Cost To Replace Tesla Battery

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Cost Of Replacing A Tesla Battery

Replacing The Battery Pack On A Tesla Model 3 Costs More Than You Think

The cost of a battery replacement could vary depending on the battery type and labor. Generally, the average cost ranges between $13,000 and $14,000.

There are at least three different Tesla models, including the Model S Premium, the Model 3 Entry-Level Sedan, and the Model X Premium SUV.

Apart from the cost of replacing a car battery, you will also have to pay between $20 and $200 to replace things like wiring and connectors.

The labor charges will cost between $170 and $175 per hour.

Tesla batteries are a bit complex, meaning you should be aware of any additional labor charges that may arise.

Can I Replace Tesla 12v Battery Myself

Although it is possible to replace your Tesla 12V battery yourself, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of a qualified and experienced Tesla mechanic. The battery replacement process can be complicated and carries a specific set of risks that may result in further damage to your vehicle.

For example, it is important that the correct battery size and type is selected for your vehicle, and the connections are properly tightened and fastened to avoid any shorts or fires that may lead to more damage.

Trying to replace the battery on your own may also invalidate your factory warranty, which covers the cost of many repairs out of pocket. Even if your warranty has already expired, it is best to let an experienced Tesla mechanic replace your battery to ensure it is done correctly.

Tesla Battery Replacement Cost Explained

If youre wondering how much a Tesla battery would cost to replace in 2022, you arent the only one. Teslas battery packs deserve scrutiny both for longevity and and replacement costs after all, theyre the main component of a Tesla! And we covered Teslas battery life in a previous blog post, this time were aiming for that second factor: the cost of replacement.

Teslas parts pricing list is not an open book, and no official guide on repair or replacement costs exists. But with current battery prices hovering around $132-$135 per kWh and with information from a few Tesla owners who have produced a Model S or Model 3 battery replacement service bill, we can make some decent estimates on how much a Tesla battery replacement costs.

First, lets explore battery replacement expenses by model through estimated pricing for parts and labor. After thats out of the way, well answer a few questions about Teslas battery warranty, list signs that a Tesla battery may need to be replaced, and discuss how possible battery replacement costs can affect your quest for a used Tesla.

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Due Diligence In Purchasing A Tesla

You may have heard about the story of Tuomas Kaitanen, who decided to dynamite his Model S rather than pay a repair cost of at least $22,000. He had just got a used model of the car and realized the deal was not as sweet as he had thought. The colossal bill was mostly regarding battery replacement.

Kaitanens case is a perfect example of the level of due diligence you should do before deciding to make any car purchase. In his case, apart from the huge explosion seen on YouTube across the world, many questions about why the bill accrued to $22,000 were not answered.

If you choose to buy a used Tesla, it will help you be more diligent before making the purchase. This means taking the car to the service center to ensure the vehicle is in working condition.

You should also ensure you understand how long the battery has been in service to ensure you are aware of the time window left for healthy battery life.

Does It Hurt Puppies To Chew On Sticks

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Tesla 3 Battery

Chewing on sticks may be fun for your dog, but there is a risk of damaging their teeth and the soft tissues surrounding them. Long-term chewing on anything that is not specifically designed for chewing can wear down your dogÕs teeth. As the teeth wear down the inner pulp cavity can become exposed which will cause pain.

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How Long Do Traction Batteries Last

All batteries, regardless of design, will eventually experience diminished capacity and require replacement. This is not unique to EVs anything with rechargeable batteries will suffer the same fate after multiple charging cycles. How a device is charged and how quickly that energy is depleted also determines how long a battery will last.

There’s no hard-and-fast rule for how long a traction battery can last. There are anecdotal stories of Tesla batteries lasting well over 300,000 miles and Prius owners pushing their hybrids to well over 500,000 miles, but the data at this time is limited. Since widespread use of EVs has occurred just the last few years, theres no definitive way to tell what the average battery life span will be quite yet.

What we can tell you is that electric vehicles sold in America comes with a very generous warranty usually eight years or 100,000 miles . Some warranties only cover the EV battery if it no longer holds a charge at all, while others will cover the replacement of any EV battery that has dropped below 60% or 70% of its maximum capacity.

Popular models like the Toyota Prius have batteries that generally last eight to 15 years, while pure electric models like the Nissan Leaf have batteries that last around eight to 10 years.

When Should The Car Battery Be Replaced

You will be forced to change the car battery when it fails to recharge and start the vehicle. Once the battery is dead, theres often nothing you can do but replace it. However, there are times when the battery isnt dead, but corrosion is keeping it from working. For this reason, its best to clean off the terminals before replacing it.

