Does Costco Replace Car Batteries

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Does Costco Install Car Batteries

How To Test & Replace A Car Battery – COSTCO vs WALMART

Costco warehouse shopping is all about buying in bulk to save you time and money.

These stores offer around 4,000 carefully selected products at any given time and focus on customer satisfaction and value. Members typically head to Costco for all their grocery and pharmaceutical needs, plus great savings on some selected auto parts. But what about a new car battery?

If you need a new battery for your car, you might be asking yourself, If I buy a battery from there, does Costco install car batteries? Lets find out

Costco Car Battery Prices

Costco does not sell car batteries in bulk, but they still do offer some great competitive prices.

Depending on the vehicle, Costco charges anywhere from $60-$100 for their batteries thiscan be a difference of $15 up to $40 compared to other retailers that sell car batteries.

Additionally, there can sometimes be a fee that Costco charges . However, you can waive this fee if you return an old car battery for them to recycle.

Finding The Right Battery For Your Vehicle

To keep prices low, Costco doesnt offer a phone-in service to check battery prices or see if the battery you need is available for purchase.

To see what kind of battery you need for your vehicle, and if Costco sells that specific car battery you can visit your local Costco tire center, or you can use the online Costco Interstate Battery finder.

On the battery finder website, you can enter your vehicle information and your zip code.

After you enter all your information, it will tell you exactly what kind of Costco battery you need for your car and how much it will cost.

It doesnt show if your battery is in stock, so you will have to visit your local Costco Tire Center to see if it is available for purchase.

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Why Wont My Car Start

If your vehicle wont start, its most likely a problem with your battery or the ignition and starting system:

  • Your battery is drained : Its the best-case scenario: you accidentally left on your lights, or some other battery-draining feature. A jump start will send you on your way, lesson learned.
  • Your battery is too old to hold a charge: Its time for a new battery. If your jump start fails or your car wont start the next day have your battery tested.
  • Your starting system needs service: Its not your battery. Theres a mechanical problem preventing ignition, draining your battery, or keeping your battery from charging as you drive.

If a single jump start doesnt solve your starting problems, have your battery professionally tested. If your battery is healthy, its time for diagnostic service, beginning with your starter and alternator.

Battery Should Be Used Correctly

The 7 Best Places to Buy a Car Battery in 2020

If you have used the battery correctly, you will be able to file a successful warranty claim. However, if you misused it and did not follow the terms and conditions of the warranty policy, your battery warranty will be voided.

Again, how much is a brand new battery from Costco? At Costco, you can buy a new battery for $50 to $100. This price will depend on the batterys size and grade. Also, this price range is lower than other stores, like Walmart.

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Are Car Batteries Cheaper At Costco

Unlike other businesses, including Walmart, Costco offers much lower prices on car batteries. Costco sells Interstate batteries, which received outstanding ratings in professional evaluations and have a typical price range of $60 to $100. This is $15 to $40 less expensive than other retail stores.

Costcos Car Batteries lower costs than most competitors, making customers happy every time they purchase.

Additionally, the battery brand they sell is strong and reliable. Please be aware that when a customer purchases a replacement battery from Costco, an additional charge known as the battery core charge may also be applied and has no deductions. This charge is to incentivize customers to return their used batteries for recycling.

Additionally, the purchaser receives the battery core charge back upon return. Because they are so explosive, lead-acid batteries risk the environment.

Should You Take Your Car Battery To Costco To Get Tested

If you believe that your car battery is broken and you do plan on purchasing a new one, then we do suggest that you take your car battery to Costco.

It is probably going to be the quickest, and perhaps the most affordable, way to get your hands on a brand-new car battery.

As we said a bit earlier, the products that Costco sells will be their own-brand products. However, this is completely fine. People absolutely love Costco car batteries.

This is because they are built to incredibly high standards. They will often be a good 10-20% cheaper than some of the competing batteries on the market.

The only downside to getting a brand-new battery from Costco is that they are not going to be able to install the battery for you.

This means that you will either need to take the battery to be installed elsewhere , or you will need to have a rough idea on how you can replace it yourself.

Of course, you will need to have a Costco membership if you want to purchase a car battery from Costco. We probably wouldnt recommend getting a membership purely to buy a battery.

