Duralast Battery 1-6volt Group Size 1 575 Cca

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Verdict: So Which Is The Winner The Duralast Or The Interstate

Between these two options, you might not see much of a difference, because both heavily rely on AGM technology. However, for the sake of availability and battery quality, the Interstate is a much better option keeping in mind that many users have complained about Duralast batteries and their durability.

How Do You Maintain The Duralast Battery

Duralast batteries are maintained in the same way as other automotive batteries are. Maintain it in a secure place to reduce the effects of rough terrains.You should also avoid taking short rides and utilizing gadgets while the motor is idling. To reduce rust and corrosion, clean the terminals with baking soda and water.

Features Of The Duralast Battery

Duralast is an amazing brand since its batteries have a long list of creative characteristics that set them apart from the competition. The particular characteristics will vary depending on the brand of Duralast battery you choose. Some of the factors that set them apart from the competition are as follows:

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There Are Three Selections To Choose From:

Duralast Tough

This is among the toughest options to get, as its extreme bond that is due to the high-density paste formula goes a long way to improving the long term performance of the battery. It also comes with a free replacement 2-year warranty.

Duralast Gold

This one is for the cranking amps when you need them. The combination of the CCAs and the reserve capacity ratings is great for meeting or exceeding the original specifications of your car.

It will also maximize the car engines start up, thanks to the maximum number of grids and plates, and comes with a free replacement 3-year warranty.

Duralast Platinum

This battery comes in form of an AGM design, which will provide deep cycle abilities, plenty of starting power, as well as improved technology for cars with high-power consumption accessories.

Like the Duralast Gold, it also comes with a free replacement 3-year warranty, and additionally includes more cycles, faster recharging, and 2 times higher cycle life compared to traditional batteries.

Duralast Lawn & Garden

This one has a CCA rating of 250, and is maintenance-free and consistent. Its design includes a computer-controlled formation to improve performance, while the enveloped separators will improve battery life and eliminate shorts.

Duralast Gold Lawn & Garden

This line of models is similar to the previous one, although the CCA rating is 350. Its design promotes easier installation, extended life, and protection from vibration.

Duralast Marine

What we like

Which Of The Battery Types Has The Highest Power Output

Everstart POWERSPORT Battery Group Size Es

Duralast and Interstate batteries although have their output coming at a close range, one is still higher than the other. The interstate batteries come with an average CCA of 800 cold-cranking amps while duralast comes with 720 cold cranking amps. Interstate comes with an average CA total of 1000 cranking amps while duralast has an average total of 910 cranking amps. So the Interstate battery has a slightly higher power output than duralast.

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The Duralast Battery Overview And Key Features

You might wonder whether Duralast is a viable option for consumers, or whether there is a difference between the different components that comprise a Duralast battery especially whether it is platinum, gold, or silver.

The truth though is that not all batteries from this company are consistently good, and that is a major problem that we have, as well as a complaint many consumers also have.

The only problem is that you can only purchase their batteries from their official website, as well as selected dealers, so availability is not as much as with other battery brands.

All their batteries will share certain features in common though, and these include:

Solid framework the batteries incorporate polypropylene construction that is resistant to impact. This allows it to reduce possible damage because of vibration. Moreover, the in-class vent mechanism will ensure that gases in the system will vent away and reduce corrosion and leaks. Other than that, the weld system and heavy duty strap will help to avoid cases of premature failure.

Amps the Duralast battery will give you reserve capacities and cold cranking amps that are enough to support your engine and reduce cases of shorts.

Pasting the batteries have a specific design that will incorporate high density paste. This will boost the cycling performance, even if the plates are of the traditional low-density type.

Duralast Gold Battery 124r

The 124R-DLG from their Gold Series is the greatest non-AGM battery available, but it has all of the attributes that make an AGM battery. The frame, like all batteries from this company, is made of polypropylene, which is impact resistant and helps reduce vibration damage. At $169.99, the battery provides a dependable and long-lasting battery in this price range.


  • Cannot see the battery status

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Interstate Dcm0035 Deep Cycle Battery

Interstate Batteries 12V 35AH Sealed Lead Acid AGM Deep Cycle Battery Insert Terminals

The use of deep cycle batteries is not going to go away any time soon, as they are highly versatile and can lend themselves to various uses even those that do not involve cars.

If you want a portable, compact battery for use in a trolling motor, this is among the best choices to go for. It weighs 23 pounds, and packs enough punch to rev a trolling motor for some hours without stopping.

Benefits Of The Ac Delco Battery

  • AC Delcobatteries are well-suited for use in GM automobiles.
  • The performance of AC Delco batteries may be relied on for high-end exotic vehicles.
  • Because you will never have to worry with terminal corrosion, the batteries are genuinely maintenance-free.
  • AC Delco batteries, with larger reservoirs, can hold a charge for a longer period of time than competitors.

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How To Choose The Right Duralast Battery For Your Vehicle

The series you select, like the type of automobile battery, is important. If you choose the basic models, they can only provide a limited number of functions for the amount they charge. You must examine the battery life, amp-hours, discharge time, and guarantee. As a result, it is critical that you select one that is appropriate for your car and its requirements.

