Heavy Duty Commercial Truck Batteries

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Why Do Commercial Batteries Last Longer

Heavy Duty Truck Battery Replacement – The Battery Shop

Commercial batteries are the bigger, stronger cousins of the traditional auto battery that sits in the car in your driveway. These commercial batteries have to run longer and do much more work since the vehicles they sit in weight significantly more and require a lot more power. To give tractors, trucks, buses and more the power they need, commercial batteries are built with the best materials available, like authentic calcium lead alloy for extended battery life as well as anchor-locked parts that combat the wear and tear of the engine vibration.

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Built For Repeated Deep Discharge

Using more than 50% of the stored power in a standard lead-acid battery just once, will damage it. However, LightningVolt features LFP battery technology that can withstand deep discharges to as low as 95% over and over again. This means you can take advantage of 2× longer battery runtimes, increasing capacity for your electrical appliances.

What this means for you?

Because so much more of the power in LightningVolt batteries is usable, you can run your electric APU on them for 2× longer between charges and can power more energy-hungry appliances. This is a significant improvement on the runtime an electric APU can pull from lead-acid and AGM batteries. With LightningVolts rapid charging feature, your alternator can fully charge the batteries faster, so you can spend less time idling and save fuel.

How Can Lightningvolt Revolutionize Life On The Road

For long-haul truckers who are on the road up to 300 days a year , a truck sleeper cab is a homejust one with serious power restrictions. A sleeper cab running on an electric APU usually has 46 hours of power if you only use small electronics and an HVAC system. This means avoiding big kitchen appliances, holding back on entertainment like a TV or games console, and rationing battery consumption so the heating or AC can keep the sleeper cab livable. The alternative is to idle your engine and burn more fuel.

Here at Roadwarrior, we realized we could do better for vital workers like long-haul truck drivers, so we created LightningVoltthe lithium battery upgrade designed to bring more power to your sleeper cab. Compared to lead-acid or AGM batteries, LightningVolt offers 2× more electric APU runtime and the freedom to include more electrical appliances in your sleeper cab! With worry-free compatibility, you can also trust LightningVolt to work with your alternator!

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Commercial & Heavy Duty Batteries

At Denka we provide a full range of high quality heavy duty starter batteries for Trucks, Commercial Vehicles, Tractors & Agriculture, Plant, Generators, Coaches, Buses, Ships, Marine and many more applications.

Our Commercial batteries range includes calcium hybrid and sealed maintenance free truck batteries with vibration resistance and heavy duty construction .

We also have available special items such as the Nato 62523 Tank battery.


DURACELL has produced a phenomenal Commercial Vehicle Battery.

The Enhanced Flooded Commercial Batteries have not only been designed for the very latest truck with smart alternator and Start Stop Technology but they also come in the largest power ratings available.

DURACELL DP240EFB – 240Ah Enhanced Flooded Battery

DURACELL DP190EFB – 190Ah Enhanced Flooded Battery


The DURACELL PROFESSIONAL and PROFESSIONAL SHD offers a growing range of sealed and vented extremely heavy duty batteries.

These have been engineered with the most arduous tasks in mind and would be an excellent solution to all commercial vehicle and heavy plant battery requirements


A full range of heavy duty commercial batteries for all your fleet, plant and agricultural battery requirements

Includes Original Equipment features such as glass matt separators, calcium hybrid technology, vibration resistance all to ensure a great life in heavy use.

Types Of Truck Batteries

Road Warrior Commercial Heavy Duty Battery RW31SHD (Group 31)

The batteries for heavy automobiles are called SLI because they can provide extra power at starting and help for better light and ignition. There are mainly 2 types of batteries for trucks that are most widely used among many.

1. Lead-Acid

Lead-acid batteries are used in most of the diesel-engine trucks. Despite being way less efficient than many other types, lead-acid batteries are the first choice for the truck owners. Its simply because these batteries can deliver high surge currents which are vital to start heavy commercial vehicles.

Also, its low cost and availability play an important role in decision making. But theres a thing or two to consider. The first one is that this type of battery cant provide the necessary power for long. Also, a full discharge of the lead-acid battery can degrade its life very quickly. However, this isnt an issue if you dont use the trucks heavy power-consuming devices when the truck is parked.

2. AGM

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What Are The Best Batteries For Semi Trucks

Eighteen-wheel trucks need more than the average car battery. All that extra weight requires more power and thus, a more powerful battery. Commercial batteries. Depending on the type of truck you have, different battery types might be necessary. Regardless of which size you go with, these batteries are made with premium deep pocket envelope separators, which dramatically reduce the chance of a battery shorting and significantly increase the life of the unit. Don’t forget to pick up other essentials for your vehicle like the motor oil and other essential fluids.

Purchasing New Cat Commerical Truck Batteries

In Charlotte, NC and throughout the region, Carolina Cat is known for delivering quality products along with customer service you can rely on. We not only sell new batteries for heavy-duty trucks and semis but also assist with everything from testing and maintenance to replacements and installations. Our product experts will help you find the models offering the power, longevity and durability you require.

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Why Didnt We Choose Acdelco 78agm Professional Agm Automotive

CCA, Reserve capacity and 20Hr Nominal Capacity all these three must-have features for heavy-duty batteries are not worthy in the ACDelco 78AGM. It has 760 CCA rating, 120 min reserve capacity and just 55 Ah nominal capacity. All of the numbers were not up to our expectations and in some cases this battery is not suitable to use in a truck or heavy vehicle.

