Gopro Hero 8 Battery Door

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Are Your Home Care Services Only For Seniors

GoPro Hero 8: How to Open Battery Door (Stuck Battery Door?)

No, we provide home health care services to the entire age spectrum from newborn babies to seniors. While our specialty is in providing Happier Aging® experiences to seniors, we can also provide assistance with special needs care for children and adults with disabilities, as well as post-operative care, health checks, and other services for any age.

Gopro Hero 8 Black Charging Door Accessory: Video Review Posted

This is a super quick post just to for the handful of you that are into action cam stuffs but may not also subscribe to the DC Rainmaker YouTube channel. Wait, you dont?

For this particular piece of gear, I dont plan a secondary textual review, because, well, its a 3cm piece of metal that has a hole in it. And, try as I might, this type of content simply does a heck of a lot better on YouTube. Thus, press the play button below for the sub-5 minute video :

Heres the quick and dirty thoughbecause, I just cant leave a post with only one paragraph!

The battery door costs between $15-$20 depending on how much Amazon likes you on any given day. Ive also seen it rarely cheaper too. Its available in both the US and Europe, and probably elsewhere with enough Google-Kung-Fu.

The battery door replaces that of the GoPro one, and is made out of aluminum. Its got a single hole at the bottom for you to stick your grubby hands through USB-C cable through to charge your GoPro. The door completely locks once snapped in, just like the GoPro one. It comes in a box with zero instructions and merely just a piece of bubble-wrap around it:

My best guess is that itll last me till summer, so about 4-6 months all-in. For a normal user, Id imagine itll last the life of your GoPro.

Gopro Hero 11 Mini Review: Little Action Camera Big Potential

The GoPro Hero 11 Mini is no less powerful than its big brother.

  • Great image quality and stabilization
  • Non-replaceable battery
  • Lacks rear- and front-facing displays

Its not often that we see a miniaturized version of a device that is nearly identical to the larger model with very few compromises yet thats what the GoPro Hero 11 Mini is aiming to accomplish.

This petite little camera goes toe-to-toe with the full-sized GoPro Hero 11 Black on paper, except that it has neither a front nor rear screen. This potentially means that the Hero 11 Mini might be ideal for applications where saving space outweighs convenience. But how does it all come together in practice?

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Why Should I Use Nurse Next Door Instead Of Hiring A Private Caregiver

Finding the right kind of senior home care can be difficult but at Nurse Next Door we make sure you know exactly what you will be receiving with our services. Here are some of the questions you should consider prior to making that decision:

What kind of background and screening checks can you do on your own for a caregiver?

All Nurse Next Door Caregivers are carefully screened with criminal background checks and vulnerable sector checks. We confirm our Caregivers’ educational credentials and verify upon hire and annually, that every nurse is registered and in good standing with their respective College of Nurses. If you hire a caregiver privately, you will need to perform background checks and screening yourself.

If my caregiver is unavailable, who will fill in?

At Nurse Next Door, we ensure there is a replacement when one of our Caregivers becomes unavailable. We believe in continuity of care and will contact you to inform you of a Caregiver change. If you hire a caregiver privately, it may be difficult to find a replacement caregiver depending on how much notice is given.

Neewer St18 Metal Battery Cover For Gopro Hero 8


All Neewer products carry a 1-Year Warranty and 30-day Retrun. Learn more at Warranty Policy.

Shipping from local warehouse based on your area, normally it takes 2~10 days for the delivery, Learn more at Shipping Policy.

WARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including , whichis known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

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How Much Does Nurse Next Door Cost

Nurse Next Door’s services vary in price depending on the level of care required, and the Nurse Next Door Care Team that services your area. To get a better idea of price in your area, speak to one of our Care Services Specialists we’re open any time 24/7.

We also offer a complimentary Caring Consult, where one of our Care Designers will help you determine the amount of care you may require. We’ll work with you to balance your budget and needs to find a home care option for you.

Gopro Hero8 Black Replacement Side Door That Allows Access To Usb

The new design for the side door of the GoPro HERO8 Black has its flaws, especially if youre trying to use the USB-C port for external power an external microphone. Heres a replacement side door that allows unfettered access to the USB-C port.

This post may include affiliate links. Read more.

Theres quite a lot to like about the GoPro HERO8 Black, but Im not a fan of the new design theyve introduced for the compartment door.

I can see virtue in theory in consolidating what was two separate doors in previous Black models to a single door. It means fewer moving parts to break and one less area for potential leaks. And, of course, embedding a fold-out mount clip on the bottom is an important considerationtheres no room on the bottom for a compartment there anymore.

