Cost To Replace Iphone Battery

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Is It Bad If A Battery Swells


A swelling battery is not good, this means the battery is either overcharged or over-discharged. If the battery continues to swell, it can split the case and create a risk for fire. All batteries will get warm during charge and discharge, this heat is a result of the chemical reaction inside the battery.

Faq: Replace Iphone Battery

Can you put a new battery in an older iPhone?

If your older iPhone has a worn-out battery, you can replace it with a brand-new battery. In most cases, you can get the battery replacement from Apple, but if you have used a really old iPhone from 2011 or so, you might want to check with third-party providers.

How much will it cost to change the iPhone battery?

Apple charges only a decent amount of money to replace your iPhone battery. No matter how expensive or latest your iPhone is, it wont exceed $99. Also, for older iPhone models, the new battery starts from $49.

Is changing the iPhone battery worth it?

As mentioned, changing your iPhone battery will cost at least $49, depending on your model. If you think your iPhone is worth more than $49 , it is always better to get a new battery. For obsolete iPhone models, you could get a used one from the market for cheaper than the new battery costs alone.

How do I get my iPhone battery replaced?

You can get your iPhone battery replaced from the Apple Service Centers at the lowest cost possible. However, if you choose third-party Apple Authorized Service providers, the service cost may skyrocket.

How many years does the iPhone battery last?

Apple promises at least 500 battery cycles for an iPhone battery, which would take almost two years to reach. So, if you just bought an iPhone now, you can use it with a healthy battery for at least two years, and even more if you use it carefully.

Remove The Pentalobe Screws From Your Iphone 13 Pro Max

Before proceeding, it is recommended that you discharge your iPhones battery below 25%. An accidentally punctured lithium-ion battery may catch fire or explode.

  • Please turn off your iPhone before disassembling it.
  • At the bottom edge of the iPhone, remove the two pentalobe P2 screws measuring 6.8 mm long.
  • Removing the display will compromise the iPhones water resistance. If you intend to reassemble your iPhone without replacing the seals, make sure you have replacement seals available or take precautions to prevent liquid exposure.

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Had a major Macbook Pro problem with a motherboard issue, done within 2 days and back to running state. Apple service center suggested for a motherboard change worth 80k, and then found Rapid Repair which proved to the indeed a good decision. Would strongly recommend for any macbook issues to get it repaired in a more professional and turstworthy manner.

How Can I Fix My Iphone Battery Health

iPhone 8 Plus Battery Replacement at Low Price in Chennai India Apple ...

Your battery is designed to retain up to 80 per cent of its original capacity at 500 complete charge cycles. If you have not completed the charging locations and still your battery does not provide enough backup then you can try re-calibrating your battery. Let your battery drain to 0% and then charge it to 100%. Once your battery is charged to 100% discharge the battery back to 0%. This will recalibrate the battery. Once you recalibrate the battery, use the phone normally and see if your battery is still draining too fast or taking time to charge. If the charging time has increased or if the battery does not last for long then you have to get your iPhone battery replaced.

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Iphone Battery Replacement Cost Vs Worth: Why It Matters

Getting your iPhone battery replaced when it starts to slow down should be a no-brainer. In fact, the benefits far outweigh the costs. For starters, youll want to see if you are still under warranty with Apple. If youre covered, having your battery replaced will be free of charge.

If youre like the many, however, who are not covered under Apples protection plan, it is still worthwhile to explore other options for getting your iPhone battery replaced. Is your device freezing up when you try to send text messages?

Even if your iPhone needs to be plugged into the charger all the time just to make a call, replacing the battery can eliminate a major headache. It can also give you the much-needed mobility that smartphones are supposed to have. Read on and well explore four major issues linked to aging iPhone batteries, and why replacing your battery is more vital than you may have thought.

When Is The The Iphone Battery Replacement Required

There are several symptoms that iPhone users describe, which are related to iPhone Battery and effect the overall performance of the iPhone. Many of them are pretty simple to diagnose by users themselves but several others need proper diagnostic tools to determine that the issue is with iPhone battery. Below, you will find some of the most simple ways to detect if your iPhone needs a battery replacement.

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Where Do Iphone Owners Go For Excellent Service Quality Parts And Fast Resolution

But first, Locate the bill of sale for your phone to ensure the warranty is valid, which entitles you to free replacement at an Apple repair center or one of many Apple authorized service providers. Secondly, use a third-party cell phone repair center like us if the warranty has expired.Alternatively, you can replace the dead battery at our store or call to book a service call.

Have your iPhone ready for service.

Charge Your Leisure Battery Better

Iphone 7 Battery Replacement with in 2 minutes..

