Ford Fusion Hybrid Battery Replacement Cost

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How Often To Replace A Ford Fusion Hybrid Battery

2013-2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid Li-Ion Battery

Hybrid batteries are not included in the manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule, but they also dont last forever. Generally speaking, most hybrid batteries last from six to 10 years, becoming more prone to failure between 10 and 15 years. This timeframe equates to approximately 120,000 to 150,000 miles or more in some cases.

The Ford Fusion offers an eight-year/100,000-mile warranty on the hybrid battery, whichever comes first. If your hybrid battery doesnt last that long, you wont have to pay for any repairs or replacements within the warranty period.

Ford Fusion Hybrid Batteries

Browse our Ford Fusion Hybrid Battery selection for 2010-2012 Ford Fusion Models and 2013-2014 Ford Fusion Models. Each Ford Fusion Hybrid Battery comes with three different installation options. Best Hybrid Batteries is determined to bring you an ideal experience with your hybrid battery installation. There is no core deposit with our White Glove Installation or Mobile Installation.

Look through our extensive list of hybrid batteries by make to find the right hybrid battery for your vehicle. If you have a specific issue with your hybrid battery get a quote from one of our experts to see if we can provide an affordable solution.

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Ford Fusion Energi Replacement Battery

Ford Fusion Energi Replacement Battery. Get the fast starting power you need, even in the coldest temperatures, along with. The current price of a new battery makes it impractical to replace it, but if elon musk’s new gigaplant impacts the price of batteries like everyone is predicting, it may make a.

Can anyone explain to me what the battery in tye trunk of my car is? Pick up at your purchase at an autozone auto parts store today. Mobile installation in 24 hours, or less.


Pick up at your purchase at an autozone auto parts store today. Ad motorcraft tested tough max batteries starting at $134.95 msrp.


Although some batteries last much longer, most. Check if this fits your ford fusion.


The 12 volt battery in this 2015 ford fusion hybrid is located in the left fender well. If you perform proper maintenance on them, they can last a while.


+ $ 22.00 refundable core deposit. Pick up at your purchase at an autozone auto parts store today.


Lower a new group size t5 or 90 12v battery in to the. Ford fusion car battery replacement at your home or office.


Depending on power, size, and quality, prices for a replacement. I know there is a hybrid battery and an ev battery.

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Hybrid Battery Replacement: When Can You Expect It

Whether youre planning to buy a used hybrid or you already own one, youll need to give some thought to the hybrid battery. Thats because the battery in a hybrid vehicle isnt like the one in a traditional car, and it cant be replaced for $75 at the local auto parts store.

Instead, a failed hybrid car battery can cost thousands of dollars to replace, and that can be a big deal to a shopper who bought a hybrid to save money. But before you get too worried, weve provided some tips on when to expect the battery to fail and ways to avoid a huge bill. Find a used hybrid car for sale near you

When Will It Fail?

This is the most important question posed by hybrid owners and drivers considering a used hybrid. Unfortunately, answering it isnt easy largely because each case seems to be different. Some drivers experience failure at 70,000 miles, while others can make it to 200,000 miles without issue.

In our experience, hybrid batteries start to become a risk when theyre 10 to 15 years old and theyve covered 120,000 to 150,000 miles. Yes, some owners will do a lot better than that. There are reports of batteries lasting well into the 200,000-mile range. But we wouldnt suggest counting on those reports as the norm, especially if youre considering a used hybrid and youre on a budget.

What Can You Do?

Check Your Warranty

Be Cautious, Not Scared

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Hybrid Battery Replacement Cost Symptoms #: Significant Drop In Mpg

Buy New Honda Civic 2003

Since the battery is dead, your MPG will drop. Maybe you were getting 50 MPG before your battery died. Now you can expect to get around 25-30 MPG.

This is a huge impact to fuel economy, and you wont like this if youre used to running your car cheaply. This is not to mention the overloading of the engine. The engine will be extremely overloaded since there is no electric motor to give it a hand when its running.

This stress can also affect the components inside of the engine as well and it can almost scrap your engine as well. The result is that you will pay for a used engine as well as for a new battery pack.

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How Much Does A Diy Method Cost For A Battery Replacement

The DIY methods are convenient for people with appropriate knowledge about the installation procedure.

The selection of gadgets depends on the car owner. The entire procedure reduces the labor charges and the expense of transportation.

You can save around $50 to $60 on these activities. But, these are risky procedures and require a lot of effort. Moreover, a minor problem leads to sudden repairing and control conditions.

It can automatically increase the cost of the procedure. But, you can learn the skills to adjust these energetic batteries in your car and protect against the surrounding problems.

Caring For A New Ford Fusion Battery

Did you recently have a new 2017 Ford Fusion car battery installed? Great job! Now, help it last longer and stay charged by caring for it from the get-go. turning off all of the lights when you leave your vehicle, decreasing the number of short trips you take, keeping your battery posts clean, and not using electronics such as the radio and power outlets when the engine is off.

