Cost To Replace Iphone 8 Battery

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Will Iphone Battery Replacement Also Erase Data

iPhone 8 Battery Replacement

Though it is unusual for data loss to occur during a battery change, it is nonetheless possible. There will be no data loss throughout the battery replacement process, but if anything goes wrong, itll reset the iPhone. If you attempt to change your battery yourself, you will almost certainly experience this.

Are Iphone 8 Repair Costs Worth It

Should the day come when something happens to your iPhone 8 and the screen is broken or the battery needs replacing, you really only have two options: repair the phone or buy another phone. It really comes to figuring out what the repair costs will run, and comparing that to the price of buying another gently used model on Swappa.

In the case of an iPhone 8, a broken screen from Apple costs $149 to repair, or somewhere around $93 using local repair shops in the Swappa Repair Network. This means its probably a better idea to get a cheap iPhone 8 instead, since prices start at just $148. See the latest iPhone 8 price trends.

As iPhone 8 prices continue to drop, you may simply find it more worthwhile to use that money and upgrade your broken phone to a newer model in better condition, or even find something with more storage. For instance, you can get a cheap iPhone SE 2020 for around $205 on Swappa, and thats a fantastic option for anyone who loves their iPhone 8, but could use an upgraded camera and faster performance. Find the best iPhone 8 upgrade options on our iPhone Buyers Guide.

Should you decide to save your money and obtain iPhone 8 repair, the Swappa Repair Network makes it easy to find cheap and affordable iPhone repair near you.

Will Apple Replace Iphone Battery

Yes! It is expected that after 500 full charges, a standard Apple iPhone battery would still have 80% of its initial capacity. A malfunctioning battery is covered under the one-year warranty service plan. Apples battery replacement service is fee-based and available even if your device is no longer under warranty.

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Get Your Apple Iphone 8 Battery Replaced At Your Doorstep By Mheal In India

The most prime and trouble-free solution for repairing your Apple iPhone 8 battery is to trust and advocate the service of an expert like Mheal.Mheal is a one-stop solution for any and all of your mobile phone problems. Our experienced and trained employees provide you with the best parts and services.With years of experience under our belt, we are the best experts in the tech repair industry. We are experts in multi brand mobile repairing services .In an online-driven world, we are in sync. You can choose your repair type and schedule an appropriate time for doorstep repair. Our technician will repair your device right at your home in front of you with 100% transparency .

  • Upto 6 Months Warranty

What About A Third

iPhone 8 Battery Replacement at Low Price in Chennai India Apple ...

This is where it can get a little tricky. If you go this route, you should definitely only go to an Apple Certified business. Otherwise, if you get your battery replaced at a non-certified shop, it will void your warranty since it’s not Apple Certified.

Of course, if you’re already out-of-warranty anyway, then it wouldn’t matter too much.

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Remove The Pentalobe Screws From Your Iphone 13 Pro Max

Before proceeding, it is recommended that you discharge your iPhones battery below 25%. An accidentally punctured lithium-ion battery may catch fire or explode.

  • Please turn off your iPhone before disassembling it.
  • At the bottom edge of the iPhone, remove the two pentalobe P2 screws measuring 6.8 mm long.
  • Removing the display will compromise the iPhones water resistance. If you intend to reassemble your iPhone without replacing the seals, make sure you have replacement seals available or take precautions to prevent liquid exposure.

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But I Am Not Close To An Apple Store Can I Do It Myself

Technically, yes, you can choose to go with the DIY route. However, it’s actually a pretty lengthy process, and you’re going to need a good amount of time and patience to replace the battery yourself. We don’t really recommend this since it does void your warranty if you open up your device.

However, if you insist, then we recommend following iFixIt’s guides for the iPhone 8 battery replacement and iPhone 8 Plus battery replacement.

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Iphone 8 Battery Replacement Near Me

If abruptly your iPhone fades due to lack of energy, its more than likely you will ask your friends or family who would be the best and can assist you just immediately, or, if you cant then you go to Google and type iPhone 8 battery replacement near me cost and then check all local shops and their offers and cost of the repair. In fact, sometimes is not possible to get iPhone 8 battery replacement just promptly and its a lot of reasons why: you may not be able to locate a person who might help you on-the-spot, or, you are full of doubts are they real engineers or dilettantes. In addition, you may be also reluctant to pass your phone to a person who has bad fame.

Fortunately, we can assist you with this problem. At Free Fusion, one of the most common mends is Apple iPhone 8 battery replacement.Generally, we do not treat it as a mend, its more like a maintenance service, as actually, nothing is damaged here, its just used and exhausted part which have to be replaced at least once a two years or even faster, if you use your phone for long hours daily.