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How Long Does A Costco Car Batteries Last

Costco Interstate car batteries typically last between 3 to 5 years, but several factors will affect the life of a battery, including:

  • Hot and cold temperature extremes
  • High electrical use

Extreme hot and cold weather negatively affects car batteries. Depending on where you live, this can be a major issue.

If your vehicle has many electrical devices and uses them all at the time, the battery will drain faster, and it will stay half charged, which is not good for the battery.

And lastly, If you constantly go on short trips, for example, around the town, the battery will also not get enough time to charge fully, and it will stay only half charged, which will shorten the lifespan of a car battery.

Interstate Batteries: Costco Now Sells That Batteries

Walmart Battery vs. Costco Battery (3 Year Update)

The Kirkland car battery selling was discontinued by Costco as it was unable to help them realize their intended profit.

Currently, Costco only stocks one brand of car battery which is the Interstate car battery brand. These types of car batteries come with an excellent warranty and are sold at an affordable price.

With these car batteries you will be guaranteed a reliable car battery brand that is long lasting.

You can also expend on it to be at its top performance for any type of vehicle whether marine automotive, trucks, golf carts or your ordinary car.

Interstate is a battery brand that has been in existence for a while now, and its popularity can be attributed to its highly affordable prices.

Its top performance also makes it a customer favorite as it rarely lets them down. They come in a variety of types and sizes and you cant miss one that is suitable for your vehicle.

If you are not a member of Costco, then you can buy this most popular automotive battery online below:

Who Makes The Interstate Batteries?

Interstate car batteries are manufactured Johnson controls manufacturing plant that is in Monterrey, Mexico. This is the main manufacturer of the Interstate car batteries.

Costco contracts a trusted manufacturer to make the Interstate car batteries that they deal with and hence the seamless quality you get when you purchase one of these car batteries for your vehicle.

Is Interstate A Good Battery Brand?

How Much Does Interstate Car Battery Cost?

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What If I Lost My Receipt Do I Still Get Costco Warranty

You are eligible to use the Costco warranty without the receipt. They do not need it to replace a faulty battery that is within the warranty period. This is why you must have a Costco membership to buy from them. All they need do is go to their system since all your information is already there. However, for Costco to do battery replacements without a receipt, the original purchaser will need to provide the old battery. They will use the batterys serial number to track the purchase that was made. But, if you provide your receipt, the process will be faster since they will get all information from your receipt at a go.

What Vehicle Services Does Costco Offer

Costco is the best place to get cheap auto parts and accessories, but it doesnt do as well when it comes to repairs and maintenance.

You can get your tyres fixed or replaced at most Costco locations, but not much else.

They do, however, offer their members an Auto Program.

This programme can save you a lot of money on both new parts and accessories for your car and a whole new car.

Costco works with many different car companies to get the best prices on new cars, and if youre a member, you can save money on the price of a new car.

Also, the Costco Auto Program helps its members save up to 50 percent on basic services, replacement parts, and warranty plans for the new car.

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Can I Overcharge A Battery

Yes. The most common effect is the battery rapidly dying however, a battery that swells and becomes hot to the touch is also a direct result of overcharging and can be very dangerous and even explode. A good indication of overcharging would be the smell of rotten eggs during charging. The battery is producing extremely flammable hydrogen gas. Never smoke or have open flames around a battery at any time. Always use the correct charger when charging a car battery, and have it checked periodically by a technician if charging must be done frequently. Pay attention to labels that indicate exactly how the battery should be charged this helps eliminate overcharging and possible harm and injury.

Will Driving A Car Fully Recharge A Battery

Car Battery Costco

There are a number of factors affecting an alternator’s ability to adequately charge a battery. The greatest factors are:

  • How much current from the alternator is diverted to the battery to charge
  • How long the current is available
  • Battery temperature
  • Generally, running the engine at idle or short stop-and-go trips, during bad weather at night, will not recharge the battery effectively.

