How To Change Blink Camera Battery

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How To Replacement Blink Camera Batteries

How To Change Battery Blink XT Camera

The Blink smart home security camera is no different from the other common household appliances that depend on batteries to function. Their batteries are meant to last for two years, but youll need to know how to change them when they fail. However, the procedure may vary based on your device or type. Blink makes changing the batteries on their cameras simple and user-friendly.

And also, you dont want your device to run out of power while monitoring your homes security. There are indicators that your Blink camera batteries need to be changed and workarounds that will enable you to continue watching for longer.

When the time comes, it is simple to swap out the two non-rechargeable AA 1.5v Lithium batteries that come with the battery-operated Blink cameras. Remove the outdated batteries from the battery compartment and put them in the fresh pair. Batteries for Blink cameras should be swapped out for Energizer Ultimate 1.5v Lithium AA batteries or comparable. If necessary, you can buy any two AA lithium batteries to replace your current ones for roughly $2 each from almost any grocery or convenience store.

Battery life estimates for the Blink Video Doorbell, Outdoor and Indoor , and XT2 cameras range from 5 to 2 years, based on 5,882 seconds of Live View, 43,200 seconds of motion-activated recording, and 4,788 seconds of Live View with two-way communication. This translates to about 70 seconds daily.

Lithium Vs Alkaline Batteries

Depending on your usage, you might need to replace the batteries often. In such a case, you might just opt for a cheaper battery option. Although Alkaline batteries are cheaper than lithium batteries, they dont last long.

Not only that, they significantly limit the functions of your Blink security camera. With Alkaline batteries, you will have no issue powering on your Blink security camera.

But you wont be able to use features like live-view, motion-detection, and various other features. Blink recommends using only lithium batteries, as they offer more value than Alkaline batteries.

Blink Camera Battery Dies Fast/not Lasting

There are a few different factors that contribute to either a long or short battery life within Blink cameras. If the camera is positioned in an area that has a high amount of traffic, the camera will see more use, thus depleting the battery. Just as well, if you have long periods of saved motion clips, this will also cause the battery to die faster. If you have a blink camera battery that dies fast or is not lasting, what can be done?

If you have a blink camera battery that dies fast or is not lasting, it could be due to a high usage area. If this is not the problem, the issue could lie within constant use of the Live View feature. If Live View is being used multiple times a day, this is likely the cause of the battery not lasting.

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Amazon Blink Outdoor Wireless 1

Online. In store. Always free.

If you arenât 100% satisfied with this item, you may return it or exchange it for free. Simply bring it back to any Staples store or send it back to us by completing a return online. For more details, please see our return policy.

  • Blink Outdoor 1-Camera System is a wireless battery-powered HD security camera with motion detection that helps you monitor your home day or night with infrared night vision. Sync Module 2 Included.
  • With long-lasting battery life, Outdoor runs for up to two years on two AA lithium batteries .
  • Weather Resistant: Blink Outdoor is built to withstand the elements to help you protect your home inside or out, come rain or shine.

Note: *Offer Expires on 11/06/2022

Note: **While supplies last. May not be valid in combination with other offers. Offer subject to change.

Offer Expires on 11/06/2022

**While supplies last. May not be valid in combination with other offers. Offer subject to change.

How Long Do The Blink Camera Batteries Last

Everything You Need to Know for How to Reset Blink Cameras and Sync Modules

Blink Video Doorbell, Outdoor and Indoor , and XT2 cameras can expect battery life of up to 2 years, based on 5,882 seconds of Live View, 43,200 seconds of motion-activated recording and 4,788 seconds of Live View with two-way talk. This is roughly 70 seconds per day.For the Indoor and XT cameras, 2 years of typical use is defined as 40,000 seconds of Motion Clips and Live View. This is approximately 50 seconds per day.

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How To Open The Indoor Blink Camera

You can remove the back cover of Generation 1 Blink Indoor Cameras by accessing the latch found on the bottom of such devices. Slide this latch in order to release the battery cover of a Blink Indoor Cam like you would with certain TV remotes or laptop battery release tabs.

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Go to the official Blink website or the link to scope out what the 1st Gen Indoor Battery cover and latch looks like. You can also for good measures in order to discover the steps needed to remove the battery cover of the Blink Indoor and Outdoor Cam.

How Long Do Blink Camera Batteries Last

With Blink Cameras performance, understanding how long-lasting its battery gets could vary a lot of factors. Usually, Blink Cameras, whether its for indoor or outdoor, use a pair of AA lithium batteries. These batteries could last up to two years, and thats the longest period of its battery life. But as time goes by and due to the upgrades, Blink Cameras now requires four AAs to enhance its stamina up to four years of normal use.

Of course, all these camera systems come with batteries when you purchase it, and replacing it is easy when you need to. You only need to open the slides from the battery compartment, take out the used batteries, and just insert the new ones.