Consequently, at Free Fusion we do not offer secondhand or restored battery replacement iPhone 8- its not us. Our mission always lead us to provide the greatest service as possible, thats why we provide only a batteries, which are fully certified. It gives us peace of mind that no matter what would occur, we can be certain that the problem is not connected to a part which has been provided within a repair.

Local Repair Shop Near You

iPhone 8 Plus Battery Replacement- How To

You can also get your battery replaced by your local repair shop in your area. These days, every nook and cranny in every city has a mobile repair shop. The price they charge is generally lighter on your pocket, but it is also lighter in quality.The products they use are generally cheap, first-copies and low in quality. Additionally, they do not provide any warranty or guarantee for the repair done. While getting their assistance you are likely to face the following problems-Lack of professionalism-There is no trace of professionalism to be found in your local repair shop. From no respect for time to completely ignoring you, all these irritating quirks would have to be borne by you.Low-quality products-They will most likely use cheap-quality products, duping you of your money. Make sure you do not let them fool you and use fake parts.No warranty/guarantee-Because of the low-grade products used, they do not provide any kind of warranty or guarantee.

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Getting Your Device Repaired Shouldnt Break The Bank

Our low price guarantee ensures that we always offer the best price to our customers. Just bring in any local competitors published price for the same repair, and we will happily match and beat their price by $5.

The repair price must be a regularly published price. This offer does not apply to competitor’s specials, coupons or other discounts.

Charge Your Leisure Battery Better

There are various things that will kill a battery and top of the list is being left in a discharged state. If you expect that your leisure battery will be left unused for a while, at least ensure it is fully charged before it is laid up. Batteries naturally discharge when not in use so if you charge it fully before leaving it, it will be longer before it discharges again. Leave your battery discharged for any length of time and its life expectancy will be shortened and performance will degrade.

Different types of battery need different charging approaches to get the most out of them. Standard battery chargers just throw power at a battery and will charge it to around 80% of capacity. To get more than that, you need to charge your battery better.

If you arent a battery expert, buying a smart or intelligent battery charger takes the guesswork out of good quality charging. Simply tell the charger what type of battery you are charging and it will sense the state of the battery and work out the best way to charge it.

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Iphone 8 Camera Repair

If youre having issues with your iPhone 8 camera, youre not alone this is one of the most common types of damage that occurs to iPhones. Whether youre having problems with your front or rear camera, fortunately there are many qualified technicians who can help get your phone back in working order.

Depending on the severity of the issue, average iPhone 8 Camera Repair Cost: $89-$119+ USD

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What Is The Iphone 8 Battery Replacement Cost In India

Apple iPhone 8 Battery

iPhone 8 Battery price is 2256 Rs with 6 Months Warranty our technician will replace it at your doorstep.

iPhone 8 battery draining? Dont worry, there are multiple ways of replacing and fixing it. The price of Apple iPhone 8 battery in India will depend on the option you choose. The finest and most potent ways of replacing an iPhone 8 battery are-

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Can I Replace My Iphone 8 Battery Myself

You can complete your battery replacement yourself but, because you need to remove it from the iPhone 8 housing, the difficulty of the repair is moderate so if you’ve never refurbished your own phone, you may want to use a repair service. Replacing your battery yourself or through a third-party service will void your Apple warranty but aftermarket products can be as effective as genuine parts and save you a great deal of money.

Do You Have Applecare+

Your country or region offers AppleCare+ for this product. AppleCare+ includes battery service coverage, which means your battery can be replaced at no charge if we test your product and its battery retains less than 80% of its original capacity.

AppleCare+ also provides coverage for accidental damage from handling, and each incident is subject to a service fee. Your AppleCare+ also offers Express Replacement Service.

On-site visit fee waived for mobile repairs


The Apple Limited Warranty covers your iPhone and the Apple-branded accessories that come in the box with your product against manufacturing issues for one year from the date you bought them. Apple-branded accessories purchased separately are covered by the Apple Limited Warranty for Accessories. This includes adapters, spare cables, wireless chargers, or cases.

Our warranty is in addition to rights provided by consumer law.

Depending on the issue, you might also have coverage with AppleCare+. Terms and Conditions apply, including fees. Feature availability and options may vary by country or region.

If your situation isnt covered, youll pay a fee. If the issue with your iPhone is ineligible for service, you might pay the full replacement value.

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Turn On Low Power Mode

iPhone has a feature, Low Power Mode, that lets you boost your battery life when it drains up to 20%. Turning on this feature enables the iPhone to gain three additional hours of battery life. So, anytime your iPhone displays the low battery warning indicating you should turn the Power Mode on to extend the battery life, click on Settings > Battery, then click the option to turn on the Low Power Mode.

