Dyson V6 Absolute Battery Replacement

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V6 Battery 6000mah 216v Replacement Battery For Dyson Compatible With V6 Animal Absolute Motorhead Slim Sv03 Sv04 Sv05 Sv06 Sv07 Sv09 Vtc4 Dc58 Dc59 Dc61 Dc62 Dc72 Dc74 V6 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner


Features :

  • As Original V6 Battery ReplacementThe 21.6V V6 battery for Dyson has the same appearance, material and internal structure as the original battery. Our V6 replacement battery has passed CE, FCC, RoHS, etc. certifications. There is no safety problem and can be used with confidence
  • Upgraded 6000mAh Battery6.0Ah upgraded high-capacity V6 cordless vacuum battery for dyson, the use time is longer than the original battery, the V6 battery is more durable, so that your vacuum works longer, and it can also reduce the number of charging times, making the battery life longer
  • High ApplicabilityOur V6 battery replacement compatible with V6 series tools such as V6 Trigger, V6 Animal, V6 Motorhead, V6 Fluffy, V6 Absolute, SV03, SV04, SV09, DC58, DC59, DC62, VTC4 battery. Attention: our V6 battery replacement is not compatible with V7 or V8 cordless vacuum
  • Safe and ReliableOur V6 SV04 battery replacement can provide short-circuit protection, over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, over-temperature protection, over-current protection and over-voltage protection.
  • New Upgraded BatteryFor some problems of our V6 battery replacement in the past, our technicians have carried out a series of new upgrades to the battery, please rest assured to buy. If you encounter any problems during use, please contact us at any time

Antrobut 3800mah Comes With Built

Key Features:

Even though its capacity does not exceed 4000 mAh, if you are looking for one with the best safety record, then you have found it. Besides the protecting mechanisms, it is also a top performer.

Suction Power

It brings your Dyson V6 to life with the power it offers. The substantial increase in suction power will help you to clean properly and quickly. You will be able to clean even the heavy particles.

Battery Life

The battery life will be very satisfying. It will offer top-tier performance for more than two years if used properly. On top of that, the runtime on each session will be more than decent.


As not all heroes wear a cape, not all batteries come with filters. But, this one does come with filters and it will also save you some bucks. The filters are both washable and fully reusable, making them very user-friendly.


Many users rate it over the original battery of the Dyson V6. The price is very decent. The battery life is long and powerful. Come with washable and reusable filters.


The build quality might feel a bit flimsy.


The build quality is not premium, you will get 12 months warranty and 45 days money back guaranty. So, you can pick it up without any second thought.

Battery Life Of The Dyson V6 Battery Replacement

No matter what price you pay for a Dyson V6 battery replacement, you will get the best value for money if the battery lasts long. You can also look for the mAh ratings of your Dyson battery. The higher the milliamp-hour rating of the battery, the better life it will have. The worth of battery is the time it provides serving you by supplying uninterrupted power to your vacuum cleaner. So be determined to get the best product and be efficient while using it to get the most from your new replacement battery.

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Why Is My Dyson V6 Not Holding Its Charge

A Dyson V6s mechanism may have an error that resulted in the battery pack not holding a charge. If so, resetting the unit may help solve this problem. Youll find the process to reset a Dyson vacuum battery in a later section of this post.

Also, read our post on what you can do if a Dyson vacuum isnt holding a charge to know the steps to fix this problem.

Touyeet Dyson V6 Replacement Battery

Replacement For Dyson V6 battery V6 Absolute, V6 Motorhead, DC61 ...

This replacement battery for the Dyson V6 has a lesser capacity than the previous item. But it comes with additional fasteners, allowing it to be as secure as possible to the vacuum cleaner while youre using it. Like the FirstPower variant, this battery from Touyeet is compatible with other Dyson vacuums like the SV03 and DC72.

