Ford Transit Van Battery Location

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Ford Transit Battery Draining

Transit Battery Location | Ford How-To | Ford

Though owners cant seem to agree on exactly whether the battery is draining or being damaged in some other way, its immediately apparent that a lot of people have Ford van battery problems. Many attribute these issues to the Ford Transit and Transit Connects problems to an issue specific to these particular vans.

Owners across several different Ford Transit forums have had the same problem. They will be out on a job, or at the grocery store. Then they go to start the vehicle and head home. Boom. Dead Battery.

Of course, Ford will come with roadside service and jumpstart Transits. The dealers are more than happy to attempt to diagnose the issue. But they cant seem to find the problem. A new battery is the quick fix answer.

But then the new batteries also begin failing. Several owners reported returning to the dealer for a battery replacement at least three times in the span of just a few short months. There has to be a bigger issue with these Transit batteries than just a dead battery.

Are Ford Transits Reliable

Overall, these Fords have average reliability, according to J.D. Power. While they dont exactly have the worst ratings, Consumer Reports. would agree that the Transit sports average or below-average predicted reliability. And the worst part is that it doesnt look like the battery problem is easy to troubleshoot.

Is It Safe To Drive With The Battery Light On

The purpose of the alternator is to charge your 2021 Ford Transit Van battery while you are driving. When the alternator isn’t working correctly, it can cause the battery to drain all its power, leaving you stranded if the vehicle is turned off. Be positive to turn off the radio, air conditioner, and the lights unless you are driving at night. If your 2021 Ford Transit Van battery warning light comes on while driving, be positive to turn off your accessories, so the battery doesnt drain further. The warning light usually means that the alternator isnt working correctly meaning you are operating solely on battery power.If you have multiple warning lights come on including the battery light, then pull over to a safe location if achievable. It’s also achievable that your 2021 Ford Transit Van serpentine belt has malfunctioned.If the dash lights indicate overheating, then the water pump was on that belt too. Another conceivable symptom that could point to the serpentine belt as a cause for the battery warning light, is if steering becomes difficult or feels colossal. If you’re near Orlando and need service, give Coggin Deland Ford a call at 3862100247. We can even arrange to have your 2021 Ford Transit Van brought in to us.

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What Is A Battery

The battery, in conjunction with the alternator, supplies the electrical power needed for the lights, stereo and all other electrical components of the car. The battery stores electrical power to start the engine, and helps electronic components function when the alternator cannot produce enough power.

Ford Transit Van Battery

Exide 2PCS Vehicle Battery For Ford Transit

Your 2021 Ford Transit Van battery will typically last between 3 to 5 years, but that can vary heavily depending on type of battery, battery size, weather conditions and driving habits. Even still, just because your battery isn’t completely dead, doesn’t mean it’s operating at optimal levels. For that reason, it is noteworthy to have your battery inspected every time you visit a service center. Hopefully, you’re a patron of Coggin Deland Ford and you will always receive a free multi-point inspection of your vehicle during every service visit. Inspecting your battery and battery cables is part of this process. If you leave your battery unchecked, when it’s not running at optimal levels your 2021 Ford Transit Van can put pressure on the alternator or the starter to advance power. Drawing excessive power to compensate for the loss of energy from the battery can make your engine run outside of ideal conditions. In the end, this is going to cost you more money to fix. It’s tremendously noteworthy for your Ford battery to operate at near-perfect levels.

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Ford Transit Van Battery Replacement

Replacing some types of batteries, notably in newer models, can be very tricky as hood space in vehicles continues to shrink to improve performance. Because of this, some batteries can be difficult to access. You’ll want to check your 2021 Ford Transit Van owner’s manual for correct information on where your battery is located. Oddly enough, some batteries can be located under the floorboard or in the trunk, however, this is extraordinarily extraordinary.

How to replace your battery:

  • Make sure your engine is off – refer to your vehicle manual to locate the battery.
  • Use a wrench to loosen the bolt that holds the black negative battery cable.
  • Carefully remove the cable by twisting and pulling – do not use too much force or any metal objects to pry the cable away from the battery. This can damage the cable.
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 to remove the positive battery cable.
  • Locate the clamp that holds the battery in place and remove it with a wrench or ratchet.
  • At this point, you should be able to easily remove the battery. Careful, it will be heavy.
  • It is recommended that you clean the battery tray and any corrosion on the cables using a wire brush and proper battery cleaning solution.
  • To install the new battery simply repeat the steps above.
  • Ford Transit Van Battery Price

    2021 Ford Transit Van pricing is also heavily dependent on whether or not you want to install the new battery yourself or have Coggin Deland Ford install it for you. Over the years, hood capacity has shrunk as the performance of vehicles has additional and as a result, sometimes the battery is not easily advantageous. If thats the case or you’d like a Ford trained technician to install your battery, the rate of labor may add an additional $20-$40 to your service bill depending on the market. The vital news is Coggin Deland Ford offers many services and parts specials when it comes to car batteries, and in many cases if you purchase a battery at Coggin Deland Ford, we may be able to install your battery at no additional rate. Contact Coggin Deland Ford to learn more about battery installation today.

