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Can You Buy Replacement Key Fob

Hyundai Tucson Key Fob Battery Replacement (2014 – 2019)

Sometimes, the key fob may stop working not because of the battery running of juice but because the key fob is damaged. At times you may even lose the key fob.

You can buy a replacement key fob from Hyundai motor dealers or you can order one online. Buying from the dealer has the advantage of having the emergency key cut and the key fob programmed to work in your Hyundai.

This however comes at an extra cost. On the other hand, buying a replacement key fob online is easier cheaper, and a better alternative.

The only drawback is that the emergency key is not cut and the key fob is not programmed but it will save you a lot.

The key fob bought online can be taken to a local locksmith shop to have the emergency key cut and you can program the key fob to sync with your car at home by following the easy steps outlined below.

Changing Your Hyundai Key Fob Battery

Replacing your Hyundai key fobs battery is straightforward. All you need is a replacement CR 2032 3V battery. A 5-pack of them usually costs around $3-$5. You will be touching a motherboard during this process, so its recommended that you also wear latex gloves to avoid accidental damage.

  • Remove emergency key from bottom of fob
  • Insert key into groove between release button and key slot
  • Turn the key until the fob pops open
  • Face buttons downward and open the fob
  • Set aside fob half with buttons and remove the barrier and motherboard
  • Use key to remove dead battery from its bracket
  • Put the new battery in its bracket + side down
  • Replace the motherboard, barrier, and button-half of fob
  • Line up the release button peg with its corresponding hole
  • Snap the fob back together
  • And youre done! To test your Hyundai Smart Key, press any of the buttons. A small red light above the unlock button should flash if everything was done correctly.

    Does Resetting The Key Fob Fix The Issue

    If the key fob problem resulted from resetting itself after changing the battery, resetting the key fob can fix the problem. However, if the origin of the key fob problem was not resetting itself, this process cannot fix the problem. Also, you should never attempt to reset the key fob without consulting because some vehicles ECU can be damaged.

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    Which Battery Does Hyundai Key Fob Use

    Hyundai key fob uses one CR2032 battery that is flat and round and looks like a coin. The battery gives 3 volts and is lithium-based. Other batteries of similar size may be designated differently depending on the chemical substances used to make them.

    These lithium batteries have a longer working life lasting between 3-5years and can be stored for up to 10 years without significant loss of power.

    Lithium batteries are designed to work in extreme temperatures and can work well in temperatures as low as -200C and as high as 600C.

    This makes the battery the number one choice for many key fob manufacturers.

    How To Start Hyundai Entourage With A Dead Key Fob

    How to Replace Hyundai Key Fob Battery

    Having a dead key fob can be a tricky situation. However, with these simple steps, one can easily maneuver this situation and end up using his or her car as if nothing happened!

    Step 1: To access the vehicle, pull out the emergency key from the key fob by pressing on the button on the key fob and pulling.

    Step 2: Open the door using the emergency key.

    Step 3: Open the armrest and you will see a little opening inside.

    Step 4: Insert the key fob in the slot. While it is slotted in, press the brake and push the start button. The engine should start. When the engine is running, you can pull the key fob out.

    When you stop the car and turn the engine off, to get the key fob out, you press it in and it will pop out.

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    How Do I Change A Car Key Battery For Hyundai

    My Hyundai Tucsonâs key fob seems to be dying. Whatâs the best way to change a car key battery for a Hyundai?

    change the battery in your Hyundai key

    • Remove the spare physical key by depressing the metal tab on the back of your key. Use the key to pop the plastic fob casing open by twisting it in the hole that itâs inserted into.
    • Once the casing is open, carefully remove the circuit board to reveal the battery on the other side.
    • Remove the old battery and pop in the new oneâyou can find out which one you need in your ownerâs manual. Make sure the new battery is inserted with the negative side facing up.
    • Place the circuit board back in place, snap the plastic casing shut, and reinsert the metal key.

    Signs Of Low Battery In Hyundai Entourage Key Fob

    A battery that is running low will not stop working from one day to the next. Before it completely gives out, it will show signs of inefficiency that are meant to alert you of the need to replace the battery as soon as possible. Here are a few signs you should look out for

    • The operation range of the battery is reduced greatly reduced. You have to be very near the car for the key fob to work. This shows the signal from the key fob to the car is very weak due to low battery power.
    • The buttons have to be pressed repeatedly for them to work. One press is not responsive
    • The key fob works erratically. One minute it is working well the next, it is not.
    • The key fob becomes completely responsive

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    Replacement Hyundai Keys & Key Fob Batteries In Columbus

    Hyundai Elantra Key Fob Battery Replacement – DIY

    Need a new Hyundai key fob battery? Lost your current Hyundai key fob and need a new one? The Parts Department at AutoNation Hyundai Columbus has replacement Hyundai keys and replacement key fob batteries in stock and available to purchase.