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Is Hybrid Battery Replacement Worth It

You can assume that a car will be at least eight years old when it requires hybrid battery replacement for the first time. If the replacement cost is around $1,000, its obviously worthwhile…as long as the rest of the car is in good shape.

However, if the battery replacement cost is $5-6,000, its much less clear. An eight-year-old car could need thousands of dollars in other repairs also, and it could be in rough shape already. Its very possible that the hybrid battery replacement cost is very close to – or exceeds – the cars value. In this case, selling your car is an attractive choice. Get your guaranteed offer in 90 seconds to see how much your car is worth.

Is The Hybrid Battery Replacement Worth The Cost

Ford Fusion Hybrid (2015) – New Battery Install

When it comes down to it, the hybrid battery replacement cost is incredibly high. If you have an older car or one that is not in great shape, it may not be worth it to pay several thousand dollars to extend the batterys lifespan.

The closer the battery replacement cost gets to your cars value, the less it makes financial sense. In many cases, it will be financially savvy to sell your car instead. In these situations, CarBrain can give you a guaranteed offer in 90 seconds.

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Hybrid Battery Replacement Cost Symptoms #: Noises Coming From The Engine

Noises, when you connect the battery to get a charge, are also noted. These may sound like electricity sparks or other malfunctions connected to the electrical components in the vehicle.

This does not sound very good and can cause some shorting and fire in a worst-case scenario. You dont want a car that has a malfunctioned electrical component. If I were you, I will look for a hybrid battery replacement cost and swap the malfunctioned battery pack with a new one as soon as possible.

Firestone Has Diehard Batteries For Fusions

We only want whatâs best for your Ford Fusion, which is why we exclusively carry the best. Your Fusion needs a reliable, durable and powerful battery in even some of the toughest conditions. DieHard batteries shatter expectations using the latest innovative technology to satisfy the increasing power demands of modern vehicles Dont call a DieHard battery ordinary. Its an extraordinary battery. Choose a DieHard battery for your Ford Fusion and get behind the wheel with confidence. Why? Because your battery will perform when you need it. Thats the kind of battery we deliver.

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Hybrid Battery Replacement Cost Symptoms #: Decreased Charge

If your battery has a lower charge, it means that the battery has lost some of its capacity to hold a charge. Therefore, there could be a lot of dead cells in the battery.

These dead battery cells cannot be revived, and the battery will only function with those cells that actually work. But soon, more cells will start to die. This means that other cells are going to follow them and stop working.

In the end, you are going to end up with a dead battery that wont charge at all. The only solution then will be to get a new battery for your hybrid vehicle. And you are probably interested in hybrid battery replacement costs. Well, we are going to cover that in great detail later in this article.

Hybrid Battery Replacement Cost Symptoms #: Fluctuations In The State Of Charge

New Ford Fusion 2010

If the charge fluctuates it also means that you are having a problem with your battery. It is not normal for the charge to fluctuate all of a sudden. For example, you charge your battery and the charge jumps to 60% and then returns to 20%, and then again fluctuates.

All of this is because of an unreliable battery. These types of batteries are the most dangerous because you never know what you can expect from them. Its basically some internal failure that messes up the charge. This has to be checked immediately, to conclude what is causing the battery to give up and cause all these issues.

After diagnosing, it is time to start the repair. If the battery is repairable, the technician will repair it or if its not, they will mention to you the hybrid battery replacement cost and how much its going to cost to replace the whole battery pack.

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Nissan Leaf Battery Replacement Cost

The Leaf may be an all-electric car, but you will still need a battery replacement for your Nissan Leaf at some point. Replacing the battery will cost you up to $5,500! If you bought the 2012 Nissan Leaf, 2011 Nissan Leaf, or older models, this may be a substantial portion of the car’s value.

The Nissan Leaf’s battery cost can come as a surprise to many Nissan Leaf owner’s. When it’s time for your Nissan Leaf Battery replacement, be sure to carefully evaluate the best options, as you may get more selling than repairing.

The No 1 Source For Your Ford Fusion Hybrid Replacement Battery Needs

When the hybrid battery in your Ford Fusion reaches the end of its lifespan and you need a replacement, theres no better company to turn to than Bumblebee Batteries. Between the outstanding variety and top-notch quality we offer with our batteries, youre sure to find the perfect solution for your beloved vehicle. Youll find that the Ford Fusion hybrid replacement battery options we have to offer are second to none, and the best part is, you can get one no matter where in the U.S. you are.

New & Rebuilt Options for Your Ford Fusion Hybrid Replacement Battery

At Bumblebee Batteries, we do everything we can to meet all sorts of needs that hybrid owners have. Thats why youll be thrilled with the variety we have to offer when you turn to us for your Ford Fusion hybrid replacement battery needs. We have our new batteries , which provide exceptional long-term performance and come backed by a generous warranty, as well as rebuilt batteries that are cost-effective and outstanding for hybrid owners needing a short-term fix. No matter which you prefer, you can count on it being of the utmost quality and providing top-notch bang for your buck.

