Blink Outdoor Camera Battery Replacement

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Why Is There A Usb Port On The Camera

How To Replace Batteries In Blink XT Camera

If the camera works like remote control, clock, or RC toy car and can get power from disposable batteries alone , then why does it have a USB port? Doesnt that mean it can recharge the batteries?

No. The back of the camera has a USB port for use with the power adapter and micro USB cable. The adapter is sold separately. It powers your camera instead of the batteries and dont recharge the batteries .

What Size And Type Of Batteries Do Blink Cameras Use

All Blink security cameras use a standard AA-size battery. As you probably already know, these are very common and can be found anywhere.

However, you need to get the right type lithium. These can be bought on Amazon or in any local supermarket or electronics shop. Lithium Ion is a newer technology that is slightly more expensive to purchase but is also somewhat more powerful and efficient than NiMH.

If you want rechargeable, I recommend you get rechargeable ones available here! However, since these should have an extraordinary long battery life of 2 years, you should also be okay with just regular non-rechargeable AA lithium batteries .

Blink Indoor And Outdoor Cameras

The Indoor and Outdoor Blink cameras have an estimated 2-year battery life and can be easily replaced once depleted. Here are a few steps for replacing the batteries on your Blink outdoor and indoor cameras:

  • For both models, the batteries and serial number can be found under the back cover.
  • Before removing the back cover, you will need to remove the device from any mounts or attachments .
  • Some devices have a silicone protective cover over the fastening screw, which will need to be removed. Then, turn the screw counter-clockwise until loose.
  • When you remove the back cover, you may need to gently apply pressure to one side to pry the cover off the device. Once the cover has been removed, you will see the two AA lithium batteries that will need to be replaced.
  • Make sure your new replacement batteries are in the correct orientation before reattaching the back cover.
  • After you have replaced the batteries, align the back cover with the device, and hold it in place. Then simply turn the screw clockwise until snug, and youre ready to go!
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    Blink Camera Battery Problems

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    If you are in the market for security cameras and want to be able to check in on various locations without having to worry about endless equipment or difficult video retrieval, you may find yourself with Blink as your new security system, but what if problems are experienced?

    Blink camera problems can be resolved by repositioning the camera if unnecessary movement is being constantly picked up, shortening the length of clips the camera records, minimizing the amount of Live View usage, and changing the batteries if the current batteries are depleted.

    The beauty of modern technology is that many devices are able to connect through a variety of different ways, with one of them being the simple installation of an app. With Blink cameras, you are able to view footage as long as 5 to 60 seconds when the cameras are triggered by motion all through a convenient app on your smart device, making this system accessible and effective. If you are having problems with your blink camera though, continue reading on.

    The Best Alkaline Aa Available From Another World : Blink XT XT2 Camera Wall Mount Bracket for Blink XT XT2 ...

    We tried looking for AA lithium batteries for Duracell, but it seems theyre all out of AA size ones but instead have the Duracell CopperTop AA Alkaline Batteries 20-Pack with Lithium Metal Battery Included. As mentioned above, you can use alkaline but they dont last as long as lithium.

    The lithium batteries we found under Duracell comprise of 6-volt CT batteries or CR123 high-power lithium batteries. They wont fit the Blink Cameras AA requirements. These coppertop alkaline batteries can work with cameras fine but require constant replacement. Best for indoor use.


    Alkaline AA

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    What Are The Best Batteries For Blink Camera Usage

    What are the best types of batteries to buy for your Blink security cam? Should they be ordinary batteries or special batteries exclusive for Blink? Keep on reading to find out.

    Amazon owns Blink along with Ring. They make compact and inexpensive security cameras for consumer use. Their cameras feature temperature monitoring, infrared night vision, two-way audio, customizable motion detection alerts, and 1080p Full HD video.

    They can be powered by being plugged into power sockets or with the assistance of batteries. On that note, what are the best batteries for blink camera usage?


    Floodlight & Solar Panel Charger

    Last but not least, a power support with an additional function. Our Floodlight & Solar Panel Charger provides 600 lumens of light which enhances your cameras vision in low-light conditions, so you can clearly monitor your home both during the day and night.

    The floodlight is energy efficient. It includes a light intensity sensor and motion sensor that ensures its light heads will only turn on in the dark when motion is detected up to 32 feet away. It also automatically turns off 10-60 seconds after the detected motion stops. Illumination duration, brightness sensitivity and motion detection ranges are all adjustable

    The solar panel recharges both the floodlight and your Blink XT/XT2. It can be adjusted by rotating and tilting for optimal sunlight exposure. The positioning of the light heads are also very flexible, and can be adjusted to illuminate specific spots. The cable that connects to the camera is, of course, weatherproof.

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    Blink Outdoor Versus Blink Xt: Better Battery And Storage

    The new Blink Outdoor camera has the same dimensions as the XT2, but a somewhat revamped design. Where the XT2 has a demarcated center where the lenses sit, the Blink Outdoor has its lenses, and speaker output housed more naturally in a uniform black finish that extends to the edge.

