Change Batteries In Honeywell Thermostat

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How To Replace An Old Thermostat

How to Change Batteries on Honeywell Thermostat RTH2300 RTH221

You can replace an old thermostat with virtually any modern one with one exception.

If the old thermostat was mechanical or had batteries, it didnt need a common wire. Usually blue, it supplies power to the thermostat itself. If your new thermostat needs a common wire, youll need an HVAC pro to install it. Otherwise, choose a battery-powered model.

To do the replacement, this simple procedure usually works.

  • Shut off the circuit breaker that powers the heating/cooling system.
  • Remove the cover from the old thermostat and take a picture of the wires with your phone .
  • Disconnect the wires and remove the old thermostat baseplate.
  • Install the baseplate for the new thermostat.
  • Use the image on your phone to connect the wires to the correct terminals.
  • Install batteries if necessary, snap on the cover plate and turn the circuit breaker back on.
  • Batteries Are Facing The Wrong Way

    If the batteries are facing the wrong way, you will need to open the faceplate again and fix the issue.

    You can switch the battery orientation to see if that works.

    However, there should be an indication of which direction the batteries should go in the compartment.

    Align the + and symbols in the compartment with the batteries, and it should work.

    You should also ensure that the batteries are aligned properly.

    This is usually done automatically, but sometimes the batteries do not line up well.

    Replacement Of Series 2000 & 1000 Honeywell Thermostat Battery

    Lastly, we are going to talk about the 2000 and 1000 series of the Honeywell thermostat. These are best suited for you in case you are on a budget. It comes with the usual features of program scheduling and a backlit display with easy controls

    Steps involved in changing the battery in these two series-

    • As mentioned before, cut off the power supply to ensure your own safety.
    • Once you find the battery compartment, replace the old batteries with new AA batteries.
    • Put the cover plate back in its place and secure it firmly in its place.

    And that is it. That is all that you need to do to change the batteries from these two devices.

    Guide to Change the Battery in Some Other Models-

    Apart from the series of models that we have mentioned above, there are a few more models that are available in the market so we would also tell you about the process of changing their batteries.

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    What Kind Of Battery Is Used By Honeywell Thermostat

    To replace the battery in a Honeywell thermostat, you first have to know what kind of battery is necessary.

    Nowadays, AAA batteries are required for the majority of Honeywell Thermostat models however, certain versions still require AA batteries.

    Therefore, before beginning the process of changing the batteries, always be aware of what batteries you require, and it is good to always have some on hand.

    Another drawback is that while some of the newest thermostats have sliding battery compartments, some do not, necessitating the opening of the cover plate in order to access the battery compartment.

    You may accomplish this by carefully pulling the cover plate away from the thermostats base plate. If necessary, you might have to remove a few screws.

    Additionally, be careful to switch off the electricity before you begin changing the batteries to avoid coming into contact with any live wires.

    How Does A Honeywell Thermostat Work

    Awasome How To Change Battery On Honeywell Touchscreen Thermostat Ideas

    A honeywell thermostat works by turning on or off its fan depending on the temperature of the room.

    When the temperature gets too low, it turns on its fan to heat up the air inside your house, and when it gets too high, it turns off its fan so as not to cool down your house unnecessarily.

    Where is a honeywell thermostat installed?

    A honeywell thermostat can be installed on a wall. It regulates the flow of air inside your house.

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    How To Set An Old Honeywell Thermostat

    This depends on the model, but as an example, heres how you do it with the RTH221B. If you have a different model, consult your product manual or look online.

    To set the time:

    • Press the Set button and the time will flash on the screen.
    • Press the up/down buttons to choose the correct time.
    • Press the Run button to save changes and exit.

