Duracell Group 31 Deep Cycle Battery Review

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How Do You Maintain A Deep Cycle Battery

Group 31 Battery | Best Group 31 Deep Cycle Battery- Dimensions, Features, and Recommendations

How Do I Maintain Deep-Cycle Batteries? Program your voltage set points so that the battery bank charges at the proper voltage. Refill flooded lead-acid batteries with distilled water every 2-4 weeks as needed. Regularly check battery state of charge. Clean terminal connections and cables to prevent corrosion.

Are All Group 31 Batteries The Same Size

Although all Group 31 batteries follow the standard set by the Battery Council International, their sizes may vary a little as this depends on the manufacturer. However, the sizes do not affect the capabilities of the battery. All you need to do is to make sure that the battery model youre considering is the perfect fit for your vehicle.

What Is A Deep Cycle Marine Battery

All batteries are designed to store electrical power within, not to produce electricity. The chemicals inside the battery make the electrical energy power a certain unit. In this case, it is your boat.

Yet, unlike other types of batteries, deep cycle batteries can store more backup power. You can discharge it deeply and use it over and over again, without having a fear the battery would fail you when you need it the most.

So, a deep cycle marine battery gives you an option to get the most out of its capacity, which can be of essential importance if you are on the water when the currents are tough or if you are traveling far away from the land, as you will need more power to get back home.

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Are Duracell Agm Batteries Any Good

Duracell AGM battery reviews The goodness is that they are made of excellence!! When using the private-labeled Duracell, you can get more benefits. US plants are making large AGM batteries which are considered the best product.

If you want more about this, you have to check duracell agm battery reviews. You can know about the case size, amp-hours, and related battery specs, and many more.


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  • How Long Do Duracell Batteries Last

    Batteries recycling: Deep cycle battery group size 31

    Duracell batteries are built to be efficient, affordable, and durable. They are long-lasting with advanced features that make them functional with better performance and provide exceptional battery life. The battery is long-lasting in that it may provide over two years of continuous use without losing charge. Duracell batteries can last up to 5 years or more, depending on how it is used. Mismanagement of the batteries may shorten the lifespan to 2years.

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    Types Of Deep Cycle Marine Batteries

    In this section, we are talking about battery construction. Generally, we can divide deep-cycle marine batteries to VRLA and FLA valve-regulated and flooded batteries. Yet, we can further divide the VRLA batteries to gel and absorbed glass mat batteries. Heres what you should know about each type.

    Agm Group 31 Duracell Agm Deep Cycle Marine

    Duracell Ultra BCI Group 31M Deep Cycle Marine & RV BatterySLI31MDC

    • 12 Month Free Replacement Warranty
    • Designed for use in sump pumps, trolling motors, fish finders and more
    • Deep cycle capacity 105AH
    • Quick connect DT, SAE/M8 Stud, SAE/M8 Threaded Post, WNT terminals
    • Handle for easy transport and install
    • Group 31 – approximate dimensions of 13″ x 6.75″ x 9.5″

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    What Is The Best Deep Cycle Battery

    10 Best Deep Cycle Batteries In 2021 Reviews Universal Power Group Deep Cycle Battery. Miady LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery. Weize LFP1200 Deep Cycle Battery. Optima OPT8016-103 Marine Deep Cycle Battery. VMaxTanks V35-857 Marine Deep Cycle Battery. XS Power D3400 Deep Cycle Battery. Renogy Hybrid Deep Cycle Battery.

    Duracell Vs Everstart Car Batteries

    How to charge and maintain deep cycle AGM batteries with Craig from Australian Direct

    Everstart batteries are known for providing incredible power and seem very reliable. EverStart batteries have three colored tops that show diversity in dealing with different cars needs. Duracell and EverStart offer almost the exact stat in terms of power and reliability, but Duracell batteries appear to be more expensive than EverStart. EverStart offers excellent value at an affordable rate.

