Changing Battery In Subaru Key Fob

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Detach The Mechanical Key

Subaru Key Fob Battery Replacement ( Keyless Entry Trick) Cars Simplified

To begin with, youd need to detach the mechanical key.

Youll find a button mounted on the fobs back if you look closely.

Press this button to remove the mechanical key. If you cannot accessibly reach the tiny groove of the button, you can press it down with a screwdriver.

As the button presses down, use the other hand to detach the mechanical key.

What Happens If Your Car Key Battery Dies

The key fob battery is an integral part of a car key. The battery powers the key and operates the remote function. With push-to-start vehicles, the key is necessary to power up the car in order to use it. As such, a dead battery can prevent your car from starting.

If your battery dies, you can change it. You can do this yourself or reach out to a professional.

Most smart keys are equipped with an emergency blade . An emergency blade is a mechanical key placed inside the fob. It’s used to open the drivers’ side door in an emergency .

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Signs Your Key Fob Needs A Battery Replacement

The transmitter loses its range when the fob battery becomes weaker. If you notice you have to be a lot closer to your car than usual, that’s a sign that your range is decreasing. This is an indicator to change your battery. Other signals include:

  • If your key is not giving out any signal
  • If you have to press the button repeatedly before your vehicle accepts the signal
  • If your key remote is inconsistent or unreliable

A Key With A Remote Fob

How To Change Car Key Battery Subaru Ideas

Keyless entry became commonplace in the late 1990s. These systems can unlock or lock the car, and maybe even arm an alarm at the tap of a button. The key needs to be inserted into the ignition to start the vehicle. Sometimes, the metal key and the remote are a single switchblade-style unit. Pickups like the Chevrolet Colorado and Ford Maverick and SUVs like the Toyota 4Runner still utilize this key fob type.

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Subaru Key Fob Tricks: Simple But Smart

Apart from using your key fob to unlock your car, there are some other tricks you can perform with it. Some of them are discussed below.

01. Instant Lowering of All Windows

With the press of a single button, you can use your Subaru key fob to wind down all the windows of your car, as well as open the sunroof.

This is a hidden feature of this device and knowing how to maneuver it is very essential to get this done.

To use this feature, you only need to press the unlock button once, then press it again , then hold it down till you open all the windows.

02. Mirror Folding

This is an optional feature that goes with door locking, and it is not found in all models. For vehicles with this option, you only need to hold down the lock button to fold in the side mirrors.

This is particularly helpful when you park your car in a narrow place or very close to other cars.

03. Remote Start

You can also use the key fob to start the engine of your car. Going about this is as easy as ABC. There is a circular arrow that you need to press once after hitting the lock button.

In some models, you may need to press the circular arrow twice to get the engine running.

Hence, you can start your engine two minutes before getting on board so that it will be warm before you hop in.

04. Vehicle Summon

Besides, you can use the fob to move your car in or out of a tight parking space while not in the car.

This feature works only when activated with the aid of the center screen of the vehicle.

Why Our Key Services

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Reach Out To The Dealer

If its been 5 years since you bought your car, we recommend reaching out to the dealer for a key fob battery replacement. Why? Because an aftermarket fob might not function with your vehicle.

Yes, you can program a few fobs, but they follow up with risks.

Generally, removing the mechanical key and programming the fob will take around an hour.

If you can afford to pay for an aftermarket fob, a dealer can adjust it for you. But, it is pretty risky and not advised by pros.

How Often Do I Need To Change The Battery In My Subaru Key Fob

Subaru Forester Key Fob Battery Replacement (2016 – 2021)

Many newer models of Subaru vehicles come with a key fob, which can be used to remotely lock and unlock the doors, as well as to activate the panic alarm. The key fob relies on a battery to function, and over time, the battery will begin to lose power and will eventually need to be replaced.

