Enphase Battery Vs Tesla Powerwall 2

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Tesla Powerwalls Can Be Stacked To Increase The Kw Storage Size

3 Reasons Enphase Battery Beats Tesla Powerwall | Tesla vs Enphase

You can stack up to 6 powerwalls together to increase your kWh from 13.5 to 81kWh. This is ideal for some businesses who are looking to maximise their savings and move towards a self-sustainable business.

This also helps homeowners who consume a lot of energy and will end up draining one Tesla powerwall alone. You really have the flexibility to continue to add powerwalls to your system.

Again, adding powerwalls in the future is a really awesome feature because it allows you to start making savings then reinvest. One area I would love to see in the future is something similar to Sonnen.

The battery is able to increase in smaller sizes for example 2.5kWh, so you as the homeowner can really design your own battery tailored around your energy needs. You can additionally keep adding if your energy consumption increases.

Best For Small Homes And Low

Most people have heard of Duracell, the American company famous for their disposable batteries. Theyve since branched out into the solar market, creating the Duracell Energy Bank.

The Energy Bank is the ideal choice if youre looking to power a smaller household, or just want to add energy storage to your homes energy mix. Offering 3.3kWh of capacity and easy installation, the Energy Bank has become a popular option .

How Powerwall Batteries Work

All batteries store DC power, and solar panels produce DC power. But home appliances use AC power. This is where inverters and rectifiers come into play.

When solar panels produce DC power, it runs through an inverter, where its converted to AC, then flows through your house. If you have a backup power system, excess energy thats not used in the home will keep flowing to charge your battery. It will need to run through a rectifier to be converted back to DC power in order to be stored in the battery.

The Powerwall 2 and Powerwall+ both have an internal inverter and rectifier to convert electricity between AC and DC. The inverter in the Powerwall 2 is only for the battery, and an external inverter is required for solar panels. On the other hand, the Powerwall+ includes a solar inverter. Both models can also charge from the grid when solar panels are not producing electricity.

Heres a quick overview of how it works:

The energy stored in a Tesla Powerwall can be used at any time. However, there are certain times of the day when stored electricity is more valuable. For example, many electricity providers charge expensive peak tariffs after sunset, when homes tend to use more power. By pulling from your Powerwall instead of the grid at this time of the day, you can maximize your electricity savings.

Heres how that breaks down in a typical solar panel system:

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How Does A Tesla Powerwall 2 Work

In simple terms, when your solar panels convert sunlight into direct current electricity it runs through your cables and into your solar inverter. Here its converted into alternating current to get used as power in your home.

Some of this AC current will get fed into your powerwall to be stored. When it reaches your powerwall, its converted back into DC current and stored in the lithium-ion battery. An upgrade in the powerwall 2 is that it is also an AC converter.

When it is needed to be used again, your powerwall will convert DC energy back into AC and send it to your home for use. The inverter has a 90% round trip efficiency meaning that 10% of energy gets lost by the time it gets sent back to your home.

The Lifetime Of A Powerwall

A Comparison of Tesla and Enphase Batteries For Home Energy Backup ...

Tesla is providing a 10 year product warranty for the powerwall. It states that the product will be free from defects for 10 years following its installation date.

They are also guaranteeing 10 years of unlimited cycles of charge, with an energy retion of 70% in 10 years. However, this only applies to self consumption and backup only but they will be the most used consumption settings.

Any other applications or combination of applications then your warranty is dropped to around 3,200 cycles. This is around 8 years worth if your powerwall completed a charge cycle every day.

However, this is how long a powerwall will last under its warranty. There is no evidence to suggest it couldnt last another 10 years after this. Granted, the energy consumption may drop significantly, but the battery will still charge. Therefore, its an open answer The powerwall could last 15-20 years.

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We All Know How Big & Reliable Tesla Is As A Company

Well, I suppose one thing powerwall owners have in common is the confidence that Tesla as a company will still be around in 50+ years. Its safe to say that they are a huge, reliable company and possibly the best to buy a battery from in terms of safety.

Although Tesla may not have been around for as long as other battery manufacturers, it still has one of the best bankability. They are also backed by their automotive side of the business as well. You can be sure youll be able to claim your warranty if anything would happen with Tesla.

This is nice to know when making a large investment with a long warranty. With the way the future is moving towards self-sustainability, Tesla may just be driving the forefront of this change.

Enphase: Very Decent Gross Margins

Enphase produces gross margins of around 40% on its products. This translates into strong free cash flows. The company performs above its long-term target. These margins could come down a bit in the future.

The company had a fantastic turnaround since the appointment of CEO Badri Kothandaraman. He put the customer upfront with a focus on net promoter score and increased margins drastically. More on that in my previous article about Enphase.

