Charge Car Battery With Another Car

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How To Charge An Extra Battery While Driving A Car

How to Charge a Car Battery

Charging an extra battery while driving a car is easier than you might think. For years, RVs have done thischarging a house battery for use when the engine was off by using a battery isolator that allows the charge, but also protects your main battery. The main thing to consider is where to place your extra battery once you have decided, you can install a system for charging an extra battery in about 20 minutes.

Step 1

Disconnect the cable from the negative post of your main battery.

Step 2

Place your extra battery in your vehicle and attach battery tie downs to hold it in place. Use existing bolts for an anchor for the tie downs or drill and attach the tie downs with sheet metal screws.

Step 3

Attach the battery isolator to the firewall of your engine compartment. If you cannot find an appropriate size bolt/screw to piggy-back off , drive a sheet metal screw with a drill into the car frame to attach the isolator.

Step 4

Trace the wire from the battery post on the alternator to your cars fuse box. On the opposite end of the fuse the alternator wires to, attach a wire and run this to the post marked IN on the battery isolator. Strip and crimp a ring connector on the end of your wire to attach it to the post, rather than coiling bare wire around the post your connection will be more reliable this way.

Step 5

Attach a wire from the OUT post on the battery isolator and run it to the positive post of your extra battery.

Step 6

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Charging Your Car Battery

If you havent been driving your car or its been left sitting idle, you may not have enough power in your battery to start the engine. And while it may seem like a good idea, running your vehicles engine five minutes a day is not enough to maintain your car battery.

To maintain the charge in your vehicles battery you need at least 30 minutes of driving – depending on the vehicle and the battery age. However, we recommend using a battery charger. With a fully automatic charger, it can be fitted to maintain your pride and joy or, used as a normal battery charger. Charge every two weeks and youll extend the life of your battery, restore battery performance and minimise the chances of breaking down.

If youre after a battery charger, or a battery for your car – the NRMA are here to help. Simply call .

How To Charge Your Car Battery With Another Car

Knowing how to charge your car battery with another car is a skill that will come in handy at some point.

When your vehicle doesnt start, jumper cables can get it up and running in no time. However, there is some information you need to have to jump-start your car correctly.

Read on to learn how to use another vehicle to charge your cars battery.

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Jump Starting A Dead Car Battery

Here we are at the main discussion of the article. Though the jump start process is pretty straightforward, proper guidance is necessary for successful execution. So, here I have brought you a detailed step-by-step guide to this whole process.

The jumper cables are a must for the whole process. Most of the time, what happens is people have another car around, but they dont have a jumper cable. So, get a cable today and always carry it with your car. After you get the jumper cable, here is how to charge car battery with another car:

What Condition Is It In

Can You Charge A Car Battery With Another Car

After jump-starting your vehicle, determine how dead the battery is before you try to fully recharge it. You can do this with a voltmeter or multimeter.

A healthy battery should read between 12.4 and 12.7 volts. Your batterys voltage will determine how you should charge it after jump-starting your vehicle.

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Do I Need A New Car Battery

A drained car battery is different from a dead car battery. For example, if you leave your headlights on overnight, it might drain even a new car battery. However, a simple jump-start will be enough to get you going. As you drive, your healthy battery will regain and keep this charge.

Conversely, once a battery has gone bad, it will require a battery replacement service. Worn, old, and corroded car batteries will not hold a charge. Rather, you should bring it straight to a mechanic after your jump-start. How can you tell if your battery has gone bad?

  • Did it die on its own? If so, it has likely gone bad. Otherwise, if you notice a light or another factor that drained your car battery, you might still be okay.
  • Is your battery older? Car batteries will require replacement roughly every 3 years.
  • Do you notice corrosion on your car battery? This indicates battery deterioration.

When none of these situations may apply to you, your alternator or starting system could be the problem. While it is rare, you may also have gotten a lemon battery replacement. In these cases, an experienced mechanic can help find and repair the source of your troubles.

How To Charge A Car Battery Without Another Car

Now, if you are unable to find a donor car, it is not possible to perform a jump start. In such situations, there are other ways to start your car. First of all, you can contact a car mechanic who will get the job done for you.

The second option is to push start your car, but it is the most difficult way to fix the problem. You will require an empty stretch of road and enough stamina to fire up the engine by pushing your car. But push-starting doesn’t charge the battery. It will only help you to start your car. Once the car comes back to life, you can drive it for a while so that the battery builds up some charge.