    But we’ll move past aesthetics since you’re here for what these cams can see, not what they look like. Take a look at our spec comparison table, and you’ll see that Amazon didn’t rock the boat with its third-generation lineup. The new Blink Outdoor has the same field of view , frames per second , video resolution, and two-year battery life as the XT2.

    Blink Outdoor
    Yes, up to 64GB using the Blink Sync Module 2 No

    This isn’t just a rebranding of the same camera. For one thing, the Blink XT2 features customized activity zones to determine which regions should or shouldn’t trigger alerts. The new Blink Outdoor camera also has this feature, but now includes customizable privacy zones, which you can set, so they don’t trigger alerts or show up in video clips. Each camera feed is split into 25 rectangular zones in-app, so you can be exact in which regions are protected.

    The Blink Outdoor also has the option to send motion-only notifications without recording video, letting you check on an alert with the live feed without wasting storage space. The XT2 records footage by default. Since many buyers would prefer that option anyway, you may not consider the alternative a loss.

    Blink Camera Batteries Buying Guide

    How To Change Battery Blink XT Camera

    Youd think that the leading brand like the Energizer Lithium Battery would work best with your Blink Camera despite the deluge of famous, not-so-famous, and infamous batteries in the market to date. Energizer isnt only famous for its commercialsit has proven effectiveness and popularity worldwide.

    However, you should think twice before just defaulting into the most available brand or getting a cheaper brand to save on money. Certain brands dont work well with this device. Certain battery types can also fail to sustain a Blink Cameras needs.

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    Duracell Optimum Aa Batteries

    If you want to know what kind of batteries do blink cameras use, try the Duracell batteries. Perhaps you heard about the Duracell Batteries because of its popularity worldwide. These batteries are very easy to find, and its proven to last for long.

    You can just find it in the grocery counter and even gasoline marts. These batteries are proven to work well for Blink cameras and may even last for years with normal use. Its very versatile and powerful and compatible with devices that use AA batteries.

    Faqs Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

    1. What is an alkaline battery?

    AN alkaline battery contains alkaline manganese dioxide. It is the electrochemical system that allows the battery to hold electrical power and be used when it is required.

    2. Are batteries affected by temperature?

    It is recommended to store batteries in room temperature while also be kept in a dry environment. When exposed to either extreme heat or cold, the batterys performance can be affected.

    3. When should batteries be removed from the device?

    If you do not expect to use your device for a long period of time, then we recommend removing the batteries from the device. The batteries can get worn out and removing them will prevent that and prevent possible damage to your device.

    4. Can all batteries be recharged?

    Please make sure that the battery is labeled rechargeable before you attempt to recharge the battery. Trying to recharge a non-rechargeable battery can be hazardous.

    5. What is a battery made of?

    A battery consists of three major parts. There is the cathode, the anode and electrolyte. The cathode is made up of a metallic oxide while the anode is usually a metal. The electrolyte is a salt solution that allows the ions to flow.

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    What Is The Difference Between Alkaline And Lithium Batteries

    The advantage of lithium batteries over alkaline batteries is that they last significantly longer. Lithium batteries continue to operate in extreme cold and extreme heat, where alkaline batteries fail to function. Lithium batteries are significantly lighter than alcohol batteries. This is an excellent feature for portable devices.

    Amazonbasics Comes To The Rescue With Their Own Performance Alkaline Aa Batteries

    Wasserstein Blink Floodlight &  Solar Panel Charger, Motion

    Yes, its another Alkaline AA 20-pack like Duracell. However, the boast a 10-year shelf life similar to the low self-discharge EBL. It also has the highest amount of user ratings on all the batteries here.

    Its almost as if its the go-to generic Amazon brand or something. If youre in a pinch and you want an Energizer, EBL, or Bevigor Lithium AA alternative, try out AmazonBasicss high-performance batteries for size.


    Lithium AA

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    Amazon Blink Outdoor Wireless 1

    Online. In store. Always free.

    If you aren’t 100% satisfied with this item, you may return it or exchange it for free. Simply bring it back to any Staples store or send it back to us by completing a return online. For more details, please see our return policy.

    • Blink Outdoor 1-Camera System is a wireless battery-powered HD security camera with motion detection that helps you monitor your home day or night with infrared night vision. Sync Module 2 Included.
    • With long-lasting battery life, Outdoor runs for up to two years on two AA lithium batteries .
    • Weather Resistant: Blink Outdoor is built to withstand the elements to help you protect your home inside or out, come rain or shine.

    Note: *Offer Expires on 11/06/2022

    Note: **While supplies last. May not be valid in combination with other offers. Offer subject to change.

    Offer Expires on 11/06/2022

    **While supplies last. May not be valid in combination with other offers. Offer subject to change.

    How To Check Blink Battery

    If you are concerned about the amount of battery your Blink camera is taking or simply want to stay in check with the battery usage of the camera, there is a way to monitor the battery without having to think about when you last inserted new batteries. To see how to check a Blink battery, continue reading below.

