Does Autozone Buy Old Batteries

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Does Autozone Buy Old Alternators

Intro To Car Batteries – AutoZone Car Care

We have not seen anything on whether AutoZone buys old alternators. The only mention of old car parts is on the first link we gave near the beginning of this article. We quote: you can recycle your old parts and fluids at your local AutoZone.

As you can see, the company is fairly generic when it comes to mentioning which auto parts they will accept. One word of caution, do not expect all AutoZone stores to be participating in this recycling program.

We have come across no further details on this topic no matter where we have looked. You will have to call your local outlet up and ask them. Getting the information from the horses mouth is always the way to avoid confusion and get the real information you need.

You may have to just be content with the old battery offer and leave it at that. Also, keep in mind that states and the federal government may put restrictions on what parts these stores can accept and recycle.

It is not always the store managers or the companies fault for not accepting your used items. This is customer service and usually, it is voluntary participation, not a mandatory one.

Recycle Small Sealed Lead Acid Batteries At Lowes And Home Depot

Many big-name retailers accept small sealed lead acid batteries for recycling usually up to 11 pounds and 300 watt hours.

Heres how to do it:

1. Go to . Its a national battery recycling program that has a lot of drop-off locations across the country including Lowes, Staples, and Home Depot stores. In fact, Call2Recycle estimates that 86% of North Americans live within 10 miles of a drop-off location. No excuse!

2. Enter your location to find drop-off locations near you. For example, I entered my zip code. It turns out there are 9 drop-off locations near me.

Tip: If Call2Recycle doesnt have any locations near you, try searching on Earth911. It has its own searchable database of drop-off locations and recycling centers.

3. Find a drop-off location that accepts lead acid batteries. To learn which kinds of rechargeable batteries a location accepts, click the little info icon in the search results.

A popup will open telling you what kinds. For instance, a Home Depot near me recycles small sealed lead acid batteries up to 11 pounds. Check that your battery meets the locations requirements.

4. Drop off the battery for recycling. Drop-off locations have drop-off bins usually near the front of the store. And, while youre at it, why not recycle your other old rechargeable batteries? Its free.

Can I Air Up My Tires At Autozone For Free

AutoZone and many other car parts stores will fill your tires for free if they are able to. However, AutoZone is not obliged to do it as that is not an official service they tend to offer. Most people fill their tires on a gas station because almost all gas stations are equipped with air compressors for tires.

Granted, some of these gas stations are going to charge you for airing up your tires, but there is actually a law that states that a gas station has to offer free tire fill-ups for those who purchase fuel.

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How To Choose Your New Car Battery

Now that youve taken care of your old battery, its time to find a new one. This process is important, as not all batteries work with all cars.

One way to make sure you choose the right battery is to note details about your old one. If you cant do this, you can always look at your owners manual to see what the manufacturer recommends.

Refund Or Replacement Within The Warranty Period For Defective Batteries

Question: Can You Get Money For Your Old Car Battery??

However, if you are returning a defective battery, and it is within the warranty period, you can get a refund or outright replacement. This is according to the AutoZone battery return policy.

If the battery you bought from AutoZone is defective, bring it to any branch to get a brand-new replacement. You can do that regardless of the brand or model.

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Check Out The Battery Cell Type

There are three types of battery cells:

  • Absorbent glass mat
  • Enhanced flooded
  • Lead-acid

While AGM batteries are the most expensive, they also have the highest performance. EFB batteries are a step up from standard and only a little more expensive than lead-acid options. Finally, lead-acid batteries are the most affordable and work fine for a standard vehicle.

If you want to find the best car batteries, you need to compare and contrast options. Make sure to do your research and youre sure to find a battery that works for your vehicle.

Another Way To Make Money With Used Car Batteries

Are you not having much luck finding buyers for your used batteries?

There might be another way that could actually pay more than selling old batteries that no longer work or have little juice left.

You could consider learning how to recondition the batteries yourself, which brings them back to life a little while longer.

Reconditioned batteries typically sell for less than new ones, but theyll also sell for more than used ones.

Its similar to buying a reconditioned phone or some other type of electronic device.

Reconditioning batteries will require you to spend some time learning how to do it and spend some money up front on equipment youll need to do the job correctly.

For successful reconditioning, batteries will need to at least be able to register between 10 and 12 volts. Youll need a voltmeter to check it.

Youll also need a set of tools to help you open the battery cell caps, a reliable funnel and container to drain and refill battery fluid, and some safety equipment, like goggles and gloves.

You can learn more about the process of refurbishing batteries here or talk to an experienced mechanic about teaching you the ropes.

Your refurbishing hobby could turn into a business once you become more experienced and efficient with making the batteries work like new again.

