Cordless Drill With Battery And Charger

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How To Charge Milwaukee M18 Battery Without Charger

How To Charge Cordless Drill Battery Without Charger

The Milwaukee m18 batteries are rated at 18V and you can charge them using a laptop charger rated at 18V or get yourself an inexpensive variable voltage source that can provide a terminal voltage of 18V.

Then connect the positive terminal of the variable voltage source with the positive terminal of the Milwaukee m18 battery and the negative terminal of the variable voltage source with the negative terminal of the Milwaukee m18battery. Now adjust the output voltage of your variable source to 18V and your battery will start charging.

You can also charge a craftsman v20 volt cordless drill battery using the same technique.

You can get this inexpensive variable voltage source for this project.

Drill Til We Can Drill No More Draining The Battery

Ive been using one of the included battery packs and wondered how much more work could be squeezed out of a single charge. So I Swiss cheesed a pressure treated 4×4 until the well ran dry. Larger ONE+ battery packs have on-board charge indicators. These smaller ones dont.

I chucked a 1/2 twist bit and proceeded to bore a bunch of holes almost all the way through a 4×4 . I was pretty aggressive with every hole drilling about halfway, pulling out to clear the chips, then continuing on to the full depth.

The juice finally tapped out most of the way through the 40th 1/2 hole. For a small battery pack and working the tool harder than I normally would it actually got a good amount of work done.

Q: What Is The Best Cordless Drill

A: As we state in our review above the Festool T18+3 Li is undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best cordless power drill on the market. The T18, while an incredible piece of engineering cant really be labeled affordable by any commonly accepted standard. But that does not in any way negate its overall excellence.

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Final Thoughts Ryobi P215k1 18v 2

Im very happy with the P215s performance. It faced challenges with valor, even those best suited to an impact driver. However, there is one thing I dislike about it: the LED light comes on only while the motor is running, and there is no other way to activate it. If you actually need the light, it may not be very useful because the instant it turns on, so does the motor.

Im used to squeezing a trigger a little bit and the light comes on so I can see what Im doing. Then squeeze harder to start the motor. But on the P215, the two share the exact same on/off trigger points. Why? Also, the driver has two places where you can attach a belt clip. It even comes with a separate instruction sheet on how to install the clip. But youll have to buy the belt clip it doesnt come with the kit.

The small batteries that come with the kit do need more frequent charging. But it doesnt affect the tools performance. A Ryobi 18V ONE+ battery thats almost depleted delivers virtually the same power as one thats fully charged. You just have less run time left before it needs a refill.

So there you have it. If youre looking for a well performing 18V drill/driver that wont break the bank, the Ryobi P215K1 is a great way to get you going. Lighting issue aside, the P215 drill/driver stands tall on its own merits. And its backed by Ryobis 3-year limited warranty.

Buy the Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ Lithium-Ion 1/2 drill/driver kit w/ 1.5Ah batteries, charger & bag for just under $80.

Ryobi P215k1 A Great Kit For Work Or Play

MPT Cordless Drill Driver 12V with Battery &  Charger Kit

The feel and quality of Ryobis P215K1 drill/driver is better than the price tag might suggest. And that beauty is more than shell deep. To sweeten the deal, it comes with a charger and 2 batteries. The included batteries appear to be the smallest 18V ONE+ packs Ryobi offers. But youll appreciate having that second one while the other is charging.

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Cut A Second Side For Your Battery Holder

Cut a second side from a thin piece of wood. The thinner, the better. It will be flexed when the battery pack is inserted. Cut a relief or leave out two of the screws so that the wood will bend a little when the contacts slide in. The puzzle piece shape isn’t required, but it makes it easier to cut on a bandsaw. It does allow prongs of material to come from both sides that can flex out of the way as the pack is inserted.

How To Charge Any Battery Without A Charger

The basic science of charging any rechargeable battery is to provide the rated voltage of the battery at both terminals by connecting the positive terminal of the voltage source with the positive terminal of the battery you are charging and the negative terminal of the voltage source with the negative terminal of the battery you are charging.To understand it better, check the image below. A rechargeable battery is connected with a variable voltage source by connecting the positive terminal of the voltage source with the batterys positive terminal and the negative terminal of the voltage source with the batterys negative terminal.In the first setup on the left, the voltage source is 0V, so the battery is not charging yet. However, once the voltage source is switched on to 12.0V, its charging. I have applied 12V because the battery we are charging is also rated at 12V.

A 12V battery is attached with a variable voltage source having Zero Volt Output. The battery will not charge at this voltage. It will charge when the voltage surpasses the battery voltage.

Once the voltage goes up to 12 V, it starts charging. In reality, it is not that simple. The charging starts as soon as the potential difference rises.

This means that if a 12 V battery got discharged and went down to 6V, as soon as you connect a voltage source above 6, it will start charging. The charging rate is also directly proportional to the voltage difference.