When it comes to these batteries, the gold and platinum series are the ones that routinely outperform the competition. The silver or standard series is frequently hit or miss, and with only a 2-year warranty, you may want to consider upgrading if possible.

The key to purchasing an appropriate battery for your vehicle is as follows.

Best Golf Cart Batteries

Find the best golf cart batteries at Sam’s Club. We carry high-quality Duracell golf car batteries including the popular 6v or 6 volt battery and 8 volt models. These deep-cycle batteries are ideal for golf carts, campers, RVs and more. Designed with an improved life cycle, the Duracell golf car battery is durable, easy-to-use in a 6v golf cart and comes with a one-year free replacement warranty. Driving the golf courses just got easier.

Our golf cart battery charger selection also features Club Car 48 volt battery chargers.

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What Is Interstate Battery

The Interstate battery is one of the most well-known brands in the United States. They also belong into the category of classic batteries, which are manufactured by one of the industry’s oldest battery manufacturers. The company, which has its headquarters in Dallas, intends to meet a wide range of battery size requirements for vehicles of all sizes.

The Interstate battery, like Duralast battery, has a wide variety of versions available. They are as follows:

  • DCM0035 Interstate Deep Cycle Battery
  • Interstate SLA1055 5AH
  • All-Battery 6v Interstate Internal Battery

Is The Battery Installation Process Difficult

Walmart Value Power Battery 26r

Not really. Regardless of the brand you are dealing with, you will find that the process of installation is easy and maintenance is also easy, which allows you to do it on your own.

However, you cannot just do it without exercising proper precautions, so make sure our need to exercise proper precautions though always wear protective clothes, as well as gear such as eyewear and gloves.

In numerous instances, batteries will be difficult to access, so you will need the owners manual to consult on specific questions.

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Increasing A Capacity Of 1 Batteries With A Parallel Connection

If you need to increase current capacity and reduce charging time, connect batteries in parallel. When group 1 batteries are in parallel, their voltage is equal to the voltage of one battery, while current capacity equals to the sum of all its battery capacities. If you have two 6V lead-acid batteries with 30 Ah capacity and you connect them in parallel, you’ll get 6 Volts with 60 Ah.

Page Contents

Closest But Not Identical Size Battery Groups

Battery groups in this section below are not identical to the group 1 battery, they can be a little bigger or smaller. Please pay attention to the post terminal types and their location

Closest Groups that Have Slightly Smaller Dimensions

Smaller batteries can have less capacity, performance, and power in comparison with 1 group.

Battery Group Number
“LPT”, “HPT”, “UT”, “LT”

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Pick The Most Suited Battery

The battery that came with your vehicle is the best one for your vehicle’s needs. As a result, when you replace it, the one you choose must outperform or at least equal it. Your local AutoZone can look into and recommend the best battery for your needs, but it is recommended that you switch to a gold or platinum battery.

With an upgrade comes the assurance that you have made the greatest decision for your vehicle. If you have a car that is loaded with technological systems, infotainment, and heated seats, you might want to go for a platinum model because it can manage the necessities. Not to mention the lengthy guarantees.

How To Get 12 Volts From 6v Of A 1 Battery Group

If you need 12 Volts, you can connect two group 1 batteries in series to double the voltage. The voltage of a series connection is equal to the sum of the voltages of all its batteries. If one 6V lead-acid battery is connected to another 6V lead-acid battery, you have 12V total power output. Each battery must be fully charged and completely isolated from the other before connecting them in series, or there will be damage to at least one of them.

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What Is The Duralast Battery

Various car owners require a dependable battery because they desire a product that will operate properly in difficult settings. Duralast batteries are among the top solutions available on the market.

People who use the Duralast battery have given good and significant feedback, and as a result, it is well known that Duralast batteries provide exceptional performance. As a result, they look to be a good substitute for your car’s dead battery.

Duralast batteries have adequate reservation capacities, and the majority of these batteries have a high amperage in terms of Cold ranking. In summary, if you intend to drive throughout the winter, it is essential to hunt for a suitable Duralast battery for your vehicle.

How Long Do Duralast Gold Batteries Last

Duralast batteries last for three to five years on average performance. Thus, you can comfortably use a Duralast battery for up to the stipulated period before thinking of replacing the battery.

Nevertheless, you should know that the Duralast platinum batteries last longer even though they appear pretty pricey. You can also use the standard Duralast battery or Duralast Gold and enjoy the long-lasting performance.

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Is It Possible To Fully Recharge The Battery As I Drive The Car

The general rule is that taking the car for a short trip, or subjecting it to long idle times, will be insufficient for proper recharging. In addition, driving in bad weather during night-time will also lead to insufficient recharging.

The answer to this is not a straightforward thing, since it will depend on several factors. These include:

  • The age of the battery
  • The battery temperature
  • The current that is leaving the alternator and entering the battery
  • The time you spend driving

The Main Difference Between Duralast Battery And Interstate Battery

Group 26 battery for generator

The three main factors that distinguish the two battery brands are:

  • The Life of the Battery
  • The Primary Charge Periods
  • The Indicators of Light

The Duralast battery can recharge at a faster rate than the Interstate battery.

