Galaxy Watch 4 Battery Life

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Battery Life Is It Legit

DO THIS RIGHT NOW! Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Battery Life TIPS & TRICKS!

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the first watch to run on Google and Samsungs new and improved Wear OS platform. But is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4s battery life any good? Lets find out

Apple is currently dominating the smartwatch market with its Apple Watch. If you check peoples wrists when youre out and about as I do, youll notice that nearly every single person that has a smartwatch uses Apple Watch. There are exceptions, of course, but Apple Watch is very, very popular.

This is largely down to Apples immense brand appeal. And the fact that LOTS of people use iPhones. This is why AirPods are so popular: people love and like to buy into the Apple ecosystem. This appeal is the secret sauce inside Apples enduring success this past decade and a half. Me? I prefer to use Garmin watches but thats because Im a runner.

When it comes to non-Apple Watch smartwatches, the next best option on the market for about as long as I can remember is Samsung. Up until 2021, Samsung used its own Tizen OS inside its wearables. And that was fine, Tizen had plenty of decent features as well as great fitness and health tracking plus things like GPS and heart monitoring.

But from 2021 onwards, to push a reimagined version of Wear OS to the masses. The new Wear OS is leagues better than the old version and with Samsungs help and brand appeal it should make the platform much more widely used in 2021 and beyond.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review: Features And Os

Wear OS powered by Samsung is an incredibly intuitive operating system. When you first switch it on the watch walks you through how to use it and after that, I knew exactly where to go to find the app or widget I needed.

The interface looks and feels like a Galaxy handset to use, with similar colours and styles on each of the apps. Because of that, those who own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone will get on particularly well with it especially given the fact that it syncs up all of your alarms, Do Not Disturb hours, contacts and accounts.

You’ll be able to use it to control other Galaxy devices as well. For instance, if you have the Galaxy Buds 2, you can switch between the noise-cancelling modes from the dedicated app on the watch.

To manage the watch’s settings, it’s just a case of opening the Galaxy Wearable app on your Android phone. There you can choose a new watch face, reorder your apps or add new tiles to the watch like one dedicated to your step count or water intake. There are tonnes of different watch faces to choose from in the app, and you can find more on the Google Play Store.

One benefit of using Wear OS is having access to the Google Play Store. There are loads of apps to choose from across health, fitness and media including third-party apps like Strava and Spotify. You can even see a list of apps you already have downloaded on your phone to narrow down the search.

Solution : Turn Off Always On Display No Your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

One of the causes of the battery drain issue on your watch is when its display is constantly turned on. You should consider turning this setting off.

Turn off Always on display

Press the Home key on your watch, and then tap Settings from the Apps screen. Tap Display then turn off the switch for the Always On display feature.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review: Activity Tracking

Over the course of one week, I used the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to track a variety of workouts indoors and outdoors. For my Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 workout test I started with weightlifting, and while the watch lets you track individual types of movement I stuck with the catch-all circuit training option. The Apple Watch has a few more options when it comes to tracking different sports, but the Galaxy Watch 4 has more niche selections. You’ll likely need to add workout types from the Samsung Health app on your smartphone, though the preset list isn’t extensive.

When it came to yoga, I sensed my calorie count ran high, but I recognized my heart rate updated more quickly than it did on the Galaxy Watch 3. For a workout where your heart rate stays in a shorter range than, say, cardio, the frequent refresh is helpful for seeing how certain poses impact my body.

I couldn’t monitor my wrist as closely while cycling as I could in downward dog. Luckily, the Galaxy Watch 4 provides audible and vibration updates on mileage, plus a brief activity summary every 30 minutes. Again, I think the watch’s calorie count is too generous, but the GPS mapped my reliable 10-mile route well.

Solution : Turn On Power Saving Mode On Your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Battery Life

To extend the battery life of the watch you can activate its power saving mode. Take note that when the power saving mode is turned on, your watchs Home screen will be displayed in grayscale and all functions will be turned off, except calls, messages, and notifications that use Bluetooth. Wi-Fi and mobile data will also be turned off, and performance will be limited.

Turn on power saving mode

From the watch Apps screen, open Settings

Tap Battery.

Tap the Power saving slider to turn on or off.

Tap Watch only to get even more battery life.

With the power saving mode turned on your watch battery performance should improve.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch : Verdict

With design updates, refreshed software and a breakout BIA system, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is by no means an incremental upgrade. And all at a lower price, I might add. That’s why Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic isnt worth the money, in my opinion.

