options found here, which when compared to the 20-25W fast-charging charging supported by the likes of Apple and Samsung this can mean getting yourself a half-day of battery life in just 15 minutes on the charger.

Battery life

If you paid any attention to the Asus ROG Phone 5 you won’t be surprised to find it among the phones with the best battery life considering the 6,000mAh battery that Asus stuffed inside. As previously mentioned it also offers 65W fast charging which means it doesn’t take all day to get that battery topped back up again with 30 minutes on the included charger getting you all the way back to 70% in our testing.

Beyond its impressive battery life the Asus ROG Phone 5 is among the fastest Android phones that we’ve tested, second only to the OnePlus 9 Pro. It also offers a vast array of customization options for gamers including the capacitive shoulder buttons and a variety of accessories like the Aero Active Cooler fan, a gaming controller and dock to easily hook it up to a monitor and more.

Total By Verizon Tcl 30 Z

Top 10 Best Battery Life Phones 2022

Super-cheap smartphone for affordable connectivity

Network: 4G LTE | Battery standby time: – | Battery talk time: – | Screen: 6.1-inch LCD 1560 x 720 | Camera: 8MP + 5MP selfie camera | Dimensions: 156.2 x 73.8 x 9.9 mm | Weight: 182g | Storage: 32Gb + microSD

Dual cameras

Access to online services with a crippling contract

Accessible price

Perhaps better as a kid’s phone than a disposable

This handset is everything youd expect from a low-priced smartphone, though the price is now so low it might still surprise.

Sure the MediaTek Helio A22 processor is hardly cuttin-edge tech, but the 32GB storage is usable. The later can be extended with a MicroSD, however, and there is still the power to use the crucial functions of Android 12 including Google Assistant. It even has face unlock.

This is a great opportunity to get a burner or budget phone which doesnt quite abandon all your needs. Perhaps one to give to the kids? In the US, the handset can be used with the FCCs Affordable Connectivity Programme for discounted internet connection.

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How Much Does Screen Brightness Affect Battery Life

Setting your screen brightness at maximum brightness will of course require more battery power compared to minimum brightness. Therefore, turning your screen brightness down is one way to reduce your battery consumption. As a rule of thumb, smartphones with larger screens like the Galaxy Z Fold4 5G also require more power to light up the display as they have more surface area. Models with higher resolutions and higher refresh rates will also require extra processing power. For example, having a 120Hz display means it will refresh twice as often as the standard 60Hz display. This requires additional processing power and therefore battery life.

The Samsung Phone With The Best Battery Life : Samsung Galaxy A03s

We had to pick another 4G Samsung phone with solid battery life, because neither the Galaxy A42 5G nor the M62 are officially available in African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa. What you will find on sale almost everywhere you go in these countries, however, is the Galaxy A03s.

Equipped with a 5000 mAh battery , a 6.5-inch IPS LCD panel , and a relatively lowly MediaTek MT6765 Helio P35 chipset, the Galaxy A03s delivers solid battery life for 4G LTE users. It is a much more budget device than the other two. The 3/32 GB variant sells for 66,000 in Nigeria, while the 4/64 GB trim goes for 75,000.

In Kenya, the Galaxy A03s sells for Ksh. 14,600 and Ksh. 16,500, for the 3/32 GB and 4/64 GB variants, respectively. In South Africa, the 3/32 GB variant goes for R2,399.

It is available in the UK too, for £139, in India for 10,998, and in Europe for 158. It will eventually arrive in the United States too, if youd rather not spend $400 on the M62 or A42 5G.

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Best Phone With Long Battery Life

By BGR India| Updated: October 23, 2022 1:15 AM IST

Are you looking for a smartphone that offer a long battery life? If you are, then your search ends here. Here are some of the latest smartphones that offer a bigger battery and a longer battery life. These smartphones not only come with a bigger battery but they also offer top of the line specifications including bigger displays, powerful processors, smarter cameras and 5G connectivity among other things. Here’s the list…

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1


108+12+10+10 MP


5000 mAh


Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has been launched officially. The smartphone comes packed with a 6.8 inches Dynamic AMOLED Display and offers 1440 x 3088 pixels screen resolution. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor. It is backed by a 5000 mAh battery. The phone runs on Android v12.