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    Different Types Of Group 31 Batteries

    If you are thinking that there is only one type of this group, then you are wrong. There are mainly three different types of Group 31. I will explain the differences and similarities between each so that you can choose the best for your heavy-duty equipment.

    1. Flooded Cell Batteries

    Flooded Cell Batteries are the cheapest batteries. They have vertical plates of lead and lead oxide, through which sulfuric acid passes to produce an electric current.

    Since the acid is runny, you have to keep these batteries in an upright position. Also, these batteries require a lot of maintenance. You will have to add distilled water and battery acid to keep them in operation.


    • Higher upfront cost

    The absorbent glass mat also ensures that the batteries are vibration resistant. These batteries are light-weight and highly reliable. You can also mount them in any direction. If you have a motorcycle or ATV, then you should go for AGM Group 3 batteries.

    These batteries are recommended to be mounted away from the engine because they are heat sensitive.

    3. Gel Batteries

    Gel batteries are similar to flooded cell batteries, but just contain a gel in the open space instead of liquid sulfuric acid. They are very sensitive and can be easily overcharged.

    It doesnt mean, they cant be used. You should the right application for the gel batteries. They are good for certain applications like emergency power supplies or solar panels.


    • Deep cycle application

    Are East Penn Makes Good Batteries

    East Penn are also known as Deka batteries. East Penn is a manufacturer that makes lead-acid batteries and car batteries. Exide Technologies have manufactured some batteries in the U.S., but East Penn has the best quality and performance. The East Penn battery can extend your batterys life as well.

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    How Long Does The Duracell Marine Battery Last Compare To Similar Brands

    Each Duracell marine batterys longevity might vary depending on the model or type, how you take care of them while using, and price range. But mostly, Duracell marine batteries last a minimum of two to five years max.

    Reportedly, most cheap to mid-ranged Duracell marine batteries come with a one-year warranty, but the expensive marine batteries might offer up to three years warranty.

    Where Is The Manufacturing Location Of Duracell Marine Battery

    Group 31 Pure Lead Agm Deep Cycle Battery

    Reportedly, Duracell Inc. currently has three battery manufacturing plants located in the United States, and they have a huge 520-acre single-site manufacturing facility for battery production owned by East Penn located in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

    Besides, many trusted sources claim that the Duracell batteries are also manufactured in other manufacturing plants located in other countries such as Belgium, China, and Japan to reach its global demand.

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    Vmax Mr127 12 Volt 100ah Agm Deep Cycle Battery

    VMAX is one of these brands that are worthy of anyones trust. Theyve built a high-quality deep cycle battery that features some unmatched properties were going to talk about in-depth. Also, they offer top-notch, supportive customer service if that means something to you.

    The MR127 is built using AGM technology and it is equipped with an electrolyte suspension system. The combination of these two makes the unit durable and reliable. Sealed and contained, the VMAX MR127 wont spill acid, which is great as it gives you complete freedom when it comes to mounting positions.

    As there are no silica gels inside, you can be carefree about harmful fumes there will be none. You can use it for 5 hours straight trolling, without even having to make a pause. No wonder, as the 12-Volt MR127 boasts 100Amp-hours.

    VMAX blended all of their best features in this model powerful chemical structure, sturdy construction, and amazing performance.


    Are Duracell Batteries Good

    Duracell batteries offer an advanced car battery that provides your car with the right amount of power. They are powerful batteries that will last through most repairs and have no technical limitations when recharging.

    Furthermore, the batteries have maximum cranking power to work in diverse situations and have extended battery life and high capacity. Duracell has a reputation of being in business for more than a century, and the batteries are carefully designed and improved upon to increase efficiency.

    To better understand the Duracell batteries, here are some of the reasons the battery is good:

    • The battery is long-lasting and gives maximum performance in any situation.
    • It offers Maximum cranking power that makes them suitable for adventure rides.
    • It is Cheap and comes with an Incredible warranty of up to five years, covering repairs, installations, and replacements.
    • It offers various batteries that provide reliable power for every vehicle type.

