How To Change Battery For Mercedes Key

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How To Change The Remote Battery On A Pre

Mercedes Benz key fob battery replacement – EASY DIY

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  • Slide the release at the back of the key to remove the metal key.
  • Insert the metal key in the exposed gap to release the key insert .
  • As you keep the release pressed, slide out the inner part of the key.
  • Remove the batteries. Note the orientation of the positive side of the battery.
  • Install the new battery. Slide the inner part back in the key. Slide the metal key back into the keyfob.
  • Can You Start Mercedes With A Dead Key Fob

    Yes! Once inside the car, remove the start-stop button from the ignition lock by putting on the button. Plug the key in the ignition hole revealed by button removal. Depress the brakes and turn the key to start the car normally.

    When you input the key fob into the start-stop button, an inductive current from the car battery flows to the key fob to enable it to function.

    Where Do I Buy Mercedes Replacement Key Fob

    If the Mercedes key fob battery replacement does not work, you may consider changing the remote as it maybe damaged beyond repair. This can be done easily by visiting the Mercedes dealership near you who will have stocks of new key fobs. At the dealership, they will cut the mechanical key and program the fob to work in your car.

    The second option is to head online to buy a new Mercedes replacement key fob from the retailers. It will be delivered in 1-2 days and you will visit the locksmith near you to have the key in the key fob cut. You can have the key fob programmed there or you can do it at home by following the guide below.

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    How Do You Tell Key Fob Battery Is About To Die

    The battery of the key fob does not cease just one day. It is a gradual process. The battery produces power by chemical reactions within the battery.

    As the chemical ingredients get exhausted with time, the reaction slows down releasing less and less power until when there are no more materials to react and the battery dies.

    As the battery gets weaker, the sighs it exhibits include:

    • It takes longer to start the engine
    • The locking distance becomes shorter and shorter.
    • The dashboard system displays a message on the charging system
    • The key fob works inconsistently

    How To Change A Mercedes Key Battery


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    A Mercedes key with dead batteries is no laughing matter. Until you replace them, you may not be able to remotely unlock your car or trigger the car’s panic mode in case of emergency. Although all Mercedes keys require the same type of battery , how many you will need or the method you use to change the battery will depend on which model you have. Compare your key to other models before you attempt changing its batteries to avoid damaging your keys or accidentally following the wrong instructions.

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    Change Battery In Mercedes Key Fob

    Battery replacement for Mercedes key fob in a few steps is available here in this article! Here you will get true directions on how to change battery in the Mercedes key fob! Even though Mercedes-Benz builds its cars to last, problems might nevertheless arise. Your fob can be one of these troublesome places.

    You dont want to ask your dealer about service hours. Have trouble finding information online? You can quit looking right now. All the details about the Mercedes-Benz key fob are provided here.

    The Key Fob For A Mercedes Benz

    There are now only two Mercedes-Benz models that are used.

    A smart key! The smart key fob is used in older Mercedes-Benz vehicles and is often made of plastic. Both modern and vintage smart remote controls need two batteries to work. The smart key still performs all functions of smart keys despite having plastic elements. Every functionality, including locking and unlocking your car, has a button. You can also open the trunk or activate the panic alert. For keyless entry and starting/stopping your Mercedes-Benz vehicle, use a smart remote.

    Toggle Key! Most likely, if you drive a recent Mercedes-Benz, you have a chrome key. Pushing a button on a chrome remote allows you to start or stop your car and gain keyless entry. To add a touch of luxury, manufacturers now produce keys with metal casings. These keys have both a modern and vintage design.

    Check important information about Mercedes on our website in the Mercedes section!

    How To Change The Fob Battery On Pre

    This key has been used in many models up to the model year 2000. It is also used in a few models after the year 2000, such as the SLK, ML, Sprinter, and G models.

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  • Press the round chrome button to open the metal blade.
  • Use your fingers to pry out the back cover of the keyfob.
  • Remove the battery and install the new one. Pay attention to the of the old battery. Install the new battery in the same orientation.
  • Press the back cover back on the keyfob.
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    How To Change The Battery On The Mercedes

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  • Remove the metal key from the keyfob. Slide the release at the end of the key to slide out the metal key.
  • Insert the metal key into the exposed slot to pry out the back cover of the key.
  • Use a small flathead screwdriver to pry out the battery.
  • Install the new battery in the key. The positive sign needs to be facing out.
  • Press the back cover and metal key in the key.
  • Using A Dead Key Fob To Start Your Mercedes

    How to Change Mercedes Benz Remote Key Battery TRICK To Open It!

    To travel to the dealer for further service, well show you how to start Mercedes autos with a dead fob.

    • Manually open your closed drivers door after removing the blade. Yes, the alarm will go off once your key is in the ignition, but it will still sound.
    • Take the Start/Stop button out of your cars ignition locks.
    • Place your Smart Key in the ignition.
    • Apply the brakes and check that the transmission is in park.
    • Turn your key to start the engine, then let go of it when the engine starts.