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    How Long Do Ford Transit Batteries Last

    The battery for this specific car has a life span of between three to five years. This, of course, all depends on the circumstances of the battery, as there are things that can reduce the lifespan of the battery.

    A battery that needs to be jump-started regularly wont last as long as it should. Things like leaving your headlights on, or leaving interior lights on, whilst the engine is turned off will definitely reduce your batterys lifespan.

    Another reason your battery may have a reduced lifespan is because of the weather. Batteries are forced to work harder in colder weather. To help with this, when you are in a cold climate, it would be ideal to leave your Ford Transit in a warm garage/spot.

    Coggin Deland Ford Battery Replacement & Ford Batteries For Sale

    Ford Transit 150 250 & 350 Hidden Battery Location

    At Coggin Deland Ford, our service team is comprised of Ford certified technicians that can assist scan what is awry with your battery. Our Ford factory-trained mechanics can change your Transit Van battery suddenly at competitive prices. Call Coggin Deland Ford at 3862100247 or schedule battery service online for the fastest battery replacement in Orange City FL.Sometimes it is just a poor battery connection and tightening or reconnecting loose components might get your 2021 Ford Transit Van started again. Our accessible goal is guest service unlike many supplemental auto repair shops. We will check your battery for any visible fixes such as examining your battery for corrosion build-up before recommending a full battery replacement. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people do business with Coggin Deland Ford.

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    How Do You Know If Your 2021 Ford Transit Van Needs A New Battery

    The most admitted symptoms of bad 2021 Ford Transit Van batteries are if your car is slow to start after turning the key, or if your battery cables and connectors show signs of huge corrosion. You may also notice a clicking sound when turning the key or if your electronics work but the car won’t start. These are all tell tale signs of failing batteries on your 2021 Ford Transit Van. Give our experts at Deland Ford a call or book an online appointment here.

    Whats Sucking The Life Out Of This Vans Batteries

    One owner claims to have spoken with a Ford representative. From what they allegedly told this Transit owner, the body control module powers up every time the doors open. It sucks the juice out of the battery. Ironically enough, this is a major problem if you are on a job site and need to open and close the door frequently to access materials in your work van.

    The Ford technician is also said to have refused to perform the bypass which would eradicate this problem. The BCM will only be reprogrammed if you take the Transit elsewhere so that an aftermarket installer can put a kill switch on the BCM.

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    Replacing The Ford Transit Battery

    Now that the battery is exposed, you will be able to locate the positive pole clamps and loosen the nuts so the cable can be removed. This means the battery is free and can be safely removed. Make sure that you use the topside handles to lift and carry the battery as it can be very heavy.

    If you want to replace the battery, you need to follow the above steps in reverse.

    How Do I Replace The Battery In My Ford

    2003 ford transit connect, battery light comes on 30seconds after ...

    A confident do-it-your-selfer can replace a vehicle battery. Start by checking your vehicle owners manual for the batterys proper size and location. Find the positive and negative posts. The positive post will have a red plastic cover over it. Look for a + sign stamped onto the battery or printed on a nearby label. Loosen the negative terminal bolt and remove the cable. Be sure not to touch the positive post. Once you loosen the bolt, use a terminal puller to remove the cable. Repeat the sequence with the positive post.

    Now remove the clamp or retaining system that keeps the battery in place. Carefully lift out the old battery. Look for any corrosion on the cables and remove it with a wire brush or terminal cleaning tool.

    Drop in the new battery so that the positive post lines up with the red cable. Secure it with the battery retaining clamp that you removed earlier. If the battery has anti-corrosion washers, put them in place now and use a thin layer of anti-corrosion grease to prevent buildup. Tighten the positive cable and then do it all over again with the negative black cable.

    Make sure the battery is secure and congratulations: youve replaced your cars battery!

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    Where Is The Ford Transit Battery Located

    Posted on September 10, 2021

    If you’ve ever needed to jump start your vehicle, knowing how to access the battery is a vital first step. As models of vehicles change their designs often, it can be confusing to have to relearn where the latest models have their batteries stored. Should you have a Ford Transit, this post will be your guide on locating this popular vehicle’s battery.