But sometimes, when you make many changes at once, there’s more chances for individual changes to fall short. The battery life could be more consistent, and Wear OS is missing some key features at launch. I’m also hesitant to celebrate the benefits of wrist-based body composition analysis for the number of people the feature might be unsafe for.

Instead, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4’s success comes down to integrating as obnoxiously well with Galaxy devices as the Apple Watch does with the greater Apple ecosystem. It masters a convenience that’s been absent for Samsung’s users, letting all the other chips fall in place. It’s the best smartwatch for Android you can buy now. Stay tuned to see if it maintains its place as competitors like the Montblanc Summit 3 and enter the market.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Review: A Stellar Smartwatch For Those With Samsung Phones

The Galaxy Watch 4 is Samsungs best smartwatch to date, but annoying restrictions mean its less appealing than it should be

Save on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4…

…and on the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

Alternatively, the 4G variant of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic will cost you £303, down from an average price of £358.

The only major gripe Ive had with Samsungs wearables in recent years is that there hasnt been much progression between iterations. As with lots of tech nowadays, each model has improved on the last but not by so much that Id recommend rushing out to buy the new one.

With the Galaxy Watch 4 series, Samsung is truly shaking things up with a new processor and Samsung-branded Wear OS software replacing the firms own Tizen operating system. However, while its a very impressive smartwatch indeed, the new Galaxy Watch is arguably more restrictive than ever.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Review: What Do We Like

As far as sheer processing speed is concerned, this is the best Galaxy Watch to date. Apps load quickly and are a pleasure to use and the interface works exactly as youd expect it to, only faster than before. Spotify is still installed by default and supports offline playback, too, which is great news because that has been an important selling point for Samsungs wearables in recent years.

The Galaxy Watch 4s graphical capabilities are notably improved compared with its predecessor, too. This is most evident in some of the devices animated watch faces, which look superb. A quick tap on one lets you switch between fun, colourful, graphical animations of a cat, rabbit, sheep and monkey. Meanwhile, another has lots of little hundreds and thousands that float around on the display. Theres no huge practical benefit, but its the closest Ive seen any smartwatch come to rivalling an Apple Watch as far as visual flourishes are concerned.

How about those new body composition features? Im not sure theyd be enough for me to upgrade from the Galaxy Watch 3 but, aside from weight, which youll need to add manually, the Galaxy Watch 4 offers most of the insights youd get from smart scales such as the Garmin Index S2 and it logged impressively similar measurements too. I would always take such readings with a pinch of salt, but if you want to keep an eye on general trends in your body fat and water composition, its certainly a handy addition.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review: Design And Hardware

Galaxy Watch 4 (40mm) Battery Life Test 1 Year Later

I have to say I am impressed with the new design of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 – its modern, sleek and lightweight. You can buy it in Gold Pink, Black or Silver. I tested out the black 40mm version which measures 40.4 x 39.3 x 9.8mm and weighs just 26g without the strap.

The screen stretches across the watch face and there are two small buttons on the right-hand side of the frame. One thing that really struck me was how comfortable it is to wear, even overnight.

In the box, the watch comes with a smooth sweatproof silicone strap, it was a little prone to picking up dirt and dust but it does look smart. The watch face itself is made from their tough Armour Aluminium and Corning Gorilla Glass DX+ which makes it feel sturdy and robust. What’s more, is that the watch has an IP68 water-resistance rating which means it can withstand dunks underwater up to 50 meters for 30 minutes, so you can keep it on for short swims and showering.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has a 1.2inch Circular Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 396x396p but you can also buy it with a 1.4inch display. Even with the smaller display, I found it easy to read the screen, everything looks clear and sharp. Admittedly you wont get quite the level of detail as you would from the Apple Watch Series 6 for example, but its not far off either.

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Use Static Watch Faces

The Galaxy Watch 4 supports dynamic, animated watch faces. However, these watch faces consume a lot of battery. If youre not fond of customization, consider using a static watch face with black elements, reducing CPU usage and cutting down the battery used by AMOLED onboard.

If the watch face has more black elements, it will give a higher battery backup by turning off the unused pixels that consume battery. You can change watch faces as mentioned below:

Step 1: Tap andhold the home screen of the watch.

