Does Verizon Replace Iphone Batteries

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How Much Is A Replacement Phone Battery

How to replace or remove battery Apple iPhone 4 or 4S AT& T Sprint verizon T-Mobile

Verizon can sometimes bundle Asurions insurance with what they call the Total Equipment Coverage.

A faulty battery is covered under the TEC from Verizon, meaning you could get your phones battery replaced for free.

Visit your local Verizon store to fill out a claim for your device.

The store rep will be able to help you find out which coverage you have and answer any questions you have to help you get your insurance claim underway.

If you dont have the TEC package from Verizon, you may have to pay a deductible to Asurion.

How Much Does Verizon Charge To Replace Iphone Battery

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Older iPhones only cost $49 for battery replacement. Newer models only cost $69.

In this regard, how much does it cost to replace an iPhone battery at Verizon? After that, pricing increases to $49 for all models except the iPhone X , which will cost $69. All other eligible models cost $79 to have a new battery fitted.

Likewise, does Verizon replace iPhone batteries? All replies. Yes, Asurion does offer free battery replacement but not in the store directly. You would contact 611 from the cell phone or 1-800-922-0204 to set up having the battery replaced. Batteries are consumable parts of the device and are replaced at the users expense.

Furthermore, how much does a Verizon battery cost? Verizon requires the use of a 12-volt, 7.2Ah sealed lead acid battery. VerizonBatteryBackup Unit: It is possible to purchase a new ONT battery directly from Verizons accessory store. This option will cost you $40.

Also know, how much does it cost to have a new iPhone battery installed? If you have an iPhone newer than the iPhone X, Apple charges $69 for an out-of-warranty replacement battery. If you have an older device, going back to the iPhone SE, youre going to be paying Apple $49.Nearly all of Verizons device protection options include coverage for loss, theft, battery failure, physical damage and post-warranty electrical or mechanical malfunctions.

Iphone Repair Screen Repair Battery Replacement And More From Asurion Tech Repair & Solutions Technicians

When your phone isnât working, whether it wonât take a charge or youâve accidentally cracked the screen, we know how aggravating that can be.

At Asurion®, Asurion Tech Repair & Solutionsâ¢, and uBreakiFix® stores, our iPhone® mobile device repair technicians can get your device back up and running as quickly as possibleâwithout the hassleâwhether your phone has water damage, a hardware issue, a broken power button, or simply needs a new battery.

Worried about quality? Asurion Tech Repair & Solutions store technicians are trained to fix a wide variety of phones, including iPhones, utilizing thorough testing and top-quality components. So, if youâre googling âiPhone repair near me,â look no further.

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Iphone Running Slower Than Usual

Tasks such as sending a message, downloading files, making calls, opening GIFs, and uploading your latest selfie to Instagram are all potential victims of an aging iPhone battery. If your battery is older, it can cause slow phone performance to occur without Apples intervention in the form of throttling. You can avoid this by having your battery replaced right away, the moment you notice it.

Iphone Battery Replacement Cost Vs Worth: Why It Matters

NEW Replacement 3.82V Battery for Iphone 6/6G 4.7"  16GB/32GB/64GB ATT ...

Getting your iPhone battery replaced when it starts to slow down should be a no-brainer. In fact, the benefits far outweigh the costs. For starters, youll want to see if you are still under warranty with Apple. If youre covered, having your battery replaced will be free of charge.

If youre like the many, however, who are not covered under Apples protection plan, it is still worthwhile to explore other options for getting your iPhone battery replaced. Is your device freezing up when you try to send text messages?

Even if your iPhone needs to be plugged into the charger all the time just to make a call, replacing the battery can eliminate a major headache. It can also give you the much-needed mobility that smartphones are supposed to have. Read on and well explore four major issues linked to aging iPhone batteries, and why replacing your battery is more vital than you may have thought.

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What To Do If You Arent Covered

A great option for iPhone battery replacement is directly through Apple.

For a device that is within warranty or covered by AppleCare+, they will replace the battery for free.

The only caveat is that the device must be in good condition besides the battery, so no cracked phone screens.

In addition, Apple will replace iPhone batteries that are out of warranty for fairly cheap.

Older iPhones only cost $49 for battery replacement. Newer models only cost $69.

There are also many 3rd party repair services that can replace a worn out battery.

Check your local listings to find an independent repair company. Be sure to read reviews and check that you pick a trustworthy and reputable service.

How To Get Verizon Insurance

If you found out that you dont have device coverage, then you may be able to sign up for Verizons device protection.

To do this, give Verizon a call at 1.800.256.4646, go to their website, or visit a Verizon store.

Currently, it costs a little less than 15$ per month for Verizon Protect.

Alternatively, you can get multi device protection for 45$ per account.

Only certain devices are eligible for coverage, so be sure to check that your device is eligible for coverage before signing up.

