Does Costco Install Car Battery

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What Is A Warranty

Walmart Battery vs. Costco Battery (3 Year Update)

A warranty is a written guarantee of quality assurance for the product you purchased. A warranty typically lasts a minimum of one year but can last up to ten years, depending on the products quality.

Many high-quality products come with a default warranty, but you can purchase an extended warranty on some products, like cars. Batteries typically do not receive the same treatment.

Diy Car Battery Installation

If you prefer buying your battery from a place like Costco that doesnt offer the installation service, the process of changing a car battery is fairly easy to do on your own with just a few tools.

The Pep Boys website offers a helpful guide for replacing car batteries. The Advance Auto Parts website also provides an instructional video. For even more detailed information, you should consult your owners manual.

For more information about car batteries, see our article about places that accept car battery returns.

  • Costco customer service 774-2678
  • Costco Car Battery Return Policy

    Costcoâs return policy includes a 36-month warranty on defective batteries. But, to be able to apply, there are several conditions needed to be fulfilled:

    • The battery must have been used in only one car
    • The battery should have been used in a car that recommends the size of the battery. The second option is that the battery is used in the smaller car
    • The problem should be made during the production process
    • The owner is the only person to whom the warranty applies.

    Costco offers a partial return of the money up to 100 months from the moment the battery has been bought.

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    The Costco Car Battery Warranty

    Costco offers some pretty good car batteries, and I have been recommending them for years. I even got one for my own car not long ago, when the battery in my old Dodge Caravan finally died. It was just about five years old, which is a pretty good life for a starting battery.

    I went to Costco to buy it because I wanted the Costco Car Battery Warranty. A lot of places dont offer any warranty at all on their batteries, but if you get it at Costco, they will replace it if it fails during the first three years of ownership . It just makes sense to me to buy a battery with that sort of guarantee.

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    Does Costco Offer Car Battery Warranty Without A Receipt

    Does Costco Change Car Batteries

    Yes, they offer a warranty without a receipt. Costco does not need a receipt to replace a damage battery that is within its warranty unlike other outlets that require you to produce the products receipt.

    Costco, as said initially provides customers and clients with a whole new experience that is guaranteed to make their time easy, one that is unmatched from other outlets.

    If you cant locate your receipt yet need your battery replaced, you just have to take the old battery to the local store you bought it from.

    They will confirm your purchase with the serial number on the car battery. However, if you had the receipt or order number with you, you will be served quite fast as there would be no need for looking up the batterys serial number.

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    What If I Lost My Receipt Do I Still Get Costco Warranty

    You are eligible to use the Costco warranty without the receipt. They do not need it to replace a faulty battery that is within the warranty period. This is why you must have a Costco membership to buy from them. All they need do is go to their system since all your information is already there. However, for Costco to do battery replacements without a receipt, the original purchaser will need to provide the old battery. They will use the batterys serial number to track the purchase that was made. But, if you provide your receipt, the process will be faster since they will get all information from your receipt at a go.

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    Who Makes Kirkland Signature Batteries

    The Kirkland Signature batteries were made by Johnson Controls most likely since their appearance on the market. In 2019, Johnson Controls sold its battery production division Power Solutions to Brookfield Business Partners.

    BBP renamed Power Solutions into Clarios while retaining and expanding the existing production facilities.

    The name may not ring a bell, but Clarios is one of the leading companies in car battery production, with more than 150 million units sold annually. This amounts to one-third of the entire industrys output.

    So how can a company with such a significant production output stay under the radar?

    The answer is simple. They do not sell batteries under their own name, and instead use the existing, well-established brands to market their products. This also extends to OE batteries used by auto manufacturers, and store brands.

    Varta, LTH, Heliar, Optima Batteries, Delkor, and MAC Batteries are the most prominent partners, but the true number of brands supplied by Clarios is significantly greater, the only problem is that we cant say for sure which ones.

    Theres enough documentation online that we can say with a dose of certainty that Johnson Controls, and now Clarios are the sole suppliers of Costcos Kirkland Signature batteries.

    Before we discuss the quality of Kirkland Signature batteries, lets talk about store private-brand products.

    My Battery Died What Should I Do I Have A Canadian Tire Walmart And Ore Costco Near Me

    How to Change a Car Battery | DIY Car Repairs | The Home Depot

    Tis banana is IRIE10% off is cold, 50% off is warm, 75% off is hot, but FREE IS RFD!


    smokescreen15 wrote: Are you sure its the battery? It could be the alternator. Changing a battery is a DIY job.

    kanechart wrote: Looks like it’s an old Battery and it looks like was swapped out. This is a Ford Escape 2011 V6 Model. It had a GM Battery inside it?