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How Do You Replace A Dyson Battery

Make sure to check your products owners manual to check if you need to go through extra steps to replace your specific Dyson vacuum cleaners battery. Still, heres a look at the general steps to complete this process. Also, youll only need a Philips head screwdriver for this process, aside from the replacement battery:

When To Replace Dyson V6 Battery

Brand new, fully charged Dyson V6 battery is able to power Dyson V6 for 6 to 20 minutes and it requires ~3.5 hours to get fully recharged.

When the Dyson V6 runtime noticeably drops, when the battery can’t hold the charge when charging time becomes much shorter , or when the battery’s BMS signals battery error, it is probably time to replace the battery.

If the battery is within its warranty period, contact Dyson for a new replacement battery.

However, if the battery is out of its warranty period, consider buying a new OEM Dyson V6 battery and replace the battery at home.

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Best Replacement Battery For Dyson V6

Nothing on this green earth works for eternity, and the batteries of your Dyson v6 are no exception. As sooner or later you will need to change the power source, it is better to have ideas of replacement beforehand. In this post Ill sort out a few replacement options you can try when the original battery runs out.

Like all other pieces of electronic equipment, there is no absolute good or bad. Some excel at a few key points that put them ahead in the picking line, where others dont. I have picked the 7 best replacement batteries for Dyson v6 that will offer you the top performance.

So, keep your patience and stick with me till the end. Once you have finished, you can take your decision yourself which one to pick.

Fhybat V6 Replacement Battery

The BEST Dyson V6 Replacement Battery On Amazon? Full Test Of Four Popular Models!

Different Dyson V6 users may have peace of mind with this replacement battery installed into their vacuum cleaners. Its a CE-certified product, which means it complies with the standards set by the European Union . It also means that the product passed different quality assurance tests to ensure users can make the most value out of this model.

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How To Replace Dyson V6 Battery

If the warranty period is over, order a new OEM battery and replace it at home.

The procedure is rather simple:

– Before replacing the battery, be sure that the unit is turned Off, charger cable unplugged, and dirt bin empty,

– remove the wand and dirt bin from the vacuum,

– Dyson V6 comes with the battery attached with two Phillips screws – one screw is in the rear of the handle and one on the front part of the battery,

– first, remove the screw from the rear of the handle,

– position the vacuum cleaner on a soft surface and remove the screw from the front of the battery

Note: although lithium batteries don’t contain toxic metals like cadmium, lead, and/or mercury, they should be recycled properly.

– new Dyson V6 OEM battery comes with two Phillips screws required for fixing the battery,

– place the new battery into the handle, gently pushing it until it clicks into place, and secure it in place with the screws

– assemble the unit, including the dirt bin and perhaps the wand.

Note: for safety reasons, lithium batteries are transported in semi-charged condition – charge the new battery before the very first use.

The following YouTube video explains the procedure in greater detail:

Growfeat 216v 40ah V6 Battery Replacement For Dyson V6 Compatible With Dc62 Dc59 Dc58 Dc61 Dc74 Dc72 Animal Absolute Fluffy Motorhead Slim Sv04 Sv05 Sv06 Sv07 Sv09 Vacuum Battery

Features :

  • Work Great as Original V6: 21.6Volt | 4.0Ah/4000mAh | Lithium-ion battery | CE& PSE, FCC, RoHS Safe Certified. Same as the original size & function. Perfect Replacement for Dyson V6 Battery. Upgraded high capacity for your V6 vacuums to work longer.
  • Compatible with All V6 Series: Compatible with all V6 series vacuum cleaners: DC58 DC59 DC61 DC62 DC72 DC74, Absolute Animal Motorhead Slim, SV03 SV04 SV05 SV06 SV07 SV09. ONLY FOR V6, NOT FOR V7 V8 V10 V11 DC31.
  • Upgraded 4.0Ah Capacity: Upgraded 4.0Ah battery has a higher capacity, provides super suction and more runtime for your vacuum. Giving you a satisfying using time and cleaning up all the dog hair and whatever else was on the floor.
  • Safe & Reliable: Easy to install – took about 2 minute to replace, and it fits perfectly with original V6 wall charger station. Safety Battery: Protect against overcharge, over discharge, over current, short circuit. Charging indicator: Steady blue means charging Light off means charging completed Lashing yellow means error occurred.
  • Customer Support: 12-Month Quality Guarantee, Free Exchange. If you encount any questions, please rest assure to send us the message.