Get a Ford Fusion Hybrid Replacement Battery Wherever You Need It

To learn more about the Ford Fusion hybrid replacement battery options we offer at Bumblebee Batteries, reach out to our expert team today!

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Should You Replace The Battery

If your hybrid battery cannot be repaired, then you need to ask yourself whether you should replace it. This can be incredibly expensive as the new car batteries cost is high, especially for hybrids. You may need to pay between $3,000 and $8,000 for a new battery, depending on the model, make, and year of your car.

You could save some money and buy a used hybrid battery, but even those can cost at least $2,500, if not more.

Given these high figures, you need to compare how much does a new car battery cost to how much does a Prius cost. In other words, is your car still worth enough to justify the cost of the replacement battery?

Comparing Hybrid Battery Replacement Across Makes And Models

Ford Fusion Hybrid Engine Bay Battery Replacement

As mentioned earlier, the amount that you have to pay for a hybrid battery repair or replacement will depend on the make and model, along with the year, condition, and other factors. To give you an idea of what to expect from hybrid battery costs, here is a quick overview of the car battery cost for a range of hybrids.

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Is A Hybrid Car Worth It

There are numerous pros and cons to getting a hybrid vehicle over a traditional ICE or a full-on EV. For some, a hybrid vehicle is a great step-up over an ICE. And, it could be a good stepping stone or compromise between an EV and an ICE. For starters, hybrids generally offer you better fuel economy and lower emissions compared to an ICE. Yet, it wont force you into range anxiety and needing to cope with a lackluster charging infrastructure like an EV would at least, for the time being. Although, there are certainly some downsides. For example, a hybrid vehicle cant boast the same eco-friendly nature or maximal fuel savings as an EV.

Repairs May Only Offer Short

As mentioned before, one of the things to think about when getting your hybrid battery repaired is whether this will be a short-term fix or get your battery functional for the long term. Even highly trained mechanics can only fix the current problems with the battery. If it is old, then more issues are likely to arise in the future.

For example, your mechanic may fix one cell in the 2003 Honda Civic hybrid battery, but that does not mean that another cell will not break soon. Remember that as your car ages, you are more likely to make repairs to all components, including the battery. In other words, your hybrid cars battery will likely continue breaking down with time. As such, compare the Prius battery costs with the hybrid batteries life and your autos value.

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How Often Should You Replace The Battery On Your Ford Fusion Hybrid

The Fusion hybrid batteries are long-lasting with efficient performance. They complete a shelf life of around nine years with minimum technical faults.

The cars battery can cover around 81000 miles to 85000 miles.

Leaving it without any alteration leads to severe problems like engine failure, malfunctioning electric gadgets, and power failure in the entire vehicle.

How Long Do Ford Fusion Hybrid Batteries Last

EnnoCar Hybrid Replacement Hybrid Battery

Its difficult to pinpoint an exact timeframe regarding how long a hybrid battery lasts. The longevity of a hybrid battery varies.

A standard car battery lasts around three years. Meanwhile, a hybrid battery may last for as much as eight years. However, it could wear out faster or last longer.

The lifecycle of a hybrid battery varies depending on how you drive. Its also affected by where you live. However, you can extend the life of your hybrid battery with proper care and maintenance.

Furthermore, you can extend that time significantly. More than likely, youll take your vehicle to repair several other standard issues before you ever need to replace the battery.

Accordingly, its important to protect your hybrid battery from extreme temperatures. Its also important to make sure that it doesnt discharge fully. If you protect your hybrid battery, you can make it last longer. With maintenance, hybrid batteries last more than twice as long as a standard car battery.

It may cost $1,000 or more with labor to replace the battery when the day finally arrives. Resultantly, the real savings with a hybrid vehicle come at the pump.

Its important to note that you must replace the battery when it reaches the end of its lifecycle. The car will not function without it.

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For People Considering A Repair Instead Of Replacement

Seeing that it can be quite expensive to replace a hybrid car battery, you may be considering repairing it instead. While repairing a battery may be all you need, it’s also important to know that a repair might simply end up being a short-term solution. Mechanics aren’t magicians and if your battery needs to be replaced, there’s only so much that can be done with a repair.

And if your battery is old, more problems will likely pop up in the future. For example, your technician may fix one cell on the battery but that doesn’t mean some separate cell won’t break down on its own a little later. This is why it’s important to compare the battery costs with the life of the battery and the car’s value.

Only Use Professionals

You should never try to repair a hybrid battery yourself unless you’ve undergone proper training for it. Repairs and replacements on hybrid batteries should always be left to the professionals. The assembly contains enough electricity to injure or even kill someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Hybrids Require Specialized Tools

Working on a hybrid car is not the same as working on a standard automobile. Because of that, you can’t just take it to any mechanic. And different hybrids require different tools.

Make sure that you select a mechanic who has experience with hybrid batteries in general as well as with your specific car’s too.

You Might Void the Warranty

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