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Workpro W004532a Cordless Drill Driver

The WorkPro W004532A is a lightweight, compact, high-performance cordless drill that will meet the needs of most DIYers.

This pink-colored unit weighs 4 pounds and runs on a 20V 1.5Ah Lithium-ion battery. The powerful battery allows you to take on hardy applications and lasts quite long.

With the capability to deliver up to 203 lbs-in of torque and up to 1,500 RPM, the W004532A is quite the performer. It comes with a two-speed setting: 0-400 and 0-1,500 RPM to allow you to select the most appropriate speeds for your job. It also features a 21+1-position clutch system to allow you to adjust the tool to your specific needs.

The ergonomic design of this cordless drill makes it quite easy and comfortable to use. It comes with a soft grip handle and LED lights.

This unit, however, is not designed for heavy-duty use. Additionally, it is considerably heavier than most drills on this list.

The manufacturer donates $0.25 of every purchase to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

  • Lacks power for its size

Should You Buy The Dewalt Dcd771c2

Cordless Drill Driver With Charger and Battery – Ryobi XD-180

The DCD771C2 is another exceptional drill that gets the job done, even if it can’t quite match the overall performance of the top tools. We found that it offered an unparalleled amount of control and power when driving in screws, though we wish it had a bit longer battery life. This drill can handle almost every task you throw at it though it might take a little longer than the top-tier tools. This drill isn’t a fantastic value, as it has a somewhat higher list price, but we found it offered at significant discounts on sale, making it a much more attractive bargain buy.

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Charging A Cordless Drill Battery With A Laptop Charger

Most laptop chargers are rated for 18-20V, which is very suitable for charging an 18V battery. The process is simple. Understand the type of connector your laptop charger has.

After that, get a hold of a compatible female connector . Solder the female connector with the internal battery connections . Make a cut-hole for the female connector to sit in, and voila, you can charge your battery without the official charger.

If you dont want to get bothered with the connector type, get an off-the-shelf two-pin connector set like this one, and make connections in a way positive aligns with positive and negative with negative.An Apple Macbook chargers are rated at 14/16/18/20V. You can easily charge an 18V battery with the 18-20 volt chargers. Do check the output voltage ratings on the back of the charger.

Again, the process is simple, connect the positive terminal of the laptop charger with the positive terminal of the battery you are charging and the negative terminal of the laptop charger with the negative terminal of the battery you are charging.

It is a little complicated to take the connection from the pins of a Magsafe charger, and almost impossible to get hold of the female pin socket for it, so you will have to cut down the Magsafe connector.

Note that the centers wire will be the positive terminal, and the outer mesh will be negative. Caution: This will irreversibly damage your MagSafe charger.

Charge A Cordless Drill Battery With The Car Battery

DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK: Risk Involved Shorting car battery terminals, overcharging a low-rated voltage battery to 12V, and exploding it.

A car battery is one of the best ways to charge your 12V cordless drill battery. You dont need to charge your car battery as that will be automatically charged by your car alternator when you drive. Incases your car battery is dying, and you need a replacement, this is the one I always use with my cars. They come with a 36-month warranty.

All you need to do is, connect the drill battery terminals with the car battery terminals. As stated earlier, connect the positive terminal of the car battery with the positive terminal of the battery you are charging and the negative terminal of the car battery with the negative terminal of the battery you are charging.

If you have the same car battery being used for other things like UPS etc., at home, you can use that as well. Make sure the battery you are going to charge has a rated voltage of 12V & your car battery is also rated at 12V.

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Benefits Of Cordless Drills

There are a number of benefits to using a cordless drill, including:

  • Convenience: You can take a cordless drill almost anywhere since you don’t need an electrical outlet to provide power.
  • Speed: Power drills offer a speed that manual screwdrivers can’t match. And thanks to their portability, cordless hammer drills and the like can do the work you need even in tight or hard-to-reach places where you might otherwise be forced to use a screwdriver.
  • Motor: Many cordless drills now operate with specialized brushless motors. Although brushless technology has been available for decades, further advancements allowed brushless parts to create smarter tools. Brushless tools tend to be more efficient and adaptable.

Types of Cordless Drills

While all of these power tools are designed for drilling purposes, experts created different types to fill more specific needs. Each of these drills can punch through different materials at different rates:

Charging Battery With Another Drill Battery

MPT Cordless Drill Driver 12V with Battery &  Charger Kit

Charging a rechargeable battery with another fully charged battery is also a great hack. For example, if you have another drill battery with a working charger, you can use that drill battery to charge your battery.

Again, science is the same. Make sure the other battery is of the same voltage and fully charged. Now connect the terminals in the same polarity. Positive with positive and negative with negative. You will have to use jump wires for the connections. It will not be a solid solution but can work in an emergency.

You can also buy universal drill battery charges from Amazon. Check the options here.