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    What Are Group 31 Batteries

    Group 31 batteries belong to the standard commercial battery commonly used in automotive, marine, industrial applications. Theyre widely popular because they are able to deliver an unmatched performance even when they are pushed to their limits.

    Their physical dimensions are as follows 13 x 6.8 x 9.44inches but their features vary depending on intended use, battery design and chemistry. Generally speaking, these batteries will range between 100Ah and 125Ah, 600 CCA and 1150 CCA, and 150 RC and 230RC.

    Another reason Group 31 batteries are a favorite in the automotive industry is that they are capable of delivering high current and deep cycles. They can also withstand intense vibrations and harsh temperatures with low self-discharge.

    So when youre looking for a reliable battery for your vehicle, consider opting for any of the Group 31 batteries on this list as they are able to meet the demands of your vehicle.

    How Long Will A Deep Cycle Battery Run A Trolling Motor

    Crown AGM Deep Cycle Battery

    Almost 5 hours doesnt seem too bad, but that is really a max runtime in ideal conditions. Reality is likely to be less. If the battery is old, damaged or not fully charged then you will not get the rated amp hours from it, reducing your runtime. Significant cold or hot weather will also reduce your runtime.

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    Are All Marine Batteries Deep Cycle

    No. We listed 3 types of batteries starting, deep cycle, and dual-purpose. A starting battery cant perform as a deep cycle battery, a dual-purpose unit has solid, but not sufficient capacities. There is a reason why deep cycle batteries fall into the special category, as you cant discharge any other type to 80% as you can do with these units.

    Customer Reviews On The Duracell Marine Battery

    While I was doing my research and trying to analyze the customer satisfaction level of Duracell marine batteries, I discovered mixed types of reactions from consumers.

    Although most consumers have rated their purchased Duracell batteries with 4 or 5 ratings and expressed their satisfaction, a good number of consumers have also expressed disappointment due to their bad experiences.

    That means Duracell marine batteries might not be able to provide 100% satisfaction, but they are definitely a good choice to keep in consideration.

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    Duracell Agm Deep Cycle Marine And Rv Battery Group Size 31

    • Designed to last through long discharges
    • 12V AGM sealed valve


    They are available in all popular marine sizes with abundant cranking power for quick, easy starting and all the reserve power necessary to keep your auxiliary equipment running strong. And they’re backed by an 18-month free replacement guarantee*.

    • 1 amp hour rate:68.2
    • CCA at 0 degrees F:800
    • Freight Class:65
    • MCA at 32 degrees F:1000
    • Minutes at 15 amps:348

    Valve Regulated Lead Acid

    Group 31 Pure Lead Agm Deep Cycle Battery

    Just as mentioned, we can divide VRLA batteries to AGM and gel batteries.

    1.1 Absorbed Glass Mat

    AGM deep cycle batteries create a lot of buzz, for a couple of reasons. These units are highly innovative due to electrolyte absorbed mats that make it easy for hydrogen and oxygen to produce water from the within. In other words these batteries boast self-maintenance.

    You can place this unit basically anywhere on your boat, at any angle, and still be confident about its performance. AGM batteries are also resistant to vibrations. Yet, beware of your boats weight restrictions. As a rule of thumb, AGM batteries are massive and will add significant weight to your vessel.

    Although these batteries require no maintenance, their self-discharge rate is 3%/month so you cant expect your unit to perform well after you leave it discharged for months. Overcharging can damage these batteries, even though this happens rarely.

    Despite these few disadvantages of the AGM deep cycle batteries, we can say these are still the most popular and most reliable type out there.

    1.2 Gel Batteries

    Gel batteries boast amazing resistance to shocks and vibrations. This makes them exceptionally durable, but you still have to pay attention when choosing between models. You need one that is composed properly and well sealed. These models require low to none maintenance.