Another thing is that it is not a deep cycle battery rather you can use it only as a starting battery. It takes also more time to get recharged fully comparing to the top 3 on our list. The user rating and feedback were not much satisfactory. And for us, we didnt like its price too. With a lower price than it offers, you can get a better truck battery for you. So, for heavy-duty truck battery, this is not our choice for this time.

Hr Nominal Capacity Or Amp Hours

Reconditioning a heavy duty truck battery, Will it work?

Amp Hours or Nominal capacity is also known as the rated capacity of a storage component. It indicates the amount of energy that can be withdrawn from it at a particular constant current. It also specifies how much current it will provide for 20 hours. If the Amps Hour is rated 100 for a battery, that means it will provide 5 amps current continuously for 20 hours .

It can be started when it is fully charged. The current used to rate batteries varies manufacture to manufacture. As higher amp hours mean higher capacity, a heavy duty truck battery should have higher amp-hours .

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Types Of Commercial Truck Batteries

Continental Battery Systems carries a wide range of flooded, AGM and MIXTECH lead-acid batteries designed to provide reliable power and longevity for commercial applications.

Flooded batteries, or conventional batteries, are ideal for RV owners who are serious about maintaining their land craft. Lead-acid batteries are less expensive than other types of batteries, and theyre rechargeable.

Absorbent glass mat batteries are maintenance free, spill-proof and long-lasting. AGM batteries can be more expensive than flooded batteries, and can be more sensitive to charging in extreme heat and cold.

MIXTECH, from battery manufacturer Discover, is a patented technology that mixes electrolyte inside the battery as your vehicle moves. This prevents acid from settling to the bottom of the battery preventing acid stratification.

Find the battery you need in the list below, then check out our complete catalog of commercial and recreational batteries to keep you on the road.

Heavy Duty And Commercial Applications

Todays commercial vehicles have to power a range of accessories inside the cab and out. With the ODYSSEY battery, drivers can obey the no idling laws but keep their on-board accessories running, even if the even when the engine isnt! The ODYSSEY batterys massive cranking power will still deliver reliable starts for the long haul.

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Commercial Truck Batteries For Sale

As an authorized Cat® dealer, we offer a significant inventory of replacement truck batteries manufactured by the Caterpillar® brand. We have a variety of models in BCI group sizes for light to heavy-duty vehicles available with a maintenance-free or low-maintenance design and wet or dry configuration. All of the units we carry are thoroughly tested to ensure they meet strict quality specifications and are built tough to withstand the most challenging applications and environments.

Additional features and benefits of the Cat heavy-duty and semi-truck batteries we have for sale include:

  • Heavy-duty grids and forged terminal post bushing
  • Built-in flame arrestor and vibration resistant plates and elements
  • Exceptionally strong cases and enclosures for rugged durability

Best Heavy Duty Truck Battery The Review


After testing about half a hundred of heavy duty batteries, we have found these batteries that we think are the best among the heavy vehicle batteries we have tested. Our selecting and testing process was not that much easy. We needed to invest countless hours on our hand-on experience to find out the best one.

Here we are, presenting you with the best battery for heavy duty truck that are powerful and have all the necessary features that you need in a heavy duty truck battery.

Top Pick

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What Is A Heavy Duty Battery

Heavy-duty batteries are like normal batteries but with higher CCA rating, more capacity, and more durability. You know that the trucks use a large diesel engine that requires more power than usual to start. Moreover, other electrical appliances are used when the engine isnt running. As a result, such batteries are needed to support intensive discharge and charge separation. Considering all of the above, the only type of battery that is capable is called the heavy duty batteries.

What Is Lightningvolt

LightningVolt lithium batteries are a high-performance upgrade for the house battery bank that powers your trucks electric APU. LightningVolt improves electric APU performance, doubling the power in your sleeper cab! These 100AH deep-cycle lithium batteries are engineered for commercial trucks and buses, but are Group 31 size, making them a good upgrade for RVs, golf carts and marine applications as well.

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Starter Vs Deep Cycle

Starter batteries have a greater number of thinner plates and designed to provide a quick, short burst of energy to start engines. Starting batteries are used only for starting, lights and lite accessories.

Where deep cycle batteries have less instant energy but greater in long-term energy delivery for traveling distance. So, for truck or other heavy-duty vehicles, you need to buy deep cycle batteries.

Which Batteries Are Best For Farm Equipment

Solving a hard-starting medium-duty truck with a possible dead battery

Agricultural equipment does a lot of hard work. Plowing, sowing, reaping, seeding and watering, all usually in harsh weather conditions. It is important to use a battery that can stand up to these kinds of hostile environments day after day from sunrise to sunset. The commercial batteries you’ll find here are tough, made with polypropylene cases that extend service life and resist breakage. To protect your crops even further, be sure to look throguh Sam Club’s offerings of pest control solutions

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Why Buy Heavy

One can simply say that why he/she should buy a heavy-duty battery where a normal one can do the job. Also, the price difference is significant and you can save a lot of money buying a normal battery. To understand, why you should buy a heavy-duty battery for your truck, you need to see the variance between them.

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