Enphase also translates these margins into a high free cash flow of $198.9M in 2020. It built a net cash position over the past two years. Enphase puts the cash to use with a recently announced $500M buyback program.

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Do They Have Offices In Australia

Yes, Tesla has offices in Australia. This is super important for they can address any issues quickly and effectively. This applies to replacements for warranties, help desk issues or even sales questions.

Tesla has been in the Australian market from around 2016. They have had multiple changes in their products pricing with regular fluctuations. In 2022 there has already been a price increase and Im sure it will fluctuate in the future as well.

Buying A Home Battery

Tesla Powerwall Vs Enphase Battery

Whether or not you have a solar system in your home or not, having a home battery is a good idea for several reasons.

  • Enables you to offset peak energy hours
  • Provides energy during power outages
  • Allows you to store surplus solar power to use at night

For many, the main reason to buy a home battery is to take advantage of net energy savings. In short, your home battery is connected to the grid and charges during the off-hours or non-peak hours when energy prices are lower. This stored energy is used to offset energy usage during peak energy hours when energy costs are higher.

Another important consideration for purchasing a home battery is the capability to continue to use energy and power home appliances during power outages. With these top-of-the-line offerings, you should not notice any disruption in the grid, enabling you to proceed with your day as usual. You can even choose to direct your solar power to your battery if you know big storm is coming and a power outage is likely.

Finally, a home battery allows you to take full advantage of a solar array. Solar panels produce energy so long as the sun shines. Paired with home batteries, excess solar energy is stored and used at night. This way you are not wasting the extra power made by your solar panels during the day.

While all home batteries on the market should accomplish similar operations for your home, narrowing down your choice between the Powerwall and the Enphase IQ takes more nuance.

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Tesla Powerwall 2 Vs Sonnen Eco

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know about the success of Tesla and Powerwall 2. But Tesla is far from the only company looking to profit off of rechargeable batteries for the home.

If we talk about expertise and experience in battery storage industry Sonnen is also not behind any battery storage industry juggernauts Sonnen battery systems proven performance and great warranty easily places them in the same league as both Tesla and LG Chem, although some argue they are even better.

Frequently Asked Questions: What Are Tesla Powerwall Alternatives

There are a lot of questions about Tesla Powerwall competitors, the Powerwall itself, and if its worth the price. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about home batteries.

What is comparable to a Tesla Powerwall?

Home batteries offered by sonnen eco and Generac especially are excellent Powerwall alternatives. LG Chems RESU and Enphases IQ Battery models can be stacked to create a larger battery.

How do you get a free Powerwall?

Residents of California can qualify for the SGIP Residential Equity Rebate, which provides a Powerwall to residents that meet a particular set of requirements. Currently, that is the only way for homeowners to receive a free Powerwall.

Is Tesla Powerwall worth it?

Whether or not Tesla Powerwall is worth the investment depends on the situation and personal preferences. Many of the Tesla Powerwall competitors have comparable systems without the frustrations or wait times that current customers have expressed and without having to buy a new solar system.

What is special about a Tesla Powerwall?

Many Powerwall alternatives offer the same advanced features, attractive pricing, and comparable quality as the Tesla Powerwall. The most significant difference between Powerwall competitors and the Powerwall is the Tesla brand.

Who else makes Powerwalls?

The Powerwall is a Tesla product while there are other Powerwall alternatives, no one else makes Powerwalls.

How long will a Generac PWRcell last?

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Which Company Produces Better Quality Batteries

Enphase is well-known for the quality and reliability of its products, while Tesla is a leader in electric technologies and has some of the best engineers in the world.

This begs the question: whose battery is better?

We consider several factors to assess the quality of the two companies batteries.

Tesla Powerwall Vs Enphase Battery: A Side By Side Comparison

Tesla Battery Powerwall 3 : Enphase Battery Vs Tesla Powerwall 2 Sunpro ...

Solar battery storage solutions provide additional home storage and power. They offer additional benefits, including cost savings and even preventing widespread grid outages. Two competitors are transforming the market the Tesla Powerwall and the Enphase Battery. Below is a comparison of the two options so you can decide on your home.

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Tesla Powerwall 2 For Sale

Tesla Powerwall is a cobalt-based lithium battery. It is a good choice in case of blackouts. The Tesla Gateway is the management system for the Powerwall. Besides, you can monitor your battery operations through the Tesla Powerwall app.

The Enphase battery is a lithium-iron-phosphate battery. The battery is only compatible with M and IQ serier Enphase microinverters.

Enphase batteries are managed by Enphase software. It gives you complete control over the system. The Enlighten app of the Enphase system will help you track and monitor your energy consumption in real-time. So, it will become easy to make your energy usage smarter and save on the bills. The Enphase system supports PV systems, battery storage and monitors power consumption with one package.