On the camera front, the smartphone comes with a Single camera setup consisting of a 108+12+10+10 MP primary sensor. On the front, the smartphone includes a 40 MP selfie shooter.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra comes with up to 12 GB RAM and 256 GB of internal storage,2G,3G,4G,5G LTE. Finger Print sensor On-screen. and USB Type-C port.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1


5000 mAh


On the camera front, the smartphone comes with a Single camera setup consisting of a 48MP + 50MP + 8MP primary sensor. On the front, the smartphone includes a 32 MP selfie shooter.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1


4700 mAh


How Often Should I Charge To Prolong Battery Life

Which HONOR Phone Has Best Battery Life

Its a matter of balancing convenience with battery longevity. To recap

The best but unrealistic way:

  • Recharge once the battery drops 10% deeper discharge degrades battery more.
  • Keep the battery as close to the middle range as possible. Extreme battery levels, which are levels closer to 0% and 100%, reduce battery capacity.
  • But that defeats the purpose of using a smartphone, which is CONVENIENCE. That said, what you can do instead are:

  • Recharge whenever convenient. Dont let it fall below 20% and avoid fully discharging the battery unless calibration is needed.
  • Unplug at battery level between 80% and 100%. Dont let your phone stay at 100% level for too long, i.e., plugging to charger after fully charged.
  • Theres no absolute rules to follow. Most suggest the 20 80 rule, which you can definitely follow. You can even do 45 75 or others.

    As long as you understand whats harmful to your battery, you can tailor your charging habit according to your needs and daily routine. Because while you can definitely improve battery life significantly, its pointless if it demands sacrificing your enjoyment and convenience, which is what your smartphone is supposed to bring you.

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    What Affects Battery Longevity

    There are many factors that can alter the longevity of your battery, such as:

    Theres plenty of tricks you can do to make your battery last longer. However, even if you do maintain your phones battery health, it will eventually decrease over time, as all electronics do.

    Phones With Best Battery Life 2022

    Fast charging has been getting faster and more widely available even on more affordable smartphones. Still, while being able to charge a phone in half an hour, or even as faster, can lead to changing your charging habits entirely, actual battery autonomy remains a key priority – no flash charge can help you out when there’s no power outlet around.

    So, on this page you will find the phones that prioritize battery life and scored at the top of our battery testing chart.

    Editors’ choice

    • 118h Endurance rating
    • 5,000mAh battery, 80W charging
    • No ingress protection

    The Realme GT Neo 3T is one of the best bang-for-the-buck offers right now and while usually the top spot is reserved for a Poco, the Neo 3T won this one for its better power autonomy. It is also a powerful smartphones and among the most dependable performers when it comes to battery life.

    The Realme GT Neo 3T has a lot of flagship-grade features – a great HDR10+ OLED screen, 120Hz at that, one of the most powerful Snapdragon chips – SD870 5G, and plenty of cameras.

    The Neo 3T has a large 5,000mAh battery that turned out to be quite dependable it provides the ultimate gaming and/or multimedia experience in one charge. And then you can top up that battery quite fast with the supplied 80W charger.

    There are phones that scored better, thats for sure, but none of these can match the Neo 3T for its all-round package and battery life, especially considering the Snapdragon 870 powerful chipset.

    • No 4K video capturing

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    Th Place: Motorola Defy 2021

    The only Motorola model on this list of smartphones with the best battery life, the 2021 Defy has a 5000mAh battery, mid-range Snapdragon 662 processor, 4 GB RAM, and a 6.5-inch 720P display with Gorilla Glass Victus. There is only one storage option 64 GB. As you can guess, the 720P resolution display is a great contributor to the solid battery life. The Defy 2021 is available for $299.99 in the United States, £230 in the UK, and 230 in the European Union.

    Mobile Phone Buying Checklist

    Best Budget Phones For Battery Life (2021) | Poco, Moto, Xiaomi & more…
    • iPhone or Android: iPhones are the popular choice in the UK, but powerful Android phones from Samsung and Google now offer plenty of choice beyond Apple
    • Data, minutes and texts: Plenty of phone deals offer unlimited minutes and texts, but don’t be pressured into buying 20GB of data when you’ll only use 2GB!
    • Camera: A good camera can be a deciding factor on a phone. Check The Telegraph’s reviews for the best around
    • SIM only: SIM-only deals can be a great way to get more data: you buy a SIM card and monthly data plan to use with a phone you already own
    • Battery life: Double check battery life against what the reviewers say
    • Count the cost: It may look a great deal, but tally the total cost over two years if you are buying a contract and see if you can buy the handset outright with a monthly SIM for less

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