Can Autozone Replace My Battery

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Top Brands To Consider:

AutoZone Car Care: How to Check and Replace Your Battery Cable and Terminal Ends


These batteries tend to be within the $40 to $100 range. Also noted as some of the lowest priced batteries on the market.


Popular among car enthusiasts, the average Exide battery can cost $40 to $80 depending on the output of the battery.


As some of the most popular batteries on the market, Interstate batteries have a solid reputation among car owners. This type of battery can cost $50 to $110.


With higher standards, Optima batteries tend to be on the higher side. These batteries can cost anywhere from $150 to $200.

Is Autozone Able To Come To Your House And Install Your Batteries

AutoZone automobile owners may be interested in home installation services as more people purchase online. If you order online, you can get a delivery of your battery from the firm even if they dont come and install it.

You can get your battery delivered the same day or the following day, depending on the type of battery you choose. However, these deliveries are only available in a small number of areas and are also location-based or need a minimum purchase of $35.

Its also possible, on the other hand, to purchase online, pick up the battery at your local store, and install it yourself. AutoZone provides DIY instructions for automobile owners who wish to remove an old battery and install a new one at home.

However, if youre not experienced, you should have a professional install the gadget.

How To Change A Car Battery

No matter how well you take care of your vehicle, the battery won’t last forever. Luckily, changing the old one out for a new one is pretty straightforward. Read this guide to learn how to do a DIY car battery replacement step-by-step so you can approach the job with confidence next time you have a dead car battery.

Suggested AutoZone Products

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Econocraft Battery Group Size 26r

If youre looking to try a different brand, Econocraft should be your priority. The company releases a line of quality batteries that you can consider. This is one of the few models you should try if youre looking for a battery that can deliver more than 450 cold-cranking amps.

It has 510 CCA and comes with a three-month warranty. To own this battery by Econocraft, you will have to part with $69.99.

Put The Vehicle In Park And Open The Hood


Youve purchased a replacement battery. Now, follow the steps describing how to change a car battery. The first step is to make sure the vehicle is immobile.

  • Put the car in park and engage the emergency brake.
  • If the vehicle is on an incline, place a wheel chock or wooden block behind the vehicles tires. If the car is in a garage, make sure the garage door remains open.

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Prices Of Autozone Batteries

At AutoZone, car batteries are available at different price points. Their prices depend on the battery type, model, and year of your car. However, you can expect to pay $50 to $120 for a car battery.

Also, premium batteries come at different prices. They range from $90 to $200. But the good thing about the more costly batteries is that they have higher warranties and tend to last longer.

When you arrive at AutoZones office to get a battery and are sure your battery is dead, you can ask the workers to give you a quote on the battery prices. AutoZones workers are quite friendly. They would take time to explain the various options to you and even give you a recommendation based on your budget and needs.

What To Do If Your New Battery Fails

Customer service is a big part of AutoZoneâs mission. It is the motivation behind the services they offer to ensure the customer has a good experience.

AutoZone batteries come with a warranty the length of the warranty will be listed on the receipt. If your battery fails within the warranty period, you can go to any AutoZone location and you will receive a free replacement.

You do not have to have a receipt because AutoZone records your purchase on a nationwide database so all you need is to state your name and phone number, both of which must match the name and number you gave with the original purchase.

If your battery fails outside of the warranty period check with AutoZone anyway because depending on the time you may get a prorated credit towards the cost of a replacement.

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Does Advance Auto Parts Ccharge Batteries For Free

Unlike OReillys Advanced Auto Parts doesn’t have a drop-down menu that lists their free services. As we looked on their website, we found no indication or mention that battery charging is for free.

That may be because not all of their locations replace your old battery and install your new one, even if you purchased it at their stores. That free installation includes if you buy your battery online.

Not every auto parts outlet is equipped with mechanical services so you would have to ask the store before you go there if they will charge your battery for free. If not, you can then go to someone who does.

However, the company will test your alternator, starter, and battery for free so there is some advantage to going to these outlets when you need to know what is happening under your hood.

What Types Of Batteries Does Autozone Charge

How To Diagnose And Remove Car Batteries – AutoZone Car Care

AutoZone will charge every type of battery you bring to the store. Since the company sells different kinds of batteries, AutoZones staff knows each brands requirements and it charges accordingly.

But if your battery needs replacing you can buy one from the AutoZone catalog.

AutoZone installs gel cell, valve-regulated, dry cell, and deep cycle batteries. The company also supports brands such as Duralast, Econocraft, Optima, Odyssey, and Valucraft.

