Cheapest Electric Car Battery Replacement Cost

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How Many Years Does A Battery Last In An Electric Car

St. Pete family says electric car battery replacement costs more than car

Electric vehicles are powered by battery technology. The distance and time it takes to charge the car have decreased. Battery manufacturers typically have a five to eight-year warranty on their products. According to current projections, electric car batteries will last between 10 and 20 years before they need to be replaced.

The Pros And Cons Of Electric Cars

When it comes to fuel economy, electric vehicles have a better score. In comparison, gas cars can travel for 50-70 miles per gallon and can only travel for 50-70 miles at a time. Aside from the environmental benefits, electric vehicles emit zero emissions, which is good for the environment. However, there are a few things you should consider before making a decision. One major stumbling block for electric vehicle owners is the lack of a thorough understanding of how the vehicle works. To learn how to use the cars controls, youll need to charge them up, understand the various types of batteries, and figure out how to change them. Electric cars, in addition to being more expensive at first, also have a higher initial cost. Despite this, long-term savings can be a worthwhile investment. Electric cars are, in general, a good choice for those who want to use environmentally friendly transportation. The vehicles last longer than gas vehicles, require less maintenance, and are generally easier to drive. They do, however, necessitate more time and money up front to get started.

How To Maximize Electric Car Battery Life

Battery degradation is completely normal and expected with electric vehicles on the road today. But even if you cant defy the laws of nature, there are a few steps you can take to maximize your vehicles battery life. A common rule is to avoid leaving your car sitting fully charged or at low levels for extended periods of time. Both put excessive wear on the battery something to keep in mind if youre working from home or on vacation.

DC fast chargers are currently one of the fastest ways to charge an electric vehicle, with most compatible vehicles going from 20% to 80% in less than an hour. Chargers are becoming more common at public stations, which is great. They are incredibly convenient, but frequent usage can degrade your battery faster. If you want to keep yours in prime condition, try to save fast charging for road trips and emergencies.

Extreme temperature is the enemy of battery longevity. Both heat and cold lead to increased wear on your battery, especially when its parked and unplugged. On top of that, your car will have to work harder to maintain a comfortable cabin temperature, which leaves less energy available for driving. Try to park indoors when you can or in the shade during the summer months.

Replacement Cost Of A Tesla Model 3 Battery Pack

The price of Tesla Model 3 Battery packs with a capacity of 75kWh is $14,000. This does not consider the price of labor which starts at $2,300.

This means that the total cost of replacing the battery pack is about $16300. The ratio comes down to $180 per kWh, which is expensive.

It can be difficult to retrieve exact prices for newer Teslas because of limited data.

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Just How Much Does A Car Battery Cost

Because car batteries play such a crucial function in cars, you might be under the impression that purchasing one is going to set you back a fair bit of money. If you happen to have a high-end car, you might invest a little fortune in changing the car battery. However, if you only need to put a standard battery into your car, your battery cost isnt going to be all that high.

While the exact car battery price that youll need to pay will differ based upon which battery you choose, the common car battery price is someplace between $50 and $220. Thats not pricey at all when you think that your car battery is among the most important elements of your whole car.

Replacement Cost Of A Tesla S Battery Pack

Cheap Car Batteries St Helens &  Merseyside : Budget Car Batteries

The cost of replacing a Tesla S Battery pack starts at $12,000. The prices may increase to $15,000 and roughly depend on the drivers location. This also includes the price of labor and parts.

This forum suggests that Tesla Model S battery packs can cost a whopping $22,000. This is mostly because the cars came out in 2012 and 2012. Also, these battery replacements are not covered under the warranty.

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Bloomberg Energy Report Of 2020

A recent energy report released by Bloomberg studied the cost of EV battery pack replacements. It found that the average price of EV battery packs was $137 per kWh. Furthermore, experts predicted that the average price for battery packs would drop to $100/kWh.

The price drop is due to more efficiencies in the battery manufacturing process. In addition, the worlds supply chain or metals used in battery packs should also improve. Bloomberg suggests replacing a battery pack may cost just $6000 by 2030 for 100kW modules. This translates to $62 per kWh.

This report is in stark contrast with McKinsey suggesting a price of $227/kWh. These numbers are demonstrably bigger than Bloombergs predictions. As well see below, Bloombergs numbers are more reflective of real-world trends.

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Federal Tax Credits May Apply

The United States government offers a one-time tax credit of up to $7500 to buyers of eligible electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The credit applies to vehicles that have sold fewer than 200,000 units, which means that some that have been around for a while are no longer eligible for the credit.

Itâs important to remember that this is not a rebate and note that this does not mean you will receive a check in the mail at the end of the year. The $7500 credit applies to your annual tax burden, so if you owe less than $7500, you will not receive the entire credit amount.

