Car Battery Replacement At Home

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Mobile Car Battery Replacement At Home Or At The Office

How to Change a Car Battery | DIY Car Repairs | The Home Depot

Roadside express will come to your location within two hours or less for our mobile car battery replacement service. As long as you are in the greater Philadelphia area we are able to come to you for our mobile battery replacement service. At home, at the office, even after a game at the Linc we are able to get to your location to perform our replacement service.

Aaa Mobile Battery Service Options

Input your vehicle make and model to get a car battery quote with a AAA member discount. After reviewing the quote and requesting service, a technician will be dispatched to you.

Skip the phone and chat with our virtual assistant. Requests take an average of less than 4 minutes and can be submitted 24/7.

We Provide Best Battery Replacement Service In Tampa

Our Mobile Mechanics Tampa team, we are committed to providing our customers with top-quality batteries, excellent service, professionalism, and happy results at the BEST PRICE in Tampa, guaranteed!

Our mobile services unit can deliver and install a brand new car battery to your preferred location on-road, at work, at home, shopping car park, or anywhere within Tampa.

We exceed our clients expectations with our prompt and flawless battery replacement service. Our offered battery replacement service in Tampa includes:

  • FREE Delivery & Installation within 1 hour / 7 days
  • Running Test charging system
  • Testing current drain
  • Test starter motor
  • Disposal of your old battery

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Book A Mobile Battery Fitting Appointment Online Today

If you are wanting to book a mobile battery replacement, then please click on the button below.

If you have any questions about our mobile battery replacement service, then feel free to contact us via the Live Chat functionality on our website or alternatively, head over to our social media channels and drop us a message.

How Do I Jump Start A Car

Car Battery Replacement FAQ

The next time you insert the key or push the ignition button and nothing happens, follow these simple steps or visit our how to jump start a car battery guide with pictures and video

  • Pull the jumper cables out of your trunk and find another car that can give you a jump.
  • Put both vehicles in park and shut off the ignition.
  • Attach one of the red clips to the positive terminal on your dead battery and the other red clip to the red POS post on the good battery. If you need help figuring out which terminal is which, look for POS or +.
  • Attach the black clip to the negative terminal of the good battery.
  • DO NOT attach the black clip to the black battery post on the dead battery. Sparking could ignite the dead batterys electrolyte fumes. Instead, clip the other black clip to a clean, unpainted metal surface under the hood.
  • Start the vehicle with the good battery and let it run for approximately five minutes. Even though the other vehicle isnt running yet, this will put some charge into its dead battery.
  • Now try to start the vehicle with the dead battery.
  • If the engine doesnt turn over, it may need to build up more charge. Rev up the donor engine so that its battery delivers more amperage in the process. Then try again.
  • If it starts, dont turn it off quite yet. Drive a while. The alternator may be able to recharge the battery on its own. If not, the battery charge is too low, and you need a replacement.

How To Recondition A Car Battery

All cars need a battery, whether they have internal combustion engines, are hybrids, or are electrics. But the battery is also one of the many things in our vehicle that we take for granted until the car doesn’t start. Turn the key all you want or repeatedly push the ignition button, but a dead battery is a dead battery.

Vehicles with an internal combustion engine rely on standard flooded lead-acid batteries those familiar 12-volt black boxes. Hybrids add a larger nickel-metal hydride or a lithium-ion battery to power a small electric motor that helps an ICE improve fuel economy. Then we have our plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles, which are typically equipped with sizable Li-ion battery packs to offer pure electric driving range.

Back to the dead battery dilemma. For this article, we’re talking about the 12-volt lead-acid batteries, and when one goes dead a jumpstart or battery recharge is the obvious solution. With traditional batteries, it’s also just easy to visit a local automotive parts store or big-box retailer to purchase a replacement. But what if instead of replacing the battery every time it died, you could simply recharge it to full strength and do so several times?

The Day Of The Appointment

  • Our mobile technician will begin by carefully loading the necessary equipment into their clean van. Theyll then call you 15 minutes before your appointment to let you know that theyre on their way and to agree a safe place where you can leave your car keys.
  • Before the technician arrives, make sure that your car is parked somewhere safe and accessible, and store your car keys in the agreed location.
  • Once the technician has arrived, theyll put on a new pair of disposable gloves before collecting your car keys from the agreed location. Theyll then fully ventilate your car and install extra protection inside including disposable seat covers and steering wheel wraps. The next step will be to carry out the necessary work to replace your car battery.
  • When the work is complete, the technician will take your old battery for recycling and remove the disposable protection materials from your car. Theyll also update the status of the job using their online app, removing the need for any paperwork to be exchanged.
  • Next, the technician will return the car keys to a safe location, ready for collection, and either knock on your door, call you or text you to inform you that the work is complete. If youd like to inspect their work, then theyll wait at a safe distance in the van until youre finished.
  • How To Replace A Dead Car Battery

    While you could always have your battery replaced in an auto shop, replacing a dead car battery is something you can easily do at home. If you decide to go the DIY route, there are a few things that you’ll want to keep in mind.