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How To Charge A Car Battery From Another Car

Team AckoJan 6, 2023

Car batteries are crucial because they supply the energy required to run electrical components and start the engine. But occasionally, car batteries can lose their charge or go dead, making it impossible to start the car. In such circumstances, another vehicle can come in handy to recharge the car battery. Charging a car battery from another vehicle is a simple process. In this article, we have shared some steps on how to charge a car battery from another car safely and effectively.


  • Frequently asked questions
  • How To Charge A Car Battery At Home

    How to Charge Your Car Battery

    If you want to charge your car battery at home, you can do it using two different methods: a car battery charger or home inverter.

    If you want to use the car battery charger, just remove the battery from your car and connect the negative terminal to the rechargers negative port and the positive wire to the positive port.

    After that, connect the charger to a power outlet. It may take a couple of hours to charge your battery fully.

    Using home inverter is also a simple method, but try to skip it if you have another option. The connection setting process is the same as a car charger.

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    How To Charge A Car Battery Without A Charger

    The biggest fear of a car owner comes true when he finds out that his car battery has run out of its charge. If you are driving your car regularly, you are likely to get a warning on the dashboard when your battery has a low charge remaining.

    However, you might not have noticed it or ignored it or you might not have started your car for days. There are various reasons why your car battery either has a low charge or no charge. You may not have a car battery charger readily available, and hence, you should know how to charge a car battery without a charger.


    Can I Charge A 12v Battery With My Car

    This is a question that a lot of people have. The answer is yes, you can charge a 12v battery with your car. However, you need to be careful about how you do it. If you do it wrong, you could damage your cars electrical system.

    Heres how to charge a 12v battery with your car:

    1. Park your car in a safe place where it wont get damaged.

    2. Turn off the engine and all the lights.

    3. Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery.

    4. Connect the positive terminal of the battery to the positive terminal of the car battery.

    5. Connect the negative terminal of the car battery to the negative terminal of the battery.

    6. Start the car and let it run for a few minutes.

    7. Turn off the car and disconnect the battery terminals.

    8. Reconnect the negative terminal of the battery.

    9. Start the car and let it run for a few minutes to charge the battery.

    10. Turn off the car and disconnect the battery terminals.

    Now you know how to charge a 12v battery with your car. Just be careful and follow the steps carefully. If you do it wrong, you could damage your cars electrical system.

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    Store Your Jumper Cables And Thank The Other Driver

    Return your jumper cables to their storage area in your car and prepare to drive away. It is a good idea to drive your vehicle for at least ten to fifteen minutes before you turn the ignition off again. Depending on how low your batterys charge is or if the battery isnt holding a charge, it may be necessary to drive directly to an auto parts store to purchase a new battery for your vehicle.

    If you are unable to access a pair of jumper cables or find someone to help out, roadside assistance is the next best option.

    Preparing To Charge The Battery

    Does the charging car battery get affected when charging another car ...
  • 1Put on the appropriate safety gear. Safety is paramount any time you are working on your vehicle. Start by putting on protective eyeglasses to protect you from any falling material under the hood of the car, sparks or battery fluid in the event the battery becomes compromised. You may also want to wear gloves. Make sure the area you are working in is well ventilated and lit sufficiently to allow you to see where you are going and what you are working on.XResearch source
  • Gloves are not necessary but may protect your hands from small pinches and cuts while working on your vehicle.
  • Make sure there are no children in the area while you work on the battery of a vehicle as sparks could fly if positive and negative cables come into contact with one another.
  • 2Determine what kind of battery you have. In order to properly charge your battery, you must first identify the type of battery you have. You can usually find this written somewhere on the battery, but you may need to check the manufacturer’s website if the label is too worn to read or missing. You should also find out the voltage of the battery by looking on the batterys label or by checking in your vehicle owner’s manual. Types of batteries include:XResearch source
  • Wet cell batteries may be serviceable, which means there are things you can do to help improve the charge and the life of your battery.
  • Read the charger’s instruction manual to make sure you are using your particular unit correctly.
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    How Does A Car Battery Lose Charge

    The battery of your car can drain out due to several reasons. Here are some of the common reasons behind your cars battery losing charge.

    • Headlights/Cabin lights are On: Sometimes, you might forget to switch off the cars headlight or the cabin lights after you park. Modern vehicles come with features to avoid this situation by alerting you if you leave the headlights on.