    To program a schedule, move the mode toggle to Heat or Cool as necessary, then do the following:

    • Press the Set button twice. The message Set Schedule appears on the screen along with the start time of the first period.
    • Use the up/down buttons to set the start or wake time.
    • Press the Set button and the temperature for that period will flash. Use the up/down buttons to select the temperature.
    • Press the Set button again and the start time for the next period will flash. Change it with the up/down buttons, follow the procedure to select the temperature, then press Set to move on to the next period.
    • When youve set all the periods available on the device, press Run to save your settings.

    Series 2000 & 1000 Honeywell Thermostat Battery Replacement

    The 2000 and 1000 series are budget Thermostats from Honeywell. Mostly these thermostats are used in big complexes and apartments.

    The thermostats have LED display and can be used with air conditioner and gas furnace.

    Overall, if you are on budget and dont want to compromise on the quality, you can go for the above models.

    • Like all other models, this model also needs to be switched Off first.
    • Now, take out the cover plate from the base plate. You have to pull it from the bottom of the plate.
    • Replace the batteries. It contains 2 AA batteries. Make sure to check the polarity of the battery .
    • Put the cover back to the base plate.
    • Now, Switch on the Thermostat.

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    How To Replace Battery In Honeywell Thermostat

    Honeywell Thermostat has been my favorite for years, not just because of its lengthy 100-year history, but also because of the variety of thermostats it has provided throughout the years. From the Series 1000 to modern smart Wi-Fi-equipped thermostats, you may find everything you need within your price range. However, because of its numerous variants, we are frequently perplexed about the proper approach for changing batteries, since the process varies depending on the model.

    So, how do I change the battery in my Honeywell thermostat? In general, you may change the Honeywell thermostats batteries by simply taking out the cover plate or sliding out the battery compartment. Replace the battery and return it to its original position.

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    Honeywell Thermostat 8000 Series

    How to replace the AA batteries in a Honeywell Thermostat

    The Honeywell Thermostat 8000 Series has Wi-Fi capabilities and a touchscreen control to set program schedules, humidity, ventilation and more from your smartphone.

    These thermostats also work with the Honeywell My Total Connect Comfort web portal and mobile apps to control the thermostats.

    The Honeywell 8000 models covered: TH8110U, TH8320U and TH8321U.

  • Turn off the thermostat.
  • Press and Pull the cover plate to remove it.
  • Remove the 3 old AAA batteries and replace them with new AAA batteries.
  • Make sure the positive and negative polarities match up.
  • Put the battery cover back on.
  • Turn the thermostat and circuit power back on.
  • The battery replacement is now done.
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    Replacement Of Series 5000 Honeywell Thermostat Battery

    The series 5000 comes with a lot more features. It has a large backlit display which makes reading the numbers very easy even in a dark or dimly lit room. The second-best thing is that it can automatically change between cooling or heating system depending upon the room temperature. It also has the option to adjust the font size at your convenience.

    Speaking of changing the batteries, the best part here is that accessing the battery compartment in the 5000 models is very easy because it has a sliding battery compartment and you do not have to separate the cover from the base plate as we did in the previous models. Speaking of the battery type, for the 5000 model, you will be needing AA batteries.

    Here are the steps that you need to follow to change the batteries of this series-

    • First turn off the power supply as usual for your own safety.
    • Next, you need to press and pull the cover to take out the battery compartment from the top right corner.
    • Then take out the battery compartment, remove the old batteries and replace them with the new AA batteries. As usual, make sure that you check the polarity properly.
    • Now place the cover back on the top just how it was before.

    Now you can switch on the thermostat, the batteries have been successfully replaced.

    How To Switch The Batteries In Your Honeywell Thermostat

    Now that weve covered the basics, lets talk about the overall process of replacing batteries in a thermostat.