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Does Autozone Install Batteries At Home

If your battery doesnt have easy access and needs a ton of work or replacement, removing the battery from your car and getting it to an AutoZone might be hard.

Since we cant be in two places at once, we need a way to tell each other how to get help. If you need the charger, we need to know that.

If youre in need of a new battery, this is a great way to order one while youre on the road. You can also order other auto parts for your car without having to go to your local auto shop.

This is the most basic method. The next step will be to customize the title.

What Is The Autozone Battery Replacement Policy

AutoZone will accept returns on car batteries as long as it is within 90 days of the original purchase date.

You must have a receipt to return the battery, and the battery must be in its original condition and packaging.

If you have a defective or faulty battery which has been installed in your car, that can be returned as well. However, it must be returned within the warranty period that will be indicated on your receipt.

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How Does Electrical System Work In Honda Crv

Your vehicles electrical system does more than just run the lights, it also provides the ignition spark when your engine runs. That means when you ask for gas, your alternator and electric system has to work hard to keep up with its side of your demand.

Find the Honda CR-V battery that was constructed with deep capabilities and vibration resistance when its in your car by shopping the unbeatable selection at AutoZone. AutoZone carries a large inventory of CR-V car batteries to provide reliable power every time you go out on the road.

Warranty consists of 3 yea Find the Honda CR-V battery that was constructed with deep capabilities and vibration resistance when its in your car by shopping the unbeatable selection at AutoZone. AutoZone carries a large inventory of CR-V car batteries to provide reliable power every time you go out on the road.

Your vehicles electrical system does more than just run the lights, it also provides the ignition spark when your engine runs. That means when you ask for gas, your alternator and electric system has to work hard to keep up with its side of your demand.

What Kind Of Warranty Does Honda Crv Have


Warranty consists of 3 yea Find the Honda CR-V battery that was constructed with deep capabilities and vibration resistance when its in your car by shopping the unbeatable selection at AutoZone. AutoZone carries a large inventory of CR-V car batteries to provide reliable power every time you go out on the road.

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How Much Does Autozone Charge To Charge A Battery

Most car batteries and powersports batteries last between three and five years. That lifespan depends on your climate and driving habits: Hot temperatures and humid weather cause increased damage and water loss.

Proper maintenance can help your battery last longer. Keep it fully charged, avoid leaving your lights on, and dont leave accessories plugged in. Ensure that your batterys top and terminals stay clean and are free of dirt and debris.

But say you accidentally leave your headlights on, or your battery cables are loose. You come out to your trusty vehicle and turn the ignition key, but it doesnt start.

No worries. AutoZone offers battery test and charging services at all its locations. Its fast and accurate testing gives you an inside look at your batterys health, so you know when youll need to replace it.

With its Duralast chargers, your battery is recharged in 30 minutes. And the best part? Both services are free.

Removing The Cars Computer Power

This doesnt tend to be an issue with regular family cars, but the more sophisticated the car, the more computers, and the more likely removing the battery will cause issues.

What type of issues? Mostly irritating type stuff like inop HVAC systems or erratic window controls and poor quality gear changes. And in most cases, these issues fix themselves by just driving the car.

But sometimes, you have an erratic idle that wont fix itself and may require a visit to a dealer to set it straight again.

I advise folks who are going to change a battery to use a KAM tool it sends a small voltage to the cars computers to keep them alive while the battery is disconnected.

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What Are The Signs Your Battery Needs To Be Charged

The battery icon in the notification bar will turn grey when charging.The battery icon will turn red when charging is about to finish.The battery icon in the notification bar will turn red when the battery is dead.The device may be switched off in order to prevent damage.

The starter only kicked in after about 20 minutes.

Once you notice your battery suddenly develops weird issues which start to appear even when the temperature hasnt dropped, you need to take it for testing and charging.

Theres a problem with the electrical system, it could be a short or a bad connection.

Youre not required to pay the fees if youve got a receipt or if the system says that the device has reached 100% charge.

Theres a difference between headlight dimming lights and low beams. Low beams cut out most of the light to just illuminate the pavement. Dimming headlights cut down on light to illuminate the road, which, even though it is dimmed, is still light enough to be seen on dark roads.Most European cars dont dim headlights for low beams.

If your headlights appear more dim than usual than it is a good idea to check your battery.

When the battery is empty, the system is not able to deliver enough power for the accessories and lights.

