Costco Car Battery Warranty 2021

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What Is A Warranty

Walmart Battery vs. Costco Battery (3 Year Update)

A warranty is a written agreement /guarantee that a seller issues to the buyer upon buying a product. So, it is an assurance from the seller to the buyer.

What does that mean? In case the product gets faulty, the liability to replace or repair falls on the seller.

The Warranty covers a specified period with specific conditions put in place for it to hold. Again, the Warranty covers the defective product. This defect must have a rose from artistry or faulty parts.

In the same way, the customers negligence will make the Warranty not to hold.

Depending on the product purchased, the Warranty can also cover the support service. It can also include physical abuse to the product.

Also, a good warranty should have all the terms disclosed. that has to be in a way that one can precisely understand

Similarly, quality service to the customer is an aspect that comes with a warranty.

Dont forget. The Warranty is usually free of charge. That means the replacement or the repair of the product is free of charge.

What Happens If I Use The Costco Auto Center

Costcos auto center works much like any other auto repair shop. You can request them to replace your battery for you, but it is often just as useful to do it yourself. Costco will trust you to install your battery in the right location.

Costco may be more inclined to do the work for you if you happen to need additional services. These auto centers usually handle oil changes, fluid checks, and tire replacement. Given the simplicity of a battery replacement, they dont include that service by itself, as it would be a waste of their time.

If you have never replaced a battery by yourself below, follow these video instructions below:

Optima Batteries: Does Costco Still Sell That Batteries

No, they dont sell the Optima batteries. You would not easily find the Optima car batteries among the stocks in Costco.

This is because Costco has in some way opted not to sell these type of car batteries either the Red, Yellow or the Blue Top Optima car batteries.

You would find some few outlets of Costco stocking these type of car batteries. However, these are very rare.

Instead Costco has moved to stocking Interstate car batteries that are popular for their high performance and also durability. They also offer a free replacement warranty that is effective for not less than three years.

You would get other car battery from Costco that would be a better replacement for the Optima car batteries. The interstate car batteries are a better option to go for in case you fail to get an Optima car battery from Costco.

The good thing with buying an Interstate car battery from Costco is that you get it at a comparable price and the purchase terms are highly in favor of the buyers.

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Do All Costco Car Batteries Come With A Warranty

Yes, a 36-month limited warranty comes with all Costco Interstate batteries. For more information about this warranty, you can download their policy here, or look on the battery itself the warranty information, including the time period, will be printed on the batterys label.

If you find the battery to be defective after the 36-month warranty period, you will be able to get a prorated refund depending on how much time has passed.

The schedule is 37-45 months = 60% refund, 46-55 months = 50% refund, 56-65 months = 40% refund, and so on.

The schedule lasts for 100 months when you get a 5% refund. Again, this information will be on the batterys label.

How Good Are Interstate Batteries

Weekend Update!  Costco Sale Items for Aug 20

Interstate batteries perform well. They can hold a charge for a more extended period while still giving out the required charge. Plus, they have a longer life span compared to other batteries in their class. Just ensure you take care of the battery properly.

For example, using a start battery to power high-demand electronics that use above 12 Volts will damage your battery. Costco does not associate with anything below quality. However, if you want to see how this battery performs, make it an excellent choice for your next battery replacement.

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Customer Says Free Replacement Battery Warranty Ends Up Costing People Money

May 11, 2021A Costco Interstate battery warranty lawsuit alleges the free battery replacement program costs consumers the difference in the original purchase price of their Interstate batteries and the increased price of the replacement batteries Costco requires consumers to purchase.

The class action lawsuit includes consumers who purchased Interstate batteries at Costco and were not provided free replacement batteries when their Interstate batteries became defective.

On December 19, 2017, Florida plaintiff John Skrandel purchased an Interstate battery with a label that said Costco offered a 36-MONTH Free Replacement warranty with the $72.99 purchase .

The plaintiff believed he would receive a free battery replacement if his Interstate battery went bad within 36 months of purchase.

The plaintiff says the battery failed in November 2020, so he returned the Interstate battery to Costco for a free replacement.

“Instead of being provided with a free replacement battery, however, the representative at Costco advised Plaintiff that Costco would refund Plaintiff the original purchase price of the defective Interstate Battery and charge him for the new replacement battery, at the higher purchase price of $78.99, which was six dollars more than he had paid for his Interstate Battery.”Costco Interstate battery warranty lawsuit

The plaintiff is represented by Kopelowitz Ostrow Ferguson Weiselberg Gilbert, and Gordon & Partners, P.A.

Warranty For Costco Car Batteries

Every Costco car battery sold comes with a limited warranty. In most cases, this warranty provides 36 months. Of course, in some special cases, this warranty may be extended or shortened. Either way, the average warranty is usually 36 months because the life of each car battery is calculated.