The explanation for the quick charging time could be that their storage capacity is smaller and thus charges faster, as opposed to the Interstate battery, which has a huge storage capacity and hence charges slower.

Duralast batteries do not include light indications. The Interstate batteries, on the other hand, have LED indicators. It is an additional benefit of interstate batteries over duralast and other normal batteries.

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How Do I Know What Battery To Buy For My Car

In order to find the right battery for your car, you’ll need to know the group size.

Step 1: Check for the group size on your old battery. Step 2: Check your owner’s manual for a group size. Step 3: Search online for the group size.

Step 1: Look on your battery’s label. Step 2: Check your manual. Step 3: Check online.

How Long Do Interstate Batteries Last

In the ideal condition, an original battery of interstate will last for about 3-5 years. You should keep in mind that a lot of factors can contribute to its not attaining the ideal battery life. Poor maintenance, bad driving habits, and exposure to extreme elements are some of the factors that can reduce battery life.

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Duracell Vs Duralast Car Battery

If you’re in the market for a new car battery, you might be wondering whether you should go with Duracell or Duralast. Both brands are well-known, but which is the best?

This table chart compares Duracell and Duralast battery to assist you in determining which one is best for you.


Has Vent Caps For Safe Operation

Vibration Resistant Due To The Bonding Of The Plates

Impact Resistant Construction Minimizes Damage From Vibration

Comes With Modern Calcium Technology, Zero Maintenance

Specially Designed Paste Formula Improves Performance

Both Duracell advanced and Duralast Gold batteries are excellent choices in our opinion. Which is the better solution for you actually depends on your demands. Duracell advanced batteries are the way to go if you require extra power. However, if you want a battery that will last longer, Duralast Gold is the superior choice. Choose the battery that best meets your requirements!

Group 1 Alternatives And Closest Battery Groups By Dimensions

There are no direct interchangeable alternatives for group 1 battery if we speak about dimensions, but if your battery space hasn’t strict limits, you can choose a little bigger or smaller battery group. If your battery compartment cannot accommodate a larger battery, you can choose a smaller one. In both cases, you must securely fasten your new battery with a battery holder. If your battery holder can’t hold the alternative battery group, you can buy a universal battery holder to fit in different types of batteries.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Duralast Battery

Advantages of Duralast Batteries

  • The Duralast battery is made of high-quality materials and contain calcium, making them extremely long-lasting. A Duralast automotive car battery, for example, can last three to five years. Various Duralast batteries, once again, function well in a variety of vehicles and appear to be suitable for a variety of applications.
  • The majority of the goods in this battery line come with a sufficient guarantee, and you may even discover those with a replacement option. Such benefits make it easy for a wide range of people to buy, and they successfully communicate the brand’s high quality.
  • This car battery brand, unlike other competitors, concentrates on two major performance factors: the battery’s reservation capacity and CCA. As a result, most Duralast batteries deliver 500 CCA or more, making them appropriate for usage in harsh environments.
  • Because of their high reservation capacity, these batteries are a good choice. Surprisingly, polypropylene is used in the building of these batteries, which helps to reduce shocks and vibrations during battery cell movement.
  • Furthermore, the plate and grid integration of these batteries ensures optimum performance by regulating voltage currents and overall heat. This is particularly true when it comes to’starting ups.’

Disadvantages of the Duralast Battery

Duralast Platinum Battery 35

The 35-AGM from their Platinum series is a dependable battery that won’t break the bank while still providing efficient power. The product is jam-packed with features that give its competitors a run for their money. To begin with, it weighs 39 pounds, which is the average weight for all AGM batteries.


  • A strong battery. Appropriate for a wide range of vehicles, from sedans to SUVs, as well as vehicles equipped with cutting-edge technologies that necessitate extra power.
  • Because it is spill-proof and leak-proof, it may be put at any angle.
  • It has a high CCA value of 650, which makes it perfect for cold winter mornings.
  • Maintenance-free
  • With a reserve capacity of only 100 minutes, the discharge rate is slightly higher.
  • 12v/50AH is not the greatest on the market

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The Difference Between Ac Delco And Duralast Battery

The table below shows the comparison between two brands in short which is helpful to get a clear overview.

  • Duralast and AC Delcoboth compete in the same pricing range.
  • AC Delco is appropriate for high-end automobiles where dependability is essential.
  • Duralast is a wonderful choice because of its low cost and superior customer service.

Pros And Cons Of Interstate Battery

Group 26 battery for generator


  • In comparison to Duralast, it is quite simple to contact customer service.
  • It is quite economical due to its reasonable pricing range.
  • It is one of the best, most trustworthy battery types available.
  • It has ease of mounting and dismounting in a variety of sizes, as well as usage and maintenance.
  • It is available in portable and compact sizes.
  • The batteries are adequately protected because they are housed in robust and sturdy plastic casings.


  • The warranty durations are more like just words that are not put into action it provides a limited warranty.
  • Some of the goods’ durability has been called into doubt.

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