Most manufacturers recommend that the battery in a key fob be replaced every two or three years, but there are a few things that you can do to help extend the life of the battery. Avoid storing the key fob in hot or cold temperatures, as extreme temperatures can damage the battery. In addition, try to avoid dropping the key fob, as this can also cause damage.

If you take good care of your key fob, you should be able to get several years of use out of it before you need to replace the battery.

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What Is A Subaru Key Fob Battery

A Subaru key fob battery is a small, coin-sized battery that powers the electronic components in your vehicles key fob. Over time, this battery will eventually need to be replaced in order to keep your key fob functioning properly. While the average lifespan of a key fob battery is around two years, its not uncommon for them to last much longer.

You Are Now Able To Replace Your Own Subaru Key Fobs Battery

Now that you know how to change the battery, its time to do some maintenance. Make sure you get a good battery and use it in a way that will keep it healthy. When possible, try not to leave your remote in a hot car or around other sources of heat . Also make sure your remote doesnt get wetwater can harm the internal components.

The best option for replacing the battery is going to be at an auto parts store. Youll have access to batteries designed for your specific make and model of car, as well as any other vehicles that use this type of key fob technology. If youre having trouble finding someone who sells them near you, call up Subarus dealer hotline at 1-800-SUBARU1 and ask about ordering one online through their website then just wait for them to ship it directly from their warehouse!

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Subaru Key Battery : The Major Part

The Subaru key fob battery helps in powering the fob for optimum effectiveness. It can last for up to six years depending on the fob used.

Your manner of use can also affect its longevity. Typically, smart key fobs use up more battery than regular fobs.

However, there are different types of Subaru fob batteries but the most popular ones are CR2025 and CR2032.

These are 3V batteries with the capacity of powering key fobs to maximum expectation. They are available from dealers as well as vendors, both online and offline.

Troubleshoots In Changing Battery In A Subaru Key Fob

How To Change Battery In Key Fob Subaru 2021

The process of troubleshooting when changing the battery in a Subaru key fob may slightly vary depending on the model and year of your vehicle. In general, though, you can follow these steps to change the battery in your Subaru key fob. Begin by finding the release button or tab on your key fob. This is typically located near the key ring.

Once you have found the release button, press it to open your key fob. Next, locate the battery inside your key fob. There are usually two batteries in a Subaru key fob, so make sure you replace both batteries at the same time.

Once you have located the batteries, use a small screwdriver or coin to pry them out of their compartment. Then, insert new batteries into the compartment, making sure they are facing the correct way. Finally, close your key fob and test it to make sure it is working properly. If your key fob still isnt working after changing the batteries, contact a professional for further assistance.

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A Quick Guide On Subaru Key Fob Battery Replacement

A Subaru key fob battery replacement is inevitable if you discover signs of imperfect operations of your key fob.

If you are very observant, you dont need to wait till the battery is dead before replacing it.

It will be giving you signs that will indicate that there is a need for a replacement.

If there is a reduction in its signal range or there are click inconsistencies, you may have no other option than to replace the battery.

At times, unlocking is delayed for up to two seconds and the headlights of your car may not blink when you unlock it.

Once You Do This Turn The Key Fob Around So That You Can See Its Side

Once you do this, turn the key fob around so that you can see its side. Youll notice a small slot on the side of your key fob push gently to pry it open using your screwdriver, then pull it off using your fingers instead of the screwdriver. When you hear a click, take out the dead battery and replace it with a fresh new CR2032 battery.

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Replacement Subaru Keys & Key Fob Batteries In Roseville

Need a new Subaru key fob battery? Lost your current Subaru key fob and need a new one? The Parts Department at AutoNation Subaru Roseville has replacement Subaru keys and replacement key fob batteries in stock and available to purchase.

Our team will gladly help you replace your battery and get your key fob configured with your vehicle again. Feel free to stop by our Subaru Parts Department in person or give us a call if you have any questions.

Lift Out The Control Module

Subaru Outback Key Fob Battery Replacement (2015 – 2021)

After successful separation of the housing, the control module accommodating the battery will stare at you.