    Our team will gladly help you replace your battery and get your key fob configured with your vehicle again. Feel free to stop by our Hyundai Parts Department in person or give us a call if you have any questions.

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    Changing A Hyundai Smart Key Fob Battery: Step

    Youre walking out of the store with your hands full and you press the button on your key fob to unlock your Hyundai. Nothing happens. It seems you have a dead battery. Let us show you how to fix that.

    Heres out step-by-step guide for changing a dead battery on a Hyundai Smart Key fob. For more visual learners, you can skip to the bottom for the video tutorial.

    Keys Not Working?

    Features Of Your Vehicle / Smart Key / Battery Replacement

    A smart key battery should last for several years, but if the smart key is notworking properly, try replacing the battery with a new one. If you are unsure howto use your smart key or replace the battery, contact an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.

    1. Insert a slim tool into the opening and gently pry open the rear cover ofthe smart key.2. Replace the battery with a new battery . When replacing the battery,make sure the battery positive + symbol faces up as indicated in the illustration.3. Install the battery in the reverse order of removal.


    • The smart key is designed to give you years of trouble-free use, howeverit can malfunction if exposed to moisture or static electricity. If you areunsure how to use or replace the battery, contact an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
    • Using the wrong battery can cause the smart key to malfunction. Besure to use the correct battery.
    • To avoid damaging the smart key, don’t drop it, get it wet, or exposeit to heat or sunlight.
    • An inappropriately disposed battery can be harmful to the environmentand human health. Dispose the battery according to your local law or regulation.

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    How To Change Car Key Battery Honda

    First, youll need to locate the car key battery. Its usually located under the car key fob. Once youve located the car key battery, youll need to remove it. To do this, youll need a small screwdriver. Once the car key battery is removed, youll need to insert the new car key battery. Make sure that the new car key battery is fully inserted before screwing it back in place.

    Is It Time To Service Your Hyundai

    How To Change Battery In Hyundai Ix35 Key Fob  Park Art

    If your key fob battery is dying, it’s a good reminder that it could be time to service your vehicle. If you haven’t had your Hyundai serviced in the past year, go ahead and make an appointment with our online scheduler. We will replace your key fob battery, change your oil, and perform any other necessary maintenance so you can get back out on the road without any issues!

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    How To Change Your Battery For Hyundai Sonata Key Fob:

    Every once in a while youll need to change the battery in your Hyundai key fob when it runs low or stops responding on your Reno commute. To do this, youll need to learn how to open the Hyundai key fob and how to program the Hyundai key fob. Luckily, this process is relatively easy and can be performed at your home!

    • Remove the emergency key from the bottom of your key fob.
    • Insert your key into the groove between release button and key slot.
    • Turn the key until the fob pops open.
    • Face buttons downward and open the fob.
    • Set aside the fob half with buttons and remove the barrier and the circuit board.
    • Use your key to remove the old battery from the socket.
    • Put the new battery in its socket.
    • Snap the fob back together and you are done.

    What Signs Show Hyundai Key Fob Battery Is Running Out Of Juice

    The key fob battery is made of chemical substances that react to produce the power needed for the key fob to work. The chemicals are limited to the space of the battery and therefore at one point will run out and stop working.

    The battery will not just stop working one day but it will get weaker and weaker as days go by. A few signs are present that indicate the battery is running out of juice.

    • The operation range of the battery is reduced so much. You have to be very near the car for the key fob to work. This shows the signal from the key fob to the car is very weak due to low battery power.
    • The buttons have to be pressed repeatedly for them to work. One press is not responsive
    • The key fob works erratically. One minute it is working well, the next minute it is not working.

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    Starting Up The Vehicle

    Now that you’re inside your vehicle, make sure that all doors are closed before trying to start up the car.

    If you have an older Hyundai model vehicle with a smart key fob, follow these steps:

  • Locate the emergency key fob slot commonly located inside the center armrest storage.
  • Insert the smart key fob into the emergency key fob slot. Make sure you hear a snap, this means that the key fob is properly inserted.
  • Press on the brake pedal first, then click the ignition button. It will now start and you can drive the vehicle.
  • For a visual guide on how to start the car, check out this video tutorial.