But in practice, I dont like the new door design. It comes off far too easily, with the real risk of losing it. Thats mainly an annoyance, but a more important issue is that it makes using the USB-C port much less practical. If you want to run the camera via external power or use an external microphone, it means exposing the battery, which in terms means that it can fall out very easily. Of course, GoPro is no doubt hoping that youll buy the new external microphone accessory theyre planning on releasing. But for now, at least, thats not available, and not everyone is in a position toor wants tobuy that anyway.

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New Hyundai Mobis Plant Expected To Bring 1500 Jobs To Richmond Hill

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. – Richmond Hill leaders are sharing their excitement for a new 926 million dollar manufacturing facility coming to the city.

Richmond Hills mayor says the main takeaway from this announcement is the 1500 jobs the plant is expected to create.

He says infrastructure work is crucial as site construction is expected to start in the coming months.

The 1.2 million square foot facility will be built at Richmond Hills Belfast Commerce Park just off I-95.

Mayor Russ Carpenter says the city will be ready for the new jobs highlighting the importance, he says, of having Richmond Hill residents be able to work in the city they call home, instead of commuting to other places.

Hyundai Mobis plant will be close to the new Heartwood development which is expected to have 10,000 new homes in 25 years time.

Mayor Carpenter says this announcement represents a massive economic investment for Richmond Hill.

For our city, by far number one. We couldnt imagine the economic impact its going to have. This is home construction this is industrial construction. Jobs, jobs, jobs, thats the main thing. Like I said, we are elated, Richmond Hill Mayor Russ Carpenter said.

This is the second automotive supplier announced for Hyundais new Metaplant America currently under construction off I-16 in northern Bryan County.

Hyundai Mobis plant is expected to start production here in the south end some time in 2024 and will supply EV Power Electric systems and charging unites.

Sustainable Gopro Replacement Door Hero 8

GoPro Hero 8 Charging Port Battery Door! Test & Review!

More information


Kênia – 19/04/2021

Original product, in box, very well packaged. I was also surprised by the delivery time, very fast. I recommend!

Produto original, na caixa, muito bem embalado. Também fui surpreendida com o prazo de entrega, muito rápido. Recomendo!

Very happy!!

Great product I’m super happy !!

Ótimo produto estou super feliz!!

Very satisfied

Très satisfait

Serge Dauphin – 26/09/2020

I am very satisfied with my piece. The delivery was quick and that’s exactly what I was looking for.

Je suis très satisfait de ma pièce. La livraison était rapide et c’est exactement ce que je cherchais.

I recommend

super recommend, original product, delivery was in a good time

super recomendo, produto original, entrega foi em um bom tempo

It is available. how many days to arrive

Tem disponível. Quantos dias pra chegar

David moreira dos Santos – 03/06/2020

It is available. How many days Dora arrives

Tem disponível. Quantos dia Dora chega

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Gopro Hero 11 Mini Performance

The Hero 11 Mini being so much smaller than the Hero 11 Black means it has a much trickier time dissipating heat, which is why the rear is one big heat sink. Fortunately, this heat sink seems to work very well, and I never experienced any issues with overheating. Take my experience with skepticism, however, since air temperatures were below freezing for much of the time I tested the camera.

The other key aspect of performance of the Hero 11 Mini is how not having a front or back screen affects user experience. I was happily surprised by how little of an inconvenience this ends up being. Yes, I do sometimes miss being able to directly preview my footage, or use a touchscreen to adjust various settings, but the truth is that I was able to adjust very quickly to the lack of these conveniences.

The Hero 11 Mini can be connected to the GoPro Quik app on an Android or iOS device, where settings can be adjusted in detail. On the device itself, the power and record buttons are used to navigate various menus, which are displayed on the tiny top LCD display. This display is really quite impressive in its quality and readability, and with a little practice, I was easily able to alter different modes and settings only using the two buttons.

Gopro Hero 11 Mini Battery Life

In my experience, the battery life of the Hero 11 Mini is similar to that of Hero 11 Black. With the Hero 11 Black, you can always swap in a fresh battery, while the Hero 11 Mini must be recharged each time its battery is depleted. With this in mind, I would recommend carrying a portable battery bank with the Hero 11 Mini so it can be topped up if necessary. The good news is that the door to the USB port is easier to open than that on the bigger Hero 11 Black, so charging is less of a hassle.

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Hopefully you found this review useful. At the end of the day, Im an athlete just like you looking for the most detail possible on a new purchase so my review is written from the standpoint of how I used the device. The reviews generally take a lot of hours to put together, so its a fair bit of work . As you probably noticed by looking below, I also take time to answer all the questions posted in the comments and theres quite a bit of detail in there as well.

If you’re shopping for the GoPro Hero 8 Black Charging Port or any other accessory items, please consider using the affiliate links below! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It doesnt cost you anything extra, but your purchases help support this website a lot. Even more, if you use or Competitive Cyclist with coupon code DCRAINMAKER, first time users save 15% on applicable products!