There are various things that will kill a battery and top of the list is being left in a discharged state. If you expect that your leisure battery will be left unused for a while, at least ensure it is fully charged before it is laid up. Batteries naturally discharge when not in use so if you charge it fully before leaving it, it will be longer before it discharges again. Leave your battery discharged for any length of time and its life expectancy will be shortened and performance will degrade.

Different types of battery need different charging approaches to get the most out of them. Standard battery chargers just throw power at a battery and will charge it to around 80% of capacity. To get more than that, you need to charge your battery better.

If you arent a battery expert, buying a smart or intelligent battery charger takes the guesswork out of good quality charging. Simply tell the charger what type of battery you are charging and it will sense the state of the battery and work out the best way to charge it.

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Apple Charges $99 To Replace Your Iphone 14 Battery

While Apple didn’t hike the pricing of its iPhone 14 lineup, replacing the battery of any model will be more expensive than before. Repairing the battery on the iPhone 13 and other previous iPhone generations usually costs $69, but it has surprisingly gone up to $99 for 2022 models without any warranty coverage.


  • Apple’s battery replacement for iPhone 14 is more expensive.
  • Servicing the battery of any iPhone 14 model now costs $99.
  • This is without AppleCare+ subscriptions or warranty.

If you’re planning to hold on to your dear iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro for more than a year, you should be reminded that it will be costlier to fix the worn battery outside of the AppleCare+ or standard warranty. The latest battery service or repair quotation in the US now costs $99 and varies in other countries. This is 43 percent more expensive compared to older iPhones.

Aside from the rare manufacturing defects, the battery lifespan of iPhones degrades after a year of regular use. However, Apple won’t service your device unless the capacity is less than 80 percent or after 400-500 complete charges. Presumably, this will affect the iPhone 14 models with the least battery life rating due to more charging cycles.

Why Would You Need To Replace An Iphone Battery

Batteries age over time, and considering that the iPhone 6 was released over seven years ago, it’s no surprise that the one I bought wasn’t running in prime condition. One time, the phone unexpectedly restarted while in use, and it flashed a warning that read, “This iPhone has experienced an unexpected shutdown because the battery was unable to deliver the necessary peak power. Performance management has been applied to help prevent this from happening again.” Even the phone itself knew it had a bum battery.

In short, a phone’s performance can be throttled if it can no longer cope with power demands. There is the option to turn throttling off, but this will result in more frequent crashes. Neither situation is ideal, so a battery replacement seemed like a smart way forward for me, since it wasn’t my main phone and I was willing to take the risks.

Opening up my iPhone 6.

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Iphone X Battery Replacement

The iPhone X is one of the most outstanding gadgets you could own. The Face ID, 3D Touch, Swipe System and Touch to Open let you whizz around the phone easily and quickly. Consider the unbelievable camera technology and 21 hours of talk time and you have everything you need at your fingertips. And with a device like this, you build up a lot of dependency on it to get through your day. Which is why you cant be without it for a minute. If your iPhone X is acting up and you need an iPhone X battery replacement, uBreakiFix can perform a outstanding repair to get you back in action, right away.

The experienced repair team at uBreakiFix will begin with a thorough analysis of your iPhone X to make sure you dont need anything other than an iPhone X battery replacement service. Well give you a quote for the iPhone X battery replacement and any other service you may need, as well as a timeframe to complete your repair. If youd like us to go ahead, well get working right away and can often get this done in about an hour. We know you dont have a minute to spare without your iPhone X and will try to make the iPhone X battery replacement as painless as possible for you.

Why is my iPhone X battery draining so fast?

How do I know if my iPhone X battery is bad?

How long should an iPhone X battery last?

Can I replace my iPhone X battery?

What does it cost to replace an iPhone X battery?

Is Apple still replacing iPhone X batteries?

How And When To Replace Your Iphone Battery: How Do You Get Your Battery Replaced : Buy New BTDCT Original Battery For iPhone 7 7G ...

Before you open your phone make sure you know what you’re getting into and have a plan in case something goes wrong. I’ve seen repair techs with hundreds of repairs under their belts puncture a battery and fill a room with smoke. Make sure you have a plan of action for a potential fire and do not work on an expanded battery without extensive experience.

One of the nice things about using one of the most popular phones in the world is having a wealth of replacement parts and repair techs available. It’s important to make sure you’re getting quality service and a quality part, or else you could end up with many more problems down the line.

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Look To Puls For Your Iphone Battery Replacement

Puls is the best option for fast and affordable iPhone battery replacement, available now in most major cities nationwide. Just think about the nightmare of not having your phone for a few days because you waited too long have the battery replaced.