    • Charging Electronic Devices: You may end up draining your cars battery by charging electronic devices for too long when the car is in ignition mode. It is one of the most common reasons behind a drained battery.

    • Leaving Music System On: This is one of the most common mistakes. You mute the audio to speak to someone or speak on the phone and forget to swift off the music system. The audio system of your car can drain the battery pretty quickly.

    Does Jumpstarting Another Car Hurt Your Battery

    No, jumpstarting another car will not hurt your battery. It can help extend the life of your battery. When you jumpstart another car, the alternator provides a charge to the dead battery, which helps to keep it from sulfating. Sulfation is a leading cause of battery failure, so jumpstarting can help prolong your batterys life.

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    Turn Off All Car Electronics

    Once your battery is prepared for charging , make sure that all electronics in your car are powered down, including any accessories such as the interior cabin light or the stereo. If any electronics remain powered on during charging, the battery may experience an electrical arc during the process. Again, make sure all power and electronics have been turned off!

    Why Does Your Cars Battery Lose Charge

    How to Charge a TOTALLY Dead Car Battery with Kent Bergsma: Battery Clinic Part 5

    Have you hopped into your car and turned the ignition, but there is no response? While there are several causes for this, the lack of response is primarily due to a dead battery.

    Your vehicles battery could die due to various reasons, such as:

    • Leaving on the headlights: You might forget to turn off your cars headlights after you park, leaving them to drain your batterys charge.
    • Leaving on the music system: The audio system can also drain the charge of a working battery quite quickly.
    • Charging electronic devices: Charging devices for too long while your car is in ignition mode could drain the battery.

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    Is It Safe To Jump

    If you follow all safety precautions, jumping a dead car battery is completely safe. Here is a look at some of the safety measures you should follow:

    • Make sure both cars are turned off when connecting the jumper cables.
    • Always connect the cables to the dead battery first.
    • Once there is power running through the cables, take precautions when handling them. Do not touch the two ends of the cables together.
    • Do not touch the two vehicles together.
    • Every vehicle and engine is unique. To ensure your safety and the safety of your vehicle, please read and follow all jump-starting instructions in your owners manual.
    • If you feel unsafe using jumper cables, consider investing in a jump-starter pack.

    So how do you jump-start a car battery? Chapel Hill Tire has a full 8 step guide here.

    Remove The Negative Cable First Then Positive

    • The negative cable is almost always a black cable marked with a – symbol on the terminal.
    • The positive cable is almost always a red cable marked with a + symbol on the terminal.

    If your battery has plastic caps over the terminals, pry them free to remove the cables. Then carefully loosen the negative cable and pull it away from the battery. Place the negative cable far from the positive cable to prevent a charge from transferring between the two sources . Repeat the process for the positive cable and terminal.

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    How To Charge A Portable Jump Starter

    The booster charging time and frequency are different, depending on the brand and model. Commonly, when the device is in use, its recommended to charge it every week. When it stays idle, it can keep the charge during up to 3 months. So, going to charge start car battery charger, just connect it to a standard, 110V electrical outlet and wait a bit. An AC adapter can be used to solve this task, as well.

    Thus, if you arent sure, how to charge a car battery using a battery charger, its essential to read the manual and memorize the theoretical basis. Its not difficult, actually, but the car part is attributed to the safety hazards, being prone to exploding, containing dangerous acids. So, observe the safety precautions, maintain your vehicle accumulator properly and timely and never get stranded on the road.

    You can also see our selection of the best jump starter for diesel. Learn all the nuances of using the product. Analyze all the strengths and weaknesses.

    How To Charge A Car Battery With Another Car

    Car Battery Charger 110V Automatic Intelligent Electric Emergency ...

    Hi, I’m Luis Johnson, an automobile technician, and power equipment professional. By profession, I’m a businessman and operate a car workshop. I have created this…Read more

    Car batteries play a crucial role while driving. It supplies power to the electrical parts of the vehicle. Its even worse if you face a dead battery problem on the road. So, how to charge a car battery with another car if its not getting started?

    First, check out the battery and line connections. Then open both car hoods while facing them face-to-face. Now attach the positive ports to the positive side of the batteries. Do the same for the opposing sides but use a ground metal for the dead battery. After charging, do a test drive.

    Before you try to fix the dead battery issues, you should be aware of the causes of a dead battery. If you dont know why and how to fix them, hop in to discover some easy fixes.


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