    Either way. I hear Costco has 100 month warranty on Batteries? Do I just go in and get it done do they pay for the install for free or do I have to install it myself? Is there info on the 100 month on Bats?


    TrevorK wrote: It happens often – especially if you purchased the car from a dealer who is moving batteries around. Truthfully, there are only a handful of battery manufacturers world wide so even though it says “AC Delco” it is not truly a GM battery in the same regard as other parts.Costco has a great warranty on batteries. You will need to install it yourself and if there is a problem you need to remove / install yourself. They generally carry one type of battery for each vehicle so there is obviously the possibility it may be sold out for a period of time .Canadian Tire will obviously be able to do the install for you. Walmart might – I’m not sure since they kind of converted to Mr Lube’s but would assume they could.The advantage Costco has is generally a lot less hassle if you experience a problem . The disadvantage is that you have to install it yourself – no option for them to do it.


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    Does Costco Install Car Batteries Is There A Warranty On The Battery

    Yes, Costco does offer a warranty on all Interstate batteries they sell. The standard warranty is 36 months however, some specific rules need to be adhered to for it to be valid. The warranty terms for each battery are available online at Costco Website, and youll also be informed upon the receipt of your purchase.

    Whats Good About Purchasing A Battery From Costco

    If Costco doesnt provide free installation services, whats good about buying a car battery from Costco? Fortunately, you can still take advantage of what Costco offers if not free installation services.

    • Variety. Costco offers numerous types of car batteries. So, you have many options to choose from, and you wont run out of choices.
    • Affordability. Costco sells Interstate brand batteries, which means it doesnt compromise on quality. But that isnt the only pro the batteries are more affordable than those available at other popular stores.
    • Warranty. The wholesaler also gives a warranty for its products. It covers you up for 2 years from the purchase date. So, if your battery stops working within 2 years of purchase, you can bring it to Costco, and theyll offer a replacement.

    So, while free battery installation is a perk, Costco stands out from the crowd by offering reliable and inexpensive products.

    The fact that it offers a product warranty protects your investment. You can bring your battery to Costco, and theyll cater to your needs if you face any issues with the battery.

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    What Does It Cost To Install A Car Battery

    The cost of installing your car battery ranges anywhere from $10 to $100. It all depends on the size, model of the battery, and also the type of car, technology of the car, etc. The mechanic will charge for your car batterys installation service based on these factors. Most of the stores like Walmart, AutoZone, and Pep Boys install the car battery for free as long as you purchase the battery from them. There are also some private auto repair stores that will install the car battery for free, but they may expect a tip.

    As Ive mentioned before, it will cost you $10-$100 if your car is a luxury or a sports car. If your car is a more standard one, then you may most probably get the car battery installation for a cheap rate or even free in some cases. The main requirement to get the installation for free is to buy the car battery from their store itself. But if you prefer to only buy the car battery from Costco, then you may have to pay for its installation somewhere else. For example, Walmart charges $10 for installing a battery that isnt bought from its store.

    Will Costco Install Battery

    does costco install automotive batteries


    . Then, does Costco put in batteries?

    Costco sells Interstate brand car batteries in its tires and auto department, but doesnât install batteries, even if you buy them at Costco. Costcoâs auto services are limited to gas and tire services.

    Subsequently, question is, is Costco a good place to buy a car battery? Costco is an excellent choice for purchasing a new or a replace the car battery. Although it only sells one brand of battery, the warranties that it offers a too good to pass on.

    In this manner, does AutoZone install batteries for free?

    Yes we do, with certain circumstances. If itâs an easy battery to change without removing other components yes, but if the battery is in the wheel well, uner the seat, in the truck, or another inconspicuous place no we canât change. This is a free service provided by AutoZone.

    Does Costco Tire Center change batteries?

    Costco Tire Service Centres will NOT install batteries for you. Costco is a great place to buy car batteries, as they have a quality product, at a great price, with great warranty. But they will not install it for you.

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    Does Costco Test And Install Car Batteries

    Costco does not test or install car batteries. They sure sell interstate car batteries but do not test or install whether you bought the batteries from them or not. Costco also offers a range of tire and fuel services. However, they can help you connect to auto centers quickly to help you with installation and general vehicle maintenance.