    In the following situations, the alternator will not adequately recharge a battery:

  • The battery is drained because an interior light was left on in the car for 18-24 hours.
  • The battery is drained because the vehicle has not been driven for a month or more.
  • The car is only driven at 60 km/hKilometer Per Hour to a nearby store and back 2 or 3 days a week.
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    How Do I Get Rid Of My Costco Interstate Batteries

    If your battery is old and you want to get rid of it, take it to Costco. Lead-acid batteries are toxic and will pose a danger if not disposed of properly. And as such, Costco helps recycle batteries the proper way to keep the environment safe. For Costco members, this is also the best time to take back the core fee you paid when purchasing the battery. So aside from keeping the environment safe, you also gain back a few bucks from returning the old battery.

    Replacing Tires Is No Problem

    Costco can and will replace tires via their tire center, and even help with the refueling of your car, but thats it as far as it goes for auto services. Costco doesnt actually have a mechanic shop within their company. So if you need a check-up, or to fix or install a new part, youll need to find a reputable mechanic or workshop that does.

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    Are Batteries At Costco A Good Deal

    This is a difficult question to answer without knowing more about your specific needs. However, in general, batteries at Costco are a good deal. They tend to be cheaper than other stores, and they offer a good selection.

    Additionally, If youre looking for a good deal on a car battery, Costco is a great place to check. Costco only sells interstate brand batteries, but theyre high quality and significantly cheaper than at other stores. Walmart is one of the other stores where you can find car batteries, but Costco usually has a better price. Theres a secret code behind Costcos prices that you can use to make sure youre getting the best deal.

    They Want You To Recycle

    Toyota True Start battery replacement with Costco Interstate

    When you purchase a new battery, the price will have a core charge on top of the item price. However, if you purchase and install your new battery at the same time, then the fee will cancel itself out with the exchange of the old for the new battery. Its basically a monetary incentive to recycle old parts.

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    Replacing Your Own Car Battery

    Changing your own car battery might sound hard, especially if you are new to taking care of cars in general, but it can be very easy.

    In fact, you only need a few minutes and one or two simple tools to do it. You wont have to buy an expensive tool kit or drill to finish the job.

    You can change your own battery by following just 10 easy steps.

    Make sure that your car is in park and that the engine is off. If you park on a slope, use your emergency brake and wheel chocks for extra safety.

    Open the hood of your car and look for the battery. It is usually near the headlights in the front left or right corner, but it could be somewhere else. No matter where it is, its hard to miss.

    Find out which end is the positive one and which is the negative one. There will be a plus sign on the positive terminal, and a red cap or cord will lead to it. The negative side will have a black cap or cord and a – sign.

    First, use a wrench to loosen the bolt on the black side, or negative, terminal. You should be able to find the right size wrench for the bolt you need to loosen in less than a minute.

    Repeat the last step on the positive side of the terminal, which is the red side. To keep from getting sparks while you take the battery out of the car, move the two wires away from the battery.

    Lift the battery up carefully and take it out of the car. Be aware that the battery can weigh up to 50 pounds and may be heavy. Using the handle on the battery will make this process easier.

    Take The Easy Route And Use Donotpay To Claim Costco Car Battery Warranty

    DoNotPay keeps it simple when it comes to claiming all kinds of warranties. We developed the AI-powered assistant to simplify the process and reduce the amount of work for you. Our robot lawyer supports automated procedures for claiming various manufacturer or extended warranties, including those for your car, home, or a range of consumer goods.

    Using DoNotPay is simple:

  • Access the app from your web browser
  • Select the Claim Warranty option
  • Pick Warranty on a Purchased Product
  • Enter the required details about the car battery and Costco
  • Click on Submit
  • We will send your claim letter to Costco, and their customer service should contact you directly with an update regarding your case.

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    Can I Replace Car Batteries Online At Costco

    Costco does offer car and other vehicle batteries online through However, it will be easier to replace a battery under warranty by taking it in to the store with your refund, that way you dont have to wait for the shipping and warranty process.

    At the store, youll be able to get your new battery or your refund immediately.

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    Does Costco Honor The Battery Warranty If I Dont Have A Receipt

    6 Volt Golf Cart Batteries Costco

    Costco can still honor the battery warranty if you dont have the original receipt. Costco is not strict in this regard, as other battery sellers require you to provide the original receipt.

    You need to take the bad battery to the Costco outlet where you bought it. Costco has a system that will confirm if you purchased the battery from them or not. However, if you want your warranty claim to be finished quickly, you must bring your original receipt.

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