A Costco car battery can be replaced its unit has been sold with a factory defect. This requires the user to keep the sales receipt to prove that they have purchased a car battery from Costco. As with all other cases, this requirement must be met to use the warranty on these Costco car batteries.

Depending on the case, a user has the possibility of obtaining a partial refund or a completely free replacement. In this case, it depends on the exact moment a Costco car battery is damaged. So, it is really necessary to comply with all the terms of the warranty and check the time that has passed since the day of the purchase of the Costco car battery.

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How Do I Get Rid Of My Costco Interstate Batteries

If your battery is old and you want to get rid of it, take it to Costco. Lead-acid batteries are toxic and will pose a danger if not disposed of properly. And as such, Costco helps recycle batteries the proper way to keep the environment safe. For Costco members, this is also the best time to take back the core fee you paid when purchasing the battery. So aside from keeping the environment safe, you also gain back a few bucks from returning the old battery.

What Should You Do To Qualify For This Warranty Package

2022 Costco Interstate Battery – Review

For you to get this Warranty, you should do the following.

  • The battery has to be original, with Costco being the original buying place.
  • You should return the battery to Costco wholesale.
  • You should be the original purchaser of the battery.
  • On returning the battery, you must have all the relevant documents. These Documents will prove that the purchase of the battery was from Costco.

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Warranties Are Not Insurance

If you ride along a rough stretch of road that causes your battery damage, your battery will not likely be covered. The warranty excludes intentional damage. Warranties are made explicitly for defects in the materials or the creation of the battery. So a warranty is made just in case there is something wrong as the battery comes off the shelf.

Does Costco Accept Old Car Batteries

Yes, Costco accepts old car batteries, and they will refund some money to your bank account when you bring the old battery to them.

This is called the Core charge.

If you dont bring the old battery, Costco will charge you with this Core Charge fee, which is usually around the range of $10 to $14, depending on the battery.

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What Are The Prices Of Car Batteries At Costco

The prices of car batteries at Costco depend on the battery type and the battery size. Overall, the car battery prices at Costco are lower than the car batteries at Walmart and Sams Club.

A new car battery from Costco will cost from $50 to $100, depending on the type and size of the battery. Costcos car batteries prices are generally $10 cheaper than the car battery prices at Sams Club or Walmart.

Costco Car Battery Replacement Policy

Costco Battery Replacement Car : Time for a new battery

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend what Costco car battery replacement policy is Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question

Costco Wholesale is an American-based, multinational, membership warehouse club. Costco is known for its huge warehouses, its mind-boggling selection of products, and its ability to pass on low costs to their customers.

In addition to other automotive products, Costco sells cars and other vehicle batteries. Two advantages of Costco car batteries are their low price and an excellent warranty.

So, what is Costco car battery warranty? Costco offers a limited warranty on car batteries sold online or through Costco Tire Centers. This limited warranty offers a free replacement or refunds on defective or faulty batteries for 36 months. After the warranty period has lapsed, it is still possible to get a prorated refund depending on how much time has passed since the expiration of the warranty.

Find out more about Costcos car battery replacement policy, including the terms and conditions of their limited warranty, in this informative post.

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    How To Claim Costco Car Battery Warranty

    If youre looking to claim a warranty for your car battery purchased at Costco, the following conditions apply:

    • Proof of purchase is required
    • You are the original purchaser of the battery
    • Datecode on the battery needs to be discernible
    • The battery was used only in the car in which it was originally installed

    The table shows possible ways to claim a Costco warranty for your car battery. In all cases, you would have to return the defective battery to any Costco store.

    Can You Claim Your Warranty Via Yes/No

    Costco Battery Core Charge

    Customers buying new batteries from Costco are made to pay a core fee added to the original battery price. This fee is usually between $10 to $15 .

    And is fully refundable. The reason for this fee is to encourage customers to bring back their batteries for recycling when its old.

    And upon return, the customer is given back the battery core charge. Lead-acid batteries are highly flammable and can serve as pollutants to the environment.

    So the battery core charge is not only imposed to help customers save but to keep the environment healthy.

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    Mt Line Car And Truck Batteries

    Experience classic Interstate power with Interstate MT line batteries. Due to a high electrolyte-to-lead ratio that withstands harsh temperatures, this car battery has the longest life in hot to moderate climates.

    MT line series Interstate batteries are better-flooded battery types, which are non-AGM, and will provide classic performance in hot to moderate climates.

    Because MT line Interstate car batteries are affordable and dependable, they come standard with 24 months free replacement warranty and a five-year performance warranty.

    They are fully sealed and require no maintenance, and the grids are built to last for a long time. They are developed with a free-flowing liquid design and safety ventilation which is handy for charging.

    Interstate MT line automotive batteries come in thirty five different group sizes ranging from 370 to 900 in Cold Cranking Amps with a peak of range from 465 to 1125 CA.