If youre good at what you do, you should at least be able to charge people half of what the battery originally costs.

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Do Autozone Stores Charge Every Type Of Battery

Yes, AutoZone charges all types of batteries. There may be many brands of car batteries, but the working model is the same for most of them. As the companys stores sell various brands of batteries, the employees are aware of how to charge and install them. You dont have to worry about the biggest automotive retailer not being able to charge a car battery. But in case you need to replace the car battery, you can only choose one from AutoZones catalog.

What Are The Different Types Of Batteries That Autozone Installs

AutoZone Commercial 2021: Battery Breakdown :15

AutoZone sells a wide range of batteries in its stores. The company will install any battery that they sell. AutoZone has batteries has various types of batteries in its catalog. A customer can choose the battery depending on his/her budget and the model of his/her car. The types of batteries that are installed by AutoZone,

  • Gel Cell
  • Valve-regulated
  • Deep cycle

These are a few types of cells that are sold at AutoZone. A customer will be able to find out more about what type of batteries they sell by going to the AutoZone store or by visiting its official website. AutoZone also sells a wide range of brands in its stores. A few brands of batteries that are sold by AutoZone are,

  • Duralast
  • Econocraft
  • Valucraft

A customer will be able to purchase these batteries in AutoZone stores as well as on its official website. The batteries will be delivered to the customers house. If you are wondering whether AutoZone will install batteries if they are ordered from its official website. Then the answer is yes. AutoZone will install the battery in your vehicle, even if it has been purchased from its official website.

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Who Sells Autocraft Batteries

Similarly, Are AutoCraft and DieHard batteries the same?

DieHard batteries will replace Advance Auto Parts proprietary branded battery AutoCraft. According to Darryl Carr, a spokesperson for the Raleigh, North Carolina-based firm, batteries will be sold in over 6,000 places, including its own shops, its Carquest subsidiary, and on Walmarts website.

Also, it is asked, How good are AutoCraft AGM batteries?

The AutoCraft Platinum is a maintenance-free AGM battery. It has excellent electrical dependability and is lighter than the AutoCraft Silver and Economy flooded lead-acid batteries. It has a low self-discharge and operates well at low temperatures. It has the potential to deep cycle and charges quicker than flooded variants.

Secondly, How long do autocraft batteries last?

This battery should last anywhere from three to five years. Autocraft Gold Batteries are a must-have for every serious power aficionado.

Also, How long is the warranty on an autocraft silver battery?

What is covered by the Advance Auto Parts battery warranty? Battery Replacement Guarantee Warranty on Autocraft Batteries AGM Platinum: three years Gold: three years Platinum: four years Two years in silver One year in red AGM Platinum: three years Three years for gold Two years in silver Vehicles: one year 90-day value

People also ask, What company makes Optima batteries?

LLC Clarios

Related Questions and Answers

Does Autozone Install Batteries

AutoZone sells car parts and accessories while also providing various testing and installation services.

The national auto parts retailer sells batteries, and as long as the installation process is straightforward and does not require the removal of any engine parts, an AutoZone employee will install the battery for free.

AutoZone employees can also help you determine if your battery needs to be replaced or is simply just dead and needs to be charged.

They can also assist you with choosing the right size and type of battery for your vehicle.

Yes, AutoZone installs batteries.

Not only does AutoZone sell batteries, but they can install them, too, in most cases.

If your cars battery is dead, wont hold a charge, or if your car wont start, it may be time for a new battery.

AutoZone carries a large selection of batteries and installs them.

The store also provides several other convenient battery services.

The store employees are trained to help customers determine what is wrong with their vehicle and find the parts they need for the necessary repairs.

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Conditions Wherein Autozone May Not Agree To Install Your Cars Battery

However, there are certain conditions wherein AutoZone may not agree to install the battery. These include the following:

  • The AutoZone associate needs to remove other components to reach the battery mounting position
  • The customer asks to have the battery installed somewhere other than the usual place in the engine bay.
  • In case of an unusually installed battery It could be under the front seat, in the wheel well, etc.

Also, AutoZone will not install batteries purchased from other retailers like OReilly, NAPA, or Walmart.

What Other Installation Services Does Autozone Provide

Duralast Marine &  RV DEEP CYCLE battery perfect condition for Sale in ...

AutoZone doesnt just sell a huge selection of auto parts, but they also offer many free services that allow you to keep your car running while avoiding expensive mechanics and auto repair shops.

In addition to offering free battery charging, testing, and installation services, AutoZone also offers many other free services.