Step 2: Swipe left to check the pre-loaded watch faces on the watch.

Step 3: Select any watch face you want to apply to the watch. You can also customize the watchs face colors and elements.

Heres more on customizing watch faces on your Galaxy Watch 4. Below are preloaded static watch faces with black elements that you can use on your watch:

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic: Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classics battery life is, without a shadow of a doubt, its worst feature. While the standard model lasts about two days between charges, based on our review time, in our testing wed estimate that the Classic lasts less than a single day before running out of charge.

Thats an absolutely abysmal performance, which somehow manages to make the one-day-life Apple Watch look good in comparison. For context, an average smartwatch lasts about two weeks between charges, and some can go a month or even longer before needing to be powered.

Our average day would include about an hour of fitness tracking, some music streaming, picking up the occasional message, and frequent heart rate monitoring. With all this, wed estimate that the watch would last between about 20 and 22 hours before needing to be charged we got into the habit of charging the device twice per day, once at work in the morning and again in the evening before bed, to ensure that it wouldnt run out of juice.

Thats a dramatically sub-par performance, and wed deem it a major red flag for potential buyers.

Charging is a pad that connects to a USB-C outlet. Its not fast charging it takes about two hours to power the watch up to full, which is baffling given the short battery life.

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Turn On Power Saving Mode

One of the most convenient features of our smartphones and smartwatches is the built-in Power Saving Mode. In most cases, this is enabled automatically when your watch drops below 20%. Still, you might want to manually enable it to help save battery at certain times.

  • Open the Settings app on your Galaxy Watch.
  • Select Power Saving.
  • Tap the checkmark to enable Power Saving Mode.
  • You can also turn on Power Saving Mode by swiping down from the Home Screen. Then, tap the Battery icon from the drop-down quick settings menu. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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    Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Battery Life

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    Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Features

    It has GPS, so is a great option for runners. It can measure your body composition from your wrist which is a great tool to monitor fat loss. You can tell, for instance, if youre losing body fat, water weight, or muscle. And if you want to be optimally healthy, youll only want to lose water and body fat. Muscle is very important.

    The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will also give you an overview of how many calories youve burnt. You can connect it to MyFitnessPal too. Samsung has also included over 90 guided exercise programs inside the watch too, so you can always find a new, fresh workout to get your blood pumping.

    And if that wasnt enough to get you pumped about this watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 can also measure your blood pressure as well via its ECG sensor. The ECG sensor will also check for abnormal heart rates and rhythm too which is super handy and is a feature not available on other smartwatches.

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    Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Review: Whats New

    The headline here is that the Galaxy Watch 4 employs Googles Wear OS software in place of Samsungs own Tizen OS, but this isnt Wear OS as you might know it. In fact, this powered by Samsung version feels quite different to Wear OS on other Google-based smartwatches.

    As with previous Galaxy wearables, rotating the bezel clockwise opens a series of tiles, which let you do everything from starting workouts to checking your activity levels, pulse or sleep score. Meanwhile, a swipe down on the touchscreen opens a quick settings menu that looks just like the one on the Galaxy Watch 3. The main difference is that apps can now be found via a swipe up from the bottom of the display instead of being hosted on a tile of their own.

    In addition to Samsungs core apps for weather, reminders and alarms, youll find a couple of standout new entries here, including Google Maps and, importantly, Googles Play Store. The latter opens up a whole range of possibilities compared to whats possible with any recent Samsung smartwatch, with apps such as Shazam, Couch to 5K, Nike Run Club, Calm, Komoot and Telegram all available, in addition to Google essentials such as Google Fit, Google Pay and Google Keep.

    The ECG feature that was introduced to the Galaxy Watch 3 via a software update in the UK is also present, although to use this, youll need to pair your Galaxy Watch with a Samsung smartphone.

    Fix Battery Draining Issue On Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

    8 Ways To Improve Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 4 Classic Battery Life!

    Samsung has promised 40 hours of battery life on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or say, four days of battery life. Well, thats true for so many users, however, there are a lot of users who have complained against battery draining issues on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Some users arent getting more than 10 hours of backup on a fully charged battery which is a call for concern.

    Turns out we had a unit with the same issue and thus, after reading a tonne of complaints and forums and more, heres a list of 10 things you can do to fix the battery draining issue on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Turns out this listicle can be used for other smartwatches too so read along if you are facing the same battery draining issue on your watch .

    Page Contents

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