  • Turn off the power to your thermostat and remove it from the wall. Turning your unit off can be accomplished via a switch that says ON/OFF. Then you can slowly pull it off the wall plate by sliding it up and off its tracks. If you arent sure how to switch off the unit, refer to your owners manual to find out.
  • Locate the battery compartment on your model and open it. Most Honeywell models will have their battery compartment close to the bottom of the machine.
  • Open the battery compartment and source some new batteries. If you dont know what type of batteries you have, take a look inside the battery compartment. Get the same type of batteries that your thermostat currently housed.
  • Remove the old batteries and replace them with new ones. This is pretty straightforward. Just make sure that your batteries fit in the compartment correctly and that you match the polarity of the batteries per the thermostats instructions. If you ever replaced the batteries in your TV remote, its the same type of deal.
  • Close the battery compartment. Make sure you hear the compartment click into place.
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    Do All Honeywell Thermostats Require Battery Replacement

    Though most thermostats do require batteries to function, not all of Honeywells models will. If you cannot locate a battery compartment, if you plug your thermostat directly into the wall, or never receive LOW BATTERY alerts, then you probably have a model that doesnt require batteries.

    To make sure, look for a C-wire leading from the thermostat. If you dont have a C-wire, then your thermostat probably will need to get batteries replaced.

    Honeywell Thermostat Lyric Round

    How To Change Thermostat Battery Honeywell : Honeywell TH6220D1002 ...

    The Lyric round Thermostat comes with an amazing feature known as Geofencing. Basically, this feature takes your phone location and control your HVAC temperature accordingly.

    The thermostat looks amazing with the full touch glass display having a lot of buttons to adjust temperature and other features.

    You can easily connect this thermostat with third party accessories like IFTTT, Apple Watch, SmartThings, HomeKit, Alexa, Google Home etc.

    Replacing the battery

    • Make sure to Switch Off the Thermostat and take out the thermostat from the sub-base.
    • Replace the old batteries with the fresh new AAA batteries.
    • Now, place the faceplate back to the sub-base.
    • Turn On the Thermostat.

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    How To Find The Specific Instructions To Change Your Honeywell Thermostat Battery

    Lets say that you have a quirky Honeywell thermostat and are pretty sure basic instructions wont work. What can you do? Well, the easiest thing to do is look at the model number written on your Honeywell thermostat plate and search up its owners manual online. Referring to your thermostats owners manual is the easiest way to find the scoop on your unique models needs.

    Truthfully, every thermostat owner should look up their thermostats owners manual before they try to replace the thermostats batteries. Its just a smart move, and itll be easier for you to learn how to care for your tech.

    Resetting A Low Battery On A Honeywell Thermostat

    You should not have to wait more than a few minutes for the low battery indicator to disappear.

    Once you have installed the new batteries into the Honeywell thermostat, just wait around for the indicator to do away.

    On a rare occasion, the indicator will not disappear on its own. If this is the case, you may need to reset the indicator.

    This can be done in different ways, depending on the thermostat model you currently have.

    If you have an advanced model, you can reset the indicator by following the instructions that show on the screen.

    If the low battery indicator is still visible after five minutes, you can restart the system.

    This can be done internally, or at the circuit breaker.

    Models that dont have a reset button on the control panel menu will have to be turned off at the circuit breaker.

    To do this, you will need to:

    1. Turn off the whole thermostat system using the control panel

    2. Find the circuit breaker board

    3. Find the power switch to the thermostat

    4. Turn that switch off

    5. Go to the control panel of the thermostat

    6. Remove the batteries. It doesnt matter if you just put new batteries in, remove them, even if they are brand new.

    7. Wait for 1-2 minutes

    8. Put the batteries back in

    9. Go back to the breaker board and turn the switch for the thermostat back on

    Doing this should reset the Honeywell thermostat systems, deactivating the low battery indicator in the process.

    You may even be able to reset the system from the Honeywell smartphone application.

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    Series 3000 Honeywell Thermostat Battery Replacement

    The 3000 Series also comes with built in compressor protection and therefore the compressors of the air conditioner and heating pump are always protected.

    You need to replace the batteries once a year and the LED display notifies you 60 days before the battery needs to be replaced.