Im listening to my Pandora Radio on my iPhone on the way to work.

The battery is the main source of power for your car. It is fully charged when it is plugged into a wall outlet.

I took the car to AutoZone to have the charging done.

Signs Of A Weak Car Battery

AutoZone Commercial 2022: Battery Solution :15

When a cars battery is weak or failing, it may not always be obvious because it can still provide enough power to start a vehicle in optimal environmental conditions. However, the battery will only continue to get weaker over time and may eventually require a jump start. Its also possible to experience a lack of power to accessories, though a battery that wont start the engine may still have enough power to run the radio, lights, and other electrical system components. If the vehicle can be started with a jump start, but the battery doesnt hold a charge once the vehicle is shut off, then you may need to have your battery or charging system tested.

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Will Autozone Install My Battery For Free

Yes, after your purchase a new battery from AutoZone, online or in-store, you can have their professional remove the old product and install the new one free of charge.

This is only void if the batter is hard to remove or requires extensive work to swap them out.

Another benefit of having AutoZone install your car battery is that you can get a core credit for the old one. This is a small credit towards the purchase of a new battery just for letting them take the one you no longer need.

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Will Autozone Change Your Battery

So, does AutoZone install batteries? Yes, the company does, but you have to buy your new battery from them. The complexity means they have to remove certain parts of your car before they can install the battery. But if the process is straightforward, AutoZone will be happy to install the new battery for you.

Does AutoZone install battery for free?

Short Answer. AutoZone offers free battery installation services if you purchase a new car battery from AutoZone. However, if your vehicles battery is difficult to access or requires the removal of other components, AutoZone may not install your new battery.

What auto parts store will check your battery?

Battery Testing Free Bring your battery into any OReilly Auto Parts store for a complete diagnostic check at no charge.

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Econocraft Battery Size 78

Ideal for Sub-compact Cars with Few Electronics

This battery is ideal for sub-compact cars that do not have many electronics. It is also one of the most affordable batteries you can find out there.

Comes with a 3-month Free Replacement Warranty

However, it is a reliable little battery even though it does not cost that much. It has 750 CA and 600 CCA and comes with a 3-month free replacement warranty.

Deliver an Excellent power-to-weight Ratio

This battery uses the latest battery tech to deliver an excellent power-to-weight ratio. It is a cheap yet quality alternative for the more expensive brands.

Finest Quality: Duralast Platinum

Does Autozone Replace Car Key Batteries

The highest caliber battery that AutoZone offers is from the Duralast Platinum series. If you drive in harsh conditions or have a high-performance car, these batteries are perfect for you. Compared to other high-performance batteries from recognizable brands, Duralast Platinum batteries are reasonably priced.

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How Long Does It Take To Install A Battery At Autozone

Its very fast to install a battery at AutoZone. In all cases that AutoZone approves to replace, it takes 15 minutes to be done on average. With some kinds of batteries, the skillful technicians at Autozone can do it more quickly than normal. You dont need to be nervous about How long will Autozone change my battery.

How Much Does Autozone Charge To Test Batteries

AutoZone does not charge a fee for battery testing.

AutoZone will also test batteries that were not purchased there.

You can bring any battery you have into an AutoZone store and ask them to test it for you.

You can even have multiple batteries tested.

If the battery tests bad, the employees may recommend that you get a new battery and will offer to keep the damaged battery in place of the core charge.

If you do decide to purchase a new battery, an employee at the store will install it for you for free.

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How Long Does It Take Autozone To Charge Batteries

You could save 5 hours of time by checking this infographic for the fastest way to charge your battery.

An AutoZone employee said that the system that they use first measures the amperage of the battery to determine the amount of charge that it needs, making their charging process very fast.

Batteries are used for different purposes. Some of them can be used to charge phones when you are travelling, others are built to last days of constant usage and they are used in different ways.

Free Battery Check And Charge: Does Autozone Test Batteries

KIA Sedona Battery Replacement Duralast AutoZone

One way to protect your family is to make sure your car battery is fully charged and in top working order. There is not much effort or investment in doing this as you can get your battery checked in a variety of places. All you have to do is drive to them.

Does AutoZone test batteries?Yes, free battery testing is one free service that AutoZone supplies to its customers. It is a smart offer to take advantage of as you don’t have to be a customer to utilize the offer.

To learn more about free battery tests and where to get them, just continue to read our article. It has the information on Auto Zone as well as other auto parts stores, so you can find the one that is the most convenient for you to use

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