The power mode reduces the power consumption of your app by closing all background processes and reducing the visual display of the iPhone to ensure it prolongs the battery life.

Where Do Iphone Owners Go For Excellent Service Quality Parts And Fast Resolution

iPhone 8 Battery ReplacementHow To

But first, Locate the bill of sale for your phone to ensure the warranty is valid, which entitles you to free replacement at an Apple repair center or one of many Apple authorized service providers. Secondly, use a third-party cell phone repair center like us if the warranty has expired.Alternatively, you can replace the dead battery at our store or call to book a service call.

Have your iPhone ready for service.

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Look To Puls For Your Iphone Battery Replacement

Puls is the best option for fast and affordable iPhone battery replacement, available now in most major cities nationwide. Just think about the nightmare of not having your phone for a few days because you waited too long have the battery replaced.

You can consider this a thing of the past because, at Puls, we offer same-day repairs. The best part is that we come to you, no matter where you are, so you can skip the lines and crowds. Our iPhone battery replacement cost starts at just $69, and includes, like always, our lifetime guarantee.

By now you see that being proactive about your iPhones problematic battery status is well worth the cost of a battery replacement, so what are you waiting for? Book a phone repair online with one of our experts to select your desired time and place for us to meet you. Well be there in a heartbeat, within the same day, so your battery is running like new in no time your first service with us.

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S In Stock All The Time

We keep parts on-hand to repair a wide selection of Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, Blackberry, HTC, Motorola, OnePlus, and Nexus phones. Aside from fixing broken screens very fast and at a very affordable rate, we also provide on-the-spot repairs for home and power buttons, charging ports, front and back cameras, and battery replacements.

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Should I Replace The Battery Or The Whole Phone

Annoyingly enough, everything has a shelf life and at some point there will just be no point salvaging an older iPhone, instead an phone upgrade may be in order. If you have an iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 7, battery replacement may not be the answer.

Is your iPhone still supported?
Still Sold
iPhone 7 models and older No No

Assuming you have an original iPhone 7, battery replacement probably went out the window this year when Apple stopped supporting software updates. One of the great features of an iPhone is it’s ongoing security updates, but with those no longer available with an iPhone 7 battery replacement is no longer a viable option.

Similarly, the iPhone X and iPhone 8 will likely lose software updates in the next year or so, so it may be worth considering if you really want to hold on the device.

Instead it may be time to look for a new or refurbished iPhone.

Is Your Iphone Battery Draining Too Fast

Battery for Apple iPhone 8 Plus, 2691 mAh Replacement Battery

Different batteries have different scenarios reducing the battery health condition. However, various tips can help you boost the life of your battery without necessarily replacing it.

The tips will only help to prolong the battery life to reduce how fast the battery drains but you will still have to recharge your iPhone once the battery level runs low. Try the tips below to extend your iPhoneâs battery life.

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How To Recognise When Your Battery Will Soon Need To Be Changed

Fortunately, there are often indicators that your iPhone battery is starting to fail. For example

  • The battery drains very quickly. Over time you will need to recharge your battery much more often than when it is new. This is one of the most common signs.
  • Slow response. You may see that your phone becomes increasingly sluggish in its response to taps and that apps are taking longer to load than they used to.
  • Unexpected shutdowns and never reaches 100% battery level monitoring apps.

Iphone 8 Screen Repair Cost

When trying to figure out how much an iPhone 8 screen replacement will cost you, you mostly have two options: either take it to the Apple Store or find a local repair shop to perform repairs. Apple is clear when it comes to their repair pricing, and according to their support page an out-of-warranty iPhone 8 screen repair will cost you $149 using genuine Apple parts. Keep in mind that doesnt factor in their additional site-visit fee, which is only waived you have AppleCare+ still active on your device.

If youre looking to save money on iPhone 8 screen repair, local options can be much more affordable. Using the Swappa Phone Repair Calculator, we can see that the average cost to repair an iPhone 8 screen is around $93. This is taken from a pool of participating Swappa Repair Network shops whove provided their pricing information upfront.

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The Smart Battery Case

If the only issue with your iPhone battery is capacity, and not throttling, you might want to consider simply getting something like the smart battery case to tide you over to your next new phone instead of replacing it. Its actually more expensive than getting the battery replaced by Apple especially since the iPhone throttling saga has seen Apple reducing their asking price for the procedure.

However, for people who dont have a backup phone laying around, a battery case could be the way to go. Its also worth considering that the cases capacity is added onto your remaining battery capacity, which may add up to more battery power than a fresh internal battery would have.

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