    To check a Blink battery, within the app and under the camera thumbnail you will see that the battery life is either listed as âNeeds Replacementâ or âOK.â If you see that the battery needs replacement, take heed to this alert and replace the batteries as soon as possible to continue use.

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    Blink camera problems can be resolved by checking the battery status within the Blink application, changing the batteries when a low battery indicator appears, replacing the batteries with AA lithium-ion batteries, and shortening the length of clips the camera records.

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    Energizer Aa Lithium Batteries

    Just like Duracell Batteries, the Energizer Batteries are also known for years because of how it works for all devices. Almost all devices are compatible with Energizer batteries, so if you want to know what kind of batteries do blink cameras use, you might want to consider the Energizer AA Lithium Batteries.

    The Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries are the worlds no. 1 brand for AA batteries and are proven to last. It gives enough power with critical devices, just like Blink cameras. Not only that, for it is guaranteed to protect your devices from damage. These batteries are safe to use and could perform at any temperature, whether its hot or cold. Your blink cameras will work even if you place it indoors or outdoors.

    Rechargeable Vs One Time

    How to Change Batteries on Blink Outdoor Wireless Camera – So Easy!

    If you plan on using Blink cameras as security cameras, you might be tempted to pick between a one-time battery pack or a rechargeable battery pack. While a rechargeable battery pack covers you for moderate requirements like cameras and standard alarms, one-time battery packs are more useful for smart devices needing additional power.

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    How To Replace Batteries In Blink Camera

    Changing the battery is quite simple! You already know how if you have changed batteries in just about any other device.

    Youll need to remove the battery compartment cover from the bottom of the camera by pressing the button on it and pushing it up. The cover should pop right off.

    Take out the old batteries and replace them with the new ones. Make sure that you install them in the right direction. Replace the battery compartment cover, ensuring it is wholly clicked on all sides.

    Blink Camera Battery Life How Long Do They Last

    The batteries in your Blink camera should last approximately 2 years. After this time, the batteries in the cameras will slowly start to die off, and the cameras will stop recording images.

    Its unlikely they will ultimately die, but if they do, the camera will no longer record any video or photos until you replace the battery packs. After this point, youll need to replace your cameras battery every 1-2 years to avoid problems in the future.

    Its worth noting that if you have your blinks connected to your wifi network, the battery consumption is much higher than if youre just using the camera in standalone mode. If you leave your camera attached to the cloud all the time, it will use a lot more power.

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    Blink Outdoor Vs Blink Xt: Which Should You Buy

    How much of an upgrade is it?

    Newest Blink Camera

    The third-generation Blink Outdoor camera is fairly similar to the XT2 out of the box, but Blink sells a battery accessory that doubles its already impressive battery life, along with a new sync module that enables local video storage something the XT2 didn’t support. However, Blink has removed its free cloud storage for this generation, hoping to compel you into a subscription.


    • Battery, USB drive are sold separately

    Free cloud storage

    This second-generation Blink camera has identical FPS, FOV, and resolution to its successor and still-impressive two-year battery life. It’s officially discontinued now, though, so you’ll likely need to find it used from a second-hand shop like eBay if you really want one.


    • Cloud storage available for free
    • Two-year battery life
    • No option for local storage
    • Not compatible with newer Blink app features
    • Officially discontinued

    Blink has split its XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Camera, launching a new Blink Outdoor Camera and Blink Indoor Camera. The XT2 is no longer offered new from retailers but can be pre-owned on Amazon or eBay sites. After comparing the specs, we’ve found that the Blink Outdoor is nearly identical to the XT2, but it has a few key improvements in battery life and video storage, making it worth buying for new customers.

    Enegitech Aa Lithium Batteries

    Blink XT Camera only Indoor Outdoor Android iOS iPhone battery motion ...

    If you are looking for affordable batteries for your blink cameras, then you probably want to try the Enegitech AA Lithium Batteries. These batteries are perfect for Blink Cameras because it performs well even on extreme temperatures.

    These batteries are leak-proof and designed to protect your devices from leakages. It also works well with so many types of devices, such as your Blink Security Cameras. Its proven to last and could work with your Blink cameras for years.

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    Can You Use The Usb Cable And Batteries At The Same Time

    Yes. It doesnt recharge the batteries though. Remember to only use non-rechargeable batteries of the Lithium AA 1.5 volts variety. Dont use Li-Ion, alkaline, or any rechargeable batteries thinking that the USB cable and plug work like a laptops power plug.

    The camera will run on the available battery power if its plugged in then suddenly unplugged or if the power goes out. However, if both your Wi-Fi router and Sync Module cease working on some backup power of their own, your camera wont work.

    It needs the Sync Module and Wi-Fi Router more than the plug. If your Wi-Fi is working but your Sync Module isnt, your camera can still record, upload clips for a short time period, and detect motion.

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