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How To Change Blink Camera Battery

Many everyday devices we use in our homes require batteries to operate, and the Blink smart home security camera is no exception. Their batteries are expected to last two years, but when they finally give out, youll need to know how to change them.

Blink makes changing the batteries on their cameras intuitive and user friendly however, the process may differ depending on which device or model youre using.

When it comes to home security monitoring, the last thing you want is for your device to lose power. Fortunately, there are ways to tell when its time to replace your Blink camera batteries, as well as some alternatives to keep you monitoring longer. This article will look at how to change Blink camera batteries and some troubleshooting tips to optimize your battery life.

Tips For Changing Your Batteries

How To Replace Batteries In Blink XT Camera

When our devices run out of power, the last thing we want is a complicated replacement process. This is especially true when it comes to our home security monitoring devices.

Though the process varies slightly depending on which model youre using, Blink makes it easy to replace your cameras batteries, so you can be up and monitoring again in no time.

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Are Duracell Batteries Lithium

Duracell batteries are not specifically lithium batteries, but they are a type of battery that uses lithium. Lithium ion batteries are a type of rechargeable battery that use lithium ions to store energy. These batteries have a high energy density, which means they can store a lot of energy in a small space, and they have a long lifespan. This makes them ideal for use in portable devices like smartphones and laptops.

Are Alkaline Batteries Recommended For Blink Cameras

When you want to know what kind of batteries do blink cameras use, you probably consider using alkaline batteries. Using alkaline batteries for your blink cameras would still make it work, but you should be aware that it may cause issues in the long run. Even rechargeable batteries are not recommended for Blink Cameras because it comes with disadvantages and may damage your camera later on.

Since it has a built-in mic and video streaming, then lithium AA batteries are intended for these kinds of performance. Alkaline batteries are cant always withstand security cameras for long. You may end up replacing it over and over again because these batteries arent as long-lasting as the lithium batteries.

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Rechargeable Vs One Time

If you plan on using Blink cameras as security cameras, you might be tempted to pick between a one-time battery pack or a rechargeable battery pack. While a rechargeable battery pack covers you for moderate requirements like cameras and standard alarms, one-time battery packs are more useful for smart devices needing additional power.

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Most Common Issues With Blink Cameras

Blink Camera Battery Expansion Pack  Black  Blink Camera System

Blink Cameras are some of the best security cameras without a paid subscription out there, making them further robust.

However, these cameras have their fair share of issues as well. The most common issues that you might face with Blink cameras include the following:

  • Issues with the audio
  • Video clips not getting saved
  • Motion alerts not successfully communicated
  • Device getting unresponsive

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How To Change Blink Camera Battery: Easy Method

Reviewed By Jacob Noggle Latest Updated September 2, 2022

Suddenly running out of battery on your security camera can lead to theft if you own Blinks security camera and want to know how to change Blink camera battery.

Fortunately, changing the battery on your Blink security camera is pretty straightforward. We will go through how you can change the battery on your Blink camera. Depending on the model, the way you do it might differ.

How To Open Blink Camera

When it comes to how to open blink cameras , it boils down to either sliding a latch or pushing a specific switch. Youre discouraged from opening the camera all the way, as in unscrewing its bolts and tinkering with its electronics.

If something is wrong with your Blink camera, you should have it looked at by a registered technician or simply have the device replaced in case its still in warranty. On that note, weve listed the different ways to open the Blink camera according to the model down below.

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Opening The Blink Video Doorbell Case

To remove the doorbell from its back plate, use the Opening Key that came taped to the paper template in the product box. If you need another key, contact Blink support.

Opening KeyPut the key into the opening at the base of the Blink Video Doorbell.

If your doorbell has a battery cover, then removing it from the back plate is done by pressing the key straight into the slot until the grey catch is released.

If your doorbell has an open battery compartment, the latch is opened by pulling the key toward you slightly. When released, slide the doorbell up while pivoting away from the back plate.

Inside the battery case you can find the QR code and corresponding Device Serial Number , the reset button, and a diagram shows the correct position to insert new batteries.There are two types of doorbell design. One has an open battery bay, the second has a weather protective battery cover. Both are shown below.

Type 1 Type 2Battery cover removed

If your doorbell has the weather protective battery cover, keep it safe when you change batteries, because the door is important for proper function.Open battery cover: Press the grey release button to open, then lift the door, to remove.Replace battery cover: Insert tabs of the door into the slots near terminal screws.Close battery cover: Complete closing the door and press until a click confirms it is secure.

Reconnecting the doorbell

Press the doorbell button to test it.

How To Open The Indoor And Outdoor Blink Camera

How to? – Inserting or Replacing batteries in Blink

You can find the serial number and batteries inside the back cover of your Generation 2 Indoor and Outdoor Blink Camera. You need to crack open this camera type because you need the serial number to add the device to your Blink security system.

