Cost Of Iphone Battery Replacement

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Iphone Battery

iPhone Battery Replacement Cost in India

by Dave | Dec 4, 2022 | Mall FAQ’s

If your iPhone 6 is experiencing battery issues, you may be wondering how much it will cost to fix the problem. One option is to take your phone to a mall kiosk that specializes in iPhone repairs. Before you hand over your phone, be sure to ask the technician for an estimate of the cost of the repair. This way, youll know how much to expect to pay. In most cases, the price will be based on the severity of the battery issue and the parts that need to be replaced. If you decide to go ahead with the repair, the technician will likely start by replacing the battery. This can be a fairly simple and straightforward process, and it shouldnt take more than a few minutes to complete. Once the new battery is installed, the technician will test your phone to make sure that its working properly. If everything looks good, theyll give you back your phone and send you on your way. Keep in mind that the price of a battery replacement can vary depending on the brand of your phone and the type of battery that needs to be replaced. In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $100 for the service.

Apple iPhone 6S battery replacements cost Rs. 2,999 at Apple authorized service centers in India, which is extremely expensive when compared to a battery repair.

I Paid Apple $69 To Replace My 3

It’s crazy to buy a new phone just to get a new battery, but was a replacement really the better bet?

My iPhone X just celebrated its third birthday, which is significant for a couple reasons. First, it’s the longest I’ve ever held onto a single phone usually I upgrade every year or two. Second, like any three-year-old model, its battery ain’t what it used to be.

Thus I found myself thinking about a new phone, an extremely common reaction to poor battery life. Check out the results of a Twitter poll I conducted recently:

Quick poll: What’s the single biggest reason you’d buy a new phone right now?

The Cheapskate

The thing is, I really like my iPhone X. It’s plenty fast and fits perfectly in my pocket. It takes great photos, including portraits. It doesn’t support 5G, but so what? I don’t need it, at least right now.

Best of all, it’s paid for. So do I really have to buy a whole new phone just to get a new battery? It’s not like I can pop the back off the X and swap out the old one. Not easily, anyway — I tried this delicate surgery a few times with earlier-generation iPhones and was never successful.

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Then I checked with Apple, and surprise, surprise: $69.

This is not an indictment of phone-repair businesses, merely a bit of anecdotal experience. And the better pricing available from Apple proper made this a no-contest choice, at least for me.

Iphone Battery Replacement Singapore

Still looking for a place providing excellent quality, friendly, reliable and professional service center to get an Apple battery replacement Singapore? Look no further, Mister Mobile is here to help! We can repair all phone issues within 60 minutes and all our iPhone repair service is done in our own store. 90% of the iPhone repair you need can be done on the spot. Also, all iPhone repair costs in our shop are inclusive of labor repair fee. Generally, we can complete the repair within 60 minutes.

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Why Does A Mobile Phone Battery Need To Be Changed

First of all, lets look at the reasons that a battery might need to be replaced. Anyone who keeps almost any mobile device for an extended period of time will be faced with the need to replace their failing battery eventually. There are several reasons for a battery replacement to be needed.

  • Simple wear and tear. Batteries inherently degrade over time and of course, in mobile devices, are getting used almost every day for long periods. A decline in battery performance will slowly but inevitably follow. Not least when a lot of apps are regularly used.
  • Drop damage. Batteries can also be broken if the mobile device suffers a serious trauma like being dropped from a height or bashing into an edge at speed.
  • Overheating and overcooling. Because batteries use chemicals to generate power high or low temperatures can cause problems.

How Much Does An Iphone Battery Replacement Cost

ShoppersTech Apple Iphone 5g Oem Replacement Battery 3.8v 1440mah For ...

An iPhone can easily be used for several years, provided it is treated with some care. But even with the best care, there is one part of an iPhone that will degrade over time the battery. Fortunately, an iPhone battery can be replaced relatively quickly and inexpensively.

An iPhone battery replacement will cost, on average, around $70. But plenty of people still hope to pay even less, which leads some to wonder if they can replace the battery on their own, and if Apple sells an iPhone battery replacement kit.

Keep reading to learn more about iPhone battery replacement costs and what you should do before getting your battery fixed.

  • Is iPhone battery replacement worth it?
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    Diy Versus Battery Replacement Services

    The iPhone doesnt feature a battery door or removable rear case that allows easy access to your battery, which means battery replacement involves a bit of disassembly. If you feel comfortable taking your iPhone apart , you can save money by replacing your own iPhone battery. If the DIY method makes you nervous or you simply dont want the hassle, an iPhone battery replacement service can do it for you. Heres what you can expect from both methods.