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Kimo Cordless Drill Driver

This cordless drill by KIMO is a compact but powerful unit that will make tasks that involve drilling through wood a breeze. With dimensions of 7 x 5 x 7 inches and weighing in at only 2 pounds, this cordless drill is bound to fit in just about any tight space.

The KIMO drill comes with a two-speed motor with variable speed, as well as forward and reverse functions. You can choose to operate the tool at speeds between 0-350 RPM or 0-1,350 RPM, depending on your needs. The motor is made out of copper, which allows it to operate for extended periods without overheating. It achieves a torque output of 330 pound-inch, which is sufficient for drilling through most materials.

This cordless drill comes with 21+1+1 clutch settings to allow you to adjust the machines torque according to your needs.

The T20 features a keyless chuck for enhanced efficiency. The chuck accepts -inch bits, which are the most popular types of bits. You will appreciate the fact that your package will come with 3 brad point bits, 6 twist drill bits, and 33 screw-driving bits. This means that you will go for a long period before you have to invest in your own bits.

The T20 runs on a durable 20V battery that the manufacturer claims can last up to 1,000 recharge cycles before it starts degrading. It is quite reliable too, as it can last a few hours on a single charge. The T20 has a fuel gauge too.

Unfortunately, its bits tend to break easily.

Test The Charging Circuit

Make a cover plate to cover the electronics. Cut the wood to the same size as the sides of the battery holder. Pull the cord from the wall transformer through it to finish building your circuit. Make a knot in the cord to keep it from tugging on the circuit parts when it is being used. Place the battery into the holder and power up the circuit to test it The LED should illuminate. Take this opportunity to mark a hole for the LED in another thin piece of wood that will cover the circuit.

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The Hacks: How To Charge A Cordless Drill Battery Without The Charger

Now, lets move on to the most exciting part: how to charge any rechargeable battery without the official charger at home when you dont have a balance charger or variable voltage source.

We normally do not have a variable voltage source lying around. These voltage sources are expensive and hard to find. So, we need to find a hack to charge our dead battery.

Assumption: I assume that you will probably charge an old battery that comes with your outdated drill, and you no longer want to invest in a new charger, or the charger is not available in the market.

I recommend buying a proper charger for newer batteries to extend the battery life. Replacement chargers are readily available on Amazon. So, lets come to the point. As discussed earlier, all you need is the same amount of voltage as the battery.Following are a few ways you can get that desired voltage:

  • Your Car battery A perfect 12V voltage Source
  • Laptop Charger 12V to 18-19V Voltage Source
  • Simple AA Cells Any amount of voltage can be built up
  • Cheap Voltage Regulators/Converters

Black+decker Cordless Drill Best Value

Troubleshooting a Cordless Drill, Battery and Charger

Weighing in at only 3.15 pounds, the LDX120Cs weight should not be too much to handle. And thats not all it features a compact design to allow you to work in tight spaces.

Despite its small size, however, the Black and Decker LDX120c packs quite a punch. Its motor delivers up to 115 inches-pounds of torque and speeds of up to 650 RPM. It comes with a -inch chuck, as well as an 11-position clutch to allow you maximum control over the tool. While this drill might not be able to meet the needs of a pro, it is more than ideal for home use.

The LDX120C runs on a 20V lithium-ion battery. This battery not only charges fast but is also remarkably reliable. It takes about 2 hours to charge completely and can hold on to that charge for 18 months. This means that you can store the drill for an entire year and still use it without having to recharge it. Another great thing about this cordless drill is that it is compatible with other 20V batteries by Black and Decker. Therefore, you do not have to wait for your battery to recharge if you have other Black and Decker tools in your kit.

It is also incredibly easy to use thanks to its ergonomic non-slip handle and LED lights.

This unit, however, is not ideal for heavy-duty use. It not only lacks the power for such applications but also tends to heat up after extended periods of use.

  • Not ideal for heavy-duty or professional use

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How Long Do Ryobi Cordless Drill Batteries Take To Charge

The charge time for a Ryobi battery mainly depends on the type of charger. If youre using an 18V ONE+ lithium-ion battery, you can charge it with any Ryobi ONE+ charger .

The charge time will vary from charger to charger, depending on the charge rate and the battery power.

For example, the 18V ONE+ Compact Charger can charge at a rate of 1.5 Amp/h. This means that youll be able to charge a 1.5Ah battery in just 1 hour. So, in theory, youll be able to charge an 18V 2.0 Ah lithium battery in 80 minutes.

A Ryobi 18V ONE+ Fast charger can charge at a rate of 5.0 Amp/h, meaning it would take just 1 hour to charge an 18V 5.0 Ah battery. With a 4.0 Ah battery, it would take about 50 minutes to charge up.

Heres a complete list of the different Ryobi chargers and their charge times, according to Ryobi:

Charger Type
18V ONE+ 6-Port Charger 2.7 Amp/h

These charge times are only referenced from Ryobi and may be different in a real test scenario. You may also check your service manual for specific charge times.

More on the Ryobi power tools here.

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