How Long Do Hybrid Batteries Last

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The Construction Of High

How Long Does Toyota Hybrid Battery Last? Ask the Expert!

In simple terms, any battery pack consists of low-voltage battery cells connected in series to form a larger and more powerful battery. While some specific details regarding the design construction and chemistry used in individual battery cells vary between different manufacturers and/or models, all hybrid battery packs follow the same general pattern, which we will discuss below using a typical Toyota hybrid battery pack as an example.

The battery packs in Prius models typically consist of 128* cells, each of which has a nominal voltage of 1.2 volts. Constructing the battery pack consists of six battery cells connected in series, which means that one cells negative pole is connected to the next cells positive pole in the series to create a battery module with a nominal voltage of 7.2 volts. Continuing this pattern, the modules are also connected in series to create a battery pack with a nominal voltage of 201.6 volts.

*Note that with some battery chemistries, such as those based on nickel-metal hydride alloys, some hybrid battery packs in some Prius models can contain as many as 228 cells.

In Prius models, the battery pack can typically produce up to 20 kW of power when it is 50% discharged. However, during normal operation of the vehicle, the battery’s electronic management system will maintain the battery’s state of charge in a range of between about 90% of its maximum capacity at the upper limit and about 30% of its capacity at the lower limit.

What Causes Hybrid Batteries To Fail

There are a few reasons why hybrid batteries fail. They often fail because individual cells are out of harmony with one another. A standard Toyota Prius 20-series, for example, comprises 28 separate batteries with a total capacity of roughly 6500 mAh . Over time, the batterys capacity will degrade to as low as 1500 mAh.

Regularly Screen The Battery

Curious about the health of your hybrid battery? While engine health can be checked with a compression test or oil analysis, you can get similar information on battery health through a stress test. This is usually performed by a dealership service center or mechanic using professional diagnostic tools, but it provides a clear look at your battery health. There are aftermarket tools that let you DIY analyze the battery, but they arenât cheap. These tests can show you which cells or modules have deteriorated, which opens up the more affordable option of just replacing the individual modules.

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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Hybrid Car Battery

Regular maintenance When a vehicle runs smoothly the driver tends not to give much attention to its maintenance. But when you neglect the upkeep, you will end up compromising the battery. A hybrid car has a combination of a petrol engine and an electric drivetrain so a poor engine performance due to lack of maintenance could put a strain on the battery and in turn drain its energy.

Keep the Auxiliary Fan Clean As mentioned earlier the fan keeps the battery cool and extends its lifespan. But when neglected the fan becomes dirty and the dirt could block the air duct making the fan less functional and it will not be able to serve its purpose.

Have the Battery Check Regularly Some auto servicing shops perform a health test for the hybrid batteries to detect weak cells and regain these cells to up to 97% of their original strength. This way youll be able to save the battery and not have to spend thousands on a new one. But that can only be possible when you take the car for regular battery checkups. The battery will already be beyond repair if you wait until the check engine light is on.

So again, how long do hybrid batteries last? Given its component and its operating mechanism the odds are in your favor having a hybrid battery that could last longer than a regular car but several factors still come into play. When all is said and done its lifespan still depends on how well you use and maintain it.

How To Make Your Hybrid Last Longer

How Long Do Hybrid Batteries Last In Toyota Camry

Keeping up on routine maintenance and driving safely can go a long way in lengthening the lifespan of your hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicle. Both HEVs and PHEVs share manymaintenance tasks with their gas-powered predecessors. These include:

  • Oil changes: By periodically removing the used oil in your engine and replacing it with new, clean oil, you keep vital parts in your hybrids ICE from seizing due to wear.
  • Tire rotations: Have your tires rotated on a set annual schedule so that they wear evenly. This prevents a loss of traction and can improve fuel efficiency.
  • Tire changes: Replace your tires when its time to maintain control in poor driving conditions and preserve your cars fuel economy.
  • Fluid changes: Maintain fresh fluids in transmission and braking systems to ensure they function properly and dont break down prematurely.

Remember, a hybrid vehicle is not an all-electric vehicle, which requires far less maintenance compared to gas-powered vehicles. Just because your hybrid offers more fuel efficiency doesnt mean it needs to be maintained with less frequency than a traditional ICE vehicle.

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What Are The Symptoms Of A Dying Battery

Several telltale signs let you know that your battery might be on its way out. Here are some of the most common symptoms:

  • Poor fuel economy. If you’re experiencing worse fuel economy than you expect, your battery may not be doing its job very well.
  • Rapid battery depletion. If your battery is not holding its charge and runs down very quickly, it could need changing.
  • Battery not kicking in. If the battery doesn’t kick in the way it used to, it might be showing its age.
  • Odd electrical fluctuations. Depending on what the battery is powering, you might see some strange electrical fluctuations. It’s time to get the battery checked.
  • Clunky driving performance. As the hybrid battery drives the wheels some of the time, a dying battery can affect your car’s performance. It could feel sluggish or like you’ve got a clunky transmission.

With a Toyota hybrid vehicle, you are unlikely to experience any of these symptoms unless your car is very old or has very high mileage. However, if you do notice a deterioration in your hybrid battery’s performance, it’s time to visit the service center at Kings Toyota to have it checked over. to get started.