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What Challenges Do Electric Car Batteries Still Face

Making EVs more affordable by lower battery prices is an excellent first step in increasing adoption rates. However, its still only one step.

The reason why range anxiety is still an issue is that in many communities, convenient charging locations arent available. And while charging at home is a work-around, not everyone has a dedicated space for a home charger. Thats especially true for people living in apartment complexes. Plus, even with a fast charger, recharging an EV still takes longer than refueling a gasoline-powered car. A bigger, cheaper, battery is great, but if you cant recharge it easily, whats the point?

Theres also the issue of what to do with electric car batteries once their life-cycle is over. Recycling a lithium-ion pack is possible, but its more expensive than recycling a conventional lead-acid battery. But, if lowering costs and reducing environmental impact is the goal, more-efficient recycling could drop pack prices even more.

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Nissan Leaf Ev Batteries

How much does it cost to replace the battery in an electric car?

The Nissan Leaf started off the whole consumer EV takeover, starting in 2010 as a 2011 model. These early models can be bought for under $10,000 right now. But reports of degraded batteries of these earlier models mean anyone with an older Leaf or thinking about buying one has to consider a battery replacement.

The price of a new Leaf battery, if you can even find one, is $10,000 plus $1,300 in labor. Rumor has it that if found, dealers will usually discount the batteries. But even for half the price, it really doesnt pencil out.

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The Replacement Battery Costs For These Six Normal Evs Is Staggeringly High

The battery pack is almost the entire cost of the car in some cases. Some are more costly than the car itself.

Chris Rosales, BMW, VW, GM, Hyundai

Old EVs are cheap, and slightly used examples are getting more affordable. But after we saw a battery replacement horror story for a Chevrolet Volt owner last week, we looked into the cost of replacing six different contemporary EV batteries. The news isnt pretty.

The long-term costs of owning EVs are often misunderstood. Even if theyre powered by batteries, electric cars still need brakes, tires, and suspension. And because of the complex chemistry of lithium-ion batteries, these cars have a specific shelf life and degradation compared to internal combustion. Trouble is, engines get cheaper on a long enough timeline and generally can sit around indefinitely. Batteries are in constant decline.

A caveat of this list is the omission of Tesla. The reason is simply because there is no information on true parts cost from Tesla, with only used packs on eBay as a marker. We also looked into labor costs for replacing the batteries, on top of the astronomical battery costs. These change from state to state, but the quotes range from $1200 to $3000 depending on the car. The majority of the cost is parts. Lets start with the humble Chevy Bolt.


How To Prevent Battery Degradation

Until then, there are ways to ensure the long-term health of your EV that could prevent ever needing to swap out the battery.

Firstly, the more often you charge a battery the more likely it is to degrade. So, unless youre commuting from Bendigo to Burwood and back each day, you dont need to plug it in every night.

Fewer charge cycles will reduce the likelihood of damage, so if possible only replenish the battery when it has less than 10 per cent capacity. Also, batteries will create heat when they are full, so limit its capacity when recharging to around 80 per cent.

They dont like holding onto a lot of electricity when stationary either, so if youre planning on leaving the EV in the garage for more than a few days then make sure the battery is around half full.

Also, monitor your charging methods and only use high-voltage DC public chargers when necessary. The high flow of electricity from these chargers naturally creates a lot of heat and can accelerate degradation.

Its best to use an AC home charging station and utilise the cars on-board settings to schedule overnight charging. This not only takes advantage of cheaper off-peak energy prices but allows the battery management system to properly pre-condition the battery and switch off the power flow when full.

Failing to do so can lead to the same result: leaving you with an expensive choice to make replace or recycle, or hand it down to the next generation.

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Discounted Cheapest Electric Car Battery Options

Discounted cheapest electric car battery options

  • Used electric battery
  • You can quickly get used batteries for your car at a cheaper cost. These batteries come with the condition that the cars battery charging history may affect its condition.

    So, if the previous owner has not followed the proper practice for battery charging, it may last only up to a few miles. But, indeed, it will save lots of money.

  • Remanufactured electric battery
  • These are cheaper alternatives for electric car owners. But there are few options available. However, for big brands like Tesla, the remanufactured electric car batteries will also cost $14,000.

    Overview Of Electric Car Battery Price 2021 To 2022

    Cheap Car Batteries St Helens &  Merseyside : Budget Car Batteries

    Its worth noting that battery prices have dropped considerably in the last ten years. The average price of a kilowatt-hour, for instance, has plummeted from $1,160 per kWh in 2010 to just $137 in the last year.

    According to McKinsey, the cost of batteries dropped by nearly 80% between 2010 and 2016, from $1000 to $227/kWh. As a result, in 2016, a new 40kWh battery would have cost slightly under £10,000.

