Cost To Replace Macbook Battery

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Option : Replace Your Macbook Battery Via Apple Warranty

Macbook Pro Battery Replacement – Cheap Price – How did it Go?

Benefit: The service comes at no cost under applicable warranties, meaning it should be your first choice.

If your MacBook is still under warranty, Apple will replace a faulty or excessively degraded battery free of charge. In the US, Apple provides a limited one-year warranty. For those in the EU, consumer law extends this coverage to two years. If you purchased AppleCare for your MacBook, this coverage extends to three years.

Those who are still covered should contact Apple right away about any battery issues. You can check your warranty status on Apple’s Check Coverage page using your machine’s serial number. Find your serial number by clicking the Apple menu at the top-left of the screen and selecting About This Mac.

If you don’t have warranty coverage for a battery replacement, we’ll look at the next-best MacBook battery replacement options, including their cost. However, you should know about a few specific cases first.

Free Macbook Dust Cleaning

After few years of use, your MacBook could accumulate a lot of dust inside. The dust will block the fans and reduce the air circulation dramatically, resulting in CPU overheating. CPU overheating may cause your Mac to hang, shut down or reboot randomly. A prolonged CPU overheating will permanently damage the CPU.

Before we change MacBook battery for you, we will clean the dust inside your Mac, as the figure shows below. The photo on the left-hand side was taken before the cleaning. Dust cleaning not only restores the capability of your Macs cooling system but also provide a comfortable, dust-free environment for our technicians to work in.

Getting Your Device Repaired Shouldnt Break The Bank

Our low price guarantee ensures that we always offer the best price to our customers. Just bring in any local competitors published price for the same repair, and we will happily match and beat their price by $5.

The repair price must be a regularly published price. This offer does not apply to competitor’s specials, coupons or other discounts.

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Mac Battery

Normally, replacement batteries for MacBooks including retina Macs and the larger 15 inch models are well under £100, and repair labour is usually around £150.

However there are a few models which require more expensive batteries, and a couple of the MacBook Pros are a real work out, just to extract the battery cells from.

There are different prices and manufacturers for aftermarket MacBook batteries, but please be aware that although some may arguably be better than your original MacBook battery, some are straight up dangerous and can cause all kinds of damage to your beloved laptop.

On top of being a potential fire hazard at any given moment, it is always best to seek a professional opinion on your MacBook battery replacement. But, if you cant, we recommend buying a new Apple manufactured battery, after all, there is no point trying to save money at the expense of safety.

Recalibrate Your Macbook Battery

Replacement Battery MacBook Pro 15 inches Unibody Battery A1321

The next thing to try is recalibrating the battery. Recalibrating the battery basically means discharging it completely and then recharging it completely.

Battery recalibration takes a day or so, so if possible, do it over a weekend when you dont have to have your MacBook for work.

Heres how to recalibrate your MacBooks battery:

  • Fully charge your MacBook to 100%.
  • Keep the laptop running while connected to the power supply for a couple of hours.
  • Unplug the MacBook from the power supply and let the battery drain completely.
  • Leave your MacBook overnight without the power cord connected.
  • The next morning, plug your Macbook in and charge it to 100% power again.
  • Your MacBook should now be able to more accurately gauge the battery status. If this clears up whatever the problem was, your Service Battery warning should go away.

    If none of the above work, its time to take your Mac into an Apple store for service. If its been less than a year since you bought your MacBook, you should still be under the warranty. However, after that point, a battery replacement will cost $129 or more.

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    How Much Will It Cost

    Use our Get an Estimate tool to review potential costs if you get service directly from Apple. If you go to another service provider, they can set their own fees, so ask them for an estimate. For service covered by AppleCare+, your fee per incident will be the same regardless of which service provider you choose.

    Hardware service may no longer be available for some older products.

    All fees are in U.S. dollars and are subject to tax. A shipping fee will be added if we need to ship your Mac notebook. Well inspect your product when we receive it and confirm the service charges.

    Can Apple Replace Battery Same Day

    If the Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider has replacement batteries in stock, the process should be completed within hours, allowing you to walk out with your iPhone on the same day. An invoice will be provided for the $29 fee, plus any local taxes, to be paid upon completion of the replacement.

    Is there a recall on MacBook Air?

    Apple has determined that, in a limited number of older generation 15-inch MacBook Pro units, the battery may overheat and pose a fire safety risk. Affected units were sold primarily between September 2015 and February 2017 and product eligibility is determined by the product serial number.

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    Service Battery Warning On Mac Do You Need To Replace The Battery

    Robert HayesRobert is a freelance editor and writer living in Colorado. Read moreNovember 1, 2022

    One of the most dreaded alerts a MacBook user can ever see is the one that says Service Battery.

    As with all laptop computers, the battery is one of the most critical components, and it is also a component that essentially cannot be serviced. When a lithium-ion battery is done, its done you need to replace the battery.