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Dyson Battery Replacement: Dyson V6 V7 V8 And More

In short: Check out compatible batteries at these shops in United States:Dyson.com

If you have a cordless vacuum cleaner, you will eventually have to buy a new battery. When you have charged a battery several times, it can lose its power. For example, the battery will have to be charged faster and faster.

If you own a Dyson vacuum cleaner and want to learn everything about replacing your battery, youve come to the right place. I tell you everything you need to know about replacing your Dyson battery.

Ymmv Replacement Battery 20

3500mAh 21.6V Replacement Battery for Dyson V6 Animal Absolute ...
Deal Link:

Nearby Dyson locations:


dracolnyte wrote: just bought a random one off amazon for everyday price of $40 for my V6 absolute, works fine


animeshw wrote: I also got one for my V8 which is like 6 years old now. Did not felt like spending so much on dyson battery. Works really well they even sent replacemen filters with the battery. GOing strong for 6 months now.


dracolnyte wrote: just bought a random one off amazon for everyday price of $40 for my V6 absolute, works fine.edit: forgot to mention, it also threw in replacement screws, screw driver, conical filter and hepa filter which i did not expect

animeshw wrote: I also got one for my V8 which is like 6 years old now. Did not felt like spending so much on dyson battery. Works really well they even sent replacemen filters with the battery. GOing strong for 6 months now.

Can you guys provide the link to the batteries?Thanks.

Drizzzy wrote: Dyson batteries are the worst, why would you get another one….?

Scarborough, ON

ivorii wrote: I wanted to buy a new battery for my V8. Thought about going on Amazon after someone at Dyson told me there’s no discounts on the batteries.I’d gladly buy an official one if I can also get 40% off on a new battery tho. But I tried a couple days ago and I wasn’t able to even get a small discount

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Dyson Battery Maintenance Tips

Here are some tips to lengthen the service life of a Dyson battery.

If youve decided to buy a replacement battery, pay attention to several of the tips below, as this can help maximize the lifespan of a non-OEM battery.

  • Keep it plugged: Good brands have a built-in safety feature that trickle charges when its full, so its okay to keep it plugged in if youre using it daily.
  • Cool down after use: After using the vacuum, let the battery rest until it cools down, mainly if the max setting was used prior. This usually takes between 10 to 30 minutes. Replacement brands do specify this and warn against charging immediately after use.
  • Charge and discharge a few times: This tip is specifically for replacement vacuums. To unlock the batterys full capacity, charge and discharge twice or thrice.
  • Avoid leaving the battery idle for extended periods: Replacement batteries will lose charge over time. An excellent way to counteract this is keeping the charger plugged so the battery doesnt discharge over time. If youre not using the battery for a long time, set a reminder to charge every two or three weeks. Original Dyson batteries dont have this issue and keep their charge over long periods.
  • Store in a cool place: Store the battery away from sunlight or any heat source. Make sure to charge the battery before stowing it away.
  • Best Replacement Battery For Dyson V10 Models

    Next, well look at replacement options for the Dyson V10. Since this model is just a few years old, there wont be as many options as the V7 or V8.

    There will be fewer reviews since not as many people have purchased replacement batteries. Being a newer model means V10 replacement battery alternatives will be more expensive than a V8.

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    Should I Leave My Dyson On Charge All The Time

    Yes. This practice shouldnt be an issue since Dyson batteries have a built-in overcharge protection system that slows the current to a trickle upon reaching full capacity, a similar technology found in mobile devices.

