Emergency Exit Lights With Battery Backup

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Commercial Emergency Exit Lights & Sign Options

Exit and Emergency | Episode 10 – Replacing a Battery and New Changes

We offer a selection of top-notch exit signs and exit sign guards and accessories. You can choose traditional edge-lit signs or try a more modern photo luminescent option. Add exit sign emergency lighting when you want the option of flashing lights in a problematic situation. We have dozens of options to help you get the perfect match for your needs. Find an option that meets your specifications for dimensions, wattage, lamps, voltage, battery life, housing, etc. For extra reliability in challenging environments, guards are also available to cover your fixtures and keep them well protected so that they last longer.

What Are The Benefits Of Led Exit Signs And Emergency Lights

  • LED lighting technology has developed to the point that it can overcome almost all of the drawbacks of the technologies previously listed here.
  • Lighting quality is much better in color rendering, color temperature and lumen output .
  • LED lights have a much lengthier lifetime and meet building codes.
  • Although LED lighting is more costly at the outset upon purchase, the long-term savings result from less energy consumed than conventional lights. LED lights save on utility costs over time. They also dont waste energy emitted as heat.

Emergency Lighting And Exit Signs

Emergency lighting is invaluable if you’re in an area that is prone to power outages or simply want to adhere to occupational health and safety guidelines. Grainger Canada carries all the top brands in lighting, including Lumacell, Lumapro, Star, Safety Technology International and more. Choose from exit signs, light sticks, emergency lighting batteries and more at Grainger to keep you safe when the lights go out.

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What Are The Different Types Of Exit Signs And Emergency Lights

  • Edge-Lit Exit Signs – This type of sign is slim in profile and lit by the edge rather than inside the frame of the sign.
  • Single Face Exit Signs These signs display the Exit lettering on one side of the sign and are placed directly above doorways.
  • Double Face Exit Signs These signs display the Exit lettering on both sides of the sign and are placed perpendicularly above doorways.
  • Wet Listed Exit Signs These signs are used in buildings that have indoor fire sprinklers and are protected against water damage.
  • Emergency Lights These lights typically have 1-3 heads and are activated during a power outage.
  • Exit/Emergency Light Combo These signs have emergency lights attached to the exit sign.

Where Are Emergency Backup Lights With Batteries Used

LFI Lights

Emergency lights with battery backup are necessary not only for building safety and to be compliant with municipal codes and UL standards throughout North America. Battery operated exit signs have been required in many private and commercial buildings for many years. Fixture options are available for harsh and or wet environments. Here are some examples of where emergency lights with backup batteries are used:

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Where Are Exit Signs And Emergency Lights Used

According to building fire codes and insurance standards, public spaces in the United States require exit signs and emergency lights. Schools, offices, retail stores, government buildings, gymnasiums, movie theaters, and sports stadiums are among these places. Below are some example uses of exit signs and emergency lights:

What Are Emergency Lights With Backup Batteries

An Emergency Light is a light fixture that illuminates key safety areas when a building experiences power loss. A fixture with battery backup capability switches to emergency operation during power losses to illuminate escape routes and safety equipment. Backup batteries operate emergency lights, exit signs, or both when regular normal power is lost. Both emergency light and exit sign batteries run emergency and exit light fixtures for at least 90 minutes.

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Exit Lighting And Emergency Lighting Fed By A Generator 2017 Nec

Lets be honest here. Most Code change seminars start at the beginning of the National Electrical Code , and by the time the class is over, were lucky if we get as far as Article 700. It is important that electrical professionals have a good grasp of Article 700Emergency Systems, because most of us arent exposed to this on a daily basis. One common violation I occasionally run across is when designers attempt to power exit lighting and emergency lighting by using an Article 702 generator design.

I see many attempts whereby the design engineer attempts to simply put everything in the building on the generator. They feel that, since there is some type of backup power to the exit and emergency luminaires, they have done their job. This is incorrect. Any design attempt to use a generator to supply exit lighting and emergency lighting , automatically triggers Article 700 in the 2017 NEC. The generator in this instance does not fall under Article 702, Optional Standby Systems. The generator now becomes a true emergency generator, covered under Article 700, and installation requirements become much more stringent.

The term emergency generator is used loosely in the electrical industry. If a generator system is used as part of an emergency system that supplies life-safety loads, it must be designed to meet the requirements of NEC Article 700 as well as NFPA 110. NFPA 110 is a standard referenced in the informational notes in the scope of Article 700.1.

Exit Signs With Battery Backup

Exit sign and emergency light battery replacement

LED exit signs with battery backup provide exceptional value and performance at an affordable cost. At Emergency Lights Co., we pride ourselves on offering a broad range of options, along with excellent customer service and product support. As you search for the right emergency lighting to suit your needs, here are a few reasons to consider choosing battery backup exit signs from Emergency Lights Co.:

    • Price: With a lowest price guarantee, units start at less than $20 each.
    • Ease of use: Units are designed to allow for simple, straightforward installation and mounting to a variety of substrates, saving our customers valuable time and effort.
    • Efficiency: At less than 5 watts of electricity, a particular advantage of LED exit signs with battery backup is extremely low energy consumption.
    • Suitability for all environments: Many models, such as this NEMA 4x wet location green LED exit sign, are expertly crafted for environments in which weatherproofing, impact exposure, or climate changes are a factor.
    • Guaranteed compliance: All units are UL listed and meet safety compliance standards throughout the United States.
    • Superior service: As a leader in the industry, were committed to being a resource for our customers at every step of the process.

To learn more about LED exit signs with battery backup, or to determine which model might be best for you, email your questions to or reach us anytime at 480-0707.

Customer Service

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Red Led Exit Sign With Battery Backup

  • Long life, energy efficient, low maintenance LEDs
  • Dual Voltage – 120 or 277 volts
  • Ni-Cad Battery Included – rechargeable, maintenance-free battery provides 90 minutes of emergency illumination
  • UL listed for Damp location and complies with UL 924, National Fire Protection Association, and National Electric Code
  • Universal Mount – mount from ceiling, with its edge against the wall, or with its back against the wall

Options For Emergency Lighting Fixtures With Battery Backup

We offer a range of emergency lighting options for adding emergency backup lights to your location. Our inventory features top manufacturers for reliable performance and longevity worth the price. Manufacturers warranties back many units to ensure a long life of the product and total satisfaction. You will find your choice of lamp source available in various designs. For instance, there are incandescent, fluorescent, and ever-popular LEDs in this inventory.

Easy to mount and maintain, the units feature such essential elements of construction as durable lenses, strong housing units made of thermoplastics, and more. Best of all, many of the units feature double heads so you can ensure the light will fall exactly where your location needs it in the event of a power loss.

Choose from several sizes and lamp shapes when shopping our collection of commercial emergency light fixtures with battery backup capability. We even have units designed for corners, ceiling, and walls to help you tailor the options to fit the exact needs of your space. Find the right solution for your commercial location today!

If you have any questions while shopping with us, please contact us for further assistance. We are always happy to assist our customers in any way.

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What Are Exit Signs And Emergency Lights

Exit Signs and Emergency Lights are typically used in tandem to provide illumination and direct people to the exit of a building in an emergency. Exit lights are usually placed above doorways, while emergency lights are configured to provide lighting for a power outage. Here are some examples of exit signs and emergency lights:

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