Additionally, you can have the battery tested if it appears to be dying. When the car gets harder to start or the electronics get dimmer, you can replace the battery before it dies. You want to check the car battery often, especially before the weather gets cold.

During many dealership maintenance appointments, the car battery will be checked too. Plus, you can drive into the local auto parts store for a free battery check if you dont know how to do it yourself.

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How Long Does A Tesla Model 3 Battery Last

Teslas battery warranty is long compared to its competitors.

Tesla said that its batteries are designed to retain at least 70% of their capacity over eight years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. The company said that the Model 3 was designed for maximum performance in both hot and cold climates,

The battery life of the Tesla Model 3 depends on your charging habits.

If you have a long daily commute or often drive long distances, you will need to charge your Model 3 more often and at higher capacities than someone with a shorter daily commute.

The more you charge your Model 3, the faster it will degrade due to the nature of lithium-ion batteries.

If youre concerned about your Tesla Model 3s battery life and want to extend it as much as possible, try to charge around 100% most of the time when necessary.

Why Is An Electric Car Battery So Expensive

Tesla BATTERY replacement | COST of Replacement

Though there are many benefits to an electric vehicle, obtaining those benefits will cost you a fortune in todays market. And a large chunk of an electric vehicles cost comes from the battery. It alone makes a difference of several thousand dollars. So, now that you know how much does an electric car battery cost, you might be wondering what makes electric vehicle batteries so expensive?

Several factors are playing behind the reason. First, the raw materials and expensive manufacturing processes are the primary reasons. Though its the typical lithium-ion batteries, they are much bigger in EVs. Additionally, there are expensive stuff like manganese, lithium, and cobalt rising the cost. Then comes the battery manufacturers, who separately make the batteries and send them to EV manufacturers. This outsourcing makes things more expensive.

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The Cost Of Car Battery Installation

Whether or not youre planning to hire a professional to install your new battery will play a role in how much the battery costs. Car batteries arent always easy to access, especially in compact cars. The cost of car battery installation will vary based on the batterys location and how long the installation takes. may cost you between $20 to $75, however most locations offer this service for free.

How Tesla Replaces Your Car’s Batteries

There are numerous reasons why a Tesla’s battery pack will die. It could be a voltage regulator issue, a fuse issue, or other minor reasons. However, the entire battery pack is affected if the problem is within one battery module.

That’s because the voltages across all battery modules must be similar. Even if just one module displays a value far different from all the others, it could cause the complete pack to fail.

When that happens, you bring your car to Tesla, and the company will fix it. However, they won’t replace just one module. Instead, they install a completely new or remanufactured battery pack and then send the old one to their battery plants for repair and refurbishment. Once the old battery pack is fixed and checked, they return that pack into the system, ready to be installed in another car that needs a battery swap.

They don’t replace battery modules in Tesla shops because they want to ensure that the battery they install in your car has 100% health. For this reason, they have their professionals go over it in their plants instead of replacing just one part of the battery, putting it back in your car, and then calling it a day.

While this is an excellent process to ensure that your car returns to a near new condition when they service it, it’s also expensive and might be out of reach for some owners. This is where third-party repair shops come in.

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How Long Can A Tesla Sit Without Charging

A brand-new, fully charged Tesla can potentially sit for up to 100 days without charging under ideal circumstances. However, in reality, the battery may probably drain out soon. Therefore, we recommend keeping your Tesla plugged in whenever possible because a dead battery might result in various costly complications.

Tesla Model X Battery Replacement Costs

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Tesla Model Y Battery

When considering the average cost of battery replacement for your Tesla Model X, you may be able to compare it to the cost of the Model S. This is because the battery modules are said to be somewhat similar.

It is important to note that Teslas goal is to make the world of vehicles more efficient and cost-effective. Because of this, they often use remanufactured batteries in a sort of battery swapping process.

If a vehicle comes in for a battery replacement, they are more likely to use a battery module from another engine that has been fully restored. This can save not only time but money from your pocketbook.

This means that if the average cost of a brand new battery is $13,500 or more, a remanufactured version can average slightly less. Therefore, this battery module will likely cost you about $13,000, saving you a lot.

As you also factor in the cost of various parts used to replace the Tesla battery and labor, you may be looking at the cost of around $15,000 or more. But, of course, this cost can depend on whether or not there are complications with the battery itself.

The breakdown of the costs is estimated here:

  • Cost of remanufactured battery: $13,000
  • Labor and fees: $500
  • Additional parts and wiring: $200
  • Other fees and taxes: between $200-$1,000

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Frequently Asked Questions About Teslas

How long does it take to charge a Tesla?