    The battery for the Ford Transit cannot be found by looking under the hood. Rather, the battery is located in a spot underneath the driver’s seat.

    Now that we know where the battery is located in the Ford Transit, we’ll take a closer look at this vital component. You might also be curious about how you would jump start the Transit. Or maybe you’d like to know what battery size your Ford Transit needs. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered.

    Before you continue reading, let us say we hope you find the links here useful. If you purchase something through a link on this page, we may get a commission, so thank you!

    How Do You Jump A Ford Transit

    Follow these steps to jump start a Ford Transit:

  • Open the engine hood, by locating the hood release on the driver’s side of the Ford Transit. It will be located next to the driver’s side door.
  • Locate the battery jump box under the hood. It is on the driver’s side of the engine.
  • There is a small, red access box on this jump box. Gently open the red box to expose the positive battery post.
  • Attach the positive end of your jumper cable to this positive battery post.
  • Located the “ground” on the inside of the driver’s side fender. This is a long bolt, with a nut securely tightened to its base.
  • After the Transit has been jumped, allow the engine to run for at least twenty minutes while the battery completely recharges.
  • For a step-by-step video tutorial on how to jump start the Ford Transit, you can watch here:

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    Are 2021 Ford Transit Van Batteries Covered Under Warranty

    Most certain OEM Ford batteries sold at Coggin Deland Ford are covered under some type of warranty for potentially up to 24 months. Give us a call at 3862100247 so we can look up the battery that was installed and confirm the warranty for you. There are a few reasons why a battery would not be covered under warranty such as:

    • Transit Van Batteries that were physically damaged prior to inspection
    • Transit Van Batteries with cracks
    • Transit Van Batteries connected to non-OEM components
    • Transit Van Batteries that have been recharged

    The Ford Transit Connect

    Ford Transit 250 (2016) – New Battery Install

    Its definitely not just the big Ford Transits with bad battery problems. The Transit Connect has also experienced this issue. On Drivetrain Resource there is an entire page dedicated to the draining batteries.

    If it is draining while your Transit Connect is off, its usually caused by something that is drawing current that shouldnt be. If the battery is draining while youre driving, that is probably going to be the alternator or battery.

    Drivetrain Resource

    This discussion on PistonHeads reveals that Transit Connects in a wide range of year models from 2007 to 2017 are turning up with a dead battery. Especially in the cold. Yes, that can be a sign of a totally dead battery that actually needs to be replaced, but this owner says they have tested the battery every way they can, even tried a fresh one. Still, the battery turns up dead in the cold.

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    Ford Transit Van Battery Cost

    When you are shopping for a 2021 Ford Transit Van battery, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind that will have an effect on the price.What size engine does your 2021 Ford Transit Van have? What size battery do you need in your Ford? Will you require our dealer to replace your battery or are you just browsing to purchase the battery and install it yourself? What is the brand of the battery? These are just some of the countless questions you should look into before choosing a positive battery or replacement at Coggin Deland Ford. Call us at 3862100247 and let our mentors find the right battery for your 2021 Ford Transit Van.

    The most directly correlated characteristic of a battery’s value is its size. The larger the battery the larger the Amp Hour rating of your battery, meaning it will serve more amps of electrical current per hour.

    How Long Do 2021 Ford Transit Van Batteries Last

    2021 Ford Transit Van batteries usually last between 3-5 years, but this is variable depending on the type of battery, driving habits, weather conditions, and more. You can prolong the life of your Transit Van battery by:

    • Proactively testing your battery
    • Starting your 2021 Ford Transit Van mostly is broad. Don’t let your battery go unused for long periods of time.
    • Keeping the battery tightly fastened – did you know the vibrations of your car can loosen the connections and rattle your battery’s components?
    • Keeping your vehicle stored indoors away from extreme swings in temperature or climate
    • Cleaning the terminals and posts of corrosion with the appropriate cleaning answer & a wire brush.

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    What Size Battery Do I Need For A Ford Transit

    The Ford Transit requires an H6 battery, which can also be classed as a group 48 battery. This battery is rectangular and has both positive and negative post terminals which can be found on the top of the casing.

    The battery will weigh about 54 pounds and will be 11 inches long. They are usually priced between $150.00 to $350.00.

    How Does A Car Battery Work

    Ford Transit Upfitter Switches

    The battery in your vehicle is there to provide a jolt of electrical energy to start the engine and to provide engine-off accessory power for a limited amount of time. Once the engine is running, the alternator takes over to power the accessories and charge the battery. Car batteries typically feature six connected cells in a lead-acid formulation, or up to 12 cells in a 24-volt system found in heavy trucks or other large vehicles.

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