Schedule Hybrid Battery Replacement In Bloomington

If you have any further questions about hybrid vehicle service and parts, were happy to help at Sam Leman Ford! Explore our service guides for more DIY tips and tricks. If youd like to speak with a technician, you can reach us online or by calling our service center directly at 309-590-3293. When your car is due for hybrid car battery replacement, make us your go-to for Ford service near Champaign!

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Keep Your Battery Warm

Hybrid batteries shouldnât be kept too cold or too hot, as both extreme types of temperatures can negatively affect a batteryâs ability to function and, by extension, its lifespan. Cars already have difficulty starting in cold climates, and hot temperatures can cause batteries to degrade faster if they arenât ventilated.

Hybrid cars also need more time to start in the winter so the electric engine can turn on in addition to the gasoline one. So, those driving to work will have to start their car and let it sit for a bit longer. When it comes to hot conditions, you would have to live in a desert or highly tropical climate. Car batteries, standard and hybrid models, do not fare well in temperatures 110 degrees or higher. To combat this, several hybrid cars are designed with the battery module under the shotgun seat for maximum ventilation.

Typical Hybrid Battery Life

How long does a Toyota hybrid battery last run? | Electron Automotive – 714.609.5064

You did all the research. You spent months comparing all the hybrid makes and models, their gas mileage, and their charge distances. But youve found yourself wondering how long your hybrid battery is supposed to last before needing replacement.

There are some factors that can help increase the life of your hybrid battery well get to those later. But generally speaking, you can expect to get at least100,000 miles out of your hybrid battery in modern vehicles. Some can even make it up to 200,000 miles. This equates to about 8-12 years before you can anticipate needing a replacement.

But, like with any technology, there are inevitably ways your battery can falter unexpectedly. Always be sure you have a clear understanding of your vehicles battery warranty to ensure you know if its covered in premature failure.

In terms of which hybrid vehicle batteries have a longer life than another, lets talk about two of the most popular Toyota models we are often asked about.

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Toyota Camry Hybrid Battery Life Vs Prius Battery Life

The hybrid batteries of these two models are almost indistinguishable. The 2020 Camry Hybrid LE model uses a lithium-ion battery. SE and XLE trims, as well as the Toyota Prius, use a nickel-metal-hydride battery.

The Camry has a 245V battery with 34 modules, and the Prius has a 201V battery with 28 modules. Each of the six cells in the Prius battery contains 1.2 volts, producing a total of 201.6 volts. This similarity allows the cells to be interchangeable.

As far as life expectancy in comparison with each other, both are relatively the same, as are most hybrid batteries. Many hybrid vehicle manufacturers will tell you the battery should last 10 years at a minimum. Some, such as Toyota, will even propose the batteries should last as long as the vehicles life.

Toyota Camry Hybrid Vs Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Though the Corolla has been sold for just about as long as the Camry, Toyota only introduced a hybrid version in the U.S. in 2020.

The Corolla Hybrid is smaller than the Camry and has a smaller engine, but it returns better fuel economy.

You can expect the Corolla Hybrid to last an equally impressive 300,000 500,000 miles just like the Camry Hybrid.

  • RepairPal gave the Corolla a reliability rating of 4.5/5 which is slightly higher than the Camrys rating of 4/5.
  • According to RepairPal, the average annual repair cost for both vehicles is almost the same with the Corolla costing $362 compared to the Camry costing $388 per year.
  • Kelley Blue Books consumer rating index gave the Corolla Hybrid a reliability rating of 4.4/5 which is much higher than the Camry Hybrids 3.9/5. Its worth noting that the Camry has 4 times the number of reviews and there are lots of 1 star reviews not related to reliability.
  • Edmunds consumer reviews gave the 2021 Corolla Hybrid an overall rating of 4.4/5 which is almost the same as the Camry Hybrids 4.3/5.
  • J.D. Power gave the Honda Accord a Quality & Reliability rating of 80/100 which is only slightly lower than the Camrys rating of 84/100.

The long-term reliability of the Camry Hybrid and Corolla Hybrid should be roughly similar.

Just like the Camry, the Corolla has built up a strong track record for reliability over several decades.

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What Can Affect Your Hybrid Battery’s Life

As with any other components of your car, many factors affect the life span of your hybrid battery. The way you drive, your maintenance routine, how you charge the battery, and even where you live can all have an effect.

Regular maintenance is essential to the smooth performance of your car. The gas engine and electric motor are somewhat reliant on each other, and if one is not working efficiently, it can affect the performance of the other. At regular service intervals, along with other maintenance, the battery should be tested. If one or more weak battery cells are found, the battery can be reconditioned to prolong its life. Skipping the check-ups can shorten your battery’s life.

Your charging routine is important. To maximize the life of your hybrid battery pack, it is important to follow all of the manufacturer’s charging guidelines. It is always best not to let your battery fully run down and to fully charge it when it runs low. Avoid lots of short top-ups and driving on a near-dead battery.