It can take anywhere from an hour to 12 hours to fully charge a Tesla the time it takes varies by model and type of charger . Standard outlets are the slowest, providing about three miles of range per hour, while Superchargers are the fastest at about 30 minutes for a full charge. Somewhere in between are wall connectors, which take roughly eight to ten hours for a full charge, depending on the car model.

How much does it cost to charge a Tesla?

The cost to fully charge a Tesla also varies by model. For the four base models the company offers, here are the estimated charging costs for one full charge: Model 3: $8.71 to fully charge Model S: $16.56 to fully charge Model X: $16.57 to fully charge Model Y: $12.29 to fully chargeLearn more about Tesla charging costs in our article.

How much do Tesla cars cost?

A Tesla currently costs between $43,990 and $129,990 depending on model. At the more affordable end is the Model 3, and at the top end of the range is the Model S Plaid.

How far can a Tesla go on one charge?

Currently, the farthest you can go on one charge with a Tesla is 405 miles, which you get with the Model 3.

What Is An Ev Battery

Both hybrid vehicles and EVs use high-voltage batteries known as traction batteries, but they use them in different ways:

  • Hybrid vehicles have traction batteries that work in conjunction with a small internal combustion engine to propel the vehicle forward and recharge the battery.
  • Plug-in hybrid vehicles take this concept a bit further by providing a slightly larger EV battery that can provide 15 to 42 miles of total range before the internal combustion engine kicks in to charge the traction batteries and provide forward motion.
  • Electric vehicles dont have any internal combustion engines. Instead, they use huge traction batteries to power the multiple electric motors in each vehicle.

Most EVs and hybrid vehicles also have auxiliary, 12-volt batteries to power low-voltage systems throughout the vehicle, but dont confuse these small batteries with the traction batteries that make these cars go.

Traction batteries are typically assembled in a series of battery modules that are connected to make a battery pack. Lithium-ion batteries are the most common type of battery module found in these battery packs.

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How Long Do Batteries In Electric Cars Last

They usually last for 10 to 20 years, but some factors may shorten that period. Because electric vehicles lack the ability to withstand high temperatures, batteries may degrade more quickly in hotter climates.

Electric cars are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which are more energy-dense than lead-acid batteries used in internal combustion engines. Temperature, operating temperature, and cycle all play a role in battery breakdown. Electric batteries are expected to be comparable or outperform drivetrain components in internal combustion engine vehicles in the coming years. ICE vehicles have a lifetime mileage of approximately 133,000 miles. Tesla has set a goal of producing a million-mile battery, and they say they are on their way. If the battery is properly cared for, it can last as long or longer than ICE drivetrain components. Your vehicle will have a more efficient charging solution thanks to the many stations provided by EV Connect. The cost of EV batteries is dropping, they can travel more miles on a charge, and they can maintain their energy for a longer period of time. Although frequent use is a factor that can affect battery life, using your EV on a regular basis will not.

How To Tell If Your Tesla Battery Needs To Be Replaced

The TRUTH about the $22,500 Tesla battery repair

One of the biggest mysteries when owning and maintaining a vehicle is how to tell when something is going wrong. This is because the average American may be a fan of cars in general but does not know what to look for to determine if something needs to be fixed.

For many standard vehicles, you often do not know that the battery is dying until you go to start your car, and nothing happens. Then, the common sound of the clicking is the only clue that lets you know it is most likely the battery.

In an electric vehicle, such as the Tesla, there are several common signs that your battery is reaching its lifes end. However, if you are paying attention, you can likely get it to the service center before it goes completely dead.

Here are some of the most common signs to look for to determine whether your Tesla battery needs to be replaced:

  • The mileage range drops significantly, sometimes more than 20%
  • More extended amounts of time on a charging station
  • Difficulty holding any charge at all
  • The vehicle notification system says there is a problem with the battery

There are likely more signs that you can look for when determining whether or not the battery on your Tesla needs to be replaced. However, the abovementioned list is enough to start thinking about battery replacement.

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Tesla Battery Warranty: What Isnt Covered

While your own insurance coverage for your Tesla may cover certain damages, Tesla is explicit that its Battery and Drive Unit Limited Warranties do not cover damage resulting from:

  • Physical damage to the battery through experimentation or attempts to extend or reduce its lifespan through physical means or methods such as computer programming
  • Intentionally or unintentionally exposing the battery to direct flame
  • Flooding the battery

Teslas battery warranty also does not cover the gradual power loss that all lithium-ion batteries experience from frequent and long-term usage. That said, each new Tesla owner is provided with documentation that outlines how they can maximize the life and capacity of their cars battery.

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