Remove all accessories and mounts on your Gen 2 Blink Camera before proceeding to remove the back cover itself. This includes any attachments or accessories made by third parties or made by Blink itself.

To remove the back cover to open the camera, do the following:

  • Removable Silicone Cover: Remove the removable silicone cover protecting the back cover fastening screw. Use the opening tool found with the camera package.
  • Keep for Future Use: Keep the silicone protective cover for future use. It can also double as a right-angle mount adapter for good measure. Its quite a versatile item.
  • Transparent Sticker: The removable transparent sticker found in newer cameras, meanwhile, offers signs that indicate the direction to turn for opening and closing the cover.
  • Loosen the Screw: Turn the fastening screw to the left or counter-clockwise until it ends up loose or out of the screw hole.
  • Press It Into Place: Attach the silicone protector as a right-angle adapter onto the back cover, turn it around, and press it into place. From there, pull gently to lift the back cover off altogether.
  • Apply Side Pressure: You can also use the opening tool instead of in order to apply side pressure onto the back cover to allow you to pry the cover loose.

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Is It Safe To Store Batteries In A Ziploc Bag

Yes, ziplock bags can be used to store the batteries. Isolating the batteries is another clever technique for avoiding a short-circuit and the subsequent spread of fire. When you isolate the battery, you avoid short-circuiting by isolating the terminals. One way to prevent batteries from coming into contact is to cover them with masking tape.

Blink Outdoor Versus Blink Xt: Newest Is Best

In our Blink XT2 review, our reviewer felt there were two negatives that you have to unmount the camera to change batters and that it needed better app performance. The new Blink Outdoor camera delays the first problem by doubling your battery life. As for app improvements, consider that new features like privacy mode and local storage are explicitly not supported for the XT2. Blink actively encourages people to upgrade to the new Blink Outdoor cam by not keeping the XT2 in the loop for new upgrades and accessories.

Free cloud storage and two years of battery life made the XT2 stand out among its competition. At four years with the battery extender, the new Blink Outdoor leaps past the competition, while $120/year for unlimited cloud storage is more of an industry standard. If, however, you take advantage of the Sync Module 2, you’ll get free local storage that, because it isn’t on the cloud, is more secure from potential company data breaches or hacking.

With Blink likely to improve features for the Blink Outdoor while leaving the XT2 behind, your only reason to choose the older model is money particularly if you plan on buying multiple cams to cover your entire home. Even then, it’s a bit tough to find them if you want them new since retailers no longer stock the discontinued XT2.

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Precautions To Take When Changing The Battery In Your Blink Btx Camera

Do you plan to change the batteries in your camera for the first time? In that case, here are some safety precautions you can follow to ensure that the replacement process goes smoothly.

  • Keep your hands dry and clean before swapping one battery with the other. This will prevent any dirt from landing on the cameras surface and cause problems while changing the batteries.
  • Make sure to perform this task in a room with an average temperature. Batteries are negatively affected by extreme temperatures.
  • Do not insert non-recommended batteries in your camera. These can damage the performance of your camera.
  • Finally, avoid poor internet connection when testing the performance of the camera. This is because poor connectivity may not show you accurate performance.

Who Needs A Battery For Blink Camera

Can I Use Aa Lithium Rechargeable Batteries With Blink Cameras / Blink ...

If you have a Blink security camera, then you may be wondering if you need a battery for it. After all, the Blink cameras are designed to be wire-free, so it stands to reason that they would also be battery-powered.

However, the answer to this question is a bit more complicated than a simple yes or no. While it is technically possible to use a Blink security camera without a battery, there are some caveats that you should be aware of before deciding to do so.

First and foremost, it is important to understand that the Blink cameras are not designed to run indefinitely on battery power alone. In other words, if you plan on using your Blink camera on a 24/7 basis, then you will eventually need to recharge the batteries.

The good news is that the Blink cameras are designed to be very power-efficient, so they will not drain the batteries as quickly as other types of security cameras. However, it is still important to keep in mind that the batteries will need to be replaced or recharged regularly.

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How To Reset Most Blink Cameras

Most Blink cameras require a Blink Sync Module to work and connect to your phone or other devices. The Sync Module is what connects all cameras to the internet. That said, instead of having to reset your cameras, you can simply reset the module and then re-add the cameras to it. Mind you, you may want to power cycle your modem and Sync Module before resorting to resetting the system.

Step 1: Press and hold the reset button on the side of the Sync Module until the LED blinks red.

Step 2: Release the button and wait for the LED to blink green and blue.

Step 3: The Sync Module is now in set up mode. All cameras will now be offline.

Step 4: Delete the Sync Module from your Blink app.

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