Which Company Is Right For You

Each battery has its benefits, so its up to you to prioritize these based on your needs.

Luckily, both companies have online tools to help you make the best decision for you.

Enphase offers the Enphase System Estimator to help you assess which of their battery products suits you best. The estimator allows you to input your energy habits to estimate the size, cost, and savings of an Enphase solar or battery system.

Tesla has a similar tool to help you design your solar and battery system based on your requirements.

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Tesla: Weak And Negative Gross Margins

Tesla’s energy generation and storage gross margins are below par. The company is losing money. Upscaling production can be challenging. It’s strange since Enphase is a lot more profitable with similar products. It seems Tesla’s cost base is too high. This forces it to sell at prices around its own cost.

Tesla is working on this. Elon Musk announced on April 22 that a Powerwall battery is an integrated product with Tesla solar panels and solar roofs.

It’s unclear what the effect on margins is for Tesla.

Battery Backup For Solar Panels

Tesla Powerwall 2 Vs Enphase IQ battery: 2022 Comparison

What all of this means for you: Because batteries decrease effectiveness with each round , opt for a solar battery with a strong RTE to optimize your benefits and longevity.

Again, because we all know that batteries drain energy with each cycle, battery life and whether or not the vendor offers a guarantee are critical factors to take into account.

Depending on how many cycles a solar battery goes through, it can last anywhere from 5 to 15 years. The majority of leading suppliers provide a 10-year warranty on their batteries.

What this means for you: choose a solar battery from a reputable company with at least a 10 year warranty. That way if anything goes wrong within 10 years, youll get a free replacement.

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How Long Does It Take To Get A Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwalls have a substantial wait time because the demand for solar batteries is so high as more homeowners want access to reliable backup power. Teslas production simply cant keep up. In fact, it was recently revealed that Tesla has 80,000 Powerwall orders that have yet to be fulfilled.

You can purchase a Powerwall from Tesla directly with the purchase of a solar roof or solar panels or from a Tesla partner installer. However, customers who order their Powerwall systems directly from Tesla have shorter wait times – usually a few months. Those who are getting a Powerwall through Tesla installation partners have waited almost a year to get their battery installed. It seems as though Tesla has prioritized filling their direct orders first, and are leaving their installation partners out to dry.

So, if youre looking for a battery to add to your already existing solar system and you dont want to wait a year or more to get a solar battery installed, youll need to find a Powerwall alternative.

How Many Solar Panels Does It Take To Charge A Powerwall

This is really important to work out before you invest in a tesla powerwall 2. So let me run through how to work this out to see if your system or future system is worth combining with a powerwall.

Also, just to note that if you have a small solar panel system, its really not worth installing a powerwall because of the cost as well as the fact it may struggle to fully charge it.

So Tesla has stated that the powerwall has a round efficiency trip of 90%, this means that when energy enters and leaves the battery some is lost. So to fully charge the powerwall 2 you will have to actually generate more than the capacity to cover any energy that is lost.

The capacity of the powerwall is 13.5kWh, so instead you may have to generate 15.2kWh to cover any energy lost and provide a full charge.

Taking this into consideration, if your solar system is not generating more than 15kWh in the winter months then you shouldnt bother investing in a Tesla powerwall 2. You can check this by looking at your energy bills to see how much power is being sent to the grid by your system.

However, if you are producing more than 15.2kWh and its being sent to the grid, then why not look to start to store that power and become independent? You can save even more money, and pay off your system and powerwall within a reasonable time frame.

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Tesla Powerwall Vs Enphase Iq

A glaring difference between the Tesla Powerwall and the Enphase IQ is the relatively recent debut of the Enphase IQ. While the Powerwall is by no means ancient , it does have the advantage of being on its second generation. This seniority allows the Powerwall a certain pedigree and a large user base compared to the new Enphase IQ.

However, there are other factors on which the two batteries can compete.

  • Cost
  • Size
  • Efficiency
  • Without a proven track record for either offering, you will have to look at the various aspects of each product and let them speak for themselves.

    Makeup Of Each Battery

    Enphase Battery Vs Tesla Powerwall 2 in 2021

    Its worth knowing what your solar battery is made up of to understand their benefits and drawbacks.

    Lithium-ion solar batteries, such as the Tesla Powerwall, are all-around useful and affordable but have several drawbacks. These batteries are more at risk of thermal runaway and thus have a shorter lifespan.

    The Enphase Battery is one of the safest on the market. Its made up of lithium iron phosphate, which is cobalt-free. As such, the risk of a thermal runaway defect is not possible, making for less wear and tear on the battery. Furthermore, it eliminates health and fire risks.

    As mentioned above, Enphase batteries are cobalt-free, making them extremely safe and resistant to over-heating. That being said, Tesla has incorporated safety features into the Powerwall that prevent it from overheating.

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