    NOTE:If your iPhone is still under warranty and your battery retains less than 80 percent of its original capacity, Apple will replace your battery free-of-charge.

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    Check Out The Iphone Battery Replacement Cost

    iPhone Battery Replacement cost depends on its model. Latest models have higher cost as compared to older ones. However, we at Rapid Repair® use genuine parts for every repair and we aim to deliver the entire experience at affordable prices. You can check the cost of your iPhone Battery Replacement Service by clicking on your iPhone model below. You can also connect with our tech expert at via Call or WhatsApp if you have multiple issues with your iPhone and need to get an estimate of the entire repair service.


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    Apple Iphone Battery Replacement In Singapore 2022

    The Apple iPhone has become hugely popular in Singapore today, with a large number of young and old using iPhones for their great functionality.

    Over the years we depend on our iPhones more and more, and a broken or malfunctioning battery can cause worry for its user.

    When you have an Apple iPhone that needs servicing or battery replacement in Singapore, Red White Mobile is your one stop shop for all services.

    Our technicians at Red White Mobile have the expertise and take extra care while working on Apple iPhones as they can be different from other smartphones out there and any wrongdoing can exacerbate the damage of the iPhone.

    We provide superior quality services and find you the best, most ideal solution to give you back a properly functioning device.

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    The Iphone Wont Charge


    As for this sign, ensure you use the genuine iPhone cable. The battery wonât be able to take up any charge, especially if the battery is empty.

    If the charger works fine on other iPhones, your battery and charging system might have some issues. Your iPhone might be a bit new or old.

    The iPhone can charge once again. However, the problem can also be with your charging port. Ensure you go for a new battery.

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    The Following Are Guidelines And Limitations:

    • Price matching is only available for repair services listed on
    • The price in question must be published by a local retailer with a brick and mortar store front within 10 miles of the uBreakiFix location
    • If the device you are seeking to repair is a repair service that uBreakiFix provides as an authorized service provider for an original equipment manufacturer, the local competitor must also be an authorized service provider and use original equipment manufacturer parts to repair the device
    • We reserve the right to verify the price of the identical, in-stock repair components at the retailer location .
    • We do limit quantities to one-per-customer, per repair, per day

    Is It Bad If A Battery Swells

    A swelling battery is not good, this means the battery is either overcharged or over-discharged. If the battery continues to swell, it can split the case and create a risk for fire. All batteries will get warm during charge and discharge, this heat is a result of the chemical reaction inside the battery.

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    The Iphone Wont Turn On

    Like any other electronic device, your iPhone will never turn on if the battery is weak. Itâs among the most excellent ways to confirm that your battery is dead.

    As you start your iPhone, it will need a lot of power. But if your battery is weak or dead, it wonât start up your phone. Such an act will occur when the battery is half full or low.

    Sometimes, it will turn on, but the screen will remain black. Youâll receive notifications and other signs that the power is on.

    Try using another or the original charger to confirm your battery is weak. If the iPhone is fragile, the ions wonât have much charge to power the phoneâs display.

    Chicago Iphone Battery Repair Service

    Apple Iphone 4 Battery Replacement with 1420 mAh Capacity

    Sometimes, when checking your iPhone battery health, you see the need and have to decide immediately! Come to us! At Cell N Comp Repairs, we offer quick-fix and no-fuss iPhone repair solutions, and this is the summative definition of our Company! Your Apple iPhone is your baby, the apple of your eyes, which needs tender love and care! When it malfunctions or staggers, theres a direct hit to your emotions. Theres no need to get agonized or feel remorse for what happened. Step out and walk into our iPhone repair shop in Chicago, get your gadget fixed, and make it running and glowing like ever before. Your satisfaction is guaranteed once you hit on us!

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    Charge Your Leisure Battery Better

    There are various things that will kill a battery and top of the list is being left in a discharged state. If you expect that your leisure battery will be left unused for a while, at least ensure it is fully charged before it is laid up. Batteries naturally discharge when not in use so if you charge it fully before leaving it, it will be longer before it discharges again. Leave your battery discharged for any length of time and its life expectancy will be shortened and performance will degrade.

    Different types of battery need different charging approaches to get the most out of them. Standard battery chargers just throw power at a battery and will charge it to around 80% of capacity. To get more than that, you need to charge your battery better.

    If you arent a battery expert, buying a smart or intelligent battery charger takes the guesswork out of good quality charging. Simply tell the charger what type of battery you are charging and it will sense the state of the battery and work out the best way to charge it.