Temperature fluctuations can have a detrimental effect on your battery. It’s designed to operate efficiently within a specified temperature range. Driving in extreme cold or heat for prolonged periods can result in damage to your battery. In hot temperatures, an auxiliary battery system helps to keep the battery pack cool. As part of your maintenance routine, clean the auxiliary fan regularly to keep the cool air flowing.

Keep An 80/20 Battery Charge

How Long Do Ford Fusion Hybrid Batteries Last

Hybrid batteries can be a bit complicated, as the writers from Oards Automotive Hub explain, in that keeping them charged 100 percent can lead to quicker drainage and going lower than 20 percent can ruin the battery so that it will not hold a charge. Ideally, you want the battery at no more than 80 percent and no less than 20, as this will ensure the battery is operating optimally.

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Brake And Accelerate Slowly

Flooring your car into movement from a standstill wears out the battery more than accelerating at a more reasonable pace will. This does not mean you have to move forward sluggishly all you need to do is gently tap the accelerator in order to speed up at a steady pace. The same applies with braking. It is far better on a hybrid battery to coast to a stop than it is to slam on the brakes, because rolling to a stop provides the kinetic energy needed for the battery to gain a little charging boost.

Toyota Camry Hybrid Vs Honda Accord Hybrid

The Honda Accord Hybrid was first introduced around the same time as the Camry Hybrid. But after its first generation, it skipped a couple of years until it was reintroduced to the market in 2014.

Toyota and Honda are quite evenly matched when it comes to reliability, but Toyota definitely has a stronger track record in the hybrid segment.

Weve also seen Civic and Accord Hybrid owners reporting theyve needed a hybrid battery replacement at around 200,000 miles which is less than what youd expect from Toyotas hybrid batteries.

The Honda Accord Hybrid should be able to last 250,000 350,000 miles with proper care and maintenance.

  • RepairPal gave the Accord a reliability rating of 4.5/5 which is slightly higher than the Camrys rating of 4/5.
  • According to RepairPal, the average annual repair cost for both vehicles is almost the same with the Accord costing $400 compared to the Camry costing $388 per year.
  • Kelley Blue Books consumer rating index gave the Accord Hybrid a reliability rating of 4.6/5 which is much higher than the Camry Hybrids 3.9/5. Its worth noting that the Camry has 10 times the number of reviews and there are lots of 1 star reviews not related to reliability.
  • Edmunds consumer reviews gave the 2021 Accord Hybrid an overall rating of 4.9/5 which is almost the same as the Camry Hybrids 4.3/5.
  • J.D. Power gave the Honda Accord a Quality & Reliability rating of 82/100 which is only slightly lower than the Camrys rating of 84/100.

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Is It Possible To Repair A Dead Battery

Yes, its possible to repair your hybrid battery, but its not advisable to carry out the process by yourself as the assembly contains high-voltage electricity that can injure you. Furthermore, special tools are required to disconnect the battery safely from the electric generator.

The repairs should only be done by a professional with the proper skill set. Its not guaranteed that the repair will make the battery work as new and have a short life.

Why Do Hybrid Batteries Fail

Ask the Toyota Technician Part 1: How Long Does a Prius Hybrid Battery Last?

If youre concerned about being stranded somewhere due to hybrid battery failure, rest assured such instances are rare. When the car-battery life of an HEV or PHEV is cut short, its usually because of tampering or irresponsibility:

  • Improper charging: Never try to get your PHEV to charge faster by using an incompatible charger. Improper charging can damage your hybrid cars battery.
  • Unauthorized maintenance: Never attempt to alter, repair, or enhance your hybrid cars battery to get it to run longer or charge quicker. Be sure an authorized service provider carries out all battery maintenance. Electric vehicles have high-voltage batteries that can be dangerous if tampered with.
  • Manufacturing defects: HEVs and PHEVs are subject to the same manufacturing defects as ICE cars. Keep up to date with any relevant recalls from your car dealership and any changes in your advised maintenance plan.
  • Collisions or irresponsible driving: Damaging your car due to reckless driving can ruin its battery. Always be safe on the road to avoid accidents.
  • Battery cell corrosion: Some battery packs fail before their warranties expire due to the early breakdown of fuel cells.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Hybrid Car

Hybrid Cars: Pros and Cons Advantages of Hybrid Vehicles Warranties are number one. #2 Uses less gas and oil. #3 Fuel Economy. Tax credits are number four. #5 Environmentally friendly. Hybrid Vehicles Drawbacks #1 Drive more slowly. #2 More costly. #3 Gas Savings vs. Cost #4 Theres still more to fix.

Note For Older Honda Owners

The batteries in older Honda hybrids didnt hold up well at all. With regular use many people only got 5 years from their batteries, and it can be much less if the car does a lot of sitting around. Chances of getting 12 years from one of these batteries are somewhere around 0%. I can imagine Honda owners yelling at the screen and punching their laptops while reading the paragraphs above.

Starting with the 2014 Accord and above, you can probably expect good battery life, but honestly my sample size is too small. The new generations of Honda hybrids didnt sell very well around here, likely due to the reputation they built with their older generations: modest mileage improvements and frequent expensive battery replacements.

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