    What exactly are your options when your MacBook returns the Service Battery warning?

    In this article, I will explain how lithium-ion batteries work, how to get the best performance and longest life out of your battery, and I will give you some suggestions on ways to resolve the Service Battery alert.

    Is It Worth Replacing A Macbook Pro Battery

    Replace your 2012 MacBook Pro Battery in 2020

    Well, replacing a MacBook Pro battery is a lot cheaper than buying a brand new MacBook pro. But if the mac is older enough to replace, or if you are still worried about how well could it perform after replacing the battery, you should rather look for a new MacBook pro.

    A MacBook pro battery needs calibrating and proper servicing for a lengthier lifespan. When it is running out of life soon, and some other replaceable signs are available, you should replace it. However, you might still notice problems in the screen, touch bar, or processor section on an older model.

    Only replacing the battery wont solve these problems, you need to service the whole MacBook pro. It would be much better to replace the older MacBook pro if its not performing well even after battery replacement. You might like knowing about .

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    How Much Will Apple Charge To Repair My Macbook

    Apple offers a tiered pricing system for repairs at its service centers. They range from a tier 1 through tier 4 repair service program. You can see the chart to the right for example pricing. As a result, there is a minimum and a maximum price with the services. There is a sweet spot where Apple is the best value.

    Apples tier repair structure ranges from $280 up to $1,475 depending on which MacBook youre servicing. If youve completely fried your super high end $4,000 MacBook Pro 15 Touch bar, you should take it to Apple because changes are the $1,475 will be the best price out there.

    If you are looking for a screen replacement on your entry-level MacBook Air 13 from 2017, that has a few other dents but works fine, then youll want to run away from Apple because theyll charge you $799 plus sale tax. Well explain down below how this tiering system works, and why something small, like a dent, that otherwise doesnt impact any function can cost you hundreds, if not a thousand dollars more for a repair depending on your MacBook.

    Why do dents and other issues matter to Apple?

    If you have a perfectly working MacBook with only a cracked screen, but say you have a small dent in your bottom case, they will insist that you replace the entire unit with the Tier 4 repair service and not just repair the cracked screen. This is not always the case, but who likes surprises?

    Cost Analysis: Last But Not The Least Words

    Batteries wont last forever, and you can witness a reduction in performance as the time passes. However, Apple wont charge you more than $200 if for the replacement.

    But what makes sense is that the cost reduces to $130 when the Macbook pro model doesnt have a Retina display.

    Meanwhile, doing it by yourself is a good option if money-saving is a key factor. But our expert team wont suggest you do so.

    Contact your nearest Apple store as quickly as possible if you are sure about battery replacement after checking the battery life, battery cycle, and so on.

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    Other Ways To Optimize Macbook Battery Performance

    Often the cause of a MacBook battery quickly losing charge isnt really the battery itself. Sometimes a specific application, spyware, or certain settings lead to running out of power too quickly.

    Also, outdated processes, applications, and operating systems can cause unnecessary battery drain. Back up your computer, then update your operating system and each application. Sometimes an update fixes battery life problems.

    In some cases, you might need to do a factory reset and reinstall nonstandard applications. This may be a last resort after trying other things but is less expensive than buying a new computer.

    Here are a few tips to help get better performance from your battery:

    Can I Replace A Macbook Air Battery Myself

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    Unlike the MacBook or MacBook Pro battery , Air batteries are integrated within the device. This means that you cant simply retract and replace the battery as you would with other devices. That doesnt mean a DIY repair isnt possible but it is more challenging. Plus, if you arent familiar with the process, youre more likely to run into issues. MacBook Air systems are fragile, and if you take a wrong step, you could face even greater damage. We recommend seeking the help of a trained technician to avoid causing any further harm to the device.

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    Safest Options For Battery Replacement

    Some users save money by replacing their old MacBook Pro battery themselves. This is easier if you own an older MacBook from around 2012 and earlier. Apple started gluing batteries in place around 2012 as they unveiled thinner designs.

    MacBooks with glued batteries are more complicated to replace but still possible with the right tools and techniques.

    Replaced my @apple MacBook Pro battery Only took:

    Matt Wilkins

    If you opt for DIY battery replacement, research the best methods and consider buying a replacement kit from a well-known provider. There are numerous demonstration videos where you can see the technique before deciding whether this task is within your skillset.

    Third-party batteries and services are additional cost-saving options, but the performance may not always be up to the same standard as Apple. If you opt for a third-party battery, check reviews and stick with a credible outlet with an excellent reputation.

    Depending on your skills and confidence, it may be less stressful and safer to get it replaced at an Apple store. A battery provided by Apple with the work done by an Apple-certified support tech is the easiest and safest option.