    Its a best practice for frequent users to keep it plugged, so its always full and ready to go.

    An Overview Of The Best Dyson Replacement Battery Per Model

    How to replace the battery on your Dyson V6⢠cordless vacuum


    The V6 was once Dysons flagship but is now an entry-level option.

    Despite its age, there is still a bevy of options available, some with higher mAh numbers that should run longer than the OEM variety.

    However, these larger cell batteries will be heavier. Some options come with extra filters, screwdrivers, and bolts, so its something to consider for deal hunters.

    You can still purchase an original battery directly from Dyson, but it isnt cheap. The price is equivalent to two or three replacement batteries.

    For those of you who have an out-of-warranty V6, I wouldnt fault you for purchasing a third-party alternative to give your vacuum a new lease in life.

    Important note: Do not charge the battery immediately if its hot, or youll risk damaging it. Let it cool down first before recharging. Its a common theme for all replacement vacuums Ive seen so far. So its a heads up for those of you purchasing replacement batteries for the V6.

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    Keeptop V6 Replacement Battery

    This aftermarket battery has a 4,800 mAh capacity, which should provide better and longer cleaning performance to your V6 vacuum cleaner. However, the accompanying screws may not fit properly into the vacuum cleaner. So it might be best to use the original screws instead of the ones in this products packaging.

    Dyson V6 Battery Replacement Compatibility

    Since some of the parts from Dyson V6 battery replacements look similar, you have to be careful when shopping for one. Not all parts are interchangeable, and only certain Dyson v6 battery replacements can fit into your machine. Order the right size, voltage and type for your appliance by checking its details shared on a website or through different online reviews. You can ask the retailer if you buy your replacement battery from a local store.

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    Shamnee Replacement 3500 Mah For Dyson V6

    Another option for V6 owners looking for a replacement battery is the Shamnee 3500 mAh. Its a smaller capacity than FirstPower, but it does come with extra bolts, which is handy if, for some reason, youve stripped them.

    This battery will fit the V6s dock without any issues as it has the same size.

    Some reviewers say it lasted longer than the original, but they did not specify how much longer. So take it with a grain of salt.

    Enermall Dc59 V6 Battery

    Dyson V6 Battery Replacement V6 Absolute, V6 Animal Series Vac 3200Mah ...

    As for this particular vacuum replacement battery, its compatible with the different products in the Dyson V6 line. Fitting this battery pack on the V6 Absolute, Animal, Motorhead, or Slim should be a hassle-free experience. But the charging color on this model is green instead of the blue LED on the original Dyson battery.

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    Kunlun 4000 Mah Replacement Battery For Dyson V7

    One of the more popular replacement battery options for the V7 is the Kunlun 4000 mAh. Its compatible with all the V7 options, from the stick vacuum versions like the MotorHead to handheld options like Trigger.

    Kunlun offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is an attractive offer considering its low price.

    Consumers say this battery will fit the original charging dock.

    Enermall 5000 Mah 216

    • Compatible with: Dyson V6, DC58, DC59, DC61, DC62, DC72, DC74, Animal, 595, 650, 770, 880, SV03, SV04, SV06, SV07, SV09

    The V7 is an in-between option between the V6 and V8.

    However, its framework is closer to the V8 than V6. Replacing the V7 battery is similar to that of the V8. So check my guide on replacing the V8 battery for more details.

    An original V7 battery is available on Dysons website, but its expensive and is equivalent to two or three replacement V7 batteries.

    Id go for an original if your vacuum is still under warranty. Otherwise, it would make sense to go with a cheaper replacement.

    Like in the V6, some options here include bolts and filters. So its something to consider if you need those parts.

    Ive read some reviews with the 4000 mAh batteries running for up to 40 minutes up to 10 minutes more from the V7s OEM battery.

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