    Reserve capacity comes from 45 to 150 RC.

    The weight range of MT line series batteries is from 20.5 to 51.3 lb.

    Where To Buy A Car Battery

    Car Battery at Costco in 2021

    When it comes to deciding where to buy a car battery, there are a few things to keep in mind: Make sure that youre shopping for the right size battery, be sure to compare prices, familiarize yourself with the warranty and see if the installation is included. You should also take the time to check theratings and reliability of a certain brand or battery model before buying.

    If you do all those things,youll likely find the best deals on car batteries at a store near you instead of at online retailers. On top of great prices, youll also typically find longer warranties and free installation.

    Ive found that Costco, Walmart, Sams Club and Advance Auto Parts are great places to buy a car battery. AutoZone and NAPA are also worth checking out!

    Below, youll find more detailed information on these retailers including where to find the best price.

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    What Is The Costco Battery Warranty Policy

    If you purchase a Costco battery, any employee is more than willing to detail their warranty policy. However, most people arent able to retain that information all at once. To address this problem, check out our guide on Costco battery warranties.

    Almost always, returning your battery before the first year will result in you receiving a full replacement. Depending on the quality of the battery, your warranty can often lead up to five years. As always, check the pamphlet you receive on the warranty for further details.

    Different batteries from Costco can have various battery warranties. Below, we are going to dig into Costcos battery warranty offerings and the batteries behind them.

    Importance To The Buyer

    • A good warranty protects you against misrepresented facts about the product.

    The buyer knows too well that disclosing accurate information is vital. he is likely to lose more customers if he does that

    • A warranty helps you have confidence in the product you are buying. The assurance you get about the product is fulfilling.

    In short, these are the basics of a warranty.

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    Commercial Series Line Car And Truck Batteries

    Interstates commercial series automotive batteries ensure reliable power for any vehicle application. This battery works continuously to provide you with the power and durability required to reach where you need to go.

    Commercial series Interstate batteries are standard flooded battery types and are ideal for fleets, heavy-duty, and off-highway automotive vehicles.

    It has improved performance at higher temperatures, and it comes with 18 months free replacement warranty.

    They are completely sealed and maintenance-free, with durable grids built to last many years to come. They are manufactured with a free-flowing liquid design and with safety ventilation which is beneficial when recharging.

    Interstate commercial line automotive batteries come in four different sizes ranging from 575 to 800 in Cold Cranking Amps with a peak of range from 750 to 1000 CA.

    Reserve capacity comes from 108 to 140 RC.

    The weight range of commercial series batteries is from 40.2 to 46 lb.

    Costco Hit With Class Action Over Car Battery Warranty Claims

    Shop for Automotive &  Marine Batteries

    A Florida man says that Costco duped consumers with its Interstate free battery replacement warranty, instead, issuing a refund and then charging them for a new, more expensive unit.

    Lead plaintiff, John Skrandel, filed the nationwide class action lawsuit in Florida federal court Friday. Skrandel claims that Costco has been deceiving consumers for years with its supposed free car battery replacement warranty.

    Skrandel says that he, along with other consumers, reasonably gather from Costcos free battery replacement warranty on Interstate-branded products that the unit will be replaced at no cost if it fails within the warranty period. Indeed, the plaintiff says that he purchased an Interstate battery with a 36-month warranty based on Costcos claims of a free replacement.

    Skrandel says that when his battery failed within 36 months, he thought he could simply exchange it for a free replacement at Costco however, he says he was refunded his original purchase price and then charged for a new, more expensive car battery.

    Costcos advertised Free Replacement Warranty for the Interstate Batteries is not free at all, but instead, costs consumers the difference in the original purchase price of their Interstate Batteries and the increased price of the replacement batteries Costco requires consumers to purchase, alleges the lawsuit.

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    What Are Cold Cranking Amps

    The battery’s Cold Cranking Amps is an essential measure for good cranking ability in cars, trucks and boats. CCA is the amount of current or amps a battery can provide at 0 °F for a 30-second duration until the battery voltage drops to unusable levels. For example, a 12-volt battery with a 650 CCA rating means the battery will provide 650 amps for 30 seconds at 0 °F before the voltage falls to 7.20 volts for a 12v battery. So in freezing temperatures, a higher CCA level is required to crank your engine. Also, as more cranking power is used, the amount of battery power available decreases.

    The Quality Of Costco Interstate Car Batteries

    The same company manufactures Costco Interstate car batteries in the same factory as regular Interstate car batteries.

    This will raise another question are Interstate car batteries good?

    Regular Interstate car batteries are also reliable and good performers in any conditions and situation, with the excellent build quality.

    This means both companies share the same build quality and performance for their car batteries.

    The only thing that separates them is a different warranty policy for both companies.

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