    According to some estimates, prices will fall below $100 per kWh by 2030, around the same time as the government aims for electric vehicles to account for half of all new vehicles sold in the UK. Batteries arent supposed to expire instead, theyre supposed to gradually lose their charging ability over time.

    This degradation occurs over time, with many people reporting a loss of a few percentage points. To place this in comparison, a Tesla Model Ss battery only loses 5% of its original capacity over the first 80,000 kilometers, according to Plug In America .

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    How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Electric Vehicle Battery

    Replacing an EV battery, regardless of the type of electric vehicle, is an expensive undertaking.

    The high costs involved come down to the price of the battery itself, which can be north of $10,000 for popular vehicles like the Tesla Model S or Model 3. Electric vehicle owners are limited in where they can get batteries, with most being forced to go through the manufacturer.

    Used EV batteries are hard to come by, and they usually come secondhand from a wrecked EV.

    We surveyed mechanics around the country to get real-world estimates of how much an EV battery replacement costs in some popular hybrid and electric vehicles. Check out the results below.


    What Are The Symptoms Related To A Bad Battery

    The battery is considered dead when there isnt enough charge to start the engine or run electrical components.

    Normally, the first sign is dim lighting in the interior of the vehicle, and when you try to start it, the engine may crank slowly, or not at all. A very rapid clicking noise is normally heard if there is any charge left in the battery, but in many cases the vehicle will be completely unresponsive.

    If the battery is losing charge while driving the vehicle, the battery warning light will illuminate, and the engine may stall.

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    Heres How Much A New Electric Car Battery Costs

    EV batteries costs between $2500 and $50000, depending on the brand, capacity, and technology used. Replacing the battery will cost between $0 and $20000, depending on the vehicles warranty. The average cost of an electric car battery is between 30% and 57% of the vehicles total value.

    Lets look at a few examples.

    As you can see, the price varies a lot across models and car types.

    Pricey But Getting Cheaper

    Will this CHEAP New Technology Solve Battery Shortages?!

    Like most costs associated with electric vehicles, the cost of battery replacement started high. It remains expensive today, but we should see a decrease in that cost over the next few years. If that happens, it would mean a reduction in one of the most significant costs of EV ownership.

    To learn more about what it costs to own an electric car, check out our explainer on how far an EV charge will get you.

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    Nissan Leaf Battery Replacement Cost

    We also wrote an entire LEAF guide to battery replacement. While it has some of the same info, it could be helpful to dive a bit deeper.

    According to a post in the forum, as of Jan 30, 2020, the cost of labor and replacement of a 24 kWh battery in a Nissan Leaf is $5,500. It appears the battery itself would cost $4,500, placing the $/kWh at $187/kWh, which is 36% above the quoted 2020 $137/kWh price.

    • According to a 2020 Greencars report, the Nissan Leaf 40 kWh battery costs $5,500 or about $137/kWh, which is right on target for the average 2020 price.
    • A 2013 Nissan Leaf owner in Canada reported that a dealership quoted him for $15,000 CAD for a replacement battery.
    • Cashcarbuyers reported in Sept 2020
    • 30 kWh pack price ranges from $3,500 to $4,500, at most $150/kWh.
    • 40 kWh pack price ranged between $6,500 and $7,500, at most $187.5/kWh.
    • 62 kWh battery pack is expected to be between $8,500 and $9,500, at most $153/kWh.

    Be Ready To Lay Out Some Cash

    Whether you’re planning to replace your Tesla’s battery at the Tesla Shop, at a third-party repair shop, or at home, you should be ready to spend some money. Tesla repairs are still the best option since they replace your battery with a factory remanufactured or brand-new pack. This ensures that the battery they install has 100% health and is free from any issues in the years to come.

    But if you can’t afford the $15,000 or more asking price, your next best option is to go to a reputable third-party Tesla repair shop. You will definitely save money with these service centers if you pick the right one. Or you could do it yourself, provided you know what you’re doing or are willing to learn.

    Despite the cost of replacing an out-of-warranty battery, you still get to save money compared to the gasoline and maintenance expenses of an internal combustion engine car. Plus, you help reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. For most people, that’s a win-win situation.

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    When Should The Car Battery Be Replaced

    You will be forced to change the car battery when it fails to recharge and start the vehicle. Once the battery is dead, theres often nothing you can do but replace it. However, there are times when the battery isnt dead, but corrosion is keeping it from working. For this reason, its best to clean off the terminals before replacing it.

    Additionally, you can have the battery tested if it appears to be dying. When the car gets harder to start or the electronics get dimmer, you can replace the battery before it dies. You want to check the car battery often, especially before the weather gets cold.

    During many dealership maintenance appointments, the car battery will be checked too. Plus, you can drive into the local auto parts store for a free battery check if you dont know how to do it yourself.

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