The enrollment period is only 30 days after device activation or upgrade.

This means you have a fairly short period of time to decide whether or not you want insurance.

Sadly, if you are already past that 30-day window, then getting device coverage wont be simple, and it might not be possible.

In addition, you cannot get insurance if the devices battery is already faulty.

Verizons insurance is preemptive and does not cover existing damage.

However, it is always worth checking your devices warranty.

Depending on how long youve had your device, a worn-down battery might be eligible for replacement even if you dont have Verizon Protection Insurance.

If your device is defective and less than 2 years old, definitely check the warranty!

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Getting Your Battery Replaced At A Third

Taking your iPhone to a third-party repair shop can be a great solution but should be approached cautiously. These shops typically offer quality repairs at a much lower cost than Apples, but youll have less guarantee of the outcomes and warranties. Since a repair shop is more of an unknown, be sure to look into ratings and reviews. Youll usually get a good deal since they need your business, but it will likely be outside of a warranty. Overall, you wont have the same level of quality guarantee as you do with Apple.

Iphone Charging Port Repair

How to replace the battery in an iPhone 4

If the charging port on your iPhone device gets clogged with dirt, sand, or dust, you may not be able to charge it effectively. Try gently cleaning it with a cotton swab or toothpick. If that doesnât work, visit your nearest Asurion, Asurion Tech Repair & Solutions, or uBreakiFix store for a free checkup and weâll get you back up and running quickly.

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How Do I Replace My Verizon Fios Battery

Replacing your FIOS backup battery is easy to do yourself.

The battery is located in the white device in your home.

The device is normally installed on a wall. The battery is typically located at the top of the unit and is accessible with a screwdriver.

You wont require any other tools.

Here is how to remove and replace the battery:

  • Unplug the power cord
  • Unplug the red and black cables
  • Disengage clips that retain battery
  • Attach the black and red cables to the new battery. Black is negative red is positive
  • Slide new battery under retaining clips
  • A beep will indicate that the battery is replaced correctly
  • Replace the battery cover and replace screws
  • Plug the power cable back in

In just a few moments you will be ready for a power outage, enabling you to retain internet and phone connection while you have no power.

The battery will provide up to 8 hours of life to your systems.

Apple Reveals 2019 Iphone Battery Replacement Prices

At the end of 2018, Apple’s $29 battery replacement deal comes to an end. So how much will you have to pay next year for a new battery? Apple revealed its 2019 prices yesterday for all iPhone models including the XR, Xs, and Xs Max.

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How Do I Replace My Verizon Battery

If you want to replace your Verizon battery instead of just stopping the beeps, its easy to do if you follow these steps:

  • Unplug the battery backup from the wall outlet
  • Open the battery area, and remove the red and black connector cable
  • Remove the battery by removing the retaining clips that keep it in place
  • Disconnect the clips from your old battery, and put the old battery aside for now
  • Remove the covers that are on the terminals of the new battery
  • Connect the negative and positive terminals from the battery and clips to each other
  • Put the new battery into the battery compartment
  • Make sure the retaining clips are on top of the new battery
  • Put the plug connector back into its place
  • The battery should beep if its installed correctly, and the status light will be green
  • Put your battery cover back on, and then plug the backup battery unit into the outlet
  • To know more about Verizon, you can also read our posts on whether or not Verizon fixes phone screens, if Verizon insurance covers cracked screen, and Verizon Home Protection.

    What Do I Need To Do Before Replacing My Iphone Battery

    Verizon Iphone Battery Replacement

    Before you bring in your device Back up your iOS device. Have your Apple ID password ready. For some repairs, youll need your Apple ID password to erase your device and turn off Find My iPhone. * If your iPhone needs battery service, have the battery percentage at 30% or less when you bring it in, if possible.

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    Can You Replace An Iphone Battery Without Losing Data

    Theres always a chance. Its imperative you always maintain a current backup of your device. While a battery replacement may not in and of itself cause data loss, if anything goes wrong, it may wipe the iPhone or force the Apple technicians to restore it. A backup should always be performed as a regular activity.

    How To Check If Youre Covered

    If you cant remember if you signed up for iPhone insurance, dont worry! There are quite a few ways to check if you are covered for battery replacement.

    The most certain way to know if your cell phone is insured is to check with Verizon.

    To speak with a representative, give Verizon a call, visit their website, or head to the nearest Verizon store.

    Alternatively, you can check your phone bill to see if you are being charged for device protection.

    This option is useful if you have your bill readily available in your email.

    Finally, if you kept your original contract from Verizon, then you can read through it for warranty information, device protection details, and general Verizon policies.

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    Will Verizon Replace My Battery

    Warranties and insurance plans can be confusing.

    This is especially true when it comes to phones and digital devices.

    Its hard to know what is covered and why something wouldnt be covered.

    This leaves many people wondering if a battery can be replaced, whether under warranty, insurance, or if the customer can pay for replacement themselves.

    Some phones have replaceable batteries, and some phones do not.

    What About My Fios Battery

    How To: Replace the Battery on your iPhone 4s!

    Your FIOS router uses power from the outlet to supply your home with the internet however, many FIOS devices have a backup battery that keeps phone and internet services running even when the power goes out.

    These batteries are rechargeable, and they dont need replacement very often.

    They last up to 8 hours, providing customers with the internet even when the power is out.

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    Is Verizon Protect Worth It

    I personally have chosen not to get Verizon Protect.

    I use Verizon, and I really enjoy their services.

    However, Ive found that the device insurance is more expensive and frustrating than it is worth.

    At $15/month, I can completely pay for a new battery in just 4 months. I can replace the battery, fix the screen, and get a new USB port in just one year.

    In 3 years, I could buy a whole new refurbished phone.

    Taking into account the added cost of the repair deductibles, Verizon Protect becomes even less financially worth it.

    However, for some customers, Verizon Protect is worth getting.

    For example, a family with young children on the plan might have more damage, repairs, and loss than I do.

    Since large families are more likely to need repairs, then the insurance becomes more reasonable.

    Paying for a new screen every month for an active teen is substantially more expensive than paying into Verizon Protect.

    Getting insured could save the family hundreds of dollars within the year.

    In addition, someone who faces a high risk of having their phone lost or stolen might find the insurance plan much more financially sound.

    As I said, it would take 3 years to buy a different phone with the money saved from skipping insurance.

    If loss is likely to happen before 3 years, then the insurance plan might be worth it.

    The final case when Verizon Protect might be worth it is if your iPhone is a new and expensive model.

    Can Apple Store Replace Iphone Battery While You Wait

    To replace an iPhone battery, either send it in to an Apple Repair Center or take it into an Apple Store in person. If its an easy replacement, your battery can be replaced while you wait if you take it in person to an Apple Store. Better yet, if your iPhone is under warranty, you can get it replaced for free!Apr 4, 2019.

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    The Smart Battery Case

    If the only issue with your iPhone battery is capacity, and not throttling, you might want to consider simply getting something like the smart battery case to tide you over to your next new phone instead of replacing it. Its actually more expensive than getting the battery replaced by Apple especially since the iPhone throttling saga has seen Apple reducing their asking price for the procedure.

    However, for people who dont have a backup phone laying around, a battery case could be the way to go. Its also worth considering that the cases capacity is added onto your remaining battery capacity, which may add up to more battery power than a fresh internal battery would have.

    What Happens If Iphone Battery Health Is Below 80

    Replacement 3.8V 5.92Wh Battery for Iphone 5S/5C 16GB/32GB/64GB ATT ...

    According to Apple, a normal battery is designed to retain up to 80 per cent of its original capacity at 500 complete charge cycles when operating under normal conditions. If your iPhones battery maximum capacity is under 80 per cent, then its health has been significantly degraded and it needs replacing.

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    Do I Need To Replace My Verizon Fios Battery

    You dont need to replace your Fios battery if the box is beeping, as both your Fios phone service and internet will still work without battery backup.

    However, its a good idea to replace your Fios battery, because if your power goes out and you dont have battery backup, youre not going to have service, including the ability to call 911.

    How Do I Stop My Verizon Battery From Beeping

    If you want to stop the Verizon battery backup from beeping, simply find the battery backup unit, look for the Alarm button, and then follow these steps:

    • Hold the Alarm button down for 10 seconds
    • Wait for the loud beeps or the lights to begin flashing
    • Your battery backup unit will restart and the alarm will be cleared
    • If that doesnt work, then hold down the Alarm button and Emergency Use button at the same time for 10 seconds, and it should reboot the system to clear out the alarm

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    Why Asurion Tech Repair Iphone Repair

    Every phone repair we offer, including our iPhone repairs, use high-quality parts that made to exact OEM-specifications, and tested regularly for quality assurance. This allows us to provide customers with reliable repair solutions, helping us ensure our out-of-warranty guarantee is the highest quality possible.

    Weâre always among the first to receive new iPhone devices when theyâre released, so we can start fixing yours right away. Just bring it to an Asurion, Asurion Tech Repair & Solutions, or uBreakiFix store near you.

    Iphone Water Damage Checkup

    Replace your iPhone 5 battery in 2 Minutes

    Your iPhone is a supersmart device, but one thing it canât do is swim. So if youâve dropped your phone in a drink, you need to take it to an Asurion Tech Repair & Solutions professional as soon as possible. If you donât, corrosion can set in and short-circuit your device.

    Weâll run a complete water damage diagnostic to see how extensive the damage is and whether we can revive your iPhone. Forget the bag of riceâstop by the nearest Asurion, Asurion Tech Repair and Solutions, or uBreakiFix store for help.

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