Gopro Hero 11 Mini Design

Gopro Hero 8 Battery Door Cover (TPU) For Type C to 5V Balance Power C

The most notable thing about the GoPro Hero 11 Mini is its lack of a large, rear display. The camera is controlled entirely using the power and record buttons, as well as voice control. Instead of a screen, the Hero 11 Mini features a large heat sink on its rear, as well as a second mounting bracket.

My only major complaint with the GoPro Hero 11 Mini is that it doesnt feature a removable battery. I fully understand why this decision was made, as a replaceable battery would no doubt have meant increasing the size of the Hero 11 Mini. However, it does limit the life span of the camera, and if something goes wrong with the battery, then the entire device is toast.

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Will I Have The Same Caregiver Or Nurse All The Time

At Nurse Next Door, we strive for consistency of care and provide regularly assigned Caregivers. Our goal is to find the perfect match between our clients and Caregivers based on their needs, hobbies, and interests. Caregiver consistency is essential to building strong relationships, and delivering on our philosophy of Happier Aging®.

Can I Just Try Our Nurse Next Door Or Do I Have To Sign A Long

You are not locked into a long-term contract.

To try out Nurse Next Door, just contact us to book a complimentary, no-obligation Caring Consult. We believe in making things easy for you. One of our Care Designers will visit your home to assess your needs and design a care plan with you, which will including frequency and duration of care.

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Gopro Hero 11 Mini Software And Subscription

In recent years, the subscription service GoPro offers has grown to offer a ton of value. From discounts on cameras and accessories to automatic uploads to free and unlimited cloud storage, its really a must when buying a GoPro. Regardless of the subscription, the Quik app is an essential tool to pair with the Hero 11 Mini, as it allows for more granular control of the camera than whats available through the integrated menu system. Its available for both Android and iOS, and is well-designed and highly usable.

A Miniature Camera With Tons Of Promise

GoPro Hero 8: How to Open Battery Door (Stuck Battery Door?)

It really is impressive how GoPro has managed to fit almost everything that makes the full-sized Hero 11 Black into the smaller chassis of the Mini. This creates a good range of choices for anyone in the market for a new action camera.

If youre looking for a smaller camera for drones, RC vehicles, or any application where you want a more compact camera, the Mini is the camera to choose. Its also an attractive way to get the power of the full-sized Black at a lower price point. The Hero 11 Black is a better choice if you need easier access to on-camera controls, front and back screens for composition, and replaceable batteries.

The bottom line is that the GoPro Hero 11 Mini may be small, but its no less mighty despite its diminutive dimensions.

Editors’ Recommendations

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Product Description Gopro Replacement Door Hero 8

Replace your original HERO8 Black door if its damaged or lost. Easily snap this door into place to maintain the cameras waterproof rating and keep debris out of the USB-C port, battery compartment and SD card slot.Features:- Protects the USB-C port, battery compartment and SD card slot- Maintains 33ft waterproof rating for HERO8 Black- Snaps into placeno tools neededGoProReplacement Door Hero 8 is available with different characteristics. Buy it at bikeinn and benefit from all the advantages. In addition, GoProReplacement Door Hero 8 has the official guarantee of the brand GoPro. Also, you can complement your order with other product from our Electronics catalogue and Spare parts category.

Gopro Hero 11 Mini Price And Availability

As with other GoPro cameras, the price of the Hero 11 Mini is highly dependent on whether or not you opt to buy into the GoPro subscription service. Its available now, with an MSRP of $450. However, with a subscription, that price comes down to a much more reasonable $300. The subscription costs $50 per year, bringing the total cost of the Hero 11 Mini down to $350.

That works out to $100 less than the Hero 11 Black, which, given its many similar capabilities, makes the Mini something of a bargain. The Mini is roughly the same price as the DJI Action 2, which is even smaller, though it lacks many of the capabilities of the Hero 11 Mini. The Insta360 Go 2 is another tiny action camera. Its smaller, and it costs less than either the GoPro or the DJI, but it is severely limited compared to either.

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Gopro Hero 11 Mini Image Quality

The GoPro Hero 11 Mini mirrors the excellent performance of the more mainstream Hero 11 Black that is to say, its very competent indeed. The tall 8:7 sensor allows you to pull many different aspect ratios out of a single shot for sharing on multiple platforms. It can shoot up to 5.3K at 60 frames per second , 4K at up to 120 fps, and 2.7K at up to 240 fps. Numerous field-of-view options are available, ranging from narrow to Hyperview, and the camera includes Hypersmooth 5.0 stabilization as well as Horizon Lock.

The Hero 11 Mini mirrors the excellent performance of the more mainstream Hero 11 Black.

Since the image quality and camera options are identical to the Minis big brother, I wont go into more detail here. For a deeper dive into image quality, check out my recent review of the GoPro Hero 11 Black.

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