You can consider this a thing of the past because, at Puls, we offer same-day repairs. The best part is that we come to you, no matter where you are, so you can skip the lines and crowds. Our iPhone battery replacement cost starts at just $69, and includes, like always, our lifetime guarantee.

By now you see that being proactive about your iPhones problematic battery status is well worth the cost of a battery replacement, so what are you waiting for? Book a phone repair online with one of our experts to select your desired time and place for us to meet you. Well be there in a heartbeat, within the same day, so your battery is running like new in no time – your first service with us.

Iphone Battery Replacement Singapore

Still looking for a place providing excellent quality, friendly, reliable and professional service center to get an Apple battery replacement Singapore? Look no further, Mister Mobile is here to help! We can repair all phone issues within 60 minutes and all our iPhone repair service is done in our own store. 90% of the iPhone repair you need can be done on the spot. Also, all iPhone repair costs in our shop are inclusive of labor repair fee. Generally, we can complete the repair within 60 minutes.

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Back Up Your Iphone With Icloud

Apple offers options to backup with iCloud, or with a Mac or Windows computer. The simplest option is with iCloud because it can be done using only your iPhone. The first step is making sure your iPhone is connected to a WiFi network. The next steps are as follows:

  • Navigate to Settings ->
  • Verify the Last backup date and time to ensure the backup has completed

Can I Replace My Iphone Battery Myself

iPhone 7 Battery Replacement-How To

Up to a point I found I could, yes, and I’m not normally “handy” in a DIY sense. iFixit’s instructions were easy to follow, and there were only seven internal screws to remove, which were easy to replace.

The iPhone 6, old battery removed and all traces of the glue cleaned off.

What I found a little confusing was that iFixit’s instructions on its web page end at the point where you remove the old battery. The only instruction in the conclusion was to follow the previous steps in reverse order. Admittedly, that wasn’t particularly difficult to do, but I would have appreciated more guidance at that point.

Another issue I ran into was that, during the removal of the screen, I cracked the screen protector that was in place. I noticed the hairline cracks and was worried that I’d damaged the display itself, but thankfully that was unharmed.

With its new battery, this iPhone 6 should be running at optimal level again.

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Go To A Service Center

If you’ve got AppleCare coverage, your best bet is to find an Apple Authorized Service Provider, since your repair may be free or cheaper thanks to your coverage. If your phone is out of coverage, you can still get a professional battery replacement with access to the proper parts.

This is your best bet for making sure the job is done right and many places offer mail-in service so you don’t have to worry if you prefer to stay at home as much as possible.

When Should You Replace Iphone Battery

The battery health percentage on your iPhone battery determines when you need a battery replacement or check-up. It is common to see a drop in the iPhone batterys health as it ages. But how fast it drops, or should it drop? Your iPhones battery health will depend mostly on the charging cycle. Every battery, especially the Lithium-ion ones , degrades little by little every time you plug them into the charger. That means the more you charge your iPhone, the faster your iPhones battery health drops.

Now, you will want to know when you should replace the iPhone battery. If you are a regular battery health checker and are worried about seeing a battery percentage below 90%, stop panicking, you still have a lot more to go to replace your iPhone battery. You will not get a warning to replace your iPhone battery until its health reaches 80 percent or 500 battery cycles. Now when you get a warning at 80, you can either keep using it for a bit more or get a new battery replacement.

To see if your iPhone battery needs to be replaced, go to iPhone Settings > Battery > Battery Health. Before tapping the Battery Health, you can see the Service text if it is in bad shape.

There you will find the current Maximum Capacity of your iPhone battery. You will also see an Important Battery Message stating that your battery needs to be replaced when you have a bad battery on your iPhone.

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Is It Safe To Replace Your Iphone Battery Yourself

This one isn’t so straightforward to answer. iFixit’s guide gives very detailed instructions on the steps involved, but there were a couple of points that made me nervous. One step involved heating up the back of the phone with a hair dryer in order to loosen the glue holding the old battery in place.

Specifically, it said to heat it to “slightly too warm to touch comfortably,” which I found a little vague. Especially since that section also warned that “overheating the iPhone may ignite the battery.” But how hot is too hot? What signs would I see if it was overheating? I couldn’t find this information, and as such wasn’t sure how close to overheating it I might be.

Shortly after, while trying to pry out the old battery, I accidentally ripped into what looked like the black wrapping around that battery. I was pretty sure that the battery itself wasn’t punctured — there was no smoke or hissing — but I’d have felt a lot more comfortable if I had “emergency” instructions on hand about what to do if the battery did ignite.

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