    First, always check your owner’s manual for any safety precautions that might be listed.

    Second, always wear gloves and eye protection as battery acid can be quite harmful to the skin.

    Third, always disconnect your battery’s negative terminal before the positive.

    Fourth, never touch a metal tool to the battery posts or terminals.

    Finally, be cautious of sparking both from the battery and around the battery.

    With these safety tips in mind, here’s how to replace a dead car battery:

    What Are The Benefits Of Car Battery Reconditioning

    How to Charge a Car Battery at Home – Dead Car Battery Tricks

    When the time comes that your car battery will no longer be efficient, you have two options: buying a new one or reconditioning it. Battery reconditioning can be a good option if your battery is not significantly damaged.

    There are significant advantages to enjoy from reconditioned batteries:

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    How To Check A Car Battery

    Test the electrolyte in each cell. Squeeze the ball and draw the solution into the tester. Carefully hold the tester level and write down the reading. Squirt the solution back into the same cell. The testers are calibrated assuming a battery is at 80 degrees F. Add .04 to each reading for every 10 degrees above 80 and subtract .04 for every 10 degrees below. If you get a cell reading that differs from the others by .05 or more, replace the battery. A fully charged battery should have a reading of 1.265 or higher. If all the readings show fair or low but are consistent, recharge the battery.

    If you have a no-maintenance battery, check to see if you have a green dot in the sight glass/charge indicator. Green means the battery is good. If its dark, it needs recharging. If its yellow or has no color at all, , replace the battery.

    What Is Battery Reconditioning

    In supplying energy to a vehicle or device, a battery discharge process known as sulfation occurs. This chemical reaction leads to a build-up of sulfate crystals on the battery plates. More crystals mean longer charging times, less efficiency, and lower charge capacity. Reconditioning, or refurbishing, a battery cleans off these sulfates, replenishes the electrolyte solution within, and allows the battery to recharge and function like new.

    How To Book A Mobile Battery Fitting Appointment

    If you are looking to book a mobile battery replacement, then you do this on our website. First off, head to the Buy Now dropdown within the top navigation and select batteries. You will then arrive on our batteries page. Alternatively, please enter your vehicle registration into the search widget at the top of this page.

    From this page, you will need to enter your vehicle registration number in the search widget provided. You will then be presented with a number of suitable batteries that will fit your vehicle. All batteries presented will show you the features and technical details of each battery, giving you extra information to ensure you select the best and most suitable battery for your vehicle.

    Once added to your basket, please review your purchase and proceed to the fitting location selector. From this page, you can enter your postcode, or alternatively select your location from the dropdown provided.

    Once you have completed this action, if there is a mobile battery service present in your location, you will then be able to select this option. If there is no mobile battery service in your location, then you will need to book an in-branch appointment. Please note that if you are looking to use our mobile battery fitting service, then this will need to be the only item in your basket.

    After you have selected to use our mobile battery replacement service, you will have the option to select a date and time which suits you.

    How To Install A New Battery

    How To Repair Dry Batteries At Home

    Before you replace a car battery with the new one, remove the red and black plastic covers on the ends of the posts of the replacement.

    • Prepare your new battery for use by installing anti-corrosion washers on both battery posts. Spray the cars terminal ends with anti-corrosion solution or apply a corrosion-resistant gel to the terminals.
    • Place the new battery in the battery tray, aligning the red and black ends of the battery with the matching terminals.
    • Re-install the clamp the same way you removed them to secure the battery.

    Car Battery Fitting At Halfords

    Whether its a pre-emptive purchase to prevent problems, or an urgent replacement, our battery replacement service is designed to get you moving again.

    Youve got two options: buy a battery online or in store and well fix it for you, or use our mobile battery fitting service, and well come to you.

    Heres how they work:

    Removing The Old Battery

  • 1Park on a level surface in a secure area and turn off your vehicle. Avoid changing your battery on the side of the road when at all possible. Find a safe place to work thats well away from traffic, sparks, open flames, or water. Engage your parking brake and turn your vehicle off. Remove the keys from the ignition to ensure no power is going to the battery.XResearch source
  • A garage or driveway is a good place to change your battery. Just make sure the area is well-ventilated .
  • Disconnecting the battery will reset the clock, radio, navigation, and alarm settings so make sure you know your alarm code before you get started. If you don’t remember it, check your owner’s manual.
  • 2Put on safety gear and pop your hood. Batteries contain a sulfuric acid electrolyte solution, which is highly corrosive, can burn your skin, and produces flammable hydrogen gas. Put on insulated work gloves and safety goggles to protect yourself. Then, open your hood and prop it up with a rod, if necessary.XResearch source
  • Take off any metal jewelry youre wearing, like a watch or ring, to protect yourself from electric shock.
  • Wear old clothes that you dont mind getting greasy.
  • Refer to your owners manual if you arent able to find the battery.
  • Note that on some vehicles, the battery is located in the trunk rather than under the hood.
  • Use a cable tie to secure the negative cable to the engine bay, making sure it doesnt come into contact with anything metal.
  • In Cold Weather Charge Your Battery With More Than A Trickle Charger