It will be located in one of the two housings. Remove the module gently so that removing the battery will be a piece of cake.

It is advisable to mark the housing that accommodates the control module so that putting it back will not be difficult.

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Signs You Need To Replace Your Key Fob Battery

If your key fob is starting to work intermittently, that’s a good sign the battery is dying. If you have to press the lock/unlock button multiple times to get it to work, then chances are your battery will need to be replaced soon. Of course, if your key fob has completely stopped working, the battery is most likely dead.

Check Your Cars Insurance Or Warranty

Before you purchase a new key fob, knowing if your damaged or lost key is covered under any car-related policies is essential. This cost-saving measure will cut down on or eliminate out-of-pocket expenses.

If your insurance or warranty covers the lost keys, youll keep yourself from replacement hassles.

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A Single Fob For Access And Starting

Youve probably seen these fobs by now. Although these fobs look like they are missing a key, they have one integrated. Some of these are pretty attractive, such as a leather-wrapped fob that comes with some Volvo models.

Single key fobs are generally standard. However, Tesla offers three types of keys and for the fob, it charges $175. Tesla charges for the fob in the shape of a Tesla since it offers a smartphone digital key and smart key card, which will work and unlock your vehicle if your smartphone is out of battery.

The single key fob can be kept in a pocket or bag for both access and starting in most cases.

This Model Uses Smart Keys Remote Head Keys Remotes And Transponder Keys

How To Change Car Key Battery Subaru Ideas

. Put the new 2032 battery in its place in the same direction as the old battery. Joined Dec 18 2016 57 Posts. How to change a dead battery in the key fob remote control for a 6th generation 2015 to 2018 Subaru Outback.

Key fobs are paired devices. These are all tell tale signs of failing batteries on your 2017. CR2032 Coin Battery you need.

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My wife just reported our 2017 Subaru Outback just posted the warning Access key battery is low on the in dash video screen. Open the key fob using your metal key or flathead screwdriver. Save Up To 80 Off Retail Prices Buy Discount Auto Parts Parts Here.

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This only pertains to leaving the fob in close proximity to the vehicle which is not something the OP has consistently done. May be locked inside the vehicle or the battery may discharge. Quick video show the easiest way to replace the battery in the key fob of a Subaru key using a Subaru XV Crosstrek key fob as an example.

Only 18 left in stock -. 1-48 of 141 results for. Joined Mar 21 2006.

Only show this user. Subaru Crosstrek and XV Forums. Ad Browse discover thousands of brands.

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Your Key Becomes Damaged Or Vulnerable

If your key is damaged, you can replace the key fob. The best way to do this is to use a clean cloth and wipe down the key fob. If you have some compressed air or an air compressor, use that as well. This will get rid of any dust or dirt particles that might be stuck on your key fob.

If your keys are vulnerable, then you need to replace them because they are no longer safe for use. You should make sure the new keys dont have any scratches because these scratches can be used as fingerprints by criminals who want access into your home or car.

Subaru How To: How To Change The Battery In Your New Generation Subaru Key Fob Also: How To Fix The Most Common Mistakes To Save You From Needing To Buy A New Keyfob Case

Heres how to change the battery in your New Generation Denso Made Subaru key FOB.


I go into detail showing how to change the battery, how to avoid popping out the spring, how to put the spring back in, if you pop it off, and just about every other mistake, so you dont make them, or can learn how to fix them.

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Accessing And Driving Your Car When The Key Fob Is Dead

Subaru Forester Key Fob Battery Replacement (2014 – 2021)

If your car offers keyless access and engine start, you can still access your vehicle with a dead fob. You can release a physical key found inside the fob . In some cases, you can also open the trunk or liftgate.

You can also hold the key fob up to the start and stop button to start the vehicle. Again, your owners manual will contain vehicle-specific information about where to hold the key fob.

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