    Pay close attention to the Start/Stop button. You wont have to look for it later if you store it in a secure location. Please call your dealer to confirm their location and business hours before leaving. If changing your fob battery makes you uncomfortable, you can save tension by hiring your dealers service.

    How Much Does A Mercedes Key Fob Replacement Cost

    How much does it cost to change the battery in a Mercedes key fob? Depending on the vehicle model, updating your fob will cost you anywhere from $150 to $600 in sales. The cost of replacing a Mercedes-Benz key is often more because you are paying for a more sophisticated security system. Most often, youll also need to have the remote programmed, which could increase the cost of the sale.

    If a merchant raises a lot of issues for you, its time to broaden your search and go elsewhere. Dont be fooled by tempting deals with subpar quality. Replacing a key is no laughing matter.

    How Can A Mercedes Key Fob Be Replaced

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    To Change Mercedes Key Fob Battery

    The methodology of opening the key fob depends on whether you are using the smart key fob or the chrome key fob.

    Replacing the battery in the smart key fob.

    Step 1: Pull on the handle at the end of the key fob to remove the metallic key.

    Step 2: On the top side of the key fob where you have removed the key, there is a slot.

    Step 3: push the key you have withdrawn into this slot and turn it in any direction to open the key fob.

    Step 4: Replace the old batteries with the new ones and ensure the new batteries faces the same direction as the old batteries.

    Step 5: Replace the cover and press together to lock it. Return the key to the key fob

    Replacing the battery in chrome key fob

    Step 1: Pull on the handle of the key fob to release the metallic key.

    Step 2: Insert the key into the slot revealed after key removal. Turn the key to open the key fob

    Step 3: Replace the old battery with the new battery ensuring the battery faces the same direction as the old battery.

    Step 4: Replace the key fob cover and press together. A click sound will be heard to signify tight closing.

    S To Program Mercedes Key Fob

    After battery change, or after buying a new key fob, you may need to program and sync the key fob. Here are the simple steps to program the key fob.

    NOTE: Some Mercedes key fobs may require special pieces of equipment from the dealer to program.

    Step 1: Insert the key into the ignition pot and turn it ON.

    Step 2: Turn the key off and remove it.

    Step 3: After removing, press and hold the lock button.

    Step 4: While holding the lock button, press unlock button 5 times in quick succession.

    Step 5: Release all buttons and press the trunk open button once to finish the procedure.

    Step 6: Test the key fob and if the key fob does not work, repeat the procedures above.

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    Which Battery Does Mercedes Key Fob Use

    The Mercedes key fob uses a CR2025 lithium battery that gives 3volts. The battery is a primary battery meaning it cannot be recharged.

    Key fobs for older Mercedes models came with a plastic casing and uses 2 CR2025 batteries. The modern key fobs are metallic or chrome and use a 1 CR2025 battery.

    Note: Some older versions of chrome key fobs had a circular panic button and used 2 CR2025 batteries. The newer chrome key fobs have triangular panic buttons.

    The battery is designed in such a way that it will last between 3 to 5years before a change is needed. On the shelf, the battery can still be in good condition after 10 years.

    The battery can work in varying environments from freezing winter conditions to the sweltering summer months.

    How To Adjust Mercedes

    How To Replace Mercedes Key Battery 2004 2021

    Before getting in the automobile, do you wish to roll down your closed windows? Hold down the unlock button until the windows start to roll down and your cars lights flash. Also easily opened are vehicles with features like a sunroof or convertible top. Hold the button down longer, and they will instantly change from closed to open. Therefore it is really important to change the battery in the Mercedes key fob.

    Furthermore, many vehicles allow you to modify the settings for the key fob when you log in to the infotainment system, but you can do so directly from the car remote . Say you only want the drivers door to open when you press the unlock button on the key fob. Lock and unlock buttons should be depressed at the same time. Want to make a change again? Continue the procedure! Send an email to your dealership for assistance if you need it.

    If your fob battery dies, can you still start my car? Your remote controls battery failed, but do you need to take your car to the dealer to acquire a new one? Not to worry. Any Mercedes-Benz may be started fast with a Start/Stop ignition. You can completely avoid going to the dealer by just changing the battery! You dont need to call or email your dealer for assistance because we have the information on both in this article.

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    When A Mercedes

    There are several warning signs to take note of that can indicate your Mercedes-Benz key fob battery is losing power. Initial warnings can include:

    • You may have a harder time starting your vehicle. If it takes multiple attempts or a few minutes, you could be due for a new battery.
    • If youre no longer able to lock and unlock your doors or set off your panic alarm.
    • If you notice a warning sign on your dashboard that indicates an issue with the charging system, that can mean you are losing battery power in your key fob.

    If youre experiencing any of these issues, youll want to take the proactive step to replace the battery in your Mercedes-Benz key before it dies completely.

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