    • Turn the Thermostat Off.
    • Now, push and pull the thermostat cover from the bottom.
    • Once the cover plate is separated from the base plate, replace the batteries.
    • Put the cover back to the base place by sliding it gently until it gets fixed firmly.
    • Turn On the Thermostat.

    Honeywell Thermostat 5000 Series

    Honeywell Pro Series Thermostat Battery Replacement (BATT)

    The Honeywell Thermostat 5000 Series includes these models: TH5110D, TH5320U, TH5220D, and Focus Pro.

    The 5000 series battery compartment plates dont need to be separated from the base plate. These thermostats also include the Auto Changeover feature that will automatically switch between cooling and heating to maintain the set temperatures.

    Follow these steps to change the Honeywell 5000 thermostat batteries:

  • Turn off the thermostat.
  • Press and Pull the battery cover plate to remove it.
  • Remove the old AA batteries and replace them with new AA batteries.
  • Make sure the positive and negative polarities match up.
  • Put the battery cover back on.
  • Turn the thermostat and circuit power back on.
  • The battery replacement is now done.
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    Requirements For Honeywell Battery Replacement

    With dead batteries, your Honeywell thermostat wont work. To replace the batteries from your Honeywell Thermostat you need to know the model first.

    Different models come with different types of batteries. Some models have AA alkaline batteries and others have AAA batteries.

    Therefore, you should check the model first. You can either search for the model number in the user manual or on the backside of your thermostat.

    Also, some Honeywell thermostats have model numbers on the front side. Now, you have to open the cover of the battery compartment.

    In some models, you need to unscrew a small screw to separate the cover from the battery compartment.

    Hence, you will need a screwdriver to proceed. Some models do not have any screws pinned.

    So, you can uncover the batteries by gentle push or little wiggle.

    What Happened To My Thermostat After I Changed The Batteries

    Batteries in the thermostat have died and must be replaced. If your thermostat isnt working, the first thing you should do if your thermostat isnt working is to check the batteries. Most likely, the batteries have failed, and the thermostat cannot turn on. Check to confine if your thermostat works after replacing the batteries.

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    When Should I Change The Honeywell Thermostat Battery

    Several signs can warn you it is time to change your honeywell thermostat battery. They include

    When you notice the batteries are not holding a charge for long periods of time.

    When the temperature no longer goes up and down when you press the thermostat button.

    When the battery does not hold a charge for as long as it should.

    When the temperature on your thermostat is off by more than 2 degrees Fahrenheit.

    When your honeywell thermostat does not turn on anymore when you press the on button.

    When your thermostat doesnt turn on at all.

    When you notice that the batteries are getting drained more quickly.

    Once you see all these signs and factors, proceed to get new batteries for your thermostat.

    Where Are The Batteries In A Honeywell Thermostat

    How To Change Battery In Honeywell Thermostat Th5110D1006 : How To ...

    Honeywell produces many thermostat systems, many of which require batteries for the control panel to operate.

    The batteries on all Honeywell thermostat models are within the control panel of the system. The batteries are either held behind a sliding tray compartment or within the main body of the control panel itself.

    All Honeywell systems that use batteries will store the batteries somewhere within the country panel unit. Most models require removing the faceplate to access the batteries, but some models have a removable tray or lid that allows the batteries.

    To locate the batteries, first, check toward the top right-hand corner of the control unit. If there is no indication of a battery compartment, then the batteries are most likely within the unit.

    If you see a marking for a battery compartment, press the tray lightly and slide it open to reveal the batteries.

    If there is no battery compartment in the unit, the faceplate will need to be removed from the base to access the batteries. This is a simple process and requires no tools.

    Pull down gently on the control panel faceplate, and it should unclip easily from the base unit. The faceplate can be stubborn to remove, but as long as youre careful when removing it, the unit should sustain no damage.

    This will reveal the batteries, allowing you to replace them with ease.

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