    If you have a newer Hyundai model vehicle, however, starting up your car is much more straightforward. You just have to press on the brake pedal, then at the same time, push the ignition button using your key fob. Your car is guaranteed to start even if there is no emergency key fob slot.

    What Is A Key Fob

    Hyundai Sonata Key Fob Battery Replacement (2015 – 2020)

    A key fob sometimes called a remote keyless system is a handheld device that allows you to lock and unlock your vehicle remotely. It consists of a remote control and RFID antenna that is connected to your cars locking system. Some key fobs have a retractable physical key with which you can lock/unlock your car manually as well.

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    How To Change Battery In Hyundai Key Fob

    Please enable JavaScript

    If you have used your Hyundai car for several years or you own a Hyundai car that had been used previously, you will be aware that the key fob fails to work at some point. In most cases, it is the battery that fails and you need to know how to change battery in Hyundai key fob.

    In this article, we shall be looking at signs that show the key fob battery is dying or dead, which battery the key fob uses, how to buy a new or replacement key fob, how to program the new key fob, and how to change the battery in the Hyundai key fob.

    Do I Need To Reprogram The Key Fob After Changing The Battery

    Typically, you do not need to reprogram the key fob after changing the battery. However, if youve replaced not just the batteries but also some of the internal wiring and electronics, you may need to reprogram it by pairing it with your vehicle once again.

    The usual sequence for reprogramming your car battery is as follows:

    • Put the key into the ignition
    • Turn the key into the ON position and then turn it back to the LOCK position.
    • Do this several times until you hear a chiming sound
    • Press the lock and unlock position on your key fob to reprogram it. This should ensure the correct functions are saved and that the vehicle will respond the next time you use it.

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    Worn Out Key Fob Buttons

    Key fob buttons are not there to last forever so they will wear out over time. Sometimes, the buttons might be worn out but remain in contact with the circuit.

    However, with slight interference when charging the battery, the buttons fail to function. You can notice this by repeatedly pressing the button when the button functions after squashing it in a certain way or when one button functions and the other does not.

    Also, if the covering plastic is out of place, it signals a problem in the key fob. You can open the remote and align the buttons to create contact with the circuit, and if it fails, you get another key fob.

    Can You Start A Hyundai Car Without A Key Fob

    2015 Hyundai Sonata Key Fob Battery

    Hyundai vehicles have a digital key feature to open the car with your smartphone. It is an application owners can rely on if their key fobs are not functioning.

    The only setback is that the application is only available on specific Android devices and can be achieved through NFC.So, yes, you can unlock and start Hyundai without a key fob, but you must have the digital key feature on one of the specified android devices.

    How do you Start a Hyundai with a Dead Key Fob?

    You might be wondering how one can start a car with a dead-key fob, but Hyundai cars are unique. There are two ways you can start your Hyundai with a dead key fob.

    • Use the end or back of the dead key fob to press the start button while pressing the brake.
    • Put the dead key fob in the smart key slot with buttons facing up and press the start button while pressing the brake.

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    Gently Pry At The Seam Or Notch

    Alaina DiGiacomo/

    When it comes to how to change the battery in your key fob, youll only need one tool. Using a small, thin flat-bladed screwdriver , pry apart the two halves gently to open the fob down the middle. Most cars with key fobs and transponder keys wont let you lock your keys inside the car, but you need to be prepared just in case the worst case happens. .

    How To Replace Battery In A Hyundai Key Fob

    Posted on March 13, 2022

    If you told people during the ’60s that you won’t even need to use a key to start your car in the future, they would call you bonkers! But that is how advanced automobile technology has developed ever since. Key-less entry features add another level of driver convenience until the battery runs out, then you’re in a pickle. We’ve curated this article to guide you on what to do in case your key fob runs out of battery power.

    The first thing you need to know is how to open the key fob itself. Replacing the actual battery will be the easiest part of this process.

    To open the key fob, follow these steps:

    Before you continue reading, let us say we hope you find the links here useful. If you purchase something through a link on this page, we may get a commission, so thank you!

  • Determine if you will need to use a flathead screwdriver to pry open the key fob. For newer models, you can open the key fob with the spare metal key.
  • Insert the screwdriver or spare key into the small notch located beside the spare key slot, and gently pop open by turning either direction.
  • Now that your key fob is open, locate the battery by lifting the circuit board. Make sure that you don’t scratch or damage the circuit board.
  • Once the battery has been exposed, determine the type and take note of the placement before removing it.
  • After replacing the battery, ensure that placement is correct and that the battery is making contact with the appropriate connections.
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