    When the temperature drops near freezing, a battery maintainer or trickle charger may not keep your battery alive. But its not the battery chargers fault its that the weather is too cold.Recharging your car battery any time is a good idea to extend its life. However, at 32 F, a typical battery is only 65% efficient, both at recharging and giving power. This means you’ll need more voltage or hours to recharge. In fact, your alternator may not be able to give your battery all the power it needs to spring back to life unless youre traveling a long distance.Your best move is to visit a repair shop. If a test shows significant weakness, a shop will have equipment to recharge your battery.

    Installing The New Battery

    How to Charge a Car Battery | DIY Car Repairs
  • 1Clean the battery terminals to remove corrosion. Check the terminals for powdery buildup, which may be green, blue, gray, or white. Use an emery cloth or 100-grit sandpaper to carefully clean the corrosion off of the terminals until theyre shiny.XResearch source
  • Remember that battery acid is corrosive, so avoid getting it on your skin or clothes.
  • 2Buy the correct replacement battery. Take a picture of or write down any information on the old battery, such as the size, dimensions, and part number. Head to an auto parts store and give the clerk this information as well as the year, make, model, and engine size of your vehicle. They will be able to find you the appropriate replacement.XTrustworthy SourceConsumer ReportsNonprofit organization dedicated to consumer advocacy and product testingGo to source
  • Automotive batteries vary in size and electrical capacity so make sure you purchase one designed for your specific vehicle. If it’s not the right size, the battery might not fit correctly in the cavity where it’s supposed to sit.XExpert Source
  • Testing And Replacing A Dead Car Battery

    • Maintaining Your Vehicle
    • XX

    There are few things more frustrating than sitting behind the wheel of your car, ready to go somewhere, only to find that your car’s battery is dead. But why is your car battery dead, and what can you do to fix it? Let’s take a closer look at what can cause your vehicle’s battery to malfunction, how to jump-start a dead car battery, how to test a car battery, and how to replace a dead car battery.

    How To Choose The Right Car Battery

    Your car battery is one of your electrical system’s most critical parts, so getting the right battery replacement is essential. But car batteries aren’t universal, and picking the right one can be confusing. So, what should you look for when it’s time to replace your battery?

    First, your battery has to physically fit into your car’s battery tray. Batteries can vary in size! Consult your owner’s manual for battery size guidance.

    Second, you want to be sure that you’re choosing a battery that will be powerful enough for your vehicle. Consult your owner’s manual and see what it suggests is the right number of cranking amps and choose a battery that fits within those parameters.

    Third, you may need to consider cold-cranking amps or the amount of power it takes to turn over the engine in freezing temperatures. This is especially important if you live in a colder climate. It can make the difference between your car dying or starting on a cold winter day.

    Finally, you’ll need to decide whether a maintenance-required or a maintenance-free battery is the best option for you. While a maintenance-required car battery, which requires regular electrolyte monitoring and top-offs, is cheaper on the front-end, maintenance-free batteries are a lot more hassle-free and don’t need much attention. Ensure you’re ready for the commitment if you decide to save money and go for the cheaper option.

    Ground The Dead Vehicle

    Use the final black alligator clip to complete the circuit by grounding the charge. Instead of attaching the clip to the negative terminal of your battery, you’ll want to find an unpainted metal surface â such as the body of the car or the metal rod that props open your hood â which isn’t near the battery. This is to help ground the electrical flow and prevent sparking from the battery.

    A Network Of Technicians

    Car Battery Repair After Sitting 10 Years: How To (Basic Home Products ...

    One of the best things about working with Towing Less is the fact that we have a massive network of technicians and theyre strategically placed throughout the country. This gives us the ability to deliver a great service with the fastest response time humanly possible. It is equally important to make sure that our workers are capable of solving your problem no matter how big or minor it is. Weve done that by putting each and every one of our technicians through extensive training.

    There is very little that we cannot do and we sincerely believe that were capable of doing everything equally well. This might seem like were bragging, but it is backed up by experience, training, and hard work. Below, youll discover a breakdown of some of the best benefits of working with our company!

    • We offer services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
    • Our employees are respectful, kind and courteous
    • We have technicians located throughout the country
    • We can recharge and replace dead batteries
    • We offer a wealth of other services
    • Our services are cost effective
    • We can reach your location very quickly

    If youre ready to work with a company that you can depend on, it is time to get in touch with us. Well get your car battery replacement as quickly as possible and well get you back on the road right away.

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