    Should I Leave My Macbook Air Plugged In All The Time 2019

    Well, Apple does not recommend leaving your portable plugged in all the time, as for a lithium-based battery, its important to keep the electrons in it moving occasionally. MacBook / Pro, though, are designed to deliver up to 1000 full charge and discharge cycles before it reaches 80% of its original capacity.

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    Cpr Cell Phone Repair Battery Replacement

    The trained technicians at CPR Cell Phone Repair are no strangers to an Apple battery! Whether you have a MacBook Air 11 or MacBook Air 13, our staff can always help out. Partnering with a local CPR store guarantees your laptop is in good hands, so you wont have to worry about additional repairs down the road. We always offer our prices upfront so that you wont have any last-minute surprises! With fast turnaround, affordable prices, and knowledgeable technicians, you wont want to go anywhere else. Contact one of our 850+ stores around the globe to inquire about their MacBook battery replacement costs.

    Is It Worth It To Replace A Macbook Battery

    Replacing a Swollen Battery on a Macbook Pro 2015 15-inch

    Of all the repairs your MacBook may unfortunately need over its lifespan, the battery is one of the cheapest and most worthwhile. Some repairs may not be worth it as they show that the MacBook may be past its prime and can cost around the same price as the entire device second hand.

    Batteries on the other hand wear naturally over time. This decay in battery life is usually caused by a large amount of charge cycles that cause the lithium ion cells to become ineffective in their charge process.

    The easiest way to describe this process is that batteries have many cells inside, that all line up when you charge them to hold power. Over time, more and more of these cells fail to line up and the overall effectiveness of this power is reduced to zero.

    Battery issues are also very straight forward in all models of Mac, if your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air simply doesnt last as long as it once used to, its just a battery replacement. Where as other repairs can be hard to diagnose and varying causes make the price to fix range huge, batteries are a one and done replacement inside your laptop and arent usually going to break the bank.

    The only time it can sometimes be expensive to replace a battery, is if the stock on replacement batteries is limited.

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    Plug It In And Adjust The Brightness

    Sometimes, when problems like this happen, we tend to overreact and think the worse. This is especially true if you may be in a hurry on in a desperate situation. When you calm down, you may discover it was a simple problem all along, like a dead battery or low brightness.

    If the MacBook comes on but you still don’t see the Apple logo, plug it in and leave it to charge a bit. Trying to turn on a MacBook you don’t know is dead might result in odd behavior, like flickering keyboard lights and sounds but no image on the screen.

    You must also ensure the MacBook is charging correctly, as the wrong voltage can cause misbehavior or damage. This could be caused by poor currents or using third-party MacBook chargers.

    On the other hand, if you’re sure it is charged, the keyboard lights are on, and there are no images on the screen, then you should try pressing the brightness buttons on the keyboard: F1 and F2. You need to tap the brightness icon if you have a MacBook with a Touch Bar.

    Apple Macbook Part Price List 2022

    Battery management unit flex cable $5
    Lid angle sensor $13.20
    Top Case w/ battery, keyboard, speakers, mic, cables $527.12
    $5 $9

    Many prices seem generous! Others, not so much. You cant just replace your own battery or keyboard on a MacBook Pro, for example! You have to buy the entire top lid that comes with that and other parts preattached, and itll cost you more than twice the $199 that Apple charges for a battery replacement.

    Apple spokesperson Patrick Leahy confirmed to The Verge that a battery replacement part will eventually be available, but wouldnt say when. Admittedly, your 2021 battery shouldnt be wearing out just yet. No word on keyboard or speakers, either.

    The battery, speakers, microphone, and keyboard are fixed to the top case of 2021 MacBook Pros.

    And while you can replace just the battery on your 2020 M1 MacBook Air, youll have to spend $39 the same price as a full set of keycaps to replace broken keys on your function row. That might be because Apple ships seven sets of Fn keycaps at a time:

    Thats a lot of function row keycaps.

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    Can You Replace The Battery On My Macbook

    Determining the price of a MacBook battery replacement does start with your MacBooks model year. Contrary to what you may have read on most tech websites that sip the Apple Juice hard and bow down to all things Apple, all MacBook batteries are replaceable. Whether or not you can do it yourself depends on the year of your MacBook. Most MacBooks Pros built before the middle of 2012 were fairly easy to replace.

    MacBook Pros built prior to the middle of 2012 were secured with a few screws. MacBook Pros built after 2012 were secured with an industrial-grade aerospace adhesive that requires heat, solvents, and lots of courage to remove.

    • MacBook Pro Late 2012 and newer, batteries start at $189
    • MacBook Pro Mid 2012 and older, batteries average around $119

    Regardless of the year, most MacBook Air batteries are much simpler to replace, and as a result, are much more repair friendly. No industrial adhesive, only five Torx screws hold in most MacBook Air batteries.

    • MacBook Air 13 2010 through 2017, batteries start around $119.
    • MacBook Air 2018 through the 2021 M1, batteries are around $179 $199.

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