Those services include:

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Does Autozone Give Money For Old Car Batteries

When your car battery dies, its no longer useful to you. And your first instinct is to dispose of it. However, it would be best to dispose of it safely and correctly. Car batteries, unlike other batteries, cannot be disposed of carelessly or left just somewhere in the trash.

For this reason, people often take them to companies or factories that would either buy them or recycle them. One of the companies that accept batteries is AutoZone. Some companies buy old or used batteries, so people often ask if AutoZone does the same.

AutoZone wont buy your used car battery. However, they are willing to receive old batteries for recycling and provide you an incentive for bringing in an old car battery in the form of a $10 gift card.

Your automobile battery uses lead and acid to maintain a dependable and long-lasting charge. These substances pose a significant risk to the environment and human health. Handling a sealed battery is risk-free, but disposing of one improperly can be harmful. This is why people are persuaded to recycle these batteries rather than dispose of them carelessly.

Google And Yellow Pages

Do you have an old Yellow Pages book hanging out on your bookshelf at home?

If so, take a quick look through it to find some local cash for used batteries programs.

Look through the Internet. Use Google and search for payment programs for junk batteries.

Youll find that as many as a dozen programs like this could easily exist in your town or neighborhood.

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How Long Does Autozone Take To Charge A Battery

AutoZone uses a Duralast Fast Charger to charge your automobile as fast as 30 minutes. The Duralast can charge enough power to start your car within 15 minutes if your battery is dead. Starting your car only requires a small fraction of power if its dead with no power.

Your local AutoZone will recharge your battery for free if its getting low.

What Is Autozones Battery Return Policy

If You Buy a Car Battery from This Place Youre Stupid

AutoZones battery return policy is similar to its return policy on nearly every other item the company sells. You have 90-days after the original purchase date to return a battery to AutoZone if you want your money back.

This specific policy states that AutoZone will refund you for your unused battery that is still in brand new condition and still in its original packaging. This refund is given back in the same form of payment that you used to purchase the original item.

To return a battery at AutoZone, you are required to provide a valid, government-issued photo ID. Your information will be entered into a company-wide database this is used to track returns, keeping the company safe from fraud.

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Autozones Battery Cell Recyling Credit

There are many regulations governing car battery disposal as batteries contain lead and acid, which are hazardous to people and the environment. This means theres a limited number of places that can properly process them.

The good news is, you can avoid inconvenience by taking your dead battery to AutoZone. The staff will ensure its properly recycled. Even better, you can get a $10 gift card, which you can use to purchase a wide variety of items, such as a vin lookup or windshield wipers.

Do You Know What Size Battery To Buy

Avoid Wasting Time

Batteries at AutoZone can cost anywhere between $50 to $300, depending on the brand and model. You need to know what battery size your car can use before buying a new one. That way, you can avoid wasting your time returning a battery that will not fit your car later.

Battery Size Depends on Your Cars Make and Model

If you are unsure of the size of battery your car needs, tell the attendant its make and model. AutoZone can look up the correct battery size for your vehicle in seconds, so you dont make a costly mistake.

AutoZone Will Provide You with Options

They will also provide you with all the different battery options that you can choose from, including their prices. The more expensive brands often have a longer service life as far as batteries go. They also come with better warranty coverage.

Another nice thing about shopping for batteries at AutoZone is that the attendants will explain the available options. They will also give you sound advice that would fit your needs. They would not immediately suggest the most expensive option.

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How Long Does It Take Autozone To Install A Battery

AutoZone employees can install a battery very quickly.

It usually only takes about 15 minutes to install a battery.

Employees are trained to install batteries in different types of vehicles, and some may be able to do it faster than others.

You can also install the battery yourself and ask an employee at AutoZone to check it for you.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Brands That You Can Purchase At Autozone

How To Exchange a Car Battery

There are various brands of batteries that are sold at AutoZone stores and on its official website. We have listed a few brands in the above section. AutoZone sells a few more brands apart from them. Here is a list of all the brands of batteries that are sold at AutoZone are,

  • Odyssey
  • Econocraft
  • Valucraft

The brands listed here are all the brands that are available at AutoZone. These brands can be purchased in AutoZone stores as well as on its official website.

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How Can You Return Old Batteries To Autozone

When a battery is fully worn out, you may need to take it to a shop that can dispose of it safely. The best choices for disposal are an auto parts store or AutoZone.

Auto Zone will give you $.15 credit per battery when you bring in a new battery to replace a dead battery.

With that, a small fee is added to new battery purchase to ensure customers buy the old one.

If you bought an alkaline battery, you must not take it out of the protective case. Instead, you need to follow the steps to remove the protective case.

You can get a $22 store credit for buying a new battery. The store credit is listed on the receipt and on the AutoZone website.

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