    Costco Battery Core Charge

    Customers buying new batteries from Costco are made to pay a core fee added to the original battery price. This fee is usually between $10 to $15 .

    And is fully refundable. The reason for this fee is to encourage customers to bring back their batteries for recycling when its old.

    And upon return, the customer is given back the battery core charge. Lead-acid batteries are highly flammable and can serve as pollutants to the environment.

    So the battery core charge is not only imposed to help customers save but to keep the environment healthy.

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    How Long Is Costco Car Battery Warranty

    There are a lot of different opinions on how long a Costco car battery warranty should last, but I am told by their technical service department that its 3 years . However, if they replace it under the terms of the warranty, they will always put in a new battery that is equal to or better than your original one.

    In other words, if your warranty battery fails after three years and Costco replaces it under warranty, they will install another new battery with at least as much capacity and voltage as the original.

    You May Not Be Able To Remove It From The Original Vehicle

    If You Buy a Car Battery from This Place Youâre Stupid

    Costco warranties start as soon as you insert the battery in your vehicle. If you insert the battery into a different car, it may not meet the initial installations size requirements. Costcos general battery warranty states the following: as long as it remains in the vehicle in which originally installed or when the warranty expires.

    As a result, check with Costco if you plan on moving your battery to another car or recreational vehicle.

    Costco also creates more specific terms if you move your private passenger battery to a commercial vehicle. In this case, the warranty reduces to a free replacement period of six months with a pro-rata warranty of one half of the batterys life.

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    Who Makes Costco Kirkland Batteries

    Massive auto parts supply chains have their private-label brands, but the same is true for grocery and general stores such as Amazon, Walmart, and of course Costco.

    Kirkland Signature is Costcos brand, named after the companys original headquarters location in Kirkland, Washington. The name is used on just about anything from frozen food and shampoo to car batteries and accessories.

    In this article, well talk about the real manufacturer of the Costco Kirkland Signature batteries and whether theyre any good.

    Theres a lot to go through so stick around if youd like to learn more about Kirkland and potentially save some cash the next time you need a car battery!

    Costco Kirkland Signature car batteries are currently made by Clarios. Prior to 2019, the production was handled by Johnson Controls.

    Places That Sell And Install Car Batteries

    If you dont want to tackle the battery installation on your own, there are other places that sell car batteries and will install them for you. However, most will only install batteries purchased at that location if youve found a great deal on a car battery online or through some other means, you will likely need to install it yourself or find a local mechanic to do it.

    All of the following locations will test your current battery at no charge regardless of where it was purchased, and this service carries no obligations, so you can have the test done for free and still decide not to purchase a new battery.

    Advance Auto Parts

    • Batteries sold: AutoCraft and DieHard brand batteries to fit most makes and models
    • Installation services: Free testing and installation when you purchase a battery from Advance Auto Parts


    • Batteries sold: Duralast, Econocraft, and ACDelco Advantage batteries
    • Installation services: Get free testing and installation when you purchase the battery from AutoZone our article has more details about AutoZones battery installation services.

    Firestone Complete Auto Care

    • Batteries sold: Like Costco, Firestone only sells Interstate batteries.
    • Installation services: Free battery checks, as well as a performance warranty and limited-time free replacement

    NAPA Auto Parts

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    What Are The Car Batteries Brands Available At Costco

    Costco deals with exclusively interstate car batteries that can be used for a variety of functions. These range from vehicles, to golf carts and to boats.

    The interstate car batteries are among the oldest manufacturers of battery brands that are present in todays markets.

    These automotive batteries can be purchased at a fairly competitive price from Costco, though they do not offer battery installation services.

    These type of car batteries are guaranteed to offer you an awesome user experience as they are top performing brands.

    They have been reviewed as top quality brands, highly dependable and highly rated by top technicians throughout the states.

    The price you would buy a certain brand of Interstate car battery is quite competitive and is even lower than the recommended price that you get from Interstate itself.

    Costco offers the buyers the Interstate battery brands from their warehouses for a warranty that is reasonable and you will get a free replacement if the one bought gets damaged within the warranty period.

    This warranty period is usually not less than three years, which is a reasonable enough time.

    Is It Challenging To Replace The Battery Yourself

    does costco canada install car batteries

    Replacing a battery is relatively straightforward. In fact, it takes a few minutes to swap the old battery with a new one. Nonetheless, you must ensure purchasing the right battery for your car. Besides, detaching the negative battery cable is also essential before starting.

    Lastly, you can follow the battery installation steps to insert the new car battery successfully.

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