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    Back Up Your Iphone With Icloud

    Apple offers options to backup with iCloud, or with a Mac or Windows computer. The simplest option is with iCloud because it can be done using only your iPhone. The first step is making sure your iPhone is connected to a WiFi network. The next steps are as follows:

    • Navigate to Settings ->
    • Verify the Last backup date and time to ensure the backup has been completed

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    What Should I Do Before Taking The Phone In For Service

    Its a good idea to go through these steps before you bring in or send your phone for a replacement battery.

  • Make sure you backup your device
  • Have your Apple ID password at hand as you might be asked to clean your phone before it gets serviced
  • Have the battery at 30%
  • Bring a sales receipt
  • Take any phone accessories that you think might be needed
  • Bring some form of identification.
  • Cool Tips To Optimize Your Battery Life

    iphone xr battery replacement Cost Shocking offficial

    There are several cool tips that you can follow to optimise your iPhone Battery life. Although some power hungry apps while using consume max battery that you really cant avoid. So, if you are using location based services such as Google Maps, Recording HD videos, Playing online games such as PUBG, may all result in faster battery drainage as compared to other apps. You can check which apps are consuming the most of your iPhone Battery life in iPhone Settings > > Battery

    Many times, there are apps that are not updated even if auto update feature is turned on. So, keep on checking for any pending updates of your apps that you mostly use and update them manually. In cases you are not using some of the apps frequently or for that matter havent even opened it since last 3 months, we suggest you either delete the app OR put them in offline mode.

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    The Time It Takes Before An Iphone Battery Replacement

    You can replace an iPhone battery after you confirm that it is spoilt or old. Expect your iPhone batteryâs best life to be at least two years after a complete charge of 500 times.

    How much time it will take varies with where you take your iPhone for a battery replacement. Also, your phone type affects how long youâll replace the battery.

    But youâll wait more than an hour at any Apple care center. Doing it yourself or at an Apple-licensed store can take less or more time.

    It means you can handle the problem within 24 hours. Apple will then give you a receipt to validate the repair.

    The case will be different if you mail Apple your iPhone for repair. The process can take up to 10 business days.

    Iphone Se Battery Replacement Cost

    First things first, the iPhone SE battery price. If your iPhone SE is still under warranty through AppleCare, youre in luck! Replacing the battery is covered under AppleCare, and it wont cost you anything more than a trip to the Apple Store. If your iPhone isnt under warranty and you didnt extend AppleCare services, battery replacement from Apple costs $79.

    But given how long the lines at an Apple Store can be, and if your idea of fun isnt waiting in line for hours on end, you have other options. CPR Cell Phone Repair offers the most affordable iPhone SE battery replacement. Our expert technicians know exactly how to replace and iPhone SE battery quickly and efficiently. We even offer drop-off service, so you dont have to wait around for your device. Most repairs can be turned around in 24 hours or less, so if you need an iPhone SE Battery find your local CPR Cell Phone Repair store today.

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    How To Recognise When Your Battery Will Soon Need To Be Changed

    Fortunately, there are often indicators that your iPhone battery is starting to fail. For example

    • The battery drains very quickly. Over time you will need to recharge your battery much more often than when it is new. This is one of the most common signs.
    • Slow response. You may see that your phone becomes increasingly sluggish in its response to taps and that apps are taking longer to load than they used to.
    • Unexpected shutdowns and never reaches 100% battery level monitoring apps.

    Getting Your Battery Replaced At A Third

    iPhone 12 Mini Battery Replacement Price in Chennai India Apple ...

    Taking your iPhone to a third-party repair shop can be a great solution but should be approached cautiously. These shops typically offer quality repairs at a much lower cost than Apples, but youll have less guarantee of the outcomes and warranties. Since a repair shop is more of an unknown, be sure to look into ratings and reviews. Youll usually get a good deal since they need your business, but it will likely be outside of a warranty. Overall, you wont have the same level of quality guarantee as you do with Apple

    If your iPhone is a newer model, the battery that came with it should function well for a few years unless its defective. With iOS 11 and up, you can even check out your batterys health and troubleshoot from your basic Settings by examining the batterys specific health. Apple provides reasonable prices for replacement batteries to extend your devices life, even for some of its older models.

    If you feel confident and know what youre doing, a third-party vendor or repair shop will likely be a cheaper way to go, though youll forfeit Apples warranty in many cases. However, we recommend starting with the professionals at Apple or Best Buy to get quality work and keep your warranty. As you research options for replacing your battery, you may also want to read our guide on saving smartphone battery life.

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