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    Are Duracell Deep Cycle Marine Batteries Any Good

    They are not good for house batteries, they run down and that kills them, we did not even get 20 trips out on the water with these. Deep cycle they really are not. I replaced them with Deka 6 v golf cart batteries from Lowes which are a true deep cycle design. Perhaps only good as starting batteries.

    What Is The Difference Between A Group 27 8d And A Group 31 Battery

    A Group 27 has dimensions close to those of a Group 31 battery. They are the same width, but they are a shorter length. They also have a shorter height. A Group 27 is around 90-100 ampere-hours, and they have a reserve capacity of around 190 minutes. A Group 27 will fit into the battery tray for a Group 31, but it isnt a tight fit, and it can slide around lengthwise. This can cause problems with the connection and create a hazardous situation due to additional vibration and movement. If you put a Group 27 battery in your car or boat, make sure to change the tray to a proper size. In some cases, they are close enough to work in the same battery holder as long as they are secured properly.

    A Group 8D battery is also of a similar dimension, but it is considered a commercial battery. This battery is used in fire trucks, emergency vehicles, and in larger boats where starting is critical. An average 8D battery weighs around 150 pounds, which is twice the weight of a Group 31 battery. If you decide to interchange the two, make sure your tray and mounting brackets are sturdy enough to take the weight, especially under normal road shocks. A Group 8D battery is considerably longer than a Group 31. A Group 8D batterys dimensions are 20.75 x 11 x 10-inches, compared to a Group 31 battery that is 13 x 6.8 x 9.4 inches. It is more difficult to substitute an 8D for a 31 battery, and it will require a different battery holder.

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    Duracell Vs Bosch Car Batteries

    Bosch is a famous battery brand that offers several battery models for car users. The battery is said to have a good cracking amp which helps to start the car quickly. Bosch and Duracell seem to have similar ratings with good cranking power that can immediately start the vehicle. In addition, they are both reliable and have outstanding business reputations.

    Do I Really Need A Marine Battery For My Boat

    Deep Cycle Marine Battery Interstate

    Not only are marine batteries expected to crank over an engine, they are also required to supply energy for lighting, pumps, sound systems and anything else that might be essential for comfort or safety while out on the water. Anyone that has spent time in rough water will appreciate shock resistance in a boat.

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    How To Maintain A Deep Cycle Marine Battery

    The most important thing is to recharge the battery after each use. If you leave it discharged for too long, you can cause its performance to worsen. Use distilled or deionized water with types of batteries that require maintenance to ensure the sufficient electrolyte level.

    Clean the cable connectors and terminals as soon as you notice any deposits around this area. When storing your battery, make sure the moisture doesnt reach the upper surface of your unit. Protect your battery the same way you would protect your boat with a boat cover.

    How Often Should I Charge The Duracell Marine Batteries

    If you want your marine battery to last longer, you also need to take care of its charging schedule. But, do not overdo it because overcharging will damage the battery and reduce its expected lasting period.

    Reportedly, one should charge the Duracell marine batteries fully after every use.

    However, if you plan to store your Duracell batteries for a prolonged period, fully charge them within every three to six months to keep them alive and workable.

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    Renogy Deep Cycle Agm Battery 12 Volt 100ah

    If you like innovative products, the Renogy deep cycle battery that stores solar energy might be worth your attention. This unique device falls into the category of AGM batteries so you can count on it when you need some backup power during your stay on the water.

    Some of the typical features of AGM batteries include being resistant to vibrations and shocks and being spill and leak-proof. This also means you can easily install the battery on your vessel and not worry about leakages, maintenance, and top-ups.

    Yet, the Renogy battery performs well in daily use with other appliances in your boat or your home. It features 100Amp-hours, which is pretty solid and ensures a good couple of hours of use. If you manage to avoid discharging under